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STP's BLOG 05/31/13 "This Is The End"
Last night we say this Is The End.  This is one of the most ridiculously funny films.  If you love the films that guys like Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Michale Cera, McLovin (sorry I forgot his name…Chris Mintz Plas or something, but he’s McLovin!), Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride are in (they are all in this movie)…you will LOVE this film.  I can’t even describe it as I don’t want to give away too much…but imagine “ESS” is going down, and some of these guys are in James Franco’s house dealing with it.

That’s the funny part about this movie…they are all playing themselves….it’s too funny!  The movie is in theaters on June 12th!

According to a new survey, one in five people hide money from their spouse.  Women are slightly more likely than men to do it . . . but when men do it, they stash more money.  One in 10 people say they haven't told their partner how much they make . . . and one in 30 have LIED to their partner about their salary.
So we had to ask…Besides money…what are you hiding from your significant other?  Or…what was something that you found out your partner was hiding from you? Here are the texts we got:
I am hiding pain in the grass tickets from my man for fathers day!!! We've never been to the gorge! He's gonna flip!!! :)
I'm currently hiding my cigarettes from my family. Its tough being a smoker in a non-smoking family.
I hide tumblr from my girl cuz its full of porn and i need my fix damnit.
I found out my wife was hiding that she was bisexual. I found out when i walked in on her & her hot "best friend" when life gives you lemons, have a threesum
found out my ex-boyfriend was under investigation for murder when they wouldn't let us into Canada.
I have $30,000 stashed. If the wife knows there's money in the bank, she thinks it's time to go shopping. So it's basically the only way to save.

Today's Video Blog features me showing BJ a new way to socially network with the Vine app! Find us on Vine:  "BJ Shea" & "Steve KISW".

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STP's BLOG 05/30/13 "Teachers!"
Have you seen the trailer for this movie, “This Is The End”…I am so excited to see it!  Luckily we get to go to a screening for it tonight, as Seth Rogan might be on the show next week. 

Yesterday we played this audio from a video posted by a 4th Grade teacher that quit via You Tube because she was sick of the way the school system discourages creativity in teaching.  She became a teacher to make a difference, but became a “cog in the wheel” and wasn’t doing what she wanted in the class room.  Here is the video:

I am so far removed from being a kid in class, so I don’t know how it is anymore…but I don’t think she is alone in her frustration.  I was lucky…I had many teachers that had an impact on my life, stuff that sticks with me to this day.  So this led to a topic… Good or bad…what made your teacher memorable?  Here are some of the texts we received:

I had a jr. High science teacher named Mr. B and he starred out the year by having all students stand on a countertop and fall back having us trust he'd catch us.
Senior year my teacher took me to a mariners game, we smoked bowls and drank yagger bombs the whole way
Mr bartel enumclaw wa, he was inspirational and never gave up.. Always head strong and passionate in his lectures and taught us more about life. Kelsey
BJ I had a seventh-grade teacher of social studies that when we studied another culture he brought the food into class and cooked it and let us eat it it was awesome. What better way to get students to learn them to let them eat.
I had a teacher in middle school that got me into death metal and even took me to a Gojira concert!
My 8th grade science teacher at Kenmore junior high crapped his pants during a test. It smelt awful but was hilarious
Tom Sproull. Great teacher and he shaved his head when mom got cancer so she wouldn't feel weird being bald. Dude changed my life.
My 11th grade commuter teacher asked me to stop coming to school high on weed.. Haha!
We had a teacher who was in a porn! It was very memorable hah
Frist pair of breasts I ever saw 5th grade teacher bent over to help with math problem and poped out right in my face greatest math day ever
I remember going to the déjà Vu strip club in shoreline and as I'm walking in I see my math teacher sitting there alone me and my friends sent a stripper over to him to say hello from us he ran out and has denied that that ever happened 

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STP's BLOG 05/29/13 "Bray Wyatt -- WWE"
As many of you know I am a HUGE wrestling fan.  I love any and all wrestling from Ring of Honor to WWE…and on REAW this week they aired a promo for three guys that will be making their debut soon.  I have been waiting for this, as I have loved what they have been doing in WWE NXT, as well as FCW before that (FCW is like the WWE’s Double A minor league, and NXT is like Triple A…if that makes sense).  Check out the video…it’s trippy and awesome…

The centerpiece of this trio is Bray Wyatt…you might remember him for a short stint as part of the NXT/Nexus angle (but he was known as Husky Harris – awful name, and really no personality to the character)…and he is Mike I.R.S. Rotunda’s son.  This new “Cape Fear”-like character is awesome…the guy is amazing on the microphone, and I really think this is going to make things very interesting in the WWE.  Back when he was in FCW, he cut this promo…which gives you a taste of his Jake “The Snake” Roberts vibe when it comes to how he perpetuates his character!  Great story telling…

I almost didn’t come to work today…while we were off, I finally brought my Powerball ticket in to see if I won something (from when it was up to 600 million), and I actually won!  Sadly…it was only enough to buy a couple items off a value meal menu…
 photo DF2173BF-5925-4EF8-803F-9DA3898369DB-28680-00001684E67F6475_zps6bcec276.jpg

According to a survey of 700 flight attendants, you're most likely to get an upgrade to first class if you're a man in your 30's, who's a little dressed up and traveling alone. There things you can do to increase your chances of getting a free upgrade.  Here are the top ten according to the survey.

1.  Be Friendly and Polite. 
2.  Be a Member of the Airline's Frequent Flyer Program. 
3.  Travel Alone.  72% of flight attendants said they'd be more likely to give a seat upgrade to someone who's flying alone.
4.  Make Them Aware of an Injury. 
5.  Don't Dress Too Casual. 
6.  Tell Them You're On Your Honeymoon. 
7.  Know the Flight Attendants. 
8.  Travel During Non-Peak Hours. 
9.  Come Up with a Good Sob Story.  For example, maybe you're headed to a funeral, or you just lost your job.  Whatever it is, 35% admitted they'll probably fall for it.
10.  Look Your Best.  31% said that being a well-groomed, attractive passenger will increase your chances of getting upgraded to first class.

