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STP's Blog 12/22/11 "Help A Rock-A-Holic"

 Hey guys…so we are currently on vacation right now, and I hope the Christmas craziness hasn’t been too nuts for you.  Yesterday, I was checking my email, and I got this email from a fellow Rock-A-Holic, which is why I am writing this blog….here is the email:

My husband has been listening to KISW since he moved to Washington is 1993 and is a long fan of your show. He went into unexpected heart failure and was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. He is no longer able to work. At this point, it looks as though he may go on a heart transplant list because the doctors do not think he will live another 5 years in his current condition. A close friend has started a donation site that ends Dec. 30th 2011 ( ) to help out with medical bills, as his ongoing care is very expensive. More information about him and his condition can be found at the donation website. It would mean so much if you could mention this on your show.


Thanks a ton!



Unfortunately we are not on the air right now, and won’t be until after the site closes down.  I know all of us are extremely tight on cash right now, but if you could spare a couple of bucks…please go to the site and donate some money to help this family out.  Even if it’s just a couple bucks, it will add up.  Hell, if everyone that reads this donates even a couple of dollars, we could get them thousands…if not tens of thousands.  Please…repost this blog on your Facebook page….re-tweet…do whatever you can to rally the Rock-A-Holics. 

Once again, the site is:

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12/22/2011 6:17PM
STP's Blog 12/22/11 "Help A Rock-A-Holic"
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