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STP's BLOG 06/28/13 "Rainiers Game on Tuesday!"
Next week the weather is supposed to be awesome…which makes me very excited as I am throwing out the first pitch at the Tacoma Rainiers game on Tuesday night.  It’s supposed to be close to 90 degrees that day!  I hope you can come hang with us, as we have an awesome Perk.  Through get my Perks, you can buy tix to the party deck to hang with me and Toppy…plus we will have Bar-B-Que…drinks…VIP parking…Rainiers merch…a chance to meet players and the mascot...and you get to cheer me on as I attempt to get it over the plate for the ceremonial first pitch!  Here is a link to the Perk:

Everyone has been asking if I have been practicing….up until this morning it has been years since I tossed a ball around…and it shows!  At least it looks like I can kind of get it over the plate!

Yahoo had an article recently about 10 surprising things husbands miss about being single…in the article they said, quote, “don't take this personally- husbands often feel they've given up some things once they've tied the knot, and we're not talking about sleeping with different women. “  They shared 10 things they miss…here they are:

1. Not explaining every purchase.
2. Attending only one set of family events.
3. Looking unfashionable in public.
4. Having a woman hang on every word of his stories.
5. Being a slob.
6. Having an entire bed to himself.
7. Not sharing in the stress of your day-or talking about his feelings.
8. His mom and her unconditional love.
9. Making little decisions.
10. Openly checking out other women.

Based on this list of things that husbands miss about being single…what about you?  Ladies and fellas…What is that one thing you miss about being single?  Or…are you single, and if so…what is something you are glad you DON’T have to miss? Here are some of the texts we got:

Walking buck naked anytime anywhere in my house.

I miss having privacy. I can't even use the can without my wife barging in wondering where I've went. Pat the vigilante courier

I miss not having to explain why I'm friends with some people.

Having extra money. Relationships are expensive.

Being able to take free dumps with the bathroom door wide open

I enjoy having the whole bed to myself. My GF constantly wants to cuddle and sleeps diagonally in bed, it's annoying

I miss not having too talk the whole time. It drives my wife nuts if we are in the same room and there is no talking. whats wrong with just kicking back

I miss being able to play as many sports as I like. I love playing softball and soccer but my girlfriend hates sports so, I find myself only playing in one or two leagues per season. Ryan

Today's video blog features Katie...she has never tried a Krispy Kreme donut, so we had her in studio to experience her first with us!

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STP's BLOG 06/27/13 "STEVEN!"
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the Steve household?  Well, this short video sums it up…

Yup…that is my wife yelling “Steven”.  I recorded that video as a Snapchat that I sent to my buddies.  I used to think Snapchat was a place for dong distribution…it’s a photo/video sharing app where you set a timer and the video or picture will disappear from whoever’s phone you send it to in that allotted time.  Almost like a self-destruct feature.  I figured this was for sexting purposes so I never had a need for it.  But if you follow me on Twitter you saw my theory on Twitter…
 photo C1F123BF-F73E-4FA8-AE47-CC497AFAAA54-3689-000002C46CAEE94A_zps3eddfc9d.jpg
I have a question for you…it’s summer right?

This morning we were talking about how Java Juggs, the Bikini Barista stand, is back in the news because a police officer was allegedly having sex with the owner and possibly some of the girls…in exchange for inside info on when there would be police stings at those stands for inappropriate behavior.  This needs to be the plot to an adult film!  C’mon Vivid, make "Java Juggs – the Movie!"   If that stand sounds familiar – back in 2011 we had a couple of their girls come in to serve us coffee.  If you don’t remember, hell…check out our video blog from that day!

In April, a 20-year-old in New Jersey had a heart attack behind the wheel and caused a minor accident.  And the cops gave him THREE TICKETS.  Only two were eventually dismissed, and the guy had to pay a $133 fine.  In the cops' defense though, they probably saved his life after the heart attack by recognizing there was a serious problem and calling an ambulance.

So we asked the Rock-A-Holics to finish this sentence, “I can’t believe I got a ticket for doing ____.”  Here are some of the texts we got:

My fiance was crossing the street legally, when he got hit by a truck. The truck knocked him out of the crosswalk. It was given a jaywalking ticket in th e emergency room while they were giving him an MRI.

I can't believe I got a ticket for going too slow in a snowstorm on a highway

Yo guys I drive a sweet Subaru STI and I got a ticket for my license plate being too dirty... How lame is that!

Going four over the speed limit.

I can't belive I got a ticket for a crooked licence plate

I drag raced an unmarked police car once, he admitted he only ticketed me because I won.

Got a 320 dollar disrespecting a kitsap county sheriff ticket.......guess you shouldnt call them a-holes Dusty Bremerton

Boyfriend got a ticket on cinco de mayo for "license plate light too white" talk about stupid excuses!!

Got u all beat. In high school i got a ticket for 27 in a 25! Thank you Tukwila Pd!!!

I got a ticket on Mercer Island for not coming to a complete stop on my bicycle!

Got a ticket for indecent exposure, for having a threesome with my ex girlfriend and her sister in my car.

I got pulled over for not putting my blinker on for 150 ft before changing lanes on the freeway

Today's Video Blog features Mono-Nick making a trip down south to play disc golf, and eat at Big Ass Sandwiches in Portland!

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STP's BLOG 06/26/13 "Bad Lyrics, Anthony"
I’ve commented on these lyrics in the past…but every time we play the Chili Peppers “Around The World”, I get annoyed.  I dig the song (the intro is one of my favorite musical intros), but the lyrics…mainly one part…drive me nuts.  Look, I don’t expect lyrical genius from Anthony Keidas, but you couldn’t come up with a better line than this?

I know I know for sure
Ding, dang, dong, dong, deng, deng, dong, dong, ding, dang.
I know I know it's you
Ding, dang, dong, dong, deng, deng, dong, dong, ding, dang.


I came across this star on the internet…and this cracks me up…I love the like minded nature of hockey fans!
 photo 567C4B3A-38CC-47AA-B98A-92121E04A4C6-2000-000001992239EC03_zpsc3018b54.jpg
Remember back in the '90s when people thought Beanie Babies were a GOOD INVESTMENT?  Turns out they MIGHT not have been the great investment we thought. compared the estimated value of Beanie Babies from the 1998 "Beanie Baby Handbook" price guide with the price those same dolls are pulling on eBay today, 15 years later.  Here are three prime examples. Stripes the Dark Tiger was worth $250 in 1998, and expected to be worth $1,000 by 2008.  You can get one for $9.95 on eBay. Seaweed the Otter was worth $7 in 1998, but expected to be worth $60 by 2008.  You can get one for $2.99 on eBay. Teddy the violet bear was worth $700 to $1,000 in 1998, and expected to be worth $4,000 to $5,000 today.  Believe it or not, it's rare enough that it's still selling for a good amount today, but not THAT much . . . $699 on eBay.

Based on the fact that Beanie Babies were not the good investment that many thought they would be…What did you buy thinking it would be worth something one day?  Did it go up in value? Here are the texts we got:
Discovery Zone stock. Lost every dime. Stupid!!!!
Pokemon cards! There are too many to catch now lol
Basketball cards had an early Shawn Kemp card worth 200 now worth a few bucks
Hey bj, i paid 10, 000 for my wedding and my wife went way down in value.
I bought stock in peanut butter now I'm a billionaire thanks STP Bill gates
My first job was at McDonalds in 1998. During the beanie baby craze McDonalds would release a new beanie baby every once in a while we had a line around the block for the entire week it was available.
My house I Bought it for 164,000 went up to 220,000 and $124,000 now ugh...... going down but hopefull it will go up
Aaron Hernandez rookie cards do you think theey are worth more today…waka waka huh steve!
My mom collects McDonald's happy meal toys from since I was born back in 1984 she hopes I gonna be worth something
My uncle bought dozens of He-Man action figures in the early 90s... spent hundreds of bucks! Now they are worth jack!
I collect Marilyn Monroe wine. They sell for 35 a bottle and release yearly. I have bottles worth over 500 now

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge!  Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a random woman to arm wrestle him...will he do it?


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STP's BLOG 06/25/13 "Blackhawks Win!"
Man, what a game last night…I can’t even put into words how awesome the Stanley Cup Finals were, and last game was the ultimate way to end it.  Chicago was losing 2-1 with just over a minute left in the game…and they score 2 goals 17 seconds apart to win the cup.  There were so many great moments…one that stands out was Andrew Shaw…he took a puck to the face…got stitched up and didn’t miss a shift.  This guy is a warrior…I love this moment of him hoisting the cup in the air with blood streaming down his face…bad ass!
 photo 0ECF04D5-BA05-4471-BC09-18A2D9469A1B-443-0000007CCD8CD6F5_zpsa9d7e07a.jpg
What an awesome weekend…myt wife ran the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon, and I was down there to cheer her on…she finished in under 2 hours (1:57) – pretty amazing, especially since this was her first half marathon.  I am beyond proud of her….here we are after the run, I look more tired than her, and she ran 13.1 miles!

 photo 3443911B-5CEF-4D41-AF4A-8974880C8A59-443-0000007CEB824433_zps417a798e.jpg
The Seattle Center was packed for the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, over 20,000 people were there….check it out:

There were bands playing throughout the marathon, and at 8 am I was stoked that the Redwood Plan were playing…I haven’t seen their singer Lesli in years, back in the day I briefly played in her band Ms. Led, and her new band is beyond awesome…get their CD “Green Light Go”, it’s really good, and here is Lulu and I enjoying them!

According to a new Gallup poll, two out of five people who commute three or more hours a day end up worrying for most of the day.  One in three people with long commutes have chronic neck or back pain.  And people who commute also have higher divorce rates . . . higher obesity levels . . . and eat more fast food.
Based on this…finish this sentence… “I would be happy if I didn’t have to do _______”.  Here are the texts we received:

Pay my student loans

I would be happier if I didn't have to explain patient to people in ER. "I'm so sorry you've been in the ER for 30 minutes and the doctor isn't free. I'll go ask the other patient to stop dying so you can get attention" why's does that even need to be said?!

Definatly housework....tracy in marysville

I would be happy if i didnt have to clean my house. I live alone, dont mind the yard work but the fact that by the time i finish one its time to redo the other.

I would be happy if I didnt have to mow the damn lawn.

If i didnt have 2 deal with my ex-wife the rest of my life ! Anyone know a good cheap hitman ?

I'd be happier if I didn't have to do Steve. – Lulu

I would be happy if I didint have to wait for my wife to give birth. We haven't slept together in 2 mos.

I always love the texts we get in the morning…people don’t hold back…like this one:

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STP's BLOG 06/21/13 "Mark Henry!"
Cute puppy pic of the day…as I was watching some TV (catching up on WWE RAW), check out Lulu getting some zzzz’s
 photo 9B374F49-8A65-4732-A4CD-999E8CA04E04-5426-000003755AED0475_zps519ee9ce.jpg
Speaking of RAW, I have to say…the WWE is knocking it out of the park.  So many great story lines (The Shield, Ziggler, CM Punk/Heyman, etc)…the best thing going is local boy (Aberdeen) Daniel Bryan…although I hope he really isn’t injured as reports are saying he did suffer an injury in during RAW.  The timing would be awful as he has the crowd in the palm of his hands right now with his in-ring work.  The highlight from RAW was Mark Henry.  This guy seems to get better with age…and his promo on RAW was his best yet:

A new survey asked women what little things make them feel good.  2000 women were asked, and the top 20 ways…

1.  A compliment from a friend or significant other.
2.  Having hair that was just styled, cut, or colored.
3.  Looking good in a photo.
4.  Having perfectly smooth legs.
5.  Getting a good night's sleep.
6.  Cuddling.
7.  Being told, "I love you."
8.  Coming back from vacation with a tan.
9.  A smile from a stranger.
10.  Wearing new underwear.
11.  Being told, "You look young."
12.  Being asked where you bought something.
13.  Getting dressed up.
14.  A child saying you're pretty.
15.  Waking up without any blemishes.
16.  Wearing clothes that show off the best part of your body.
17.  Getting your eyebrows done.
18.  Being asked out on a date.
19.  A new manicure.
20.  Putting on makeup.

Based on this list of the top things that make women happy…finish this sentence… “besides sex, doing _____ makes me happy.”  Here are the texts we got:
Working out makes me happy

What makes me happy is just a simple weekend with my wife and having a few beers with my friends.