Based on the ways to get a free upgrade to first class…when have you “Pulled a move” (lied, exaggerated, etc) in order to get something for free? Here are the texts we got:

I suggest wearing a 'yelp' tshirt out to restaurants.. You get great service!
I got my $200 tattoo for free :) funny thing is I was just being myself just joking and having fun with the guy and he gave it to me Free Maria Port orchard
While in the military, I always traveled in uniform and got bumped up to first class more often than not.
Every time I order pizza, I order one and call back when it's delivered and say it was wrong.. Free pizza every time.
Tell the waitress it's your friends birthday hoping to embarrass them and get free dessert. –Fry
I've never got an upgrade but my wife and her big breasted friend did. They had balcony seats at a Garth Brooks concert and got front row. He was filming.
I call my cellphone company and complain about my service and how my phone is always messing up and they give me free stuff like money off the bill or best of all new phones. James
I used to take girls on first dates to expensive restaurants and then ask her to just follow my lead...I'd then pull out a pretend ring and propose. Either the restaurant commped our meal or someone there would buy as a congratulations... Plus the girl would be on a emotional high...and I'd get laid every time

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge!  Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a random person that will rip his pants off...will he do it?

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STP's BLOG 05/24/13 "I-5 Bridge!"
Our thoughts are with those affected by the I-5 Bridge collapse over the Skagit River.  Thank God that no one died, and it sounds like everyone will be ok…what a crazy experience.  I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like!  Check out the bridge collapse…how insane is this?
 photo 37DD1019-2CD8-4C1A-9547-3B4B8C30C64B-20799-00001051E8F6DD55_zps6668978e.jpg
I want to give huge props to my buddy, Brent Amaker!  Brent and I have been friends for a long time, and we also were in a band together called Dorkweed.  He has since achieved some great success with his band Brent Amaker And The Rodeo – they have had their music featured on Weeds and Californication, they have toured the world, but I think this is by far the coolest thing:
 photo 486723DE-A272-4C3E-8A85-B40B4430A537-20799-000010512731BC2D_zps923e465b.jpg
That is a giant painting of the band on the side wall of Neumos!  This is also the cover for their upcoming new record “The Year Of The Dragon”, which I think is an amazing record – sure I am biased, but I love it.  If you don’t remember, they were on the STP-CAST to play a few songs, and here is one of the songs off the new CD…”Boots”:

Here is another song off the record, “Death Is Always Near”:

The new record is in stores on June 4th.  Get more info at , plus they will be at Neumo's on June 8th! Also, if the artwork on the wall looks familiar – they were lucky enough to have Takashi Okazaki do the artwork.  Many of you will know Takashi from his work on Afro Samurai.

I know I share a bunch of pictures of my pup, Lulu…I can’t help it…she is so bad ass that I have to share.  For instance, we got her a new toy…check her out shredding!
 photo D85100B2-625C-48B4-9605-0E04E4888A92-20799-0000105120FD8CD2_zps8a05e358.jpg
Yes, that is a Brett Michaels dog toy…he has his own line of dog toys and clothes…hilarious!
Last night Lulu was pretty tired, after rocking her new guitar of course…and I was able to catch the anatomy of a yawn…
 photo 538EAE1B-D32C-4DF0-B89A-CF8B5D567461-20799-0000105115830C6E_zps6544d6a1.jpg

Today's Video Blog features a cool new coffee machine that is in our kitchen at work!

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STP's BLOG 05/23/14 "This Guy Is NUTS!"
Have you heard about this guy that has been posting crazy pictures on that website Reddit?  They are calling him a daredevil based on where he is posing for pix in Seattle…personally I call him CRAZY or EFFING NUTS, but regardless, the pictures he is taking are sick.  He goes by Shuttersubversive…check out some of the pix, credit to Reddit/Shuttersubversive for the photo’s:

On top of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge....
 photo daredevil4_zps04ec96bf.jpg

On top of Century Link Field...
 photo daredevil2_zps68071e5f.jpg

And my favorite one...On top of Safeco Field!

 photo daredevil3_zps548e038f.jpg
See what I mean?  EFFING NUTS!

According to a new survey by, most of us haven't been to some of the country's most famous landmarks.  Here five that MOST Americans have never seen:   

1.  78% of us have never been to the Space Needle in Seattle.
2.  73% of Americans have never visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
3.  70% have never seen the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
4.  69% of us have never seen the Hollywood Sign.
5.  And 57% have never been to the White House.

The only landmark on the list that more than HALF of Americans have visited was the Las Vegas Strip.  45% of us haven't been there.
Based on this list…what is one landmark you always wanted to visit but you haven’t? Or what is a landmark you always wanted to visit and you finally did – what did you think of it? Here are some of the texts we got:
Empire State Building. Was disappointing, felt like we were waiting in line for a Disneyland ride because it took so long to get to the top. By the time we got to the top it was cloudy out and couldn't see anything.
I've never been to Pearl Harbor. From a lineage of history buffs and servicemen, it holds a lot of significance. Hopefully will find time to see it durin g my honeymoon. But there's enough history across the world, i ultimately wouldn't know where to start. -​Jayson in Everett
If sturgis was a landmark I was very disappointed because of the bike rally they have you would think it's a big town but I was disappointed and found what lawn I was conceived on
Even though Niagra Falls comes to mind, I'm guessing you mean man madelandmarks. Even though I've been to NYC, I still haven't been ru The Statue of Liberty
Grand Canyon, everytime I cross the country turns out it's middle winter and can't cross that mountain pass
Fenway Park –​Nick
the bunny ranch who doesn't want to go to the bunny ranch with about five grand in his pocket and come out with a smile

Today's Video Blog features us hanging at the new location for Hyundai Of Everett (7800 Evergreen Way).

