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STP's BLOG 12/08/11 "R.I.P. DIME"

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott's death. In 2004, guitarist Dimebag was shot and killed during a show with his band, DamagePlan, in Columbus, Ohio. Three others also were killed before a police officer shot and killed the gunman, Nathan Gale. I can’t believe it was 7 years ago…such a tragic story. I think most fans of his music would agree that the best way to remember Dime is through his music, so I figured I would post my all time favorite Pantera track…it’s the track that introduced me to their music, and still to this day it gets me pumped!

BJ read a story this morning that legitimizes why I don’t run marathons. Ok…it really doesn’t legitimize my excuse for not running as I don’t do it out of laziness…but there is a study out that says that running marathons can cause permanent heart damage. The study was done by the University Of Melbourne in Australia. They studied a bunch of runners that had no history of heart problems, and then tested them right after a marathon and found that their heart had changed shape, and the right ventricle stopped working properly (which could lead to irregular heartbeats or worse). Holy balls!!!! I’m returning my running shoes. Oh wait…I don’t have running shoes. This led to a funny text from Nicole:
Thanks for the motivation BJ, I'm training for my first full marathon and always run listening to the show, getting ready to head out for my morning run as you announce I may die accomplishing my goal! :) --Nicole in Enumclaw
Ok…don’t worry just yet Nicole, because the study does say that for most of the runners, the right ventricle went back to working just fine in a week…however for some (12.5%) there were signs of permanent scarring!
This could be the funniest thing I have seen in a while…what an awesome spoof on Saw!

I have to give thanks to XFINITY On Demand…they have a ton of old Big Bang Theory’s On Demand. I now get why many people say that the old episodes are funnier. I got hooked on the show recently, but going back makes me realize how “awesome-er” this show was…still a great show, but I’m glad there are a ton of older shows for my wife and I to catch up on!

Jenny McCarthy recently tweeted that she sent a naked picture of herself to her child's dentist by mistake. In the Tweet, Jenny writes:
“S**** I sent a nude of myself to a guy and accidentally sent it to Evans dentist's cell phone. !!!!!!! Ugh. so embarrassed. #idiot”
Based on this…Whether it be a picture, or anything else…when have you accidentally sent something to the wrong person? What was it? Here are some of the texts we got:
i accidentally sent nudes of myself to my grandmother through email. i havnt spoken to her since....always dbl chk that reply to all is not checked
I sent my penis pic to my girlfriend only it went to my pastor…lessoned learned about auto fill…Raychell & Ray are too close
One time my boyfriend took a couple pics of me naked. My dad accidentally developed the film! I was mortified!
I send a picture of my John to my neighbors wife by mistake. Jim
While cleaning house and donating my wife accidently put a "home movie" in the free box. Oops...
I went to send a text threatening to kill someone and accidentally sent it to my wife that was divorcing me. Spent the next year in and out of court fighting it
I accidently sent a picture of my whoha while I was using a toy to my mom
I sent "did you get your bud outta my car" to my mom oops rick black diamond
Accidently sent a dirty picture of my girlfriend and I to my ex-wife...ok, it wasn't an accident!
I accidently posted on facebook a boob shot of my gf that she texted me...
I accidently sent a dirty text for my fiance to my mother =Ashley
My ex's son accidentally sent me a text meant a friend - he was expressing his wish to "be really high right now" - BUSTED!!!

If you have to go Christmas shopping for an annoying relative… or someone you just can’t stand… has a list of Christmas gifts for people you hate.
1. A Self-Help Book. If you want to be REALLY mean, make it a diet book, and pair it with a work-out video. The only problem is, it'll probably be obvious that you're just being a jerk.
2. Anything That Removes Hair. A nose-hair trimmer is offensive for a man OR a woman. And to go with it, Gawker suggests Crest White Strips for their teeth.
3. A Book You Read in Junior High School. This one's a little less obvious. It seems nice at first . . . but you're basically saying they're not smart enough to read anything above an eighth grade level.
4. A Subscription to a Dating Website. You have to REALLY hate someone to go here, but websites like eHarmony DO let you buy gift cards.
5. A Bad Magazine Subscription. "Cat Fancy" is good . . . especially if they DON'T have a cat.
Based on this story…When have you had to get a gift for someone you didn’t like, and what did you get them? Or…what’s the worst gift you received, and who was it from? Here are the texts:
Worst gift i recieved was a home beer brewing kit. At the time i was going to rehab due to my drinking problem. I have been sobar for 3 years now. Craig in yelm
My mom gave my husband a miniature silver serving for a doll or something
My wife got a work out video (biggest loser) from her mom and boxing gloves. Her mom should have just kicked her in her vj
I got a chia pet from my mother n law one year.
The worst gift I was ever given was by my aunt. I am 21 and she got me a easy bake oven for my birthday.
When i was 16 my mom had a nervous breakdown over christmas and bought us all little kid toys. I got a puppet

Today's Video Blog was filmed last friday when Toppy surprised us with his new hair style. He did it for his Rob Halford costume that he wore that night at The Holiday hangover Ball!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people.


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12/08/2011 7:10AM
STP's BLOG 12/08/11 "R.I.P. DIME"
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