I am a 40 year old guy, and the thing that makes me happiest, is WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!

Hockey, it is fast and fun. My 8 year old beats me now but hey, that's life. We met STP Thanksgiving day last year and he was excited as we were listening to the prerecorded show on the way there. Wes in Renton

Making my lawn lush green and weed free

Building Motors and haulin ASS!!!

Hearing STP's voice in the morning . Lulu

Teaching people to protect themselves. A firearms and self defense instructor, it's very gratifying when people feel confident after a course with me. Tommy - president of Modern Tactical

Disc golfing with mono nick almost makes me happy...almost

Quading in the Oregon dunes! Swiss Miss

Takeing a good number 2

Morning whiz

Throwing my wrangler in 4 low and hitting some trails. Always makes me forget about the world and worry about the big ass rocks in my way

Today's Video Blog shows you what BJ does while the Beat The producer song is playing!

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STP's BLOG 06/20/13 "Tony Soprano = Best TV Character Ever"
Another great hockey game last night, and the series is tied!  It wasn’t your typical defensive battle last night, in fact is was a pretty sloppy game, but still awesome as the Blackhawks beat the Bruins 6-5 in overtime, and now the series is tied at 2 games each! If you aren’t watching the Stanley Cup Finals on CBC, they are knocking it out with their coverage.  The best part (besides the game and Don Cherry’s suits) has been the opening montage’s that they have edited together to some great songs.  Last night was the best one so far, as they used the Foo Fighters for the music.  This was the only video I could find of it, so apologies for all the text on the screen…

Here are the other montage’s they have made for the finals…this is from game 1, with Oasis at the soundtrack:

I loved the one they did for game 2, with the music of The Black Keys…

Game 3 featured Neil Young…pretty cool, check it out:

Sad news yesterday…it’s interesting how the passing of certain celebrities will hit you harder than others, and yesterday I was really bummed to hear about James Gandolfini dying…after suffering a massive heart attack in Italy…he was only  51.  Judging by the Twitter/Facebook updates I saw yesterday his death hit others pretty hard as well.  James is best known for his role as Tony Soprano, for which he won three Emmys.  That role was iconic…one of the best TV characters of all time, if not the best. 

We came across the pop culture website, and they made a list of the top 50 characters on TV of all time, and Tony Soprano was number 1.
Here is the top 10 (some are VERY debatable…Willow?  C’mon!):

1. Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)
2. Vic Mackey (The Sheild)
3. William Adama (BattleStar Galactica)
4. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy)
5. Lennie Briscoe (Law & Order)
6. Sylar (Heroes)
7. Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)
8. Kermit the Frog (The Muppet Show)
9. Bender (Futurama)
10. Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami)
Get the full list here:
So this led to us taking calls and texts about the best TV characters…here are some of the texts we got:

Al Bundy

Homer Simpson "Beer, the solution to and cause of all of life's little problems." The Beer Monkey

Allan Alda as Hawkeye pierce! Still watching mash 40 years later ...HITCH FROM T TOWN

David Tennent as The Doctor from Doctor Who 

Kramer up until he lost he's mind on stage and went all jimmy the Greek on the audience. 

Archie bunker because him and that show changed tv

I love tony saprano but my favorite tv character has to be Tim the tool man Taylor

Walter White from Breaking Bad is one of the all-time greatest TV characters

Vick Mackey on the shield.

Ari Gold from entourage

Sheldon BBT


Today's Video Blog features some of our favorite videos this week that we have posted to VINE. Find BJ on Vine by searching BJ Shea, and find me by searching Steve KISW.

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STP's BLOG 06/19/13 "New Day Northwest"
Huge thanks to Margaret Larson and the entire crew (Su, my old bud Steve Wilson, Suzie, and everyone we met) at New Day Northwest for having us on yesterday.  We were featured on their Hot Topics segment and had a blast!  If you missed it…check out the video:
The highlight though was after our segment finished; they mentioned that in the next break they were doing a Tai Chi segment with the cool people from Wise Orchid Martial Arts…Margaret asked us if we wanted to stick around, to which I quickly responded., “Of course we do”.  Watching us, mainly BJ, was hilarious!  Check it out:
What an awesome time!
 photo 69FC4870-B105-4997-88B9-0E21F8C9F416-1691-0000010CBFABA0B8_zpsb74e136e.jpg
 photo 97DCADD0-6E14-4B54-BF7F-988289405AE9-1691-0000010CCBF82ED0_zpse70da3cd.jpg
 photo 9807D1D0-E81F-485C-A71E-69E19DF75AD3-1691-0000010CDA2CE606_zpsbbf1f4b7.jpg

Here is the best still from our appearance...
 photo 3A3D8F2A-1BC4-4E3D-A931-1881869C7B8C-1801-000001188F11A02F_zps96ed8437.jpg
We got this text based on our Tai Chi performance…
I loved watching you guys yesterday on new day, however,I was disappointed when miss tai chi said "scoop" and Steve didn't scoop :)

In the July issue of "Vogue" magazine . . . Katy says, quote, "[Russell is] a very smart man, and I was in love with him when I married him.  Let's just say I haven't heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me on December 31st of 2011."
it doesn’t have to be a relationship…what was the lamest way something was ended with you?  Or…what was the lamest way you ended something? Here are some of the texts we got...
I ended a relationship by moving to another state without telling him I was leaving.
Bj - a couple years ago I was let go from a job by email, LAME! Heeeeeeyyyyyy toppy!!!
I broke up with my girlfriend of two yrs by moving to a different city and changing my number, never speaking to her again
My boyfriend of 8 years left me while I was in the hospital after having a hysterectomy. Within 24 hours he was off living with another woman. I had to take a 40 mile cab ride home...alone. Lame!
Pink slip left for me to find on a tack board on my way out of work.
My job they came and took my work truck while i was on vacation put my stuff on my front porch along with my final paycheck. 2 months later they went out of business
I found out I was getting laid off via a mass email to every member of the union. I was the only person that lost their job!

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge.  our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a stranger to rub sunblock on his back...will he do it?

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STP's BLOG 06/18/13 "Catch Us On TV!"
Today is an exciting day…BJ and I are going to be on the Tee Vee…yup, catch us on KING 5 at 11 am, we will be on New Day Northwest during their Hot Topics segment.  If you miss it, don’t worry…we will post the video on my blog as soon as we get it.  I do have to say I was excited when I went to their site yesterday ( and saw our names on there:
 photo 0E1E18D6-8BEE-4BAE-94A9-59A9AF5B9398-9614-0000072F5AEC0E98_zpsc96cfd29.jpg
A new survey asked people to name the signs you're getting old.  Here are the top 15.  So if these don't apply to you, you're NOT as old as you think…

1.  Feeling stiff.
2.  Groaning when you bend down.
3.  Saying, "It wasn't like that when I was young."
4.  Saying, "Back in my day."
5.  Losing your hair.
6.  Not recognizing any songs in the Top 10.
7.  Hairy ears, bushy eyebrows, and extra nose and facial hair.
8.  Hating noisy bars and restaurants.
9.  Talking a lot about your joints, or your day-to-day aches and pains.
10.  Forgetting people's names.
11.  Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort over style.
12.  Thinking cops, teachers, and doctors look young.
13.  Falling asleep in front of the TV.
14.  Needing an afternoon nap.
15.  Finding you have no idea what young people are talking about.

What was that moment when you realized that you were getting old?  When have you seen or done something that led you to say, “I’m too old for this”?  Here are some of the texts we got:
top sign you're getting old is when you go to the grocery store and you hear your music on their pa system
Top sign I'm getting old 30 years old total hip replacement
The top sign that you're getting old is when you sit down and squish your boys, and yes I'm doing it.
When weeks feel how your days used to. I feel like your perception of time changes every year
Top sgin you're getting old -- the "boys" drop in  the toilet water

I got back from the Doctor last Friday, and found out I had the beginnings of arthritus in my right shouler. I am 40. This sucks.
I'm 23. Someone had to explain to me what 'YOLO' and 'swag' were. My friends wanted to go trick-or-treating when I was 20. Felt old, but really, should I?
I'm getting old because I remember when STP first started on 107.7

Today's Video Blog features BJ, Toppy, The Rev, and Vicky B at Mike's Chili in Ballard! Check them out at

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STP's BLOG 06/17/13 "NHL To Seattle?"
As you probably know, I am a HUGE hockey fan…and I think it’s time for those of you that aren’t to start getting familiar with the sport, as rumors of the NHL coming to Seattle are getting more and more serious! There are reports circulating that is a deal falls through with the city of Glendale in the next couple of weeks…the Phoenix Coyotes are moving to Seattle and will play at the Key Arena next season 9and play there until the new arena is built).  Hell, they even confirmed these rumors on Hockey Night In Canada in between periods on Saturday’s game…go to 2:20 on this video to hear them talk about it:

Our mayor, Mike McGinn confirmed that he has met with commissioner Gary Bettman of the NHL, and said that they are supportive of bringing the NHL to Seattle, but said to keep your expectations low, as we are a plan B.  I agree that we shouldn’t get too excited, but the Coyotes have been a mess since 2009 when it comes to ownership.  They are currently owned by the NHL, and have had multiple times of being “bought”, only for it to fall apart.  Regardless if the team comes here…I love hearing that the NHL is talking with Seattle about hockey coming here, and whether it be the Coyotes, another team, or an expansion team….I think it’s now a matter of “when” as opposed to “if” a team comes to the 206. When that day comes, I will for sure be going to as many games as possible!
Speaking of hockey…a huge happy birthday to my Donkeys team mate, Ross, as we celebrated his birthday this weekend at the Berliner Pub in Renton.  Check out the sweet cake his lady got him:
 photo 5BD7D187-95D6-478C-8A52-1B10103DDA11-7960-000006099B11E2C2_zpse4d942d4.jpg
Also – if you haven’t been to the Berliner…man that place rules.  I felt like I was in Leavenworth with the German vibe in there.  Plus, they had the best pretzel I have ever had, which is saying a lot (as I am a soft pretzel enthusiast)…check it out:
 photo 4BBBABEB-94D4-4D07-BD42-39F723AEC8DF-7960-00000609A05591B1_zps0731f71b.jpg
If you go there…get the cream cheese and syrup…I know it sounds like a strange combo, but it’s amazing!  Also – if you get their beer sampler, be sure to share it with a friend or 2…it’s huge!  We also enjoyed drinking from a boot!
And now…here I am trying on sunglasses at Target!  I need to protect my eyes after all!

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, one in four bosses say they have an employee they wish would QUIT.  Younger managers are more likely than older ones to want a problem employee to go away. 
If any of these tactics sound familiar to you . . . you might be a problem employee.  These are the most popular ways managers encourage employees to leave:
1.  42% of managers give a formal warning.
2.  27% point out their shortcomings frequently. 
3.  21% cut their responsibilities.
4.  12% hire their eventual replacement.
5.  8% transfer them to another area.  
6.  8% keep the employee out of the loop with company news. 
7.  7% only use email to communicate, instead of talking to them.
8.  6% don't invite them to meetings. 
9.  3% shut them out of social gatherings.
But 32% of managers say they wouldn't do ANY of those things to an employee.
Based on the 9 ways to get an employee fired, why do you wish your co-worker would quit? Or why do you think your co-workers wish you would quit? Here are the texts we received:
My shop has a fixed set of daily jobs. When that asshat next to me doesnt show up 3 days a week I have to finish my work AND his.
I wish my coworker would quit cuz he's a stupid tweaker who comes to work high as a kite
I'm pretty sure my air drumming isn't appreciated at departmental meetings.
I wish one of my coworkers would quit because she is a whiny b**** who hides in the bathroom with her phone anytime someone calls her out on her bs
My coworkers probably wish I'd quit because I have am lactose intolerant and drink a protein shake every morning.. Needless to say I have horrible gas
Because he sounds like mickey mouse and I've watched him tape pieces of cardboard together to make a box to ship parts in. Who does that?
I wish my coworker would quit because shes pregnant and has to have one hand on her fat belly all effin day

