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STP's BLOG 12/02/11 "Beast Mode!"

Beast Mode!
Need I say more? What an awesome game yesterday for the Hawks on Thursday Night Football! The Hawks took on the Eagles, and MAN…that was an awesome game, as they won 31-14. It could’ve been 38-14 if the Hawks punched in a TD at the end of the game, they were on the 1 yard line, but T-Jack took the high road & took a knee to end the game. Marshawn Lynch is playing like a man possessed over the last several games…don’t believe me? Watch his first touchdown from last night:

And I love what he did after the TD…he ate some Skittles!!!! Apparently this is an old tradition for him…his mom would reward him with Skittles when he did something good as a kid! Taste The Rainbow Eagles!!!!!!
But the funniest line of the night when these kids popped up on NFL Network:


I couldn’t believe what the color commentator, Mike Mayock, said when this footage showed up…."And hit the weight room before you take that shirt off!" He totally goofed on a 13 (or something) year old….I was dying…I did not expect that! Meanwhile, yeah the kid is a little husky, but throw some pads on that kid & lets follow his career growing up…kid has some serious intensity!

Barbara Walters has announced some of the luminaries that will be featured on her annual "Most Fascinating People of the Year" special. This year's list includes THE KARDASHIANS…Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and their mother Kris Jenner. Here are the other people that fascinated Barbara this year:
--Simon Cowell
--Katy Perry
--Donald Trump
--Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet . . . they play the gay couple on "Modern Family".
--And New York Yankee Derek Jeter.
As usual, Barbara's #1 most fascinating person won't be revealed until her ABC special airs on Wednesday, December 14th. Last year, General David Petraeus received the top "honor." In 2009, it was Michelle Obama. In 2008, it was Tina Fey.
Based on the fact that Barbara Walters has her list of the most fascinating people…whether it be because of your job or a hobby that you have…what makes you, or someone you know, fascinating? Here are the texts we received:
I can light my farts.
I'm really really hot. Sarah, maple valley
My boyfriend is the most fascinating man i've ever met! I never thought id find someone as obsessed about pirates and movies as I am! -Cammi from Tacoma
People always ask me stories about my concert security job. Who i met. How many people i beat up. Who have i seen. To me it was a job i did i enjoyed. Cajun
I know Kelly Bachand from the first season of top shot he's a close friend taught me to shoot and just finished in the top 30 shooters at the world championship
4 me its the rev cuz hes such a dumb ass and still has a job lol
I have convinced every straight girl friends i have ever had into having a lesbian 3some. the best one was convincing 2 best friends to try it for the first time. Epic night for me
Today's Video Blog is yet another New Originals movie. This time, it's all about the hard work that goes into being in the worlds worst cover band. TNO rock The Holiday Hangover Ball tonight (12/02/11) at the Showbox SoDo with Puddle Of Mudd & Black Tide!

Here is the same video blog for you iPHONE people.


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12/02/2011 7:08AM
STP's BLOG 12/02/11 "Beast Mode!"
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