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STP's BLOG 07/31/13 "Pilates"
How does John Stamos stay in great shape?  C’mon – I know you guys have been thinking about this!   Apparently it’s because he does Pilates…even though he takes a lot of crap at those classes. He says, "I go in and it's all women except for me.  I'm the only guy there, and I know they make up these exercises like 'come over here, John, and do the penguin….and then it looks like I'm getting a pap smear.  They do it to make me look silly, but it keeps me in shape."  I doubt this is Uncle Jesse, but this would be me trying to do Pilates…

Based on this, finish this sentence:  “People give me a hard time because I do _____”. Here are some of the texts….

People give me a hard time after I shave and have my hair down, apparently I look like a girl. John in bellevue.

I get a hard time from people for reading comics. If people would take the time to read one they would see they are not for kids anymore.

I'm 6 foot, 280, tatted out, bald headed and an ex con.. .... I get teased because I go roller skating

People give me crap because As a professional gardener I belong to a lot of gardening clubs. One of them is a fruit club. Thanks Joe in port orchard

Shower with a loufa- Steve in Aberdeen

Sit when I pee and im a guy, f em!

I get a hard time for getting a pedicure. Nothing wrong with a young woman cleaning and scrubing ur feet while sitting in a massage chair

Today's Video blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a stranger to do 5 push ups with him...will he do it?

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STP's BLOG 07/30/13 "PJ & 1D?"
Huge thanks to Johnathan Hillstrand and Scott Hillstrand for coming in this morning.  The season finale for The Deadliest catch is tonight…3 hour special starting at 8 pm.  Johnathan also put out 2 childrens books…how crazy is that!  Get the books at or at Amazon.
 photo 581DAC4D-5B5E-447A-BF65-85840A0E5522-33357-0000161F0306BB2D_zps237e3609.jpg
 photo 17BD6548-CECC-4927-B5EB-9025B0475C53-33357-0000161ECB96F460_zps5d98abbe.jpg

Yesterday we took Lulu on a walk…it’s always fun taking her on a walk as one of my favorite things happens…Lulu freaks out whenever a car drives by…

Hell, she freaks out whenever anything with wheels goes by: Bikes, Motorcycles, Rollerblades, Unicycles, etc.
After the walk is done, you would think she would be tired…but no!  It’s then time for her to do laps around the house!

There is a picture spreading virally that started on the website Reddit of what a guy did after he realized that the woman he slept had a boyfriend. The Reddit user taped a note to the underside of the woman's toilet seat. It read, quote, “This chick just told me she has a boyfriend the morning after. Sorry to tell you like this, but I’d want to know if I was you. Sorry bro.” The guy explained that he used a receipt and part of his, quote, “duct tape wallet” to fasten the note to the toilet.
 photo pic_zps04f92d97.jpg
A guy leaves a note for a cheater’s boyfriend…based on this, How did you get revenge on a cheater? Or how did someone get revenge on you for cheating?
I got revenge on my ex wife by sleeping with her best friendand two of her friends, unfortunately not at same time lol. All were in or wedding.
For revenge, I slept with his professor. He, on the other hand, set another guy's car on fire. Can't say I miss that relationship.
My ex girlfriend slept with my best friend so I slept with her mom and sister Jeremy from Seattle
Loaded her very new and ecpensive computer with every virus and pop up program I could find. Since she left me for a guy she met online Cajun
I banged my ex-girlfriend's hot stripper mom, and karma got revenge on me good... In the form of genital herpes. Damn it!
My girl cheated on me several times..... I banged both of her sisters.... Together.... In her bed...
Speaking of pictures spreading on the internet…have you seen this? 
 photo B252FC80-1748-430D-8ABB-3464CE42C77D-33174-0000160DFC74600A_zps6ebc720c.jpg
Yes…that is Eddie Vedder with the boy band One Direction. Eddie Vedder brought his family to meet “1 D” (yes, that is their nickname…how funny is that!), and apparently one of the members of the band is also a huge fan of Eddie, as he tweeted, “Eddie Vedder came in today with his family! #legend #PearlJam.” Props to Eddie for doing a solid for his kids!

Today's Video Blog features two great friends to the of them we almost lost to a terrible car accident.

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STP's BLOG 07/29/13 "RIP Kidd Kraddick"
This weekend I was at the Car Toys in Tukwila for their tent sale…it was a blast meeting everyone that came out to say hi….and one of the people that came out was a woman I have talked to a bunch of times on the phone, but never met….
 photo BD828C03-6D00-4594-B1D3-5B43707BDADE-31238-000014E5EEA29D4A_zps58d13c36.jpg
Who is that?  Crazy Cheri!  Yes, the one and only…the best part of it was that there were a couple people that were stoked to find out they were right next to the one and only Crazy Cheri!
As we were there, the fellas from Rockford Fosgate were hanging with us showing off their sweet car stereo options…so I had to check it out…

So in the word of radio there are a few guys that everyone looks up to in the industry, and one of the guys at the very top…many would agree, he is the one at the top…is Kidd Kraddick.  Kidd changed the radio mentality for many, he helped pave the way for shows like ours that are character driven, and talk based.  Inside the industry, he paved the way for radio people to network and share ideas…we all owe a lot to his vision.  I have never met him, but have been fortunate enough to be at radio conferances where he talked and shared his thoughts.  I have always respected what he did for the industry I love, and sadly he died over the weekend at 53 years old.  It looks like he died from a aneurism, while at a charity event for his charity Kidd’s Kids… .  I came across this video of a recent segment on the show…and I just love this, it’s just a cool moment…I hope you dig it as much as I did:

This is a great quote from Kidd... 

