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STP's BLOG 12/07/12 "The 2nd Annual Donkey Show"

Yesterday I wound up watching this awesome documentary called Jiro Dreams Of Sushi. It’s about this 85 year old “sushi master” named Jiro. This is a crazy story…his restaurant only fits 10 people…but it’s 300 bucks a plate! Wow! Sadly I fell asleep while watching it…I was really tired yesterday afternoon. Thankfully I can finish watching it today…it’s on Netflix, which I am now able to watch thanks to my ROKU player. I’m telling you…if you need a cool X-Mas gift to get someone…a ROKU is awesome…you can stream hundreds of channels right on your TV…check it out at

Big win yesterday for the Donkeys…I mean really big, 18-5. The win is getting us ready for tomorrow’s big game at the ShoWare Center in Kent. Yes, the home of the T-Birds is the home of the Donkeys tomorrow afternoon. Feel free to come down…it’s free to see us, and we take the ice at 1:30 PM, doors open at 1 PM. If the main door isn’t open…try the door on the side…to the left if you are facing the arena (by the VIP parking lot). It will be a lot of fun…we will play…we will have a mascot…and after our game we will hit Kent Station and find a bar to hang out at until the T-Birds game later that night at 7 pm. They are taking on their rivals, the Portland Winterhawks…should be a great time. If you want to get discounted tickets to hang with us at the T-Birds contact Ross to get tix 253-856-6837 or

Did I mention we will have a mascot? Yes, “DP” – the Donkeys mascot will be there…just like last year when we had our first ever “Donkey Show” at the ShoWare.

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HOLLY MADISON will give birth to a baby girl early next year, and she hopes her daughter doesn't follow her into the pages of "Playboy". Holly does NOT want her daughter posing nude because, quote, "I don't think people are treated with respect in that environment." She says, "I'm from a small town and you grow up seeing people like Jenny McCarthy or Pamela Anderson, who made it big after doing 'Playboy'. You think it's this glamorous thing until you realize how much you're judged for it. But she adds, "Luckily kids don't want to be like their parents, so I don't think she'll see anything cool or rebellious about posing for 'Playboy'. I'm down for whatever direction in life she wants to go but I think she can do better."
Talk about “do as I say…not as I do”!... …based on this, finish this sentence: “Even though I did it…I absolute do not want my kid to do _____.” Here are some of the texts we got:

I don't want my daughter smoke! Ever!

I'm covered in tattoos and I absolutely do not want my kids to get tattoos. Now that I know the stigma if I had it to do over again I would not of gotten all these tats and I don't want my kids to regret it like I do.

Driving a big rig no way to live life go to school and become something. Long long hours for little money and no respect

Have a baby at 15 like me and my mom did Jessyka in federal way

Don't want my kid to drop out of college to get married young like I did. Ended in divorce and now I'm back in school again.

Definitely not going to allow my kid to do blow off a Germany whore's ass. Oktoberfest hasn't been the same since.

I would tell my son to never mess around with a co-worker wife....naaa! Ya I would...Jeremy in Oly

Even though I did it I don't want my kid to do coke

Even though i went to raves and took mind altering substances, i wouldn't want my kid to do it

My dad Me not to drink orange juice because its too much sugar then he ate a brick of fudge.

Today's video blog features a visit from Mr. & Mrs. Claus!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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12/07/2012 7:52AM
STP's BLOG 12/07/12 "The 2nd Annual Donkey Show"
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