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STP's BLOG 12/05/12 "Models, Gum, and Rats!"

A little tired this morning, and I have a feeling every guy reading this is too. Last night at 10 pm many guys were glued to the TV and actually sat through music by Riohanna and justin beiber. Why? Because super hot Victoria Secret models were strutting around as they performed. I’ll spare you the Beiber song, but here they are as Rihanna sings….

Bazooka Gum is doing away with its famous comic-strip gum wrappers. The gum has been around since 1947, and each piece has been wrapped in a "Bazooka Joe" comic strip for the past 60 years. Next year they're coming out with new packaging . . . and the comic strips will be gone. Wow…that sucks…I remember dropping a nickel to get that gum…it was like chewing on hard cardboard with a slight bubble gum flavor…but we did it just for the comics. This led to us talking about those things that instantly take you back to your childhood…here are some texts we got:

What brings me back to being a kid is big league bubble gum. Used to try chewing the whole bag

Twinkies, but the SOBs got rid of those too.

Lawn Darts!

GI joes

Playboys, takes me back to when i foind them under my dads bed

I miss all the blue politically incorrect cartoons such as Popeye and Bugs Bunny
Rockem sockem robots

Ren and stimpy cartoon show

Once in a while. I bteak down and buy a Yoo-hoo drink. Was the best as a kid. As,an adult. It makes me happy to think how unhealthy it is. Cajun

The yellow whiffle ball bat with the whiffle ball attached to it

My dukes of hazzard big wheel and it had the confederate flag on that long pole on the back

my brother sister and I were the first kids you got to try out count chocula Frankenberry and Boo Berry

I miss heman. And she-raw

Saturday morning wwf - T bone Monroe

My world was crushed today. We were talking about that Michael Jackson song “Ben”, and all this time I thought it was about an actual pet rat that Jack-O had…I was so blown away by the lyrics that it was my favorite MJ song of all time (granted I am not much of a fan of his music, but on my short list that topped the list).

Well…it turns out the song wasn’t even written for him, and it was for that Willard movie about rats! Plus it wasn’t even meant for him…it was written for Donny Osmond, but he was on tour and couldn’t do it so they hit up Michael.
Well I guess that means that Pearl Jam’s song is now my #1 favorite song about rats!

CM Punk said that every guy should experience being in a fight…based on this…finish this sentence – “By the time you are an adult you should have experienced doing _____ at least once.” Or…when did you get into an actual fight…why? Here are the texts we received:

Women should all experience another woman too see what they are made of

You should experience doing a midget! Steve

It was awesome kickin a senior's ass while I was a freshmen. Manly I am!

Our intern, The Prodigy, has 60 seconds to find someone to let him sit on their lap, and he is only able to say... "Can I sit on your lap, Santa?"...Will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

12/05/2012 9:13AM
STP's BLOG 12/05/12 "Models, Gum, and Rats!"
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