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STP's Blog 01/20/12 "No Power!"

Hopefully some of you are able to read this…as many of you, including me, don’t have power to fire up the net on our computer at home. Yes, I am one of the near 300,000 folks that lost power due to the ice storms. So before I write anything else…a quick open letter to Puget Sound Energy in Puyallup…
Dear PSE,
First off, I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone that is dealing with power issues…I know you are working around the clock to make it happen, not to mention doing it in awful weather conditions. But the reason I am writing is that it’s really cold in my house…it’s hard to pee standing up in the morning at 2:30 am while getting ready for work, and sadly without power…I won’t be able to DVR Smackdown tonight on SyFy. Please Please Please hook me up with power. I live in Puyallup by Pierce College…you know…the area that is without power. Plus…I am alum of PSE…I once worked in the mailroom back in the Puget Power days…that has to count for something…right? Did I mention Please yet?

So what did we do to deal with the lack of power...well we went to Trappers Sushi in Puyallup, chowed down on some awesome rolls (Covington Roll, Marvelous Roll, and Timmy Roll recognize!), and then went to see Mission that movie was AWESOME!!!!! 

All this power outage stuff got Mono-Nick thinking and inspired one of his well loved lists…he came up with some ideas to help make things more fun in your dark home, so here are Mono-Nick’s Top 3 Things You Can Do In The Dark:
Have your girlfriend quack loudly during relations, so you can still say you 'rode the duck.'
Drop a bomb, and play "Guess Where I Farted" with your woman.
And the number 1 thing you can do in the dark...
When your wife asks for the flash light, place your junk in her hand and say "my bad...I thought you asked if my flesh was light."
Hey guys…I thought this would make for a great topic on your show. Over the weekend I was at my parent’s house for my dad’s birthday. My dad brought up how on New Year’s Day I took part in the 10th Annual Polar Bear Plunge, where I jumped into Lake Washington. This was the first time doing this, and I plan on doing it every year from now -- it was a blast! So like I said, my dad mentioned it, and this became the topic of discussion for the rest of the night. Everyone in my family thought I was nuts. Is it that crazy? I would love to hear what other people have done to earn them the “crazy” name tag from their family or friends.
Jim emailed us because his family thinks that he was nuts to join the “Polar bear Club”, based on that…finish this sentence… “People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I did ______.” Here are some of the texts we received:
People think I'm crazy when I say I listen to the bj morning show.
Let's see...commuting 50 miles to Seattle almost daily, giving blood, enjoying running, eating a 9" donut in under five minutes...
I was the white boy on the block in the middle of oakland, ca.... Nuff said about being crazy
Juggling chainsaws while naked.
Okay first of all the water temp was like 48 degrees on new years so it war not anything special this guy thinks hes cooler than he is now because his stupid family's stupid response to his stupid story!
I got drunk and made nude snow angles
I ran the Arrowhead 135 in International Falls, Mn in the middle of January. 135 miles in 2 days in subzero temps.
I have no heater in my truck and no driver side window since august And I commute 80+ miles every day. My brothers and friends say I'm crazy hard core. Sean
When I-695 passed, I wrote a letter to my bosses and respectfullu rejected my raise. They sent me to the employee assistance progtam. They thought I Had lost my mind and gave it to me anyway. County Employee
on my best friends wedding day, fought a 10 ft python and ended up cutting it's head off with a butcher knife. good times.

Ok…Today's Video Blog is a spoof on this video that a kid made professing his love for his girlfriend...have you seen this?  It's beyond creeepy!

As I mentioned above...I am without power, and in all seriousness, props to the folks over at PSE working around the clock to get people's power back on....but this video is a plea for them to get mine on asap!

Same VLOG for iPHONE users:

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01/20/2012 6:43AM
STP's Blog 01/20/12 "No Power!"
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01/20/2012 10:25AM
Stp's vlog
Hahaha. Why are you guys shirtless? Are you bottomless too? Lol
01/20/2012 10:26AM
Motorhead-get a gererator
funny video, but a topless Vicky would have been GREAT!
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