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STP's BLOG 06/14/13 "Hockey"
I am so excited for tomorrow!  Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals…hopefully it will be as great of a game as Wednesday night’s game, which went into triple overtime.  Plus if this game goes into OT…I won’t have to stress about waking up early, although I think my wife won’t be happy as that will cut into our movie night.  She is all “hockey’d out” – but I keep telling her…at worst there will only be 6 more games for her to sit through.  Which is true, kind of, I will stop what I am doing to watch anything hockey related…from watching the NHL Network, to watching hockey movies.  Last night Starz had Miracle on, so of course I sat back and watched it.  Hell…even Lulu’s eyes were glued to the TV…
 photo CB9EBD70-924C-47C3-B088-978ED73D6129-4102-0000026A872837ED_zps36ec0978.jpg
After watching the film…Lulu and I were so jacked that we got into a hockey fight!
 photo 2DFE412D-573D-4B69-A1A5-544CACADE4E0-4102-0000026A9505DA6E_zps281d5360.jpg

Speaking of the Blackhawks, the game ended after a double deflection goal by Andrew Shaw from the Blackhawks. Shaw was wearing a microphone for the NHL network, and his celebration immediately after the goal -- which bounced off his leg – was full of great emotion.  Towards the end of the audio you can hear him say to his teammate Dave Bolland, who had the second assist on the winning goal, "Bolie, I love you," and then it sounds like he says, "I love shin pads."  I love the pure emotion of this audio…

According to a new survey, 92% of adults whose fathers are alive DO still get advice from their dads.  Here's what we ask about . . .

1.  Help before making a big purchase.
2.  Switching career paths.
3.  Making a decision about education.
4.  Raising a family.
5.  Looking for a job.
6.  Dating.

We had to ask..what is the best advice you got from dad, or the worst?  Here are the texts we received:

Dad told me; screw quality, you're young... Fuck everything that walks.

Best advice from Dad: "Don't be a dumbass, don't lie, & don't get caught 'cuz you only get ONE bail-out... don't waste it."

With everything in life work your ass off. Also, test drive everything, from girls to cars!

My dad told me when i was a freshman in high school that i need to get a girlfriend before people think i'm gay

Best advice from Dad: Always meet the girl you pick up at the airport with flowers, friend or girlfriend, it will make her very happy (aka get you laid).

Best advice from pops...u dont have to buy the cow, to get the milk. Shuttle man from Kirkland

Best advice, if you don't know how to fix it, find a book and learn how to. Worst advice on sex ed, Humping is only for two people who love each other.

Best words of wisdom from my dad was: There are only two kinds of people I don't like sober person when I'm drunk a drunk person when I'm sober. So true!!!

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STP's BLOG 06/13/13 "Because It's The Cup"
Dang…last night’s game one of the Stanley Cup Finals was UNREAL!  It wound up going to triple overtime…they pretty much played 2 games in one night, and it ended with the Blackhawks on top…beating the Bruins 4-3.  I just don’t get how you couldn’t fall in love with this sport if you watched that game.  These guys were playing with every ounce of their heart….by that 3rd overtime you could tell they were all struggling, yet they still battled…it’s the greatest sport in the world.  I love this commercial they are running on TV right now…I get goose bumps every time I watch this…

I sent this video to my bud Monson, and he sent me another commercial (from 2010) that is just as amazing…check it out:

Jennifer Lopez was doing a radio interview recently in Washington D.C. (99.5 WIHT-FM) and she got a phone call.  She answered the call on the air, and it turned out to be someone telling her she got a part in a movie.  She FREAKED OUT, but wouldn't say what the part was that she got . . . or what movie she'd be in.  She did say that she was excited to work with her…so I hope that the “her” she is talking about is either Jesse Jane or Riley Steele!  In all seriousness, it was cool to hear that she still gets excited for roles and that she isn’t a jaded celebrity.
Based on Jennifer Lopez freaking out on the radio after finding out she landed a movie role….when did you receive news that led to you freaking out?  When did you give out news that led to someone else freaking out? Here are some of the texts we received…
My father in law freaked out when I called him and said that my wife ( then girlfriend) was pregnat at 19.
When the seller of the house We wanted to buy accepted our final offer. I was in the middle of work when I got that email. – Lauren
When I told my wife we were going to the Star Trek premiere and meeting Simon Pegg, she had a nerdgasm. –Bjorn
Told my x wife i wanted a divorce she then proceeded to break everything we owned
My ex told me I might have herpes. She cheated while we were together which is why I left her and the day I was about to 'get into' another relationship…she facebooked me a message saying she had it and I might have it too. I postponed doing the deed and luckily I'm clean.

Today's Video Blog features some of our favorite videos this week that we have posted to VINE.  VINE is a new app where you can post fun 6 second videos.  We love it, and are constantly putting out videos.  So for those that don’t have the app, I figured I would share some of our favorite Vine moments.   Find BJ on Vine by searching BJ Shea, and find me by searching Steve KISW.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 06/12/13 "Nirvana Shirt Day"
It was a matching day at the Rock, as both Vicky and I were rocking Nirvana shirts…we weren’t the only ones, as displayed in my Vine video today…

Justin Beckerman is a 17 year old High School student from New Jersey, and he is making news because he just built a one-man submarine!  The Submarine can dive to 30 feet and travels at one and a half miles per hour.  It took him just six months and $2,000 to put together. Justin has invented other things in his life, when he was 12, he developed a remote-controlled car that could mop and vacuum.  He has also built airplanes, boats, robots, and more.

Justin isn’t the only teen that has accomplished something impressive…last month, 18-year-old Eesha Khare of San Jose, California won $50,000 at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  Her invention is a super-capacitor . . . which is a battery that can charge a cell phone in 20 to 30 seconds, and lasts 10 times longer than current batteries.

Not all accomplishments are impressive for good reasons…

There's a video online of a 17-year-old outside Los Angeles trying to jump over a car that's speeding toward him at 40 miles an hour.  He jumps too late, his legs get nailed, and he flips through the air, yet somehow manages to land on his FEET and he walks away with only a bruised ankle!  Check it out…

Sometimes there is only a fine line between talent and stupidity!

Based on these teenagers accomplishments… Good or Bad, when you were younger... what was your biggest accomplishment?  Here are some of the texts we received…
My trick during high school was to jump from the hood of one car to another on i-5, success many times, never did eat it. Going sixty,yes stupid. - Brandon
Worst accomplishment: made switchblades out of school scissors...I would be expelled if it happened today!
Played backup saxophone for Tony Bennett, Diana Krall and Doc Severenson. Kissy in Spanaway.
My biggest acomplishment was that I nailed my english teacher in 10th Grade man she was soooo hot
My biggest accomplishment was that I banged my moms hot friend when I was 15 she was 29... Los
My band got signed with Sony & we played the Whiskey a Go Go at the age of 19
I bleached a 30ft penis and boys on the hill next to the entrance of my high school.
I bowled a 300 game when I was 14
Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I beat cancer while in high school. I was diagnosed my junior year and still graduated on time with a 3.5 GPA average. And I was even hooked up to chemo medication while I walked for my graduation. Signed: Captain Leukemia

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STP's BLOG 06/11/13 "Rock Girl Pictures"
Exciting news at the Rock headquarters!  New pictures are up of our beautiful Rock Girls!  You can check them out and vote for your favorites here: .  I had a hard time (poor choice of words…waka waka) picking, as evident on my Vine page…

According to a new survey by the website Business Insider, more than 90% of people say they've thought about getting-it-on with a coworker, and apparently a LOT of them have acted on it.  64% of people say they've hit on a coworker, and 74% have been hit on BY a coworker.  54% of people say they HAVE had sex with a coworker . . . 18% say they FREQUENTLY have sex with coworkers . . . and 14% have had sex with their BOSS.  52% of people say they COULD have hooked up with a coworker, but ultimately decided against it because they didn't think it was right.  5% of people have actually QUIT A JOB so they could have a sexual relationship with a coworker.  And 4% of people have switched jobs because of sexual tension with a coworker.

So we had to ask… Have you?  What happened? Here are the texts we got:

Hooked up with my coworker got her pregnant after a month on the job baby due on july 25 :)

When I worked at grocery store from 16-19 I slayed almost every girl with 10 years of my age and a couple above that including my manager.

I work for a delivery company. When I was single it wasn't a coworker but had a couple customers I gave "special" deliveries to at lunch ;-)

My weekend fling with a co worker turned into married 8 yrs with 3 kids

Yep! And I married him! Approaching 3 years marriage bliss and have a 13 month old beautiful son! <3

This survey makes me jealous. I'm a construction worker surrounded by men...I definitely don't want to f any of my co-workers

Drunken hookup after an office party. She left some things at my place and i returned them to her via interoffice mail. Not proud.

I... MAY have had sex with a guy from nearly every department in the casino & one girl from the deli... - Ms. Anonymous ;)

At my last job i hooked up with 3 coworkers including the h.r. lady and my bosses daughter...miss that job.

Back when I was 19 I nailed a coworker in the fast food places freezer better over the French fries

A new study has found that the average man doesn't become fully emotionally mature until age 43.  And that's WAY later than women.  Women are mature at age 32 . . . a full 11 years earlier. About EIGHT out of 10 women surveyed say they don't think men EVER get mature.  And they also RANKED the most immature things guys do.   Here's the top 15 . . .
1.  Finding it HILARIOUS when they burp or pass gas.
2.  Eating fast food at 2:00 A.M.
3.  Playing video games.
4.  Driving too fast.
5.  Laughing at swear words.
6.  Playing loud music when they drive.
7.  Playing practical jokes.
8.  Trying too hard to beat kids at games and sports.
9.  Staying quiet during arguments.
10.  Not being able to cook simple meals.
11. Re-telling the same stupid jokes and stories when they're with their guy friends.
12.  Not wanting to talk about themselves.
13.  Hating books, because they think they're "boring" or because they have a short attention span.
14.  Doing crazy dance moves.
15.  Letting their mom do their laundry.
Based on this list of the 15 most immature things men do…what have you done recently that makes you immature?  Ladies…what makes your man immature? Here are the texts we got:
I'm 26 years old and last night I tried lighting my fart on fire in front of my girlfriend. And I could not stop laughing I love you guys Jordan
Frank in Silverdale, wife always gives me a hard time when I come home from working a long day or night and jump in front of my PS3 or Xbox360...ok Im 36 but that my relief valve...give me a break. AT LEAST IM HOME WITH YOU.
what I find annoying about my boyfriend is that when he sneezes and or cough he makes the most loud obnoxious noises he can think of and its so bad ~Ashley
What makes me immature is the use of the phrase "That's what she said." Though my wife has been using that quite a bit lately. Chris.
I still play this silly little card game named Magic the gathering :)
My ex is immature for stealing my panties and tacking them to the wall to show his friends he was getting some
my boyfriend likes to change his contact picture in my phone to nude photos of himself that's pretty immature but it makes me laugh every time I see it ~Ashley
My ex is immature for stealing my panties and tacking them to the wall to show his friends he was getting some

Today's Video Blog features our intern Cole and his outfit for the day.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 06/10/13 "QOTSA!"
Over the weekend I finally spent some time listening to the new Queens Of  The Stone Age CD, “…Like Clockwork”.  Man, this is a masterpiece of a record if you ask me.  I have to be honest, I was highly skeptical and nervous for this record…the last record, “Era Vulgaris”, let me down…the songs were good, but I hated the production…I think if it was any other band that released it I would have been OK with it, but I had such high hopes for that CD as I loved all of their prior efforts, so when I hear “Era…” I was bummed.  This CD brings them back in my short list of favorite bands.  Every song is great, Josh’s voice has a new feel/sound to it, and the songs will take youon a sonic adventure.  Some of the highlights include “Fairweather Friends” (which has Elton John on the piano on the song), “Kalopsia”, “the Vampire Of  Time And Memory”, “…Like Clockwork”, and here they are performing my favorite song off of the CD, “If I Had A Tail”:

They were recently on Letterman doing another great song (the bass riff towards the beginning will melt your face off…or something)…”My God Is The Sun”:

You probably notice that I have listed pretty much the entire record as stand out tracks…it’s because the album is that good.  Check it out, hopefully you will love it as much as I do!  There are some great cameos on this record…in addition to Elton John…Trent Reznor sings on “Kalopsia” and “Fairweather Friends”, and Dave Grohl is on drums for half of the record. 
Some old guy named Hendrik Ball has a YouTube channel where he shows off the strange stuff he's collected over the years.  And his latest video features a bunch of toy guns.  But one of them isn't actually a gun . . . it's a LOVE TOY that's SHAPED like a gun . . . and he has no idea.  Ha Ha ha Ha! He even shows how the barrel can either spin clockwise or counter-clockwise.  And the whole time he has it turned on, you can hear it vibrating.  Someone on YouTube pointed out the obvious, but it looks like Hendrik still doesn't believe it. It happens at about 15 seconds in…

I was hypnotized by this…as I made evident on my Vine account (find me on Vine – seach “Steve KISW”):

We found this article on Yahoo, it’s by Jessica Grimes, a columnist for the baby website  She wrote about the 10 things she wished she would have done before having kids.  Jessica writes, quote, “Of course, I love my children and cannot image my life without them but I think it's only natural to sometimes miss the freedoms of your kid-free days.”

