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STP's BLOG 12/06/11 "What A Ring!"

I have to say…usually wedding rings don’t stop me in my tracks….except for the one I got my wife and the one I wear, as those matter to me…but I saw this on, and I have to quote The Miz when I say, “AWESOOOOOOME!” Check out the engagement ring Kia Stevens got…who is Kia Stevens? She was Awesome King in TNA Wrestling, and for a second she was Kharma in the WWE…she was poised to take the Divas division by storm, but had to take time off due to a pregnancy. Hopefully she’ll be back soon, as that sorely need her! Check out the ring…it’s a wrestling ring!!!!!!


If you don’t like it…good luck telling that to her face:

Here is a great vid of Kharma…plus it includes one of my favorite Divas…Layla!!!

You might want to make sure your kid is not reading this part of the blog….then again, if you let your kid read my blog, I really would like to apologize for about 75% of the stuff I write…not only for the content, but for my horrible writing skills.
Robin Robinson, a Fox News anchor in Chicago, was doing a story on expensive Christmas presents for kids. And on live TV, she said "There is no Santa." Here's the video:

What? What the hell is wrong with this woman. I hate her! Of course there is a Sanda you dum dum!!!!! I also hate her name…clearly it’s not her real name…that would be like me calling myself Steve Stevens. Robin Robinson? C’mon!!!!!
Robinson wasn’t the only person not showing “Christmas spirit”, as in New York, a teacher had to apologize for doing the same thing. This idiot teacher told a bunch of 7 & 8 years in class that Santa is not real when they asked her where the North Pole is located. Seriously? What is wrong with these women!!!!
Based on the 2 stories about people finding out there is no “Christmas Spirit”…what about you? When did you find out, and how did you find out?
when I noticed my moms and “the christmas spirit’s” hand writing were one in the same
My best friend told me “the christmas spirit” wasn't real when we were 6. But I'm an only child and now 22 and my parent STILL make me leave cookies & milk out because “the christmas spirit” is "real" and he "leaves" me gifts...
I have friends that want to raise their kids believing there is no “the christmas spirit”. I ask them why would you do that? Way to break your kids imagination. You'll have some lame christmas's. Cammi Tacoma
My house was robbed on christmas eve when I was 6. I said don't worry mommy, “the christmas spirit” will still come...this is when I learned the truth. Sucked!
I had a gift from “the christmas spirit” and my grandma started bragging about how she got it on sale when I was 6 so I assumed at that point: no “the christmas spirit” Haha whoops! –Ali
that exact thing happened to me , my teacher (about 80 years old) in the 3rd grade. ask the entire class who believes in “the christmas spirit” ? 3/4 of the class raised their hand. She said their is no such thing
I`m 29 and my fiance is 32. No children and we still put out cookies and milk every year......gotta keep the spirit alive :-) <*Jen-Puyallup*>
I’m not one to typically bash on Nickelback…I’m not a fan, but I don’t think they are the worst thing since Stryper either…But this could be the funniest Nickelback joke I have heard, someone texted it in:
If you play a nickelback song backwards you hear a message from Satan. Even worse if you play it forwards you hear Nickelback!

During Lying Like A Bitch, my true story was about a time when I passed out live on the radio…it was back during the Andy Savage days…if you have never seen the video…here it is…enjoy!

Dane Cook has recently stated that doesn't have any plans to return to standup comedy for the foreseeable future. Dane is more concerned with his movie career right now. His latest film, "Answers to Nothing", opened in some theaters this weekend. He hasn't performed onstage since February, and he hasn't written new material in months. He says, "I don't want to say I've retired, but this is an important time to shift my energy into something new." Dane is also developing a half-hour comedy for NBC … which he'll star in. He says, "I'm at that point where it's like, I've done so much with stand-up comedy, and I've taken it everywhere I've wanted to take it…I'd like to be in people's homes. I'd like to reach all of those fans in a way where I don't have to do a two-year tour to get to everybody."
Dane Cook is making it sound like he is done with stand up…based on this….whether it be a band, or a celebrity, or any public figure…who do you wish would call it quits? Here are the texts we received:
Justin beiber
Nickleback, Dave Mathews. Please god, make them go away, by whatever means you need to use, just get it done. Tavis
I wish the red hot chillie peppers would call it quitses they bug the hell out of me all they sing about cal.
All of the Kardashians, for decency's sake, please!
Wish Hulk hogan and ric flair would call it quits as in ring performers. -big daddy
Hey it's Laura from Bothell and one person I think needs call it quits is Sylvester stalone. I mean rocky was still awesome but then we he kept going with the expendables he took it a little too far. And now they're planning on an expendables 2. And I think he just needs to accept the fact he's getting old
I wish Michael Cera would stop. I wish he never started.
Fred Durst. Limp Bizkit released a new album and although every song starts out musically promising, Fred opens his fat mouth and ruins everything.
Well, I think Metalica should call it quits!! Nothing good since the black album! And now this new crap with an old ass has been? Come on! Enough already!!
Adam sandler. It just keeps getting worse. Now he's playing both main characters? Just die already
Will ferral needs to call it quits he sucks
Ron Jeremy... Get out of the business, you're ruining my porn viewing sessions
Daniel tosh. besides the 'bitch slap, nut tap, pie in the face' skit he has contributed nothing. hes the white carlos mencia-a comedy theif
Carrot Top!! That steroid sucking Gallagher rip off!! I hate that douche! Aaron Tacoma
BJ mentioned that he was shocked that his name hadn’t come up…he spoke too soon:
I think bj should call it quits. Tired of hearing his one sided argument. When he thinks he is right he won't even listen to the other person. Why do all old people get opinionated? Go find an am talk show to do all your complaining on.
Bj isnt it about time to call it quits??? :P
I would like BJ to call it quits and let Vicky B. take over.
BJ SHAY.....haha
BJ wasn’t the only one being goofed on though….
 I wish PETA would call it quits so STP can live his chosen lifestyle with Lucy.
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12/06/2011 8:17AM
STP's BLOG 12/06/11 "What A Ring!"
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