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STP's BLOG 12/05/13 "Hot For Teacher?"

Remember the other day we had Scoot from a New Orleans station WWL on? He tossed out a bet – that if the Saints win, I would have to wear a Saints shirt or jersey…and if the Hawks won, he would have to do the same…well…we know what happened, and props to Scoot for following through!
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Last week, while a 23-year-old science teacher in Kentucky was teaching and had her back to the class . . . a 15-year-old student snuck up and LIT HER ON FIRE.  Fortunately the other students put it out before she suffered any serious burns, and the kid who set her on fire was arrested.  That my friends, is INSANE!  What the hell is wrong with that kid…talk about a crazy thing to happen in a classroom.  That of course, didn’t stop me from doing Van Halen “Hot For Teacher” jokes!  Which led to one texter to call me a “Effing Idiot” – It’s amazing that it took him until now to realize that! 

Based on this story we wound up talking about the crazy things we have seen in class…here were some of the texts we got:
A student threw a desk at the teacher

I personally cut a teachers desk in half with a chain saw. Oh and yes im a girl.

My hot teacher Boob fell out. Of her shirt. Triple d perky awesome. DOPE

It was after class but in the classroom where i had class. But i saw my principal nailing one of my teachers. Jesse in Bonney Lake

My freshman English teacher being escorted out in the middle of class by security for being drunk on the job

This kid was annoying the crap out of me so I warned him then stapled him to a wall six inches off the ground

I went to school in enumclaw, my 5th grade teacher got mad and threw a desk through a window. Chris in mount vernon

My jr high teacher got a chubby teaching us sex ed...and he was always pretty creepy to the pretty girls in class

saw a science teacher throw a eye wash station across the room at a student....trent from seattle

I was in Jr. High and a group of kids dropped acid. The kids marched up and down the halls in a line singing row row your boat while pretending they were in a canoe. Then they started the down ward spiral and they started to see little demons which freaked them out and that is how they got busted.

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12/05/2013 7:45AM
STP's BLOG 12/05/13 "Hot For Teacher?"
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