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STP's BLOG 12/16/13 "A Titanic Shirt!"

We got an email from a fellow Rock-A-Holic, Lynette, about something that she is trying to do that is really cool.  She is trying to help a family in need during the holidays…last month, Timoteo Ontiveros was involved in a car accident that has rendered him paralyzed from the chest down. The family is hopeful for a full recovery, but has since been unable to work his two jobs to provide for his 7 kids.  He just wants his children to enjoy Christmas and have a great end to the year. If you had a couple bucks to help out, that would be great!

I got a text from our buddy John Moffitt over the weekend.  If you remember when we had him on last time, he was getting a dog and trying to figure out a name for the pupo…well he picked a name…


 photo 2802def2-f991-42b3-8865-b351c7cde16f_zpsf60e289c.jpg
How awesome is this dog?  We now have plans to have a “Man date” with our pups.  So Kane might learn a thing or two about being ferocious like Lulu!
 photo photo1_zpsffb06ead.jpg
If you listen to the STP-CAST you know that we call ourselves and our listeners “Titanic Douches” – it’s a long story, but it stems from a time that Luke Burbank from the very popular podcast TBTL called us by that name.  The name stuck, so I created a T-Shirt to celebrate the name. 
 photo 6E77BDF9-303D-46C0-A330-50D53FF73A43_zpsugobcurv.jpg
I of course had to tweet Luke about it, and I love his response…especially since I already had one made for him as a thank you for the awesome name!
 photo 7a418f95-9bfc-46f3-92ca-ca585e3351a2_zps6bcbac4b.png
Be sure to listen to this week’s STP-Cast, which will be posted tomorrow, for info on how to get one of those shirts!  The STP-Cast is o0n iTUNES, Stitcher, and available here:

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12/16/2013 7:06AM
STP's BLOG 12/16/13 "A Titanic Shirt!"
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12/16/2013 6:18PM
Moffitt is awesome
John Moffitt seems like one of those guys that would be a kick in the @ss to hang out with. I watched a good portion of the Real Rob Report on youtube and John is by far one of the most entertaining in the locker room. I was pissed when the Hawks let him go. Then John did a Real Rob Report from the locker room of the Broncos and you see a total difference in team personalities. The Seahawks seem way more like a family where the Broncos seem more like a company. Anyway I went off subject... Moffitt is awesome, I hope you guys have a great "man date".
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