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STP's BLOG 12/09/13 "Pearl Jam Review!"

On Friday, Pearl Jam played a sold out show at the Key Arena…and I have to say…I have seen PJ live 10-12 times in my life, and this one was without question the best I have ever seen them.  This is saying a lot, as they are always great.  The place was packed, and the boys had all of us in the palm of their collective hands…
 photo B9A4A44D-7933-48F6-A875-AD33BB4063A1_zpsghs1uw8t.jpg
They played a 37 song set, nearly 4 hours long…so many highlights…but here are some of the things that I HAVE to share.  First off…the camaraderie between the members of the band is inspiring.  These guys LOVE playing together, you can see it in the way they get caught up in a “moment” on stage together…the body language makes it very clear that being in Pearl Jam is still..well…fun.  I loved seeing that, here is a great example of it, and thanks to my bud @ProperJam on Twitter for grabbing this moment…
 photo 17A4EA25-1041-4D17-924C-314460D78CBB_zpszpf1wel8.jpg
As for the songs they played…so many awesome moments…the new songs sounded killer, I loved hearing “Lightning Bolt”, “Sirens”, “Mind Your Manners”, “Getaway”, “Future Days”, “Let The Records” Play live.  The older tracks…some of them put tears in my eyes, while all of them gave me goose bumps.  The stand outs…at one point during the set they played the full cover of Mother Love Bone’s “Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns”…I have seen them play “Crown Of Thorns”, but never the “Chloe Dancer” intro…it was the best moment of the night.  After they played that song, they launched into the two songs from “Singles” – “Breath” and “State Of Love And Trust”, and then played my fave song off Ten – “Porch” –this led to an insane “light show” which I captured in my video blog below, and Eddie ended up about 20 feet above the crowd!
 photo 9F966C9A-EC92-4BB5-8AD6-03A6CF4D8610_zpsky5zfj6s.jpg
Eddie was enjoying a large bottle of wine that apparently Seattle Mariner Raul Ibanez gave him! Was Eddie tipsy?  Yes for sure…but did it matter?  Hell no!  
 photo A9E18E10-14B2-4DC0-8377-111DB976AA48_zps345wzhvl.jpg
Eddie was full of energy, very entertaining, and even shared some “Behind The Music” type stories before playing some of their songs.  I learned that Even Flow was inspired by a homeless man in Pioneer Square, and “Garden” was written in Seward Park.  

Today's video blog is all about Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam played an amazing 37 song set in Seattle of Friday night, that lasted nearly 4 hours.  So here is a 4 hour show...condensed into a 10 minute video of some of the highlights!

Here is the same VLOG if you are on your phone...

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12/09/2013 7:06AM
STP's BLOG 12/09/13 "Pearl Jam Review!"
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12/09/2013 7:10PM
PJ at their best
Fantastic...when the house lights came I was hoping for more,,,more...more!!!
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