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STP's BLOG 12/10/12 "Donkey Show Recap!"

Thanks to everyone that came out to the ShoWare Center on Saturday afternoon for the second annual “Donkey Show”! For the second year, we played our buddies in Buffalo Wild Wings, and hopefully those that came enjoyed the game as we were victorious! It was a party from the minute we got there. As I pulled up to the ShoWare Arena, I noticed our mascot “DP” (Donkey Punch)…walking to the front of the arena….

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What was he doing? Trying to get more people to watch us play of course…

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If you can’t read that sign….

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The game was fun, and win or lose…I feel like both teams won…it was a chance for all of us top play on some awesome ice…and a chance for our friends and family to watch what all of us love to do.

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Afterwards we hit up the Ram, had some Fireball shots and then went and watched the T-Birds lose!

Last night we had another game…all of us were a little hungover, yet we were still able to win…Donkeynation is running wild. Even if we were hurtning…it was nothing compared to how our mascot was doing at the game last night!

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We hoipe to have another game at ShoWare before the T-Birds season ends, possibly in February! If you haven’t done so yet…find us on the social networks:

According to a new study, the average worker wastes one hour and nine minutes at work every day. But only FOUR of those minutes are wasted on social media sites. Here's what we're ACTUALLY wasting time on . . .

1. Waiting for other people.
2. Doing work that ends up not being used.
3. Sending and replying to emails.
4. Taking care of personal business.
5. IT issues and computer problems.

The study also found that about one in 20 workers admit they don't really have enough work to do . . . and waste about TWO HOURS a day.

The average worker wastes one hour and nine minutes at work every day…what about you? What do you do at work that is an absolute time waster? Here are the texts we got:

Every day I spend at least an hour play Magic the Gathering –dubba

Wikipedia browsing is many kryptonite, once I start it'll be fifteen minutes by the time I realize it, and I have no idea how I got to the page I'm on. -the DV

The Chive. Probably the best site in the world.

I read the trivia out of the newspaper to all of my coworkers in the morning... it usually ends up wasting about a half an hour by the time we're all done chatting

We build giant paper airplanes and shoot em around the warehouse with giant rubberbands.

Me and my coworker hurry up and get done with our work then find local breweries to spend the rest of the day st until its time to clock out!

Last week, "Time" magazine released their year-end lists. Here are the showbiz highlights . . .

Best Movie: Their top two were movies you've probably never heard of: "Amour" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild". "Life of Pi" came in third.

Worst Movie: Despite the hype, "Cloud Atlas" landed at the top of this list, followed by the year's biggest bomb, "John Carter", and "Hyde Park on Hudson", in which Bill Murray played FDR.

Best TV Series: "Parks and Recreation" got the top spot, followed by "Louie" and "Homeland".

Best Songs: Usher took this one with "Climax" . . . followed by "Gangnam Style" by Psy, and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe".

Time Magazine put out a list of the best movies, TV shows, music, etc of the year…what about you…whether it be TV, Music, movies, or anything else…what was the best thing of the year…what was the worst? Here are the texts:

Hands down the avengers and the walking dead! Awesomeness! ~biscuit :)

The movie Ted by far us the funniest movie ever. My and I were rollin from start to end.

The best thing was the 58-0 win yesterday worst thing was losing to the Damn dolphin

Best album of the year.... King animal Soundgarden. Best movie was The Expendables 2. Fun and action packed without trying to be anything else. –Bjorn

I think dexter is one of if not the best show...especially after last nights episode

The Best Thing: The Dark Knight Rises. WORST: Honey Boo Boo. Brett M.

How about best new music, guys? Easily Walking Papers for me, great blues rock sound with barett Martin kicking ass on the drums, those guys killed it.

Best tv show of 2012: Duck Dynasty. Hands down! -Zach

Today's Video Blog features me doing a little show prep for the final STP-CAST of the year, as we will chat with Mick Foley & Slash tomorrow! Check out those interviews on my podcast tomorrow which you will find here:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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12/10/2012 7:19AM
STP's BLOG 12/10/12 "Donkey Show Recap!"
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