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STP's BLOG 08/30/13 "Come Hang With KISW Tonight!"
I hope you can make it to a cool thing tonight… it’s KISW Covers For Cancer At Slims Last Chance! Come down and show support for former Rock Girl Kristina Marie and her ongoing fight with brain cancer. Who’s playing the covers you ask?  Our band (Thrill, Ryan Castle, myself, and our friends) The New Originals will be there, as well as members of The Guessing Game, Witchburn, Vendetta Red, Loaded, and more!
Great win by the Hawks yesterday…closing out pre-season undefeated again.  How about Russell Wilson…he looked great…for those 3 minutes he played!  Haha.  I hope you didn’t get to the game late, or you missed his great drive to start the game.  

How awesome was it that Snoop Dogg was at the game rocking a #24 Hawks jersey…he had “Snoop” on the back…so instead of Beast mode, it could be “Dogg Mode”!
 photo 4198DFE3-9EBD-4933-8EDD-7731CF3DF5DE-7036-000004E7D8F4CB2A_zps6b5f2dd3.jpg
Ben & Jerry’s swung by yesterday and brought us ice cream.  We got to try the Frozen greek Yogurt – the Banana Peanut Butter flavor is AWESOME!

 photo 5F7974D7-7886-471D-9587-9457D5232E9B-7036-000004EA3D732EAD_zpsd2e470ec.jpg

If you want them to come to your business…Tweet them @BenJerrysWest

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STP's BLOG 08/29/13 "Whale Call!"
Yesterday we had a lot of fun with this audio of a girl that left a voicemail for what sounds like an ex-boyfriend.  The audio is priceless because when she cries, she sounds like a whale!  Well, if you missed it…this morning we uncovered more audio…and we now know who she was calling:

Big thanks to everyone that swung by Trappers Sushi in Bonney Lake and Puyallup to pay tribute to Adrian, one of their sushi chefs who sadly died while rock climbing.  I was at the Puyallup location, and it was extremely powerful to see a packed Trappers…there was a lot of love in the room for Adrian, a young man who obviously touched many people in the 20 years on this planet.
Yesterday we talked about that woman in Seattle was supposed to meet a guy for a date on Sunday, but her car broke down.  It led to a great topic the date was a date from hell!  He reacted to her not going on the date  by sticking a KNIFE into the side of her house . . . and threatening to defecate on her COUCH.  Wow!
Based on this crazy story…When did you realize there wouldn’t be another date?  Here are some texts we got:

I knew there wouldn't be a second date when she said she was into she was looking my best friend up and down like he was a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Cookie....later bytch.... Lone Wolf

When she took me to a strip club to see her daughter dance

She was shaking when we kissed on the first date...after that I was a little freaked out then she starts texting me at random times in the night...Nah! I was over it...amateur hour

I had a guy invite me to his AA meeting for date #2 as he showed me his AA coins for a job well done. There was no date #2.

Girl pee'd on, yes ON my tv. Then she blamed it on my dog... I saw the whole thing and promptly kicked her out...bitches be crazy

My brother hooked me up with a blind date. At dinner she wouldn't stop texting her ex... I left and made her pay!!

She kept getting calls from her drug dealer while we were at the movies

On the 2nd date the girl introduced me to her kids and said "meet Ur new daddy"- nik from doofers

I knew there wouldn't be a 2nd date when she brought her therapist over the next day. ~Mandi

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STP's BLOG 08/28/13 "Crazy Date!"
A woman in Seattle recently met a guy through a mutual friend, and they were supposed to go out on a date last Sunday night.  But on her way to meet him, her car broke down….and things went really really STRANGE after that! First, he started sending angry text messages.  One of which said, "I swear to God if you [eff] with me, I will steal your car and melt it down…then [break into] your house and [defecate] on your [effing] couch."  Well that will guarantee another date! Then when the woman got home a few hours later, her front door was somehow unlocked . . . and there was a KNIFE stuck in the side of house.  Police are investigating it as a possible burglary and stalking case.  I would hope she doesn’t go to that friend for a date again…stick with Plenty Of Fish,, or something “safer”.
Have you seen these two Madden commercials?  Madden came out yesterday and 2 of their commercials features Hawks, and they are AWESOME!  Here is the one with Russell Wilson…

Here is the one with Marshawn Lynch….