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STP's BLOG 05/22/13 "Best Tweet Response"
I am by no means a Cowboys fan, and usually Dez Bryant does stuff that makes me roll my eyes. But he did something on Twitter that got him in trouble, but I 100% respect it!   Dez, like many athletes/celebs was dealing with a troll on Twitter.  I hate trolls.  There is nothing worth a damn about a troll and their insecure, negative behavior.  So a troll Tweeted Dez “Eff you and the Cowboys”, and check out Dez’s hilarious response…
 photo tweet-2_zps0619a37a.jpg
Microsoft unveiled the next generation of their Xbox console yesterday.  It's going to be called Xbox One and it should be out in time for this year's holiday season.  Every article I have seen is basically a novel…full of a ton of info about the XBOX One…so here is a “Cliff Notes” version of what this new console is all about…
1.  This new console finally includes a Blu-ray player, plus you can hook your cable box to it and watch TV without switching inputs even if the internet connection goes out.
2.  The Kinect sensor will be integrated into every Xbox One console.  And the new sensor is supposedly so sensitive that it can read your heartbeat while you workout.
3.  The Xbox One takes full advantage of cloud storage.  All your game progress is stored online in the cloud . . . there's a game DVR to record your gaming sessions . . . and you won't have to wait to download any game patches or system updates anymore
4.  The new dashboard allows you to "snap" two apps to either side of the screen, which means you'll be able to browse the web and watch a movie at the same time.
5.  Xbox has also partnered with the NFL, so you can watch broadcasts with instantly updated fantasy stats, while taunting your friends on Skype at the same time.
6.  Steven Spielberg is developing a live-action "Halo" TV series exclusively for Xbox.
7.  Fifteen games will be released in the first year; eight will be new franchises.  The largest of course, is "Call of Duty: Ghost", and the downloadable content for the "Call of Duty" games will continue to hit Xbox One first.  (Here is a new "Ghost" reveal trailer, plus trailers for the games "Quantum Break" and "Forza Motorsport 5".)
8.  One big drawback is that the Xbox One hardware is NOT backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games.  That sucks if you've built up a big game library since none of your 360 games will work on this new console.
9.  Once you buy a game it's tied to your account by an activation code.  This will restrict your ability to share discs with your friends, but you'll eventually be able to trade your games in online.
In a new study out of France, researchers wanted to find out if men are more likely to hit on a woman if she's got a LOWER BACK TATTOO.  For the study, they had 11 different attractive women lay out on a beach in a bikini.  Sometimes they had a temporary tattoo on their lower back . . . sometimes they didn't.  And the answer is YES . . . men were more than TWICE as likely to approach a woman with a lower back tattoo.  24% approached the women with tattoos, only 10% approached the women without them. Researchers also interviewed 440 men in their 20s for the study.  They found that men believe women with lower back tattoos are more likely to go out with them . . . more likely to have sex on the first date . . . and MORE ATTRACTIVE.

Based on this…what is that one thing about a person that makes you think you can hook up with them?  Here are the texts we got:

Excessive drinking
If she smokes she Pokes-Sam
Girls wearing high heels- Travis in Everett
in the military and we all dress the same I go by the bun theory. Depending how messy/clean depends how easy/hard it is to strike a convo. 6:1 success rate
If the girl calls you out of nowhere just to talk to you
any woman by herself at the bar....with a ring on. She is there to cheat. Usually.
Girls with any tattoos.. not just trampt stamps. If a girl as tattoos u would believe that they are freaks! James R
Any woman at the bar past 11....only there for one thing usually. I was a bartender for 9 years.
Single mothers. I have done single mothers many times and go figure I am am now a single father. And it works great ! From Robert in McCleary.

Today's Video Blog features the Mayor Of Tenino, Eric Strawn, dropping off a key to the city!

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STP's BLOG 05/21/13 "The Door -- RIP Ray"
Bummer news for Doors fans... Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek died yesterday after a "lengthy battle with bile duct cancer." He was 74. The opening keyboard riff to “Light My Fire” is still one of the coolest intros ever...his sound was iconic, and will be missed for sure!

While talking about this, I referenced the Doors movie with Val Kilmer, and BJ said he never saw it! I couldn’t believe could you not watch a classic film like that? BJ’s response was that he’s not a Doors fan, so why watch in my solid logical way of thinking, I ask: “Do you like killing people BJ?...If not, then why did you watch Silence Of The Lambs?” They don’t teach you logic like that in school, kids.

Last Wednesday, when the Powerball jackpot was at $360 million, a woman in California was SURE she'd won. She matched all of the numbers and the Powerball . . . but kept hearing reports that no winning tickets were sold. Turns out she bought her ticket 52 minutes AFTER the drawing, so it was for Saturday's Powerball drawing instead. Could you imagine this? That would be like Mila Kunis inviting you over for a fun night, but when you show up…she passed out and won’t answer the door. OK…strike that, that is nowhere near as awful as what happened to that woman. That is crazy!

Just last month, Jennifer Lawrence topped a survey of celebrities we'd most like to see in a sex tape. But things change. Mila Kunis has pulled ahead of Jennifer, 38% to 23%. Jennifer was followed by Sofia Vergara with 15% . . . Angelina Jolie with 13% . . . and Selena Gomez with 10%. This led to a fun topic of what celebrities we would like to see in an adult film. BJ was giving me a tough time because I wanted to see Ben Affleck and Blake Lively, and then Ben with J-Lo…it would be a theme – Gigli Uncensored, and The Town XXX! BJ is convinced I only want to see this because Affleck would be in it…that’s not the case, I just want to see Ben “get his way!” Here were some texts we received about this:

Jennifer love Hewitt and Kate beckensale. In some three way action.

January Jones in her xmen character. Plus, she already has a porny name!

Megan fox, Zoe Saldana, and I'm still holding out for Alyssa milano!

Rosie Odonell and Ellen Degeneres Oh ya. Big time.

Alice eve from new star trek movie. Or Zoe who plays Uhura! ;)

Vickie Vickie Vickie

Hey guys! Heather here. I would love to see Jennifer Lawerence AND Scarlet Johanssen. In the same sex tape would be even better!!!

I want to see Trish Stratus from WWE. Or even AJ Lee. I bet either one would be crazy in the sack. Especially AJ

Flow from progressive!!!

Today's Video Blog features Torture Tuesday. This week we were shocked when "Paddle" finally won the vote!

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STP's BLOG 05/20/13 "Kanye West on SNL"
Did you catch Saturday night Live this weekend? It was awesome! First off…my main man, Ben Affleck was great as the host, and secondly…Kanye West put on one of the best performances I have ever seen. I could go on and on about how much love I have for what Kanye did on SNL, but I would imagine many would think I am crazy for liking it. Here is the performance I am talking about:

It was dark, heavy, ominous, nothing like what I would expect from Kanye. As I was watching this, I said to my wife: “Kanye has gone punk rock.” Honestly, it sounded like Trent Reznor collaborated with Mr. West. If this is what the next Kanye record sounds like, I am back on the Kanye bandwagon. I will buy this record for sure.