"Keep looking up, cause that’s where it all is." – Kidd Kraddick

Today's Video blog is the final part of our interview with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright.  They were in studio promoting "The World's End" -- in theaters on Aug 23rd.

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STP's BLOG 07/26/13 "Miso Honey!?!"
Toppy and I found a new place to go eat at!  Check it out…

Oddly enough, Topshelf went there yesterday for lunch…he said it was AWESOME!  Looking at that video…can you tell that I’ve been tanning?  Waka Waka!
This was a pretty cool thing we saw on  They asked people to name the phrases that IMMEDIATELY make them call B.S. on someone.  Here's the top seven . . .

1.  "Running late!  Be there in five minutes."  That really means . . . "I won't even be leaving the house for another five minutes."
2.  "I'm fine."  That really means . . . "I'm not fine."
3.  "I'm not trying to be rude."  That really means . . . "I'm about to say something incredibly rude."
4.  "Just kidding!"  That really means . . . "I'm mostly kidding, but there's some underlying truth about how I feel in there."
5.  "That was my last piece of gum."  That really means . . . "I have plenty of gum."
6.  "To be honest with you . . ."  That really means . . . "I haven't been honest in anything else I've said so far."
7.  "Clearly," "obviously," and "basically."  Those three really mean . . . "I don't have any real evidence to support what I'm saying."

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our interview with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright.  Their new movie... The World's in theaters August 23rd. 

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STP's BLOG 07/25/13 "Macklemore at Dicks"
Last night Seattle was full of energy in Capitol Hill…it was like the ultimate warm up for the Capitol Hill Block party which is this weekend (Flaming Lips on Sunday…I can’t wait!)…what was going on?  This…

Yes, That is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on top of the Dick’s in Capitol Hill.  Word broke earlier in the day that Macklemore was going to be at Dick’s, and he wasn’t going for a Deluxe, 2 Fries, and  a Strawberry Shake like I do when I go there…he was there to film a video for the song “White Walls” – one of the best tracks off The Heist.  This song is a total summer song, so the timing is perfect!  They filmed that scene a few times…here is another take…

I love how they kept the walk up at Dick’s clear of a crowd, so that people could still get food…

Props to Macklemore for not only repping Seattle by performing on top of Dick’s, but for rocking the Cortez Kennedy Hawks  jersey!
Twitter was on fire last night because of this…my whole feed was filled with people snapping photos of him at Dick’s…which prompted me to tweet this…
 photo 7F5F34F4-381D-4138-8ACA-A6860720737E-22846-00000F86B1F9C77C_zpsc886e35b.jpg

You have probably seen all over the internet Geraldo Rivera's half-naked “selfie”.
 photo selfie_zps3a1ca1f6.jpg
Why would he post something like that?  Geraldo joined a New York radio show, Scott & Todd in the Morning, and discussed why he posted a topless picture of himself on Twitter over the weekend….and Tequila was too blame.  Ok…anyone who has ever been drunk on tequila is nodding their head right now, thinking “yeah…I get it”. 

Geraldo Rivera says that Tequila was the culprit for that half-naked "selfie" ...based on this, finish this sentence:  "Alcohol was the culprit when I did _____". Here are some of the texts we got:
Alcohol was to blame when I thought it would be a good idea to rail my brother's ex. They got back together three months later.
I was drunk when i cut my cast off 3 weeks early because i ran out of diapers for my son and thought i could go back to work with a broken ankle. Month and a half later i could walk.
Alcohol was the culprit when I cut my pinkie finger off in my wood splitter. They put it back on but won't mix patrone and beer and wood splitter again.
All got drunk one night girlfriend passed out so I decided to have oral negotiations with her mom the next morning was kinda awkward.
Tried to get frisky with one of my best girlfriends(I'm a girl). She still jokingly brings it up to this day, and it completely mortifies me.
My girlfriends brother and I split a margarita bucket and thought it was a great idea to pour gasoline across the road and light it on fire... 10-15 foot flames and a huge burn mark left on the road for weeks
I showed up to my job at Burger King drunk. I started frying the burgers in the deep fryer instead of broiling them. Didn't have my job much longer after that.
Caused me to lube wrestle with my best girlfriend and then make out with her In front of all my friends at a house party!

Today's Video Blog is part 1 of our chat with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright.  They visited us to chat about their new movie "The World's End" -- in theaters August 23rd.  These are the guys that gave us Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz...if you liked those films, you will love "The World's End"!


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STP's BLOG 07/24/13 "Me....Embarrassed?"
Here is the other song that Candlebox performed on our show…this is a newer song called "Summertime", which is off of their latest CD "Love Stories & Other Musings".  I have been on such a Candlebox kick since they came in, and I have been listening to “Love Stories…” a lot…it’s an awesome CD!  Pay attention to the part in the song where Kevin Martin sings "You my lover, baby" (at around 1:25 on the video)-- doesn't it have a Andy Wood/Mother Love Bone feel?  It gave me chills when he sang it like that.  When we interviewed him he mentioned how Andy was a friend and a huge influence, and now when I listen to Candlebox, I can totally hear that.  Makes me love the band even more.

Here is the same video for the iPHONE user:

And now ladies and gentleman…here is a video which led to my wife asking if I ever feel lioke I am embarrassing myself.  I’m not sure which part she is talking about…you be the judge…

Yesterday was an exciting day in my household, as my sweet Colt Cabana T-Shirt showed up…
 photo DE618C73-F44C-4CFC-97BC-0100972A5FFE-21189-00000E7315460EB2_zpsd7b8ddcc.jpg
Props to Colt for including an autograph as well…a real nice touch and completely unexpected! Colt is a pro-wrestler that has an amazing podcast called “The Art Of Wrestling” which you can check out weekly on iTUNES! I bought the shirt at
Back in February, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked if he believed that Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun was clean.  He replied, "Ya, I'd put my salary next year on it."  Well…chalk that up to an “oops” moment!  That was a stupid wager (if we could even call it that) that Rodgers made…so we asked the Rock-A-Holics what stupid bets/wagers they have made, and here are some of the texts we got:
A friend bet me before preseason that I wouldn't dye my hair blue and green if the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl in '05. Well they did and I did it.
Pretty sure you guys are aware, but I got in trouble for burning Seahawks stuff after a bet!! Derrick from Sedro-Woolley...
I bet my co workers, never thinking that they could or would, that if they raised s couple of hundred dollars, that I would dress up like a woman, in full wig and all, and ride around the company golf tournament and serve everyone beer. I lost.
I had to get my tongue pierced because I didn't reach my production quota at work. And I'm not a big fan of piercings.
I made a bet I wouldn't strike out in our softball game and if I did I'd wear panties over my shorts next game, I did strike out embarrassingly and I did follow through, they were lacey pink frilly panties :/ I wore them next all game

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge.  our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find someone to do a "chest bump" with him...will he do it?

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STP's BLOG 07/23/13 "Brie Bella Exposed!"
Last week Kevin, Peter, and Shaun from Candlebox came in studio to chat about the 20 year anniversary of their debut CD.  They performed a song from that CD acoustic that morning and it was one of those goose bump moments!  Here they are performing "Far Behind":

Here is the same video for the iPHONE people:

Ok…do an internet search for this…

Brie Bella wardrobe malfunction

You might want to turn off your “safe search” – as yesterday on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Brie had a “nip-slip”, and it was glorious!  Funny thing is that she was on a segment with the Miz (Miz TV)…it would have been great if he noticed and paraphrased his own catch phrase to let the WWE Universe know… “That’s Brie’s nipple…and it’s…AWESOME!”
Our intern’s Cole & Nick are great guys…but kind of odd…

I’m sorry, but this is the greatest video still ever.
 photo F279527A-5D41-49E3-AB2F-699D1733AB82-19675-00000D72685C5F20_zps532fdd66.jpg
Believe it or not, the original Schindler's list is up for sale on eBay.  Not the movie . . . one of the four known copies of the original list.  The opening price is $3 million, and bidders have to prequalify to prove they have the money to pay for it.  The other three copies of the list are in museums.

Based on this, what odd thing do you own, or wish you owned? Here are the texts we got:

I own a chicken bone I saw Toppy eating at a Hooters. I snagged it when he left as a cool momento!

As a horror fanatic, I want to own the original manuscript of Bram Stoker's Dracula. They had it on display at the EMPs horror movie exhibit last year.

Super lame now, but I paid $1200 for Dylan's jeans off an Episode of 90210. At least the money went to charity!

I own a letter sent by Charles Manson while he was in lock up. I got off a serial killer auction. Jourdiin from Tacoma

I own a plaster cast of Brittany Spears (you know what). I spent 3 grand on it. Money well spent.

I once saw Eddie Vedder in a Wendys bathroom. He missed the trash can when trying to throw away a paper towel. I picked it up and have had it for 7 years!

I still have a roach saved from a blunt Snoop rolled. I was backstage at Lalapalooza in 1997. I've had Soooo many people want to smoke it.

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STP's BLOG 07/22/13 "BJ on The 206"
Did you catch BJ on The 206 this weekend?  If not...check it out...

So over the weekend Paul McCartney performed at Safeco Field...and it turned into a Nirvana reunion of sorts when Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, and Pat Smear joined him on stage.  Our bud Iron Mike Savoia fortunately pulled out his camera to capture this historic moment...

The Nirvana appearance wasn’t the only cool Seattle related thing that happened at a baseball stadium.  Pearl Jam played two new songs during a show at Wrigley Field on Friday night.  One was called "Lightning Bolt" . . . it's the title track off their new album, which is coming out October 15th.  Oddly enough, the concert was interrupted seven songs in, when a thunderstorm with torrential rain and lightning rolled in.  It resumed after a three-hour delay.  Even though it was delayed, the fellas in PJ did not disappoint…they played  a 33-song show, and it  went on until well after midnight.  Here's video of them performing "Lightning Bolt" . . .

Here's the other new song they played…"Future Days"

On Thursday morning, a 40-year-old was showering and listening to the radio when his roommate committed the ultimate sin…he touched the radio dial and changed the station.  The 40-year-old went after him with a machete, and he was eventually arrested.

Based on this we asked you to finish this sentence… “I knew my roommate was crazy when he or she did _____.” Here are some of the texts we got:

Came home early one night to find my roommate getting railed by three do the math. ON MY BED!!

Stole my identy when i moved out. He lied to police and judge but proved he was nuts when all his purchases were made within two mile radius of his gf house. Same guy acted like me when people called on phone looking for me

When my roommate let her boyfriend dry his meth on the stove top

Hung a Backstreet Boys poster on our dorm wall. Wait, that was me.