Tonight we mentioned this…it’s tough to share, as a guy I was lucky to meet and chat with a few times has died at way too young of an age.  Adrian was a Sushi Chef at Trappers Sushi…I would chat with him at the Puyallup location a few times…a great guy, and he died while rock climbing recently.  Trappers will be honoring Adrian tonight at both the Bonney Lake and Puyallup locations from 4pm-6pm.   I will be there to show support at the Puyallup location.  They will donate 100% of the sales from Bonney Lake and Puyallup between those hours to Adrian’s family, and will have a Balloon ceremony at 6pm at both locations, balloons will be made available for a $5 donation, and again all proceeds will go to Adrian’s family.  To quote what Trappers wrote on their Facebook, “All of us at Trapper’s Sushi are saddened by this sudden loss, our thoughts and prayers to Adrian’s family and friends.”
In a new survey by a search site called Skyscanner, more than 700 international flight attendants talked about the WEIRDEST things people have left behind on planes.  Here are the highlights . . .

Live animals, including a FALCON, a parrot, a frog, and a tortoise.
A box of dried fish.
A wedding dress.
A bag of diamonds.
Wigs and toupees.
One egg . . . not in a carton, just the egg itself.
A handwritten marriage proposal.
And a prosthetic leg.
The most common thing people leave behind on planes are passports, followed by cell phones and books.

Based on a story about the weirdest things people have left on a plane…it doesn't have to be on a plane...what’s the oddest thing you've found or the oddest thing you have lost? Here are some of the texts we got:
I lost my eye down the bathroom sink drain.

Found **** beads and a huge sex toy in a drawer in a hotel room –kiana

My brother found our moms old vibrator in the garage while cleaning it out

Found a pencil box filled with "white" powder and "little bags" under a table at a bar...... Gave it back to the guy frantically looking under every table.

Bought a car from my boss and found a weed pipe in the back seat years ago.

Today's Video Blog is an intern Challenge... Our intern Nick has 60 seconds to find a stranger to do their impression of Miley's tongue performance with him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 08/27/13 "Miley Cyrus and her Tongue"
This whole Miley Cyrus VMA insanity is cracking me up… everyone is losing their minds about her performance…just looking at Facebook, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 camps…

1.The people that are appalled by it…disgusted…grossed out…etc.
2.The people that are defending her… “She’s in her 20’s…we were all dumb skanks, blah blah blah…”
3.The people that are mad that this is what people are complaining about on Facebook…when there are wars, poverty, and other big issues that should be talked about (yawn).

The last camp is my favorite…they complain that all people are talking about on FB is Miley…and they do this complaining on Facebook…basically doing the same thing that they are bitching about. 

The only thing that annoyed me is Brooke Sheilds… who played Miley's dead mother on "Hannah Montana"…she had this to say on the "Today" show:  "I was Hannah Montana's mother. I do not approve. Where did I go wrong? . . . I just want to know who's advising her, and why it's necessary? . . . [Our children] can't watch that.  I feel like it's a bit desperate.".  Ok…I hope she is joking…otherwise, does she not realize that she is not really Miley’s mother? 

The big question I have is…what’s up with her tongue?

What are some of the stupidest things we were afraid of as kids?  A recent survey was done on this very question, and here are the top results:

1.  Clowns.
2.  The dark.
3.  Kidnapping. 
4.  What's underneath the bed or in the closet.
5.  People in masks and costumes.
6.  Escalators.  Kids are sometimes afraid they'll get sucked in and eaten.

Based on a list of the 6 stupid things we were scared of as kids…what stupid thing scared you as a kid?  Here are some of the texts we got:

we had a split level and i used to think those shaved dogs from Willow would come attack me from tthe canning room downstairs. i was a 5 yr old little girl...terrified!

my girlfriend's son is terrified of the MGM lion. Won't even watch a movie if the box says MGM on it

I was afraid of Kiwis I learned when I was small that anything small and furry would bite you

It was the basement. My sister toke advantage of that once and scared the crap out of me. JJ of sumner

I was terrified of the toilet. Anything that eats #2 and drinks #1 can't be good! 25 years later I'm a plumber lol. Bryan in orting

Hey toppey!!! Steve -​ poltergeist + crazy clown under the bed = one scared little dude, I'm right there with you