The texts came rolling in after we talked about this on air and played a clip from this song…and like I thought, the reaction was polarizing:

Im with ya steve. I thought Kanye was great on snl. Reminded me of early underground stuff

Steve- never put Trent reznor in the same sentence as that west guy

That new maybe west u just played was awesome sounding

Kanye sucks

Thanks to all of the Rock-A-Holics that came out to Hyundai Of Everett on Saturday to hang out with all of us. We were there to celebrate that they are at a new location – 7800 Evergreen Way in Everett – plus we chowed down on some awesome Longhorn Bar B Que, and gave away a ton of Pain In The Grass tickets!

 photo A1124A54-081A-4DA6-ACC1-4F4AEB87F585-14284-00000C46DE054B9A_zpse0a455cf.jpg

Yesterday I was at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s “Great Strides” walk at the Seattle Center. What an awesome event…met some great people, and helped raise money for a great cause! Plus I got to meet some pink thingy…

 photo 4CA043FD-DBAE-459F-B38A-6A3C75E2FDF9-14284-00000C46C6996BF8_zps4af8587e.jpg

 photo 657021EE-F31D-4024-BC9C-13D3F530D518-14284-00000C46C0ECD3B7_zps84ad21b3.jpg

I soon learned that pink thingy is Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba. Yeah, I don’t have kids other than our pup Lulu (and she doesn’t watch Yo Gabba Gabba) so I had no clue.
Our weekend was pretty cool, but for many people in LA…they were having an unreal weekend when Stone Temple Pilots surprised everyone at a festival show as they performed a gig with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park filling in for former singer Scott Weiland! Check it out:

They have already recorded a new song together…you can download the song off their website .. it’s a real cool song…WAY better than any of the songs off their last record! Check it out:

Last night was the Billbaord Music Awards…big props to Seattle’s own Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Wanz…as they won the award for best rap song, and they did a great job performing Thrift Shop!  The talk of the awards show is Justin Bieber, Justin was honored with the first-ever "Milestone Award".  Makes sense that someone fresh outta puberty getting the award, but whatever!  As he walked to the stage, there was a lot of BOOING along with the cheering. He then launched into a very defensive speech that included this:   "I'm 19 years old, I think I'm doing a pretty good job and basically, from my heart, I really wanna say it should really be about the music…It should be about the craft, the craft that I'm making.  This is not a gimmick.  I'm an artist, and I should be taken seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken of."

This led to a topic, finish this sentence: “Nobody takes me serious because I once did _____”?  Here are some of the texts we got:

People don't take me Serisly because I compete in pageants

No one takes me seriously because I dropped out of high school

Because I once slept with a homeless man when I was 17 and living in Portland. He used my toothbrush and washed his homeless feet in my sink. My friends won't let me live it down and question my judgement now.

Streaked at my high school graduation and nearly lost my diploma

People don't take me seriously as a 4.0 student because I was once a stripper. (And a good one at that ;) ) *The Sexy Miss Jayden

Today's Video blog features is part 2 of our chat with UFC Flyweight Champion, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson! DJ was in studio to promote that he's fighting the main event on July 27th at the Key Arena for UFC On Fox 8 against John Moraga.

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STP's BLOG 05/17/13 "Moffitt Is My Homeboy!"
Check it out! I got my #MOFFITTISMYHOMEBOY shirt! Gotta rep out bud…I mean HOMEBOY, John Moffitt from the Seahawks. The shirt’s proceeds go to a great cause…Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. You too can get one of his awesome shirts at

 photo 0A71FB63-6D93-4015-8338-FE120670C8B9-10124-00000882D4498B30_zps204d7629.jpg

Early on Tuesday, a drunk man in his 20s went to a McDonald's in Ireland and ordered himself a Happy Meal, and for some odd reason, he tried to SQUEEZE into a McDonald's HIGH CHAIR. Shockingly he got stuck, and couldn't get himself out. The staff called the police and THREE COPS showed up to help pull the guy out of the high chair. They WERE able to get him free. No charges are going to be filed. McDonald's Ireland actually had a pretty good response to this: "McDonald's is aware of the incident . . . we recommend that children don't use the high chair without adult supervision."

Based this…finish this sentence…“I can’t believe I tried to do _____” …Or… “I can’t believe someone I know tried to do _____”.

I once got my friend to snort ginger powder and crushed sheetrock. Chris in parkland

TOPPPAYYYY!!!! I cannt believe I tried to ride my BMX bike down james st. in kent with no hands! The back tire blew & I almost died! Franklin in sumner.

We bet my college roommate that he wouldn't snort a line of wasabi paste. He did it and puked in misery for the next 2 hours. Best money I ever spent.

I cant believe I jumped out of a second floor window, just to proove that its faster than taking the stairs. Yay to booze, a broken ankle and a broken foot.

Today's Video blog features the current...and very first...UFC Flyweight Champion, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson! DJ was in studio to promote that he's fighting the main event on July 27th at the Key Arena for UFC On Fox 8 against John Moraga. Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 05/16/13 "Super Groovy"
Huge thanks to the UFC Flyweight champ for joining us in studio today. Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson is part of the main event at UFC On Fox 8 (vs. John Moraga) at the Key Arena July 27th. Tix go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM through Ticketmaster. DJ is a local guy…from Parkland, trains in Kirkland, and now is my neighbor in Puyallup! It was awesome having him in…great guy!

 photo 3D0017A1-C4A7-4F79-8898-1542739CE6C0-8728-0000076D2901299C_zps7a564f06.jpg

Last night BJ had a great time at the Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie…he got to go up on stage to introduce Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes as they also did a podcast/Q&A at the Moore Theater after the movie. Check out BJ on stage…

 photo bjonstagemoore_zps9e6207ff.jpg

While backstage, BJ and Vicky B. got to finally meet up with Kevin Smith after all these years of chating on the phone and Twitter!

 photo bjjaykevin_zps574edf72.jpg

 photo vickykev_zpsd5fdadd3.jpg

I almost got into a car accident yesterday, as I was driving home I was listening to the David Stern press conference on the fate of the Sacramento Kings...the league decided to not re-locate the team to Seattle, which sucks...but the punch in the gut was when he said this:

“This is going to be short for me, I have a game to get to in Oklahoma City.”

I honestly stared at my radio in shock that he said that, gave my radio the finger, and then had a few no so pleasant words pop out of my mouth...Inearly drove off the road I was so pissed.  I surely hope expansion sounds like the guy thyat will be taking over for David Stern in 2014 wants to work with Seattle to bring a team here...fingers crossed!

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our chat with Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob from Clerks).

Here us the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

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STP's BLOG 05/15/13 "Dreams!"
This morning we started talking about this…I bet you have dealt with this exact thing in some way…

A new study at the University of Maryland found that nightmares actually DO cause real problems and fights the next day. The researchers say, "People's activity changes as a function of the dream they had the night before, specifically in the realm of close relationships." They found that when someone had a dream where they were JEALOUS, they were more likely to report an argument the next day. When someone had a dream about cheating, they felt less INTIMATE and LOVING the next day. There are two theories on why this happens. One, your dreams are a sign of a deep-seated lack of trust and just push it to the surface a little more.Or two, your brain is just TESTING you to make sure your relationship is stable, strong, and what you really want.