I realized my roommate was crazy when I woke up and saw him standing over me while I was sleeping at 2 o'clock in the morning. and yes drugs were involved

I knew my roommate was crazy when he brought home his dog Lulu and Fed her peanut butter

I realized my roommate was crazy when I woke up and saw Gatorade bottles of full of urine every night. He bottled his own pee on the regular. Austin in Port Orchard

Huge thanks to Simon Pegg Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright for coming in this morning…it’s always awesome to have these guys on!
 photo 368A72A6-266C-4D4F-AA5C-AD3028AD1A10-17900-00000C5C457DC020_zpsb3adbbb0.jpg
They have a new movie out called “The World’s End” – which is in theaters on August 23rd.  We got to see this movie, and we all LOVED it…I like it the most of the three…the other 2 being Shaun Of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.  Here is the trailer for the film!

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STP's BLOG 07/19/13 "Malicious Fecal... What?"
Huge Huge Huge thanks to Kevin, Peter, and Sean from Candlebox for coming in. They are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their debut CD…playing it in its entirety at The Moore Theater tomorerow night.  Get tickets at .  They performed 2 songs…we filmed it and it will be up next week…all I can say is WOW.  This was one of those goose bump moments.

Here are a couple Vine vids I took to wet your whistle…


The response to having them on was HUGE…here are just a few of the many many MANY texts we got:
My head phones are blown an that still sounded amazing

Chills man, chills.

I just got goosebumps listening to the beginning of this song. It took me back to Rockstock 94 in the rain at the Kitsap County fairgrounds with Candlebox

that was totally moving and amazing this coming from someone who absolutely hates live music
Far Behind never sounded better.

What great voice, what a great band, what a great radio station, what a great program.

Far behind and the thank you Seattle brought tears to my eyes!!!

This is the best in-studio performance I've ever heard!!

Awesome!!! Far behind bringing tears to my eyes! Great version! !! –Jessica

His voice hasn't aged at all !

GOOSEBUMPS!!!! Hearing Cover Me live in studio all these years later is awesome! Thanks guys! -Amber, Capitol Hill

I'm tearing up dood. F'ing chills. You're one lucky sob steve

I think Kevin's voice has gotten better with the times. Love it.

Today I learned an awesome new phrase. 

“Malicious Fecal Distribution”

That should be on the Rev’s business card…waka waka.  Where did this phrase come from?  This guy….

Yesterday was New Originals practice…don’t forget that we will be at Chop Suey on Sunday afternoon!  It’s a benefit show that starts at 3 pm, we go on at 6 pm.  Come hange with me, Thee Ted Smith, Jolene, Ryan Castle, Thrill, and more!  Here we are getting ready for the big show!

Twenty-four years ago, a man in Indiana named Rick Lookebill had to sell the first car he ever owned . . . a 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1.  Rick never forgave himself for it, because he's been trying to track it down ever since.  Recently, he stepped up his efforts but still had no luck.  What Rick didn't know was that his son had already FOUND the car in Florida, told the story to the guy who owned it, and bought it back.  He then he drove it from Florida to Indiana . . . and surprised his dad by parking it in the front yard and revving the engine.  Apparently the whole family was in on it, because they had the camera ready to catch his reaction . . .

I love that they peeled out!

Based on this story...finish this sentence:  "I wish I still had my parent's _____".  Here are some of the texts we got:
I moved here from up state NY years ago with only what I could fit in my jeep. My girlfriend surprised me about a month ago by shipping my custom motorcycle that my dad built for me in college. Should be here next week. I can't wait. Nick in Seattle.
I wish I still had my parents porn tape. It was hardcore, stole it from my dads dresser drawer when I was 14. Gene
My dad's 1963 Plymouth Fury. I plan on rebuilding one for him. Just gonna take awhile. -Heath in Poulsbo
I wish I had my dads 1967 Chevelle super sport. It was built for drag racing. He says it never lost. Had to sell it to pay for the family van repairs when mom wrecked the van
I wish I had my dads old prostetic leg.... We would chug beer out of it at my frat house and it went missing. It must have walked off!

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STP's BLOG 07/18/13 "The New Originals return!"
Last night the New Originals, the world’s worst cover band (KISW house band), got together to practice for a benefit show we are playing at on Sunday at Chop Suey.  It’s an early show…doors open at 3 pm – hope to see you there!  While we were practicing, Jolene had us on her show to promote the benefit…which is for tattoo artist Keith Bailey who got into a bad accident and has ridiculous medical bills.  How did the interview go?  I can sum it up in 6 seconds….

I hope we see you this Sunday…come hang with me, Thee Ted Smith, Thrill, Ryan Castle, Ben The Psycho Muppet, and Jolene…we will all be there!  Get tickets here:
This made my morning…one of my favorite music websites , tweeted about the STP-CAST and our interview with Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold.  Seeing this made my morning!
 photo 8040F8A8-246D-4A6B-BD98-BF95BB7127E5-10846-000007ED1FB0FC31_zps2a0116c8.jpg
According to a new survey, SCOTCH is the manliest thing you can drink! Nothing else is even close -- Scotch got 53% of the vote, beer came in second, at 23%, bourbon was third at 20%, and martinis were fourth, at 4%.  George Thorogood must be the manliest man ever – after all he sane, “one bourbon, one scotch, one beer” not “One Red headed slut, one lemon drop, and one Zima”.  That dated me huh?  They don’t even sell Zima anymore right?  Imagine alcohol infused Sprite…that’s Zima.

This led to a fun topic…what do you do that makes you manly?  Or for the ladies…what is the manliest thing your man does?  Here are some of the texts:

I pump concrete I have never seen a woman pump concrete I feel like that's pretty manly from Josh in Buckley

the manliest thing my man does is spank me when I am bad :)

I dirt bike and don't wine about it. Going fast, getting bruised up is all part of it. Too many of my guy friends are big v's when it comes to going fast getting muddy or hurting. Man up. JonReilly30

Manliest thing cooking meat over fire

I'm a bartender and there used to be a regular who would order what he called the terminator. Equal parts Southern Comfort, Wild Turkey and Jim Beam. He could put away four or five a night!

The manliest thing my husband does is he shaves with a straight edge blade!
Rides a motorcycle with a leather vest...and most importantly, takes care of his wife and kids!!!! Christine in Tacoma

I once found my husband removing a splinter in his finger with a hunting knife. Too manly for tweezers.

Just saw the hottest women I have seen in a long time pumping concrete in whidbey island it was grate made that day on the job go fast

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STP's BLOG 07/17/13 "Twerking"
Have you heard of the latest dance sensation…Twerking?  BJ didn’t…so I had to show him!

If you You Tube search “Lady – Twerk”, you can see how it’s really done!
Have you heard the new Avenged Sevenfold song, “Hail To The King”?  Man, this song is my jam!  I love this song so much I listened to it 6 or 7 times yesterday.  Check it out, their new CD also called “Hail To The King” is out on August 27th. 

On the STP-Cast we interviewed bassist Johnny Christ, and I told him that the breakdown towards the end of the song made me want to “crotch thrust”, and I suggested that he does that while on stage at Pain In The Grass.  Hell…a few texters agreed with me:
Crotch thrusting in the car on my way to work. STP truly is motivational.

I could so crotch thrust to this

I love this comment about the song…
Hey Steve, the chorus of this song should be King Felix's intro song when he comes out. Chris.
Check out the interview in the STP-Cast...
Speaking of the STP-CAST, I mentioned to BJ how we have a goal to make me one of Seattle Magazine’s “Most Influential Seattleite” – how can you help the cause?    Go to this link to help make it happen! We have until Friday to get the nomination in!
 In case you need help…
Full Name:  Steve The Producer.
Website to find the person: or
While interviewing Johnny from A7X, he mentioned that one time while on the road he drank wine through a prosthetic leg!  That’s a crazy story on the road, so we asked for the Rock-A-Holics to share some of their crazy stories that happened while on the road…here are some of the texts:
I was on road trip in Utah stopped at a KOA for a few days while there I got stepped on by a horse and it ripped my toe nail off. I was 13
The craziest thing I have ever seen on a road trip was a homeless guy asked a friend and I if we wanted to see something funny. So we said yes and he dropped his pants and #2’s over the side of the overpass right on the hood of a car.
Driving cross country we were following a huge motorhome with a hugr window in the back si you could see their tv. They where watching a porn and 3 people where trying to act it out. All i could do to keep my car on the road
On our way to reno my wife decided road-“h” wasn't enough so she climbed on my lap while doing 70 down I-5 at 1AM.
Buddy and i drove through Steven pass in white out conditions doin 60 w/chains on. We heard the chains breaking and flinging off. Had one left at the bottom.

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STP's BLOG 07/16/13 "Can I Influence You?"
If you listen to the STP-CAST, you heard about my silly, self-serving goal….to become on the Most Influential Seattleites.  I saw Seattle Magazine tweet about this, and I thought it would be the most ridiculously funny thing if I wound up being one of the people to make the list…plus, by doing so this would confirm that I am influential…I influenced people to consider me to be influential.  How about that for some trippy circular insanity! Lets make this happen…I should be on the list with…uh…Bill Gates, Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer…right?  Go to this link to help make it happen!

In case you need help…

Full Name:  Steve The Producer.
Website to find the person: or
For my fellow metal fans…you will dig this!  I am super lucky to have the very talented Sylvie Marsolais paint my goalie mask…I can’t wait to see what she does, but I just saw her most recent paint job, and I know Toppy will love this Maiden themed Mask:
 photo 682C665C-7835-4D03-8C3D-7ACEB9E9F19A-8121-000005EC95D9B675_zps662504a4.jpg
Check out her Stuff on Facebook (search Sylabrush) or online at … her work is so cool.  This mask was the one that sold me on wanting her to do my mask:
 photo mask_zps721a2a57.jpg
This mask is really sweet too…
 photo mask2_zpse15b9651.jpg

Yesterday we had Robert and Dean from Stone Temple Pilots on the show, and they shared a story about the first time Chester was at Robert’s house to write songs…and he clogged the toilet! How awkward is that?  But I’m thinking this could make for a great item to sell at their shows…the STP…Stone Temple Plunger!

 photo plunger_zpsc402a0a8.jpg

Check out the full interview here:

Based on this, finish this sentence:  “Things got awkward when I did _____.”  

Things got awkward when I first lost my virginity and her daughter walked in

When my super drunk aunt started stripping, taking off allllll her clothes at a FAMILY REUNION!!!!

Things got awkward when i mistook a random guy for my best friend and i hugged him from behind. Freaked the crap out of the guy

I farted in yoga class

I was taking a shower at my friends house in high school & her dad had to come in & take a dump because they only had 1 working bathroom. AWKWARD!

Hey bj, There was a really awkward moment when I I was having sex with the girl I was dating and in the middle of sex her father interrupts us because she just got a delivery of flowers from her ex boyfriend and a love note.

Got caught spanking the monkey by my moms super hot friend she never said a thing to just smiled a left. It also taught me a good lesson lock the door

Things got awkward when my girlfriend walks in on me and her mom doing the deed..good thing she was okay with it

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our chat with Brian Posehn.  Brian's new CD, "The Fartist", is in stores now. 

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 07/15/13 "Sharks, RVD, and a HUGE mistake"
The first text I saw this morning was this:

Steve how was sharknado? Was is epic? The people want to know man.

I can only think of one word that can describe this movie.  Awesome.  That’s the best way to sum this film up…it lived up to the hype…and when I say it’s awesome, I mean that is the most awfully awesome movie of all time.  The special effects was terrible, laughable in fact, the acting wasn’t much better…but that was why the film was entertaining.  The 2 hours flew by, and actually I would have been OK if there was another hour to the film.  I hear that might be a sequel.  I had to tweet about it:
 photo sharktweet_zpsc26fa6f5.jpg
Sharknado wasn’t the only fun thing I did this weekend…on Saturday we had a family outing to Greenlake.  I love that area in the summer…and whenever I go, I always forget how big it is…
 photo 0271436F-687E-426C-873E-48CB9B2DDDE3-6371-000004D1F3064B47_zpsa508fbd9.jpg
 photo 17D63D75-CE5B-432B-A895-31D6114C7B46-6371-000004D1E0DAD6BD_zps857d58c8.jpg
Last night was the WWE Money In The Bank Pay Per View…I was able to catch the final match…where Randy Orton (unfortunately) won the briefcase…it was awesome to see Rob Van Dam in the match, and he had an awesome moment as he delivered his  5 star frog splash from the top of the ladder on Christian!

There were so many great moments in that match, Daniel Bryan was on fire as always, CM Punk was robbed of a victory thanks to his “best friend” Paul Heyman busting open his head with a ladder, and Randy Orton delived a sick RKO on RVD.  To get ready for this PPV, Lulu and I went head to head!

On Friday, San Francisco’s  Fox affiliate, KTVU was pranked in an epic way.  An anchor named Tori Campbell announced that the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) had released the names of the four pilots in the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed last week.  And the four names appeared on screen as she read them out loud.  But they weren't REALLY the pilots' names, here is the video:

The station offered multiple apologies, the NTSB blamed it on a summer intern. Yeah right…an “intern”…good cover up. Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines announced yesterday they're considering taking legal action against KTVU over this . . . for damaging their reputation.  I think Asiana Airlines has other reasons to worry about their reputation…like for instance, crashing planes.

Regardless, it was a HUGE mistake…based on this… What about you…when have you or someone you know made a HUGE mistake at work? Here are some of the texts we got:
Worked at the car wash and would give ppl deep cleans for under the table cash made good cash for a while my boss got me one day spying on me
I joked with my boss " who didn't like me" by telling him I quit on April fools day..... That next week he fired me.
When my son was graduating from 5th grade they had an awards ceremony. The teacher for the autism class was giving out her awards And had a slip of the tongue when trying to say that her student was very ARTISTIC and said he was very autistic. In front of the whole school, parents, etc. she was mortified at herself. Parents were pissed.
I put diesel gas in an unleaded work truck. Cost over $700.00 to fix and almost got fired. Oops
I asked everyone in my company for their shirt size via e-mail, but accidentally omitted the "r" from, "shirt" yikes!!! Fortunately management had a good sense of humor!
I hit a sprinkler head with forklift. Busted it off and flooded the warehouse

Today's Video Blog features Brian Posehn.  Brian has a great new comedy CD out called "The Fartist".

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people:

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STP's BLOG 07/12/13 "New Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners"
Yesterday we all went to the Mariners game…what an awesome day for a game!
 photo 54E544A4-831E-4732-A27A-2C78AADA478E-1279-000000DB88282F6D_zps6ef9759e.jpg

We are all paying for it…not because we boozed…but because we didn’t lotion up.  The person who got it worst…The Rev!
 photo rev_zps8978427a.jpg
Here is a quick compilation of the “damage”:

Plus BJ and I got to try out the Cheese Steak Sandwhich…which was damn good!

Yesterday was an exciting day…Pearl Jam released a brand new song called “Mind Your Manners”, and announced their new CD “Lightning Bolt” will be out on October 15th.  If this song is any indication of how the rest of the record will sound…it’s going to be an awesome effort from the boys in PJ!  I love this song…it rocks; hell…they even played the song yesterday at the Mariners game…enjoy!


At a KINGS OF LEON concert in Birmingham, England on Tuesday, some guy stripped naked and crowd surfed during the song "Sex on Fire".  Check it out:

 photo nakedcrowdsurfer1_zps5dda3b5c.jpg

He ended up on the jumbo screen, and apparently the band was "Hey Birmingham sausage man, if you're on twitter, [direct message] me.  We owe you a beer."
So the guy got in touch, and they invited him to come backstage the NEXT night when they played a second concert at the same arena.  He posted photos of the meet-and-great on Twitter.

 photo nakedcrowdsurfer2_zps020684b8.jpg

A guy got invited backstage at a Kings Of Leon concert by crowd surfing NAKED.  Based on this…what is the most insane thing you have seen at a concert? Here are the texts we got:

The most insane thing I saw at a concert was at a mid 1980's judas priest concert at the tacoma dome where some fans overturned a police car! The pressure inside was just as intense as I was in the middle of the pit I was able to lift my legs off the floor and I was held up by the pressure of the crowd! Insane! Don in olympia.

I went woodstock 99... where would you like to begin?

At a motley crue concert in the 80s saw a couple having sex. He just bent her over, pulled up her skirt, and went to town

I was at a Chevelle concert at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI where I saw two dudes stand face to face, ready to fight. Then, the smaller guy launched himself at the bigger one, grabbed his head and bit his frickin' nose off! Crazy!

Also the singer of mindless self indulgence said he made something for his fans, and proceeded to spit on them

At a Black Sabbath concert I saw a women doing bumps of cocaine of her friends boobs. John int-town

By far the craziest thing I've ever seen at a concert was five years ago in Sturgis South Dakota When Steven Tyler took a 10 foot fall off the stage breaking his collarbone show was canceled a lot of unhappy bikers but at least it was towards the end of the show Shelby from Snohomish

An 80 year old woman showed her boobs at a steel panther show at the show box -joe fedway

Today's Video Blog features us at the mariners game yesterday.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 07/11/13 "The World's End"
Yesterday we got to go to a screening of The Worlds End – it’s that new movie starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost…it’s an Edgar Wright film.  Yes, the same three that gave us Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.  I am not going to spoil this film, all I will say is that this was my favorite of their 3 movies…it’s an awesome buddy comedy!  I won’t spoil it also because when we walked into the theater there was a note from Edgar asking us not to:
 photo 42945C8B-83E1-4302-916E-3C5873B4F47C-28817-00001546B57664F4_zpsc25dd881.jpg
How cool is that?  That's a great idea from a director to do that! I will give you a glimpse into my experience in the theater…

Ok…that didn’t spoil anything right?  Other than I LOVE popcorn!  Here is the trailer for the film…

In a new survey, 46% of women say good men do the worst things when they're drunk . . . 21% say good men do the worst things when they're angry . . . and 3% say good men do the worst things when they're HORNY.  OK…I think they sugar coated the words used… replace “worst” with cheating, inappropriate sexual stuff, etc…because that is what they mean.  Otherwise why would “horny” be included in this?  What else would you do when horny that would be constitutes as a worst thing?  I’ve never been so horny that I punched out a window…but if I did, I wouldn’t have to use either hand…waka waka!

What was the dumbest thing that you or someone you know has done, and alcohol was to blame? Here are the texts we got:

When I was 18 or 19, I was travelling on the road with a monster truck race team and I got really drunk and slept with a married mother of two.

I tried to jump off my friend's balcony and ended up shattering my wrist this was two days before 21st birthday so i spent my 21st birthday in the hospital. I got a metal plate and nine screws in my wrist now J-Mart

Last year I stole a stop sign and pole from a street corner and when the cops tried to stop me I hit one with the stop sign.. Yes alcohol was to blame!

Alcohol involved obviously as I woke up hung over in a bathtub, outside a house four houses down, with bleached hair. No idea what happened that night.

Flipped my parents 03 suburban in 03 @ the age of 16 drunk and high on cocaine

Worst thing I've ever done is pee on my mom while she was sleeping in bed on st pattys day in whistler. I was blacked out

Peed on pizza in the fridge thinking I was in the bathroom while drinking

Had the trifecta: I was angry at my ex, was going through a dry spell so I was horny as hell, and got drunk with my buddies. Don't know the details of the night, but what I woke up next to was just unacceptable. Coyote ugly doesn't really describe it.

Yesterday my wife and I watched her parents pup, Trixie.  Lulu and Trixie in one house together….What is that like?  See for yourself…..

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STP's BLOG 07/10/13 "Crazy...Stupid...Both?"
This my friends is pure INSANITY!  There’s a video from a couple months ago that's making the rounds online.  It's a guy on a motorcycle who notices that the woman driving in front of him left her COFFEE CUP on her bumper. Somehow he manages to swing past at a pretty high speed, snag the cup, follow the woman, and give it back to her . . . all while they're both still moving.

This morning we were talking about success…How old does a man have to be before you can measure his success?  In a new poll, 23% say you can measure success at age 40 . . . 18% say you can measure success as early as age 30 . . . and another 23% say you can only measure a man's success on their DEATHBED.  Personally, I think our former President, George W. Bush said it best:

"My Measure Of Success Is Victory...And Success"

We asked the Rock-A-Holics, what was that moment when you thought that you were “successful”…or…if you don’t think you are there yet, what will you need to do to view yourself as “successful”? Here are the texts we got…

I knew I was successful when I closed on my first house at age 25, all on my own.

I'm a single female, and my sign of success was a good career (management) and owning my own home

Is when my boss fired both head chefs and offered me the position at 19 years old and now I'm 25 and still the lead chef making a good 80 a year I think thats successful

I knew i became successful when i started dating my girlfriend with huge boobs, 32G

No debt, except home and. 500k In assets

Today’s Video Blog is an intern Challenge.  Our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find a stranger to give him a "cup check"...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE Users:

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STP's BLOG 07/09/13 "Pearl Jam's Fall Tour!"
If you are a Pearl Jam fan like me, you must be stoked to hear that the band is going on tour.  They just announced it yesterday…it starts off in October in Pittsburgh, and the tour ends in Seattle on December 6th at the Key Arena.  You better believe it that I will be there…I am so stoked.  Tix go on sale Saturday July 27th…once we get more details we will let you know, but always check for info.  They released this really cool video announcing the fall tour:

At the end of the video it linked to this video, and this brought back great memories as I was at this show.  It was back in 2006, and Pearl Jam played at the Showbox at the Market…it was an unreal experience to see those guys in a small club:

Last night on RAW marked the debut of one of the coolest characters that has come onto the wrasslin’ scene in a while.  Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family made their debut, and man it was awesome! 

If you were wondering what the fans were chanting at the end, they were chanting Husky harris.  That was the name of Bray Wyatt a couple of years ago when he made his debut in the WWE…he was a part of the Nexus, the character was boring and disappearaed quickly.  Of course there are those “I know everything about wrestling” fans that had to show off how much “in the know” they are and ruined an awesome moment with a lame chant.  But that’s the beauty of the wrestling…you can’t control what the crowd will do.

According to a new survey, we get annoyed SEVEN times a day by things we can't control.  Here are the 10 things that annoy us most on a daily basis:  

1.  Pushy salespeople.
2.  Email spam.
3.  Foreign call centers when you call customer service.
4.  Being put on hold.
5.  People who don't clean up after their dogs.
6.  Potholes.
7.  People who take up two parking spots.
8.  Slow drivers.
9.  Waiting in line
10.  People who are rude at work.
I agree with #1 1000000%. There is a certain store that I won’t even go into because of how pushy they are.,  Fortunately it’s a store where most of the stuff isn’t for me, but I like a couple of their shirts and shoes…but the second you walk in they are all over you.  And they try and “bro” down with you…it’s annoying…and to make matters worse, they think after 30 seconds they know your fashion sense and they pull 5 or 6 items that they think will look great on you.  Every time I look at them, and wonder why they think I want jeans with a bunch of shiny things on the pocket.    The best part about this is that I ranted about this on air…and I got a bunch of texts from Rock-A-Holics that knew exactly which store I was talking about.  Apparently I am not the only one that has been through this misery.

BJ brought in some cupcakes from Yellowleaf Cupcakes…only the best cupcakes ever! Hell, we had them cater our dessert at our wedding (along with Mike’s Amazing Cakes).

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STP's BLOG 07/08/13 "Fun at Alki"
So we were off all last week, man what an awesome week off!  Some great weather, and a week without setting an alarm clock is “A-OK” with me!  I hope everyone had a great 4th Of July…mine was great, my wife and I (and Lulu) went to Alki…It’s now officially a yearly tradition for us, as it was our second year doing it.  Alki is just awesome when the weather is nice…

 photo 7D7D50F2-0005-4278-BB60-ECA85C3E9EFC-23283-000011E9DC406DA8_zps5325f111.jpg
 photo 32FAA7AB-EB99-4A7E-B622-038A4E706B1B-23283-000011E9E46F8341_zpsdd0b7023.jpg
A couple days before the 4th I was hanging at the Tacoma Rainiers game…that was a great time.  Our party deck was so bad ass…we had beers, burgers, hot dogs, and mascots!
 photo B9758130-4861-476C-9AAF-B3672064610D-23283-000011E4D4250740_zps1423c031.jpg
Yup…that’s me with Rhubarb, their mascot.  I also got to meet Forrest Snow, he’s a local guy that is a pitcher for the Rainiers…real cool guy, let’s hope that he one day gets called up to “The Show”.
 photo A7700110-B32A-4A71-9838-EEF1BFE0B969-23283-000011EA3CD0E914_zps98be8042.jpg
I was fortunate enough to get to toss out the ceremonial first pitch, thanks to Jim and everyone at the Rainiers for allowing me have that honor.  I wound up getting it over the plate….it wasn’t a strike, not even close, but at least I did not bounce it over…
 photo 93B3CD84-AC02-40ED-B405-7A61CF919466-23283-000011E9F9793910_zpsc78ab656.jpg
 photo 6D3CBC67-AFA3-4E22-9BED-0AB012E963EF-23283-000011EA0B51DB4B_zps3e5c128b.jpg
Here I am with catcher Brandon Bantz, he is one funny dude…he gave me some great excuses for not tossing a strike…from my tattoos, to the mound, to my shoes, and my favorite excuse – the glare from my bald head.
 photo 2493A157-4655-43CB-990F-9A2443EF6CD1-23283-000011EA32265927_zps8ece1ec2.jpg
While we were off the NHL draft went team, the New Jersey Devils made the headlines for not only trading to get the Canucks goalie, Cory Schneider...but there was a cool father/son moment...the Devils goalie, Martin Brodeur, was able to make the announcement that in the 7th round, the team drafted his son, Anthony.  It was so cool to see this happen...I made a quick Vine video of it...

Last week, a 43-year-old woman went with her family to a water park in Missouri.  And she was KICKED OUT for wearing a STRING BIKINI.  She says they singled her out because she's FULLER FIGURED and OLDER.  She's filed a discrimination complaint with the city. 
Based on this, finish this sentence:  “I can’t believe I was kicked out of _____” or “I’m not surprised I was kicked out of _____”.  Here are some of the texts we got:
My mom got us kicked outta wild waves when I was 10 because she refused to change her thong bikini.
Got kicked out of a mcdonalds play place. Was 20 and totally faded. I left my shoes behind and yelled at them the whole time they didnt know who they were messing with. Told them i was the princess of canada –chad
I can't believe I got kicked out of the midnight premier of Jackass 3D for using a empty beer bottle as a chew spitter.
I'm not surprised I was kicked out of a Borders bookstore for slowly (one or two at a time so I wouldn't get caught right away) moving all the bibles to the fiction section. What can I say, I was a dumb kid. Still think it was funny though. From Nick on Ft. Lewis is what happens at night when I make the bed, Lulu uses that time to have fun in the comforter…

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