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STP's Blog 04/29/13 "Kings Court"

What a great weekend! On Saturday night I went to my first Mariners game of the season. My good bud from college Brandon was in town, so I got us tickets to the M’s game, and we sat in the Kings Court! The timing couldn’t be better, I figured what better game to go to with Feliox pitching, and what better section to sit in. If you haven’t sat in Kings Court, I highly recommend doing so. The seats are cheap, 30 bucks, and you get a Kings Court T-Shirt and “K” card with the purchase of the tickets. It’s a cool site to sit in a sea of yellow, while supporting Felix Hernandez! Plus there is a throne you can sit in while there!

 photo 59B04A58-9A87-4C3E-9953-7B785751ACE1-17589-00000E146B7658B5_zpsbf45c375.jpg

My bud lives in Colorodo and he said Safeco Field blows away Coor’s Light park…especially “The Pen”, and the beer garden in the outfield.

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Yesterday, all of us from the show went to Tech City Bowl in Kirkland and took part in the annual Sleep Country Pajama Bowl. It’s fopr a great cause, Foster Kids, and it was a great time. Mono-Nick was easily our bext bowler…and although I bowled horribly (didn’t finish last, but we will leave it at that), I think I was the sharpest dresser!

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 According to a new study, at least HALF of us have a fear that's strong enough to be considered a SERIOUS PHOBIA. The most common phobia is a FEAR OF HEIGHTS. That's followed by a fear of the dentist, fear of flying, and fear of spiders. About a quarter of people with phobias say they don't want to admit it. About 10% say the phobia has affected their love life . . . and 7% say a phobia has cost them a JOB.

According to a new study, at least half of us have a fear that's strong enough to be considered a serious phobia…what is yours? What are you terrified of? Here are the texts we got:

Flying spiders!!! Id kill myself!!!

Moths, birds, butterflies.

I am an exterminator and i used to be afraid of spiders up until i killed off a few generations of the bastards

CLOWNS!! I hate those creepy bastards :) Melinda

Sounds funny but hate glitter. They are the herpes of the craft world. They never go away. If I get some on me, I have to wash it immediately and scrub like a surgeon. Cajun

Sharks! Jaws f'd me up! Saw it when I was eight, I'm 37 now and still just as afraid of sharks as I was then.

Ants im teriffied of ants just texting the name has me freaked out

Afraid of being lost. Was lost in the woods once, it was terrifying.

Having people behind me I got pushed off a cliff into the lake when I was 16 still can't handle people behind me. I'm 33, I'm also claustrophobic. :) Faith


Bees. I stop my car in the middle of a road because a bee flew into my car...that's how scared I am of them!! -Pancho-

I used to have such a crippling fear of heights, but I couldn't even climb up a ladder. I decided to face the fear head on last year, by going skydiving. Greatest experience of my life! Now, no fear of heights.

Today's Video Blog features us at Tech City Bowl for the Sleep Country Pajama Bowl!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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04/29/2013 7:07AM
STP's Blog 04/29/13 "Kings Court"
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