As we are talking about this, we were flooded with texts from people that have dealt with this too!

My wife got pissed at me for a dream. I told her I dreamed she made me a sandwich and gave up some oral negotiations.

My boyfriend had a dream he caught my six year old smoking. He was so mad when he woke up, he wanted to ground her.

My wife got so mad at a dumbass deram she straight kicked me in the junk thinkin I cheated on her.... she was convinced the dream was real. #BLD

My ex-girlfriend learned that I was actually cheating on her because of a dream that she had

My boyfriend had a dream I cheated on him and was mad at me the next day.. I just laughed when he told me the dream.. elizabeth

My wife slapped me when I was dead asleep one night because she had a dream I cheated on her. BLD

Someone at has put together a list of 9 People Who Were Banned from "Saturday Night Live". Here are the ones they listed, along with the reason why they were allegedly booted:

1. The punk band Fear . . . for trashing the "SNL" set back in 1981.

2. Steven Seagal . . . for being a bad host, and being a jerk to the cast and crew. He hosted back in 1991. The next year, Lorne Michaels supposedly told Nicolas Cage that Steven was "the biggest jerk who's ever been on the show."

3. Adrien Brody . . . for a horrible, 45-second, ad-libbed introduction to musical guest Sean Paul in 2003.

4. Elvis Costello . . . for playing his politically-charged song "Radio, Radio" in 1977, even though he was explicitly told to play his single "Less Than Zero". His ban was lifted in 1989, and he's performed several times since.

5. Frank Zappa . . . for doing a terrible job of hosting the show in 1978.

6. Martin Lawrence . . . for being extremely filthy in his monologue in 1994. He dissed the censors, and launched into a commentary about feminine hygiene.

7. Cypress Hill . . . for lighting a joint onstage, and trashing the stage and their instruments during a performance in 1993.

8. The Replacements . . . for a bad, drunken performance in 1986. They missed whole verses, repeated lyrics, stumbled into each other, messed up guitar lines, and screamed obscenities at the audience.

9. Sinead O'Connor . . . for ripping up a picture of the Pope, looking into the camera, and saying, quote, "Fight the real enemy."

Based on this...What are you banned from, or what should you be banned from? Here are the texts we got:

Gambling. I have dropped close to 40k over the last two years

I should be banned from hosting a daily quiz game on the radio, oh wait thats the rev

Im banned from my wifes sisters house or c n her as we made a porno and she showed my wife. The truck driver.

I am banned from Canada for life got into a bar fight and beat the s*** outta 2 guys in the bar and then proceeded to beat up the 2 Mounties that came to the bar and they arrested me and escorted me across the border and told me I was never welcome in Canada ever!!!

I'm banned from Iraq Afghanistan and Kuwait because I was caught smoking weed in Iraq

I should be banned from having male friends

My husband and best friend are banned from a department store and not from stealing lol

The wife banned me from the bikini barista coffee I should be. Bitches be pricy.

I should be banned from the drive-in movie theater in Auburn. It seems like every time I've been there I end up having sex there! Taylor from Puyallup

Got banned from the Sloop in Ballard for trying to steal one of their trophies.

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a random person that will tickle him...will he do it?

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STP's BLOG 05/14/13 "Pain In The Grass!"
Huge thanks to Jason Mewes for coming in this morning! Jason will be at the Moore Theater tomorrow with Kevin Smith for their movie, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. Plus they will be taping a podcast there! Get tix at

 photo mewes_zpsb8ab6d39.jpg

Yesterday The Men's Room announced the full lineup for Pain In The Grass. It’s so big this years…(How big is it?)…It’s so big that it’s 2 days – September 6th and 7th, at The Gorge. Alice In Chains will be there…Jane’s Addiction…Avenged Sevenfold…Volbeat…and so many more bands! A tweeter named Chance asked me which bands I am most excited to see…Alice In Chains tops the list, their new CD “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” is coming out soon (May 28th), and I have been lucky enough to hear the full record and it will not disappoint. The CD is dark and heavy, just like what you would want from AIC, and with each listen I love it more! This is definitely one of the stand out tracks….

When you get the album, just wait until you hear a song called “Phantom Limb” – it’s so good, and apparently William Duvall wrote the song…clearly the AIC/Jerry Cantrell songwriting styule has rubbed off on him, as I think this will be an Alice classic.

There are a bunch of other bands I am stoked to see, but the other band I really can’t wait to watch is Baroness! I LOVE their record “Yellow & Green” – especially this song, “Take My Bones Away”:

Huge thanks to Zacky Vengence from Avenged Sevenfold for joining us this morning to chat about Pain In The Grass...I am stoked to see those guys as Zacky is from Olympia, and he was once a Puyallup resident too!

Both BJ and I did the exact same thing this morning while preparing to come into work today. This is too crazy! We both have the same routine in the morning, as we get ready in the dark in the morning to not wake up the “Mrs.”. At some point while getting ready, BJ was walking in the dark…and slammed his face into the wall…Check it out….

 photo bjnose_zps08c63315.jpg

As he was sharing this story, I was floored because the exact same thing happened to me. I was so embarrassed by myself, as I do this rodeo every morning. I grab mky clothes…go into the laundry room to get dressed…go back into the bedroom to kiss my wife and pub goodbye. However, this morning…as I was going from the laundry room to the bedroom…I walked right into the closet in the hallway…and it was one of those rolling hanging closets, so I made quite the racket in my attempts to be “quyiet”.
After talking about this…we got this text:

@bjshea @stp That was the worst cover up stories I've ever heard. Why don't you guys just admit to your secret homosexual interlude.

Ahhh, the texters…so tactful.       Today's Video Blog features Jason Mewes!

