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STP's VLOG 02/07/12 "Knees Sneeze"

So just a heads up for you guys…if we are not live tomorrow, it’s because BJ pulled his taint while sneezing this morning! OK…that ’taint right (waka waka)…he hurt his back. Yes, sneezing. He sneezed while on air, and said “Oh no I hurt my back, I forgot to bend my knees.” Bend your knees? According to BJ…his Doctor told him to make sure he bends his knees when he sneezes. “Bend Your Knees When You Sneeze” – that sounds like a Dr. Seus book. I thought this was insane, but the texts started rolling in:

I pulled my shoulder the other day sneezing

When u sneaze ur hart stops 4 a scond

I fractured 2 ribs coughing last year, little embarrassing. - Eric

BJ, that is called a valsalva maneuver. I'm afraid you might have a herniated disc. U should see an orthopedic Dr. ~Angela on I90

Then the texts start getting a little odd:

I once sneezed during sex

I ruptured my penis while sneezing!

Crapd my pants during a sneez-ur next trick b.j.?

All this sneeze talk makes me think of that episode of Mythbusters…

Apparently over 113 people watched the Madonna half time show, and based on the tremendous amount of tweets about it...the response was way more positive, than negative…which begs the question, did Ryan Castle’s TV have some kind of glitch that made it look different in my eyes? Because all I saw was an incredible display of “suck” – it was awful, at one point I begged the TV to make it stop!

Speaking of the Super Bowl…you probably saw those crazy spots by Chevrolet where the car was doing stunts…it was done for a OK Go music video…these guys always make awesome videos, and they did not disappoint!

After the Patriots lost the Super Bowl game, Tom Brady’s super model wife, Gisele, was making her way through Lucas Oil Stadium. Unfortunately for Gisele, there were cameras on her, and some jerks were heckling her. So she started complaining to the people in her group. And she took a pretty hard swipe at the Patriots' receivers. She said, "My husband cannot [effing] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time." In addition to that, she also said something about them not catching the ball when they're supposed to…several media outlets are reporting that she said, quote, "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times." TMZ says Tom's teammates are ticked off, because Gisele violated a, quote, "code of brotherhood." A supposed source within the team said, quote, "It's like knocking someone when they are down."

Gisele Bundchen is making news for bashing Tom Brady's receivers after the Super Bowl…Based on this…when should s have you…or someone you know…kept your mouth shut? What did you say? Here are some of the texts:

I had sex for the first time in my brothers truck. My cousin found the condom in the truck ran inside.and told my grandma. I was 15

My buddy pulled up to an audi r8 in his subaru impreza that he put about $7000 into and raced him for pinks. Lost his car.

My boss brought his daughter to work on bring your kid to work day after he introduces her to a few of us I leaned over to a buddy and said geez what a ugly kid.... He heard me and was let go a week later

I said about a guest to my coworker "damn that's a big girl...." she heard me.....turns out she was the ceo's daughter......oops

My dad passed on April fools day 16 years ago. My best friend thought I was joking. And even after she found out I wasn't she didn't apologize. I haven't spoken to her since.

I asked my best friends wife when she was due.... She wasn't pregnant. Man did I feel like an ignoramus.

I told a judge 2 f himself & got thrown in jail 4 contempt-over a speedn ticket!

I blab about to a friend of mine about her husband cheating after they separated. I didnt know they were trying to work things out.

There's more sex going on in your office than you realize. According to a new survey about sex in the office, courtesy of a study from the U.K. . . .

-- 11% of people, or one out of every nine of your coworkers, admit they've had sex in the workplace at least once.

-- 7% of people actually have sex at the office REGULARLY.

-- The most popular place for office sex is on your desk. A meeting room is second, and the parking garage is third.

-- The least popular places for office sex are in a bathroom stall or on your boss's desk.

-- 95% of office sex happens after hours . . . but that DOES mean that 5%, or one in 20 office sex sessions, happen ON THE CLOCK.

One out of every nine of your coworkers, admit they've had sex in the workplace at least once…Is this you? Have you had sex at the office? If not sex…what kind of strange non-work related things have you done at the office? Here are the texts we received:

I used to work for a grocery store and had sex in the produce cooler while on the clock! –johnny

I have *had alone time* it work :-) Liz

My coworker got caught banging a customer in the walk in cooler at our gas station by another customer. It was late and he thought no one else would show up

I work in an audiology clinic. Had sex after work in a sound booth with an audiologist. I'm a tech

I *had alone time* on my hot bosses desk before she got to work. My coworker got fired because she thought it was him.

Iv had sex in my office. Which in my case is the back of a delivery truck. -your local UPS man

Does sex in the back of a delivery truck count as a work place?

I used to get it on with my boss, anywhere and everywhere. Office, meeting room, and sneak off during lunch. I know it sounds sleazy, but the sex was amazing
sneaking around with the risk of being caught. It lasted for 3 years. Jamie, Tacoma

bj I work construction and primarily do large remodel jobs where the home owners do not live in the house while contruction takes place... i often have the keys to the houses and on a number of occations have "borrowed" the house with my girlfriend or a hottie and make them think its my house just to get laid

Has stp ever been caught having sex at petco? Hahahaha

Today's Video Blog features an in studio sit in named Scott, who brought us gifts from the band Lacero...a great local band that he manages. Check them out at

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02/07/2012 7:43AM
STP's VLOG 02/07/12 "Knees Sneeze"
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