Here are the 10 things she wished she had done - or appreciated - before she had kids:

1. Sleep in late.
2. Live by myself.
3. Travel more.
4. Lazy Sunday (watching TV on the couch)
5. Relax at the beach.
6. Weekend adventures on a whim.
7. Go on more dates with my spouse.
8. Pursue a master's degree and/or make a career switch.
 9. Have sex whenever - and wherever - we want.
10. Drive cross-country.
Based on this article, finish this sentence:  “Before having a kid, I wish I would have done _____”. Or….”I'm glad I did _____” before having a kid! Here are some of the texts we got:
This is why my wife and I aren't having kids we want to be able to do or go anywhere anytime. NYC bound this Thursday for 9days.FREEDOM!!! RED
Glad I went to Oktoberfest inn Munich.
I wish I would have gotten a vasectomy! - Josh from millcreek.
I would like to have sex in the livingroom while watching a porno. My sons room is right next to the tv and the wife won't do it.

Today's Video Blog features BJ loaning Toshelf a DVD, Transolar Galactica, which was made by someone that BJ knows. Get more info at

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 06/07/13 "Go Out And Enjoy The Weather"
Today’s one of those days.  Not feeling like writing a long blog…plus it’s Friday…the weather is awesome, the weekends weather will be awesome…stop reading this, get outside, and enjoy one of the few really nice days in the Northwest! 
I leave you with this…a Vine video of what I do at night!

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STP's BLOG 06/06/13 "Too Many Puppies!"
It seems to be a theme for my blog…I partially do this for Thee Ted Smith, as I know he enjoys a good photo of a cute pup…check out Lulu building a fort in our comforter this morning!
 photo 680F31E0-A327-46DE-BE27-CA0F022C0763-8880-000006F48ABCF2E8_zpsef12f775.jpg
While we are sharing pictures of dogs…check out BJ’s dog…
 photo 2f52ffbc-62b7-45ab-8037-4dd32ab17713_zpsdb76fcfe.jpg
Yes…his dog is wearing a shirt…and diapers…and he calls me weird when it comes to dogs?

All this puppy talk makes me think of one of my favorite Primus songs…”Too Many Puppies”:

An Indiana woman said she made her children carry signs identifying them as thieves at a roadside as a punishment for stealing a gift card from her.  Her daughter stole the gift card from her so that she and her step-brother could buy ice-cream. The children were punished by being made to carry signs for about an hour at the side of a busy road. Her daughter’s sign said, "I am a thief. I stole from my mother and my family”, and her step brothers sign said, "I am a accomplice to a thief! I help spend stolen money from my stepmom. Don't trust me!" 
Based on this, have you ever been given a creative punishment? Or…Have you ever come up with a creative punishment for your kid? Here are the texts we received:
When I would get suspended from school my dad would make me read a novel a day and write a ten page, single spaced, book report on it.
When my wife is bad I just give her a good old fashioned spanking
I make my 6 yr old son do wall sits. Make those legs strong. Spankin doesnt work
I have a pallet of bricks at home everytime my kids get grounded i make them unstack the bricks then restack them just like they were or start over. Time limit 2 hours for 790 brick
Creative punishment. My step mom made me pay back 7 times what I stole from her. Only did it once.
Made my son write a book report on the American revolution. Three essays later, I didn't even read one lol. Thax bj. Herrick Enmuclaw
My daughter refuse to wear her bike helmet while riding her bike so I made her wear the helmet all day but took away the bike...if shed gonna act special...thats how she'll be treated.

Huge thanks to Seth Rogen for joining us this morning.  He was on to promote his awesome new movie This Is The End.  The film is in theaters on June 12th…and is hilarious!  It’s about a bunch of celebs (him, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Michael Cera, etc) that are at James Franco’s house when the world is coming to the end…here is a funny clip from the movie, as Jonah Hill gets possessed at one point and they  try and perform a exorcism!

The highlight of our interview was learning that Seth Rogen once smoked weed with Snoop Dogg, and that Snoop has a guy whose job is to be the “blunt roller”.

This morning we talked about that “awesome” moment when I passed out on the air…so to make it easy for you to find it…here ya go:

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STP's BLOG 06/05/13 "Van Halen Roadie"
This morning we were playing around on that new Social Networki video App, Vine, and we put our true talents on display:

So last night I was playing hockey with the boys…and one of my buds Domi was once a roadie for Van Halen back during their 1984 tour…yes, without a doubt that had to be the greatest job ever.  He brought in some cool stuff from those days into the locker room yesterday, many of the pictures he brought in were insanely awesome, yet could never be shown on my blog…but he also brought in his “handbook” that was given to all of the crew.  In the book it had all of the dates on the tour, as well as info on the hotels, places to go while there (golf courses, restaurants, etc)…it was really cool to check out.  I snapped a couple pics of it…check it out:
 photo 164E3289-5EB2-4D0C-8550-4561578465F1-7367-000005F1E58319C4_zps1884b405.jpg
 photo EC91C5A2-F419-404D-8F48-A42976605C97-7367-000005F1FB2E9E0B_zps40a033f8.jpg
 photo B2760BD6-DD44-426E-A1D6-B89CFA021262-7367-000005F1F3410740_zps0d802045.jpg
So yesterday there was a dumb internet rumor that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson got into a car accident and broke both legs when an old lady ran a stop light and hit his car.  None of this is true…stupid internet.  I was so glad when I saw this tweet:
 photo 8980541B-CA11-4C74-8ABB-46AFB77F869C-7367-000005F214A53D67_zpsfccb82b9.jpg
Here is a cute picture of our pup Lulu…
 photo 2057A0C0-7E06-4842-966E-AE125D1BBAB2-7367-000005F20D0416CF_zps733b2abe.jpg
Yesterday my buddy Brent Amaker, and his band “Brent Amaker And The Rodeo” released their new album, “The Year Of The Dragon.”  I absolutely LOVE this record, and you can get it wherever you get music (records stores, iTUNES, Spotify, etc) .  You can stream it for free right here:
Some of the stand out tracks:  “I Put My Boots On”, “The Tiger Inside”,  “Death Is Always Near”, “Country Song”, and “Hustler”.  Fun tidbit of info – Brent and I were in a band called Dorkweed, and after that band ended we had a new band  for a minute called “Brent Amaker And The Good Game” (it was the rock alter ego of The Rodeo), and we used to play the song “Hustler” (it was a song he originally wrote on a solo record he made a long time ago)…I was stoked to hear the new version of the song on this record!
 photo 20EDFC85-03C0-4B8B-BC30-C66A455EFCFC-7367-000005F205217F32_zps174ddda9.jpg