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STP's BLOG 05/13/13 "Great View Seattle"
Another great weekend in the books! Man what awesome weather…Friday was a perfect day, I love Seattle all the time, but I especially love it when this is the view…

 photo stpoustidecityshot_zps460be291.jpg

That pic was taken from our deck at work…not a bad spot, huh? Later on that day I hit up Johnny’s Dock in Tacoma…man I love that place. My buds and I kicked it on the deck, discussed how we one day need to rent a Dragon Boat, had a bucket of Corona, and enjoyed their Oyster Shooters!

 photo CF6E031F-81B5-4996-9CA6-9529B809EE6A-4526-0000042F3E7F57A0_zps536b086b.jpg

On Saturday night, The New Originals (KISW’s house band) played at Studio 7 for the “Night Of The Living Tributes” – what an awesome time. We played with Cheaper Trick (a…yup you guessed it…Cheap trick cover band) & they were unreal! We also played with Gene’s Addiction – yes a KISS cover band where all the members have the Gene Simmons face paint on, so damn cool. The final band on the bill was Unchained – they are a Van Halen tribute band from Portland, and holy smokes they brought it…and I literally mean that…full on smoke (fog machine), strobe lights, and LASERS! Effing Lasers man! They were awesome, plus I loved the drummer’s kit:

 photo unchained_zps62339935.jpg

Yesterday there was some great hockey on the TV…what a battle between the Rangers and Capitals, as the Rangers won 1-0 thanks to their goalie King Henrik, and game 7 is tonight! The Maple Leafs also forced a game 7 against the Bruins, that was a great game…their goalie James Reimer has been playing unreal these last couple of games. The highlight of the Leafs game was watching the CBC broadcast of the game…as Don Cherry was rocking yet another sweet look….

 photo F3F37380-4E8E-44ED-91F3-CD48E031C420-4526-0000042EB6E0BB78_zpsadd51834.jpg

Barry Swegle of Port Angeles made news this weekend when he used his bulldozer to damage 4 homes in his neighborhood, a boat, a pickup truck and a power pole…he even took one home off it’s foundation! When I first saw this story online, I saw it on a National news site...I immediately figured this story was from Florida or something crazy like that....but nope, it happened here in Washington...sweet!  The incident stemmed from a dispute over a fence...gotta love the neighbor dynamic. 

Based on the story of a Port Angeles man that bulldozed his neighborhood because of a fence…what is it about your neighbor that you find annoying? What is your neighbor horror story? Here are the texts we received:

My neighbors just love smoking opium out of their big old bong right on their porch.

My neighbor thinks our walmart solar garden path lights are hidden cameras put out there to spy on her as she drives by.

Used to live in the boonies next to some junkies, that occasionally blew up a bathtub cooking. Once came home to them using our hot tub!

Our neighbor threatened to cut off our dogs' heads if they didn't stop barking

A public service announcement to my neighbor. Mow your lawn again at six in the morning and I'm dumping lye on it. –DV

The question should really be: what thing about your neighbor do you find O-Fence-ive... Ha ha -Marc

My neighbor told my husband i was cheating on him. I would never do that i love him.

My neighbor burns his household garbage, we have asked him repeatedly to stop, butt then he just started burning at night.

My douchey old neighbor scoops up dog poo that is in his yard and splatters it on my driveway-NOT the grass, but the cement. He thinks its my lab doing this, yet there are 3 labs living at the house right across from him. This had happened 3 times. –Taylor

Today's video blog is part two of our chat with Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Alice Eve from Star trek: Into Darkness.

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STP's BLOG 05/10/13 "Star Trek: Into Darkness"
Huge huge huge thanks to John Cho, Simon Pegg, and Alice Eve for joining us in studio this morning.  They are in the new Star Trek movie -- Star Trek: Into Darkness, and we all saw it and LOVED it.  It's in theaters next Thursday and I highly recommend going to see this...even if you aren't a fan of Star Trek, you will love this's just a well done film. 

 photo startrek_zps0d308780.jpg

It seems like no matter where you turn there is a news story that interviews a…well…crazy person. OK, maybe crazy is not the right term, but they interview someone with a lot of personality. The one everyone is talking about is Charles Ramsey, hell…that one got turned into an auto-tunes song…how funny is this:

Melinda Brown Duncan is the latest crazy person…oops, I mean latest lady full of “personality” to give an interview on local news. She got super-hot the other day about Detroit city government, and just went OFF in an interview with a local Fox affiliate. Check it out…

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, don’t forget to call your mom. What better story to share about moms than this one:

On Tuesday night, 24-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez of Texas was playing a game with a 14-year-old where the kid would run around and Pete would trace his movements with a gun. Who hasn’t played this game? Naturally, the game ended when Pete SHOT the kid in the left thigh. We're not exactly sure about the relationship between Pete, the kid, and the kid's mom. Although it looks like Pete and the mom are in a relationship, because Pete lives in the house . . . and because of how the mom handled the shooting. Instead of immediately rushing her son to the hospital, she spent SEVERAL HOURS on WebMD and other websites looking up how to treat GUNSHOT WOUNDS. Finally, approximately seven-and-a-half hours after the shooting, the mom took her son to the hospital. In all fairness to her…I bet she had dial up, which is why it took so long.

This story is when we finally come to terms that the internet has won. I get using WebMD if you have a strange itch, or something….but a gunshot wound? What the hell? Needless to say, Pete was arrested for felony injury to a child with serious bodily harm, and the mother may ALSO be facing a felony charge of injury to a child by omission.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and this woman is clearly a “mother of the year”…based on this, finish this sentence: “I can’t believe my mom once did _____” Or for the moms out there…finish this sentence… “I can’t believe I once did _____”. Here are the texts we got:

Bj, I have a 3 and a 5 year old. I bought a gun specifically to play that game with them. On our spare time they help me make meth. Stop overreacting. Chris.

I cant believe my mom let her friend hand cuff me and lock me in a closet to teach me lock picking (the cuffs & the door). ~Jayde

My mom would put me in a corner on my tippy toes and put eggs under my heels when I cussed in front of her once - josh in auburn

When i was 15 i spent xmas eve smokin meth with my mom in a parking lot in chehalis before we went shopping. That xmas i got a bag of meth and some weed for a present. Im 34 now and dont really talk to her anymore. Rob in grand mound

My mom had an affair with the preacher at our church in a small town while dad was on deployment. They are married and happy now

My mother woke me up at 3 am to help her pack her stuff so she could leave my father. Strangest experience ever. - Señor Guerro

My mom got wasted and spent 8 hours passed out on the phone with a psycic

My mom wouldn't let me wear my seat belt because it would wrinkle my outfit.

I did lines of coke off my best friends mothers chest in high school.

Today's video blog is part one of our chat with Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Alice Eve from Star trek: Into Darkness.

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STP's BLOG 05/09/13 "Help Me Walk!"
Hey everyone…I am doing a walk for Cystic Fibrosis, I am taking part in Great Strides next weekend and I would love it if you could donate to the great cause that is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Click on this link to donate…

BJ was here but not really here this morning…why? Because of this….

Tonight he is seeing the new Star Trek film…again! We have already seen it, it’s so awesome…I am not even a Trekkie, and I LOVED it! Tomorrow we have Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Alice Eve in studio at 8:15…so be sure to listen! Hopefully the force will be with us for the interview…wait….

49-year-old Don Ennis is a top editor at ABC News in New York who's been married for 17 years, and has three kids. However…on Friday, he showed up to work in a BLACK DRESS and a BROWN WIG, and announced he was now officially becoming a woman, getting divorced, and changing his name from Don to Dawn. Don…or Dawn posted on Facebook, "This is not a game of dress-up, or make-believe . . . [it's] what I must do to be happy, in response to a soul-crushing secret that my wife and I have been dealing with for more than seven years" According to Dawn, "we both believe [this] better fits who I now am." Dawn says she has a, quote, "unusual hormonal imbalance" that led to her developing breasts and identifying as a female. Dawn’s coworkers were immediately supportive. Some of them got her flowers, and the president of ABC News wrote a note in support.

When has something crazy happened at your job? What happened? A top ABC News Editor showed up to work in a dress and wig, and announced he was a woman! Based on this… When has something crazy happened at your job? What happened? Here are some of the texts we received…

My manager got caught instead of paying prostitutes, he would hire them for a job as long as they provided "services "for him so he got his jollies on the company dime
Cops raided my work mid day found out my co worker committed a double homicides 3 days prior

I had a Federal Way cop borrow my work cart to find a suspect running through our golf course. - Señor Guerro.

Hey BJ, about 5 years ago, a co-worker quit and on his last day, he went to the bathroom and came back with a top hat and trench coat, walked outside and flashed the entire store. What made it better was that it happened on a weekend so there were tons of people around to see haha

Today's Video Blog features a couple of packages that BJ and Topshelf received.

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STP's BLOG 05/08/13 "Chillin' In The Pool"
The weather has been awesome…perfect pool weather. Just ask Toppy! He has a pool in his back yard! Not just any pool…a 12 foot in circumference pool that is 2 and a half feet high! Check out Toppy enjoying the sun!

 photo toppypool_zpsfd9c53b7.jpg

According a new study, one of the best ways to pick up women is . . . to carry a guitar. Researchers sent a guy to a public place to get women's phone numbers, and when he carried a guitar case he was successful 31% of the time. When he had nothing, he was only successful 14% of the time. And when he carried a sports duffel bag, he was only successful 9% of the time.

So we had to ask…how did you impress someone you first met? Here are some of the texts we got:

I joined the army and deployed 4 times

My uncle used to dress up like motley Crüe and use a guitar case for his clothes on vacations, it back fired when people brought him and his buddy to a studio to record. Neither of them have touched an instrument but still tried to make a song.

Wearing a kilt when I met a lady at Pain in the Grass 3 years ago. ended up marrying her. In a kilt of course Cajun

I was walking through a park with a gal I just met, when we came by the playground area, there was a 15 foot tall climbing rope, I climbed up only using my arms

What works better than a guitar? Walking a puppy around a park. Bitches love a puppy. –DV

One word, uniform. Was successful more Times than I can count while in uniform

My adorable sweet dog or my sisters baby always works for me

When I met my husband, I impressed him by taking my underwear off without taking my pants off. it was a regular thong, I'm just very flexible.

Guys always seem to be impressed that I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. :-P ~Mama KD

Showed her how to shotgun a blunt hit. Still together 5 years later. Winner. That was our first kiss

To impress my girl, I attempted a triple front flip off a diving board. Didnt go well, and got the wind knocked out of me.

If a guy has a dog that's it to win for me! Especially if its a puppy

Hooked up on my quad in the woods and my seadoo on lake Washington :) toys get girls every time!!

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a random person that will tickle him...will he do it?

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STP's BLOG 05/07/13 "Hot Enough For Ya?"
We are back from the extended weekend…BJ was out of town in Cali, enjoying their crappy weather as we had some awesome weather here this weekend.

On Saturday my wife and I hit up Alki with our pup Lulu:

 photo 70A929D8-8A13-423D-8932-9CC7E24D68B4-6998-000005FDF22E7552_zpse4db5fe4.jpg

We have come to the conclusion that Lulu LOVES the sun…any chance that she could be in the sun, she jumped at the opportunity!

 photo AF0ED5DE-EAC6-4353-A737-A91C522102C4-6998-000005FD759BC743_zpsbb221c49.jpg

 photo 0CCEF560-E168-4682-B753-DA05B7DDA353-6998-000005FD6C4CC687_zpsdda4699c.jpg

On Sunday, it was another hot day, so what better way to enjoy the sun than to be inside playing hockey! My buddies team “Totems For Life” were playing a tournament, and their goalie couldn’t play for the championship game…I got the call and played with them…what a blast! We wound up winning 6-2, but it was 3-2 up until the final 3 minutes…it was a fun game. Not only did the guys get a trophy…

 photo 39A3407B-CC92-42CF-A126-D792D396C6CE-6998-000005FD560E72FC_zpsf88fe516.jpg

But also a beer mug! Needless to say I have been drinking out of that mug all weekend haha!

 photo 973EBAF5-BC52-4444-BC64-03F270F132B5-6998-000005FD61E6E7CE_zps277de9ed.jpg

There was a discussion on the website about the most RIDICULOUS office rules people had encountered. Here are some of the highlights . . .

--No moving the furniture . . . it violates union rules even to slide your desk over.

--No MUTTON CHOP sideburns.

--No popcorn, either cooked in the microwave or from outside.

--No cell phones . . . or even anything that looks like a cell phone in your pocket.

--No saying "bless you" when someone sneezes, since it's too religious.

--And a place where every desk had to be empty, except for a few select items . . . which had to be arranged in a specific way.

Based on the list of the most ridiculous office rules people had encountered…what about you? What ridiculous rule do you have at your workplace? Here are the texts we got:

We are not allowed to use a/c or let vehicle idle! Ridiculous!

I once worked at a place where you were not allowed to eat or have popcorn. The owner couldnt stand the taste or the smell and told you that you would no longer be working there if you did. Part of the hiring process.

We have a rule at work. When you learn something new, you get to go home early. So this joker said hey I just learned that I like ketchup on my brefast potatoes. I told him since he can't pronounce breakfast correctly, his leave early is cancelled. What a tool!
we weren't allowed to have pen caps on the pens at registers.

No talking at your desk. Anybody wanted to ask you anything or talk to you about anything you have to go into a conference room. People always comment about how it was as quiet as a library of course that was once we got to a conference room.

Tried to make me sign a contract saying " smoking is prohibited , even outside of work on your free time!!" I quit that day! No one is telling me.

No socializing with coworkers outside of work.

dress code said you had to wear black socks. I was wearing white socks one day and lost us points on our audit

Office rule; no cooking seafood in the microwave

Today's Video Blog is Torture Tuesday...this week you voted for duct tape to be ripped off Hot Kyle's hairy chest!

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STP's BLOG 05/03/13 "RIP Jeff Hanneman"
We got this text this morning…

Stp, Jeff hanneman of slayer died yesterday please say a couple words today he will be missed in the metal community. He was 49. Rest in peace.

I read about this yesterday, and man what awful news. Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died yesterday of liver failure. He was 49. a rep for slayer said the band is "devastated." Two years ago, Jeff got a nasty flesh-eating disease after being bit by a spider. It’s unclear if that contributed in some way to his liver failure. This is my all time favorite Slayer song, I figured that is the best way to pay tribute to him, to celebrate the music he made!

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our chat with John Moffitt of the Seahawks! Get his shirts at

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STP's BLOG 05/02/13 "Mayor Of Tenino Resigns!"
Yesterday some serious crap went down! May Day May Day! The big protests happened in the streets of Seattle yesterday; everything was peaceful, until the dummy “anarchists” with their bandana on their faces tried to wreak havoc. The highlight of the stupidity was that people were doused with silly string. Yes, silly string. A TV news reporter was hit with the silly string, but most importantly Phoenix Jones the Seattle super heroes were hit as well. Things have gone too far when Super Heroes are getting hit with silly string!

The other big story was that our bud, Eric Strawn, the Mayor of Tenino, has decided to step down as mayor. Mayorjuana is saying goodbye! He tweeted to tell us this, and then I saw it on Q13’s website, I got a kick out of the fact that Q13 used a pic from a You Tube video of Eric in our studios for their picture:

 photo 5B5F597E-938F-49EE-A903-783265DE7B07-392-00000020DA49AEE5_zps9aec119d.jpg

I tweeted Mayorjuana to see if all was good, and here was the thread….

 photo 74CE2F4E-240A-4140-ABE1-C99C725E0F42-392-00000021B4198347_zpsbd730143.jpg

 A man is accused of pretending to be a member of the band Pink Floyd at a Minnesota hospital — and racking up as much as $100,000 in unpaid medical bills. Police say the 53-year-old man went in for treatment on April 20th. He claimed he was Pink Floyd singer-guitarist David Gilmour and that he didn't have health insurance. He was treated and released, but not before signing an autograph. Hospital security was suspicious about the man's identity and his medical records were flagged. The man returned for more treatment several days later and, confronted by police, admitted he wasn't Gilmour. The man was booked into jaIl on a possible charge of theft by swindle.

Based on this… When did you or someone you know pretend to be someone you are not? Here are the texts we received:

I once pretended to be Top Shelf at a bar and got free shots of crown all night!

I once pretended to be a firefighter and made out with a chick on her bachelorette party. I noticed “kiss a firefighter” was on her list of things to do.

I pretended to be a lawyer once while getting kicked out of bar in pioneer square. The bouncer did not care

I used to pretend to be related to motocross champ Chad reed and print fake emails and autographs to get free stuff from friends back in high school.

One of my friends was pretending to be a 14 year old girl, chatting with older men online. They were sending him phones, cameras, and hundreds of dollar

I work with a guy that looks like chuck Norris so he is constantly getting asked to pose for pictures

Today's Video Blog features a gift that BJ got in the mail.

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STP's BLOG 05/01/13 "Moffitt Is My Homeboy"
Huge thanks to John Moffitt from the Seattle Seahawks for joining us this morning.

 photo DD8314C1-FBE1-4046-B08B-CEB4B300F7A6-20898-0000104468AC2FFE_zps228daa2a.jpg

John is one funny dude, and now you can get a T-Shirt to show love for #74. The shirts can be found on this site: and it’s for a great cause – the Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. Each shirt bought feeds 3 people…a great cause while rocking a great shirt! Check out some of the shirts he has for sale:

 photo moffmerch_zps1635dc1c.jpg

 photo moffmerch2_zpsc68663a0.jpg

 photo moffmerch3_zps6988641c.jpg

Be sure to follow John on Twitter, as he’s hilarious:

So I just checked out a new app, called VINE. It’s like Twitter or Instagram, but with Videos instead. So I made this video on it…and posted it on You Tube too, as a way to cross social networking streams!

You can find me on VINE – my user name is Steve KISW.

On Saturday, 30-year-old Henry Gribbohm of Epsom, New Hampshire hit up a travelling carnival in Manchester, New Hampshire. And like so many before him, he was seduced by BIG PRIZES and a sweet-talking CARNY. He started playing one of those carnival games called Tubs of Fun, where you toss softballs into a plastic tub. His goal was to win an Xbox Kinect, the accessory for the Xbox 360 that lets you play games with motion control. It's worth about $100. And before he knew it, Henry had lost $300. But he wasn't going to let that defeat him. So he went home, got his life savings . . . all $2,300 of it . . . and dumped ALL of it into Tubs of Fun. AND HE NEVER WON. He complained to the carnival management, so they gave him a $600 refund . . . and a giant stuffed YELLOW BANANA with DREADLOCKS and a RASTA HAT. Which is hilarious if you ask me…how awesome is this picture!

 photo guy_zps9639aaba.jpg

So Henry complained to the POLICE that the game was rigged, and they're investigating. The carnival has moved on to Derry, New Hampshire, but WITHOUT Tubs of Fun . . . the game is suspended until the investigation is over. For what it's worth, Tubs of Fun made a list of seven rigged carnival games, published in the "AARP Bulletin" last summer.

Based on this story, we took calls and texts about how others have blown a lot of money. Here are some of the texts we got:

Blew 2000 at a strip club in one night, and then another thousand the following night. Good times.

Blew $1,000 at the moonlite bunny ranch in Reno. Best time ever! Bobby

I blew $600 on a Rammstein *sex toy* set. Total of 6 of them. They were molded after each band "member". Best money ever spent. Amber in Shelton

Vegas fir my sister's 21st birthday - $2000 for a club one night - 4 people. That was only part of our weekend, but damn it was awesome! Jess in Graham

When i was dealing Blackjack in California, i watched this extremely hot college chick lose $216,000 in student loans and grants.

Today's Video Blog is part 1 of our chat with John Moffitt of the Seattle Seahawks.

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