I had the "my buddy" doll. I had just watched the movie Chucky and freaked when I saw my doll on my bed. My mom had to hide the doll in her closet for a long time.-​ Crystal

I'm always afraid Steve the producer is hiding in my closet

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STP's BLOG 08/26/13 "Macklemore Rocks the VMA's"
So I missed the VMA’s yesterday as I was on a plane back from Maui…fair trade off I guess…but the big news was Miley Cyrus’s performance.  Now I have gone on record to say that I am a fan of Miley…I actually dig that “We Can’t Stop” song, yet even I can not defend this performance…wow this is awful in every sense.  It honestly looked like she and the choreographers were WASTED when they came up with this performance.  When it comes to this performance…I would actually like it if she stopped.

Leave it to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to bring cred to the VMA’s…their song “Same Love” with Mary Lambert won best video with a social message!  That is awesome.  Props to them…see, you don’t need to twerk with a bear to get notoriety. 

Watching the end with Jennifer Hudson and Mary Lambert trading off on vocals made my eyes watery…that was a real cool moment.

I mentioned that I was in Hawaii….my wife and I went to Maui, and had an awesome time…hell…we even ran into and hung with BJ and his wife while there!  We all got together to go Ziplining, which was AWESOME!
 photo 70377090-2820-489E-8A34-6DB44B0D6E2E-551-000000790647481D_zps54c6053d.jpg
Check out BJ “zipping”:

 photo 9A521B8E-CA49-49DA-9640-CDFC436C5A59-551-0000007915621D23_zpsda88a222.jpg
Here is my better half kicking ass on the Zip-lines:

While in Maui, we did the Road To Hana…it’s an all day affair…but well worth it!  We left at round 9 AM, and didn’t get back to the hotel until after 6 PM…there is so much to do while on this road…hell…I even stopped to cool off:
 photo 956635B8-2861-42FE-9B40-36147D588677-551-0000007992D87884_zpsd87be6f8.jpg
The highlight was coming across a coconut ice cream place called “Coconut Glen’s” – man this was some great ice cream!
 photo F066DF91-300A-43CF-A895-6A95B902CBC2-551-00000079A44A0748_zpsc4ed333c.jpg
We had a couple busy days while in Maui,so what did we do at night? 

I do have to say that the best times were when we did nothing…this pic sums it up best…Aloha!
 photo DD185A90-4938-4894-975B-3A41921E45D1-551-00000078DFA2660F_zpsf09bcb20.jpg
Before I left for Maui, I was in LA for Summerslam….I have to give HUGE props to my bud Joe, and everyone at the WWE…they know how to do it right.  They rolled out the red carpet, and hooked us up with some awesome interviews, and an amazing experience.  I had the opportunity to speak with so many Superstars…I was in Wrestling Nirvana!  One of the coolest things happened while there…I was featured on the WWE’s website ( … they took pictures from the media day, and a moment I had with Booker T was captured….check it out!
 photo 8731E90B-C17B-4CCC-87DF-C1BD97E1CC3B-551-00000079DCFB32C2_zps0e5ef8c7.jpg
The actual Pay Per View was incredible…the crowd was rocking, the CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar match was unreal…as was the Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena match…when Aberdeens own beat Cena for the title…the place went nuts…it was too cool to be sitting (or standing) 5 rows back from the ring for that moment!

In case you haven’t seen this video…I think wrestling fans will enjoy it!   I was able to sit down with a few of the Superstars of the WWE before Summerslam. Here are some of the highlights as I chat with Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Vicky Guerrero, Jim Ross, and Booker T. Check out the full interviews, and more Superstars at  Check out the STP-CAST, where I recap my trip and air interviews:

Here is the same VLOG…

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STP's BLOG 08/15/13 "Darren Young"
So Vicky B. posted this on twitter…In three words or less, describe this pic of @Stp999!
 photo stpacidguin_zpsedc0e204.jpg
I love some of the replies:
Acid trip robbery
Fab Felon Firing
Terminator meets Shreck
studly badass mofo

Darren Young of the WWE just came out and admitted that he is gay.  Oddly enough, he made this revelation while waiting for his luggage as TMZ caught up with him…

The WWE issued a statement about Darren:

WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality, and we will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar.  Today, in fact, Darