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STP's VLOG 11/29/12 "Lakewood Four"

It was 3 years ago today when four Lakewood police officers were tragically murdered at the Forza coffee shop in Lakewood. Sergeant Mark Renninger, Officers Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold, and Greg Richards will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.


This morning we had a moment of silence for them, and then played Guns N’ Roses “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” – many times we will have a moment of odd coincidence when it comes to the subject of our conversation, and the song we play. More often than not, Nine Inch Nails “Closer” seems to be the culprit, but this time it was intentional that we went with that song. The reason being was that I had the honor of playing at a memorial for fallen officers, and the musicians were put together by Chris Sorrells, who was a police officer for Lakewood when this tragedy happened. He is now living in a different state, I am glad to say that he is a bud…and I want to share our performance at the memorial, we were joined by a mutual friend Brian Olson…who is the guitarist of Fall From Grace. Here we are performing “Knocking On Hgeaven’s Door” – to this day, the proudest moment I have ever had behind a drum set.

I wanted to share a past video blog of ours. It features footage from the KISW Salute The Shield benefit concert we had on 12/18/09, to benefit the families of the Lakewood Four, and to celebrate their lives. It was an amazing night. Duff McKagan's LOADED, Queensryche, and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam took the stage , and most of the Lakewood officers.

"Life & Style" magazine says that before MILEY CYRUS will marry LIAM HEMSWORTH, she wants an iron-clad prenup to protect her fortune . . . and her DOGS. Miley is worth $130 million, and she doesn't want to lose a dime of it. Of course, Liam's got $20 million of his own, so it's not like he needs any of her cash. But money's not the only thing she's worried about. A source says, "Miley has a half-dozen dogs that are her babies. She doesn’t want to lose them."

What about you…if you were going to have a pre-nup….besides money, what possession do you have that you would absolutely want to protect? Here are the texts we received:

I would protect my xbox

Bitch ain't getting my tools!!!!!

My truck and guns

Jason @ ft lewis, Id definitely protected my Harley

I am a chef and have close to or over 3k in knives. I would protect my knives

My names Devin and I would protect my guitars. Everything else we can negotiate, but those at mine no matter what.

My tools but more important that she has a rider in it that she takes the GD cats.

I have a 1836 Louis the 13 gold watch with over 9 ounces of gold in it it is value over 20,000 dollars handed down to me from my grampa

I have over 80,000 dollars in tools worked for a family friends car shop for 5 years he retired and gave me everything after being open 40 plus years ya

My civil war pistol that great great great grandad took of the battlefield

A 1968 jeep cj-​5 with a 500 horse power motor worth around 60,000$

My framed, autographed Edgar Martinez jersey.

My 1800-​1900's lever action rifle collection too.

Researchers at MIT just finished a scientific study to determine the 20 most influential people in history. It's based on their influence at the time, and how much impact they have on people now. And to figure that out, the researchers analyzed . . . Wikipedia. They analyzed the way different historical figures were discussed on all of the different language versions of Wikipedia, and searched for words that showed signs of influence. And in the end, they found the most influential person in history was . . . JESUS. Only one of the people on the list is still alive today. That's NELSON MANDELA, who came in 17th place. The other 19 are all dead, and in many cases, they've been dead for hundreds or thousands of years.

Here are the top 20 most influential people in history:

1. Jesus Christ.
2. Confucius.
3. Sir Isaac Newton.
4. Gandhi.
5. Albert Einstein.
6. Aristotle.
7. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama.
8. Leonardo da Vinci.
9. Plato.
10. Archimedes.
11. Mao Zedong: Chinese communist revolutionary
12. William Shakespeare: English playwright
13. Socrates: Greek philosopher
14. Karl Marx: German philosopher and socialist
15. Michaelangelo: Italian sculptor
16. Gautama Buddha: Nepalese spiritual teacher
17. Nelson Mandela: South African politician
18. Galileo Galilei: Italian physicist
19. Julius Caesar: Roman emperor
20. Joseph Stalin: Soviet leader

Based on this, good or bad…who has had the biggest influence on your life? It could be a celebrity, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are the texts we got:

Im Influenced by different things than others,LayneStaley's mother Nancy is an inspiration to me.She faces Laynes death everyday to help others survive~KrisCort

My boss is my biggest influence. The man is a self made millionaire and he would give the shirt off his back to anyone.

Your kids if you have them. Every decision you make after having them is made with their interest and growth is your influence one way or another

My great grand father ( I never met him). He was an innovator, industrious, generous and loving. He worked till the day he died. Literally! left his family with such an example on how to live and love life and to enhance the lives of those who he came in contact with.

My son is my biggest influence. He's the reason I got my S together, and started taking life seriously.- Chris B.

Vicky Barcelona everytime she says "Ay, Papi!"

My father he is the reason I have joined the seattle maritime academy. Its different work plus get to sail the world

Tim maclarath lead singer of rise against hes the one that inpiered me to play guitar and push my self to be the best I can be- patrick from auburn

Unfortunately you guys have had quite the influence on me. I've been listening since freshman year of high school and I'm 24 now. Thanks for effing me up!
The Beatles are the most influential people to me. Without them, I wouldn't love and/or make music. Without them, music wouldn't be what it is.

BJ has been a grate influence on my life. Because of his boom boom play list, I made my own and it works every time.

Drew says rocco siffredi taught me how to treat a lady right

Today’s video Blog features the music of The Jilly Rizzo...The STP-Cast welcomed The Jilly Rizzo on the show. Here they are performing "Black Baby's Cuter Than A White Baby." This is Dick Rossetti's new band, and you can see them at The Tractor Tavern with The Cherry Poppin' Daddies tomorrow night! Get more info on The Jilly Rizzo here:

Listen to this episode of the STP-CAST here:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/29/2012 8:12AM
STP's VLOG 11/29/12 "Lakewood Four"
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