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge!  Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a random person that will rip his pants off...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 06/04/13 "The Orting Trail"
Yesterday I checked out the Orting trail for the first time…wow…that is awesome.  My wife and our pup Lulu spent the afternoon walkin g around…there are some great sites there!
 photo AB670F9D-2C43-41B6-BF2A-A7E2ADA88ED1-5540-000004D68D028A4E_zps60c16845.jpg
Plus we got to hang with some of the “locals”! 
 photo 8D9E2157-1637-4764-98EA-7C558EFD213A-5540-000004D69F12FA2B_zps86935271.jpg
I even grabbed a quick Video!

Hey for those of you that don't know...I'm on can find me @stp999 .  I usually post dumb videos like above, comment about hockey, share pictures of my pup, or share my strong political beliefs about polarizing this:

 photo twit_zps62489bc4.jpg, a woman’s based website, just released a list of things that should never pop up in your man’s browser. In the article they state, “While it isn't ideal, peeking at his Internet history may give you some insight into the true character of the man of your dreams.   But beware. You just might see some sites that should never pop up in his browser.  Here are some of the things you should never see…

- Pornography Sites
- Dating Sites
- Gay Sites
- Married or Cheating Types of Sites

Based on this list of the things that should never pop up in your man’s browser…Whether it be in a relationship or anywhere else…when has the internet screwed you? Or when did you learn something interesting about someone thanks to the internet? Here are some of the texts we got:
A picture of my shredded legs showed up on the internet as a meme that I was injured when I washed a cat. In fact It was serious sticker bush injuries.
Learned my old man was hiding his porn by searching for amputee porn vids. At 15, the blame fell on me. Thanks dick Sodajrrk
That's how I found our my girlfriend does beauty pagents. Quick Google brings up her in Miss Oregon
Hey guys the internet screwed me 2 times. Both times someone stole my credit card information and charged 1000$ for a plane ticket. This happened twice
I found that my husband was looking up a coworker onli and then found out they were talking outside of work but he swears are just friends
Thats how I found out my ex was into transvestites!!!
While I was deployed to Iraq I was searching porn and found my wife in the middle if thee men gettin pounded. Divorced followed
Looked up Alice Eve from the new Star Trek movie, found her nudes, and the girlfriend found out. Woops.

Today's video blog is another installment of Torture Tuesday.  Today, you voted for Hot Kyle to eat a half of a cup of mayonnaise.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 06/03/13 "The Spoke"
Phew…BJ, The Rev, and Vicky made it back alive from “The Spoke”!  They went to Spokane for the Spokane Comicon, and despite staying at a sketchy hotel…they survived.  This is a fun Vine clip that sums up their experience...if you want the video to stop, just click on it...I haven't figured out a way for the video to not start until you click it.  Curses technology!

This morning we started a few minutes late…and you have to love the texters that make you aware of the circumstances…

Here is the picture of the day…we were watching that Jennifer Statham / Jennifer Lopez movie, Parker (awesome movie)….apparently my wife and I weren’t the only ones into the movie.  Lulu was enjoying this flick as well!

 photo 09582A1D-E818-41F8-9094-A4ACACF6E292-3715-000003B3026CF275_zps70c3ded1.jpg

According to a new survey by Female First (Female based lifestyle website), here are seven things people expect on a first date:
1.  Women think a guy should text before the date to confirm it's still on for that night.
2.  Women think the date should be somewhere that's an equal distance from where the two people live . . . guys said to pick a place closer to where SHE lives.
3.  Guys think they should compliment the woman on how she looks . . . but women say it should be sincere, and not just something vague like "you look good". 
4.  Women think guys should buy them a few drinks . . . but not too many.  Guys said they'd be willing to buy her as many as she wanted.
5.  Women think a guy should spend between $75 and $100.  Guys want to spend less.  They'll spend that much on a SECOND date . . . after finding out if she's interested.
6.  Only 54% of women think a guy needs to walk her to her door afterward.  But 98% of guys said they're DEFINITELY going to . . . to take a shot that she'll invite him in.
7.  And both men and women agree that if the date went well, the guy should go ahead and try for a kiss on the first date.

Based on this list of things people expect on a first date…Be honest…when on a date…what do you expect?  Or…when have you been on a date and something unexpected happened?

I expect
not to get herpes

I had one guy that I just met after our date kissed me on the cheek and then said tomorrow your gunna meet my parents

My girlfriend now for the last 4 years first date we went to Dicks after after showing her the sights around seattle

On a first date I would expect the guy to pay attention to me instead of his cell phone...or a tv in the bar...

I expect the female to look like their profile pic. Hate when its a good pic but a few months or years old and she put on some pounds. Thax bj. Herrick E

I always fart on the first date. If he can handle it, hes a keeper! <3 Hilary

Went to a movie with a dude, had meet on match & half way thru the flick he started feeling me up. I hadn't ever messed round like that & we proceeded to go to the back row where 3rd base was def acheived. ;}

On my third date, i was followed for 45 min by my current bf's ex. She found my car in my driveway and slashed my tires overnight. Wasnt expecting that.

Unexpected? Girl and I came back from a movie, turned a corner and a car outside her apartments was on fire. Nobody had shown up, no cops, no firefighters, nobody was even watching on the street. But she still put out!

Took my GF to Deja Vu , got third base after words. Been with her for 3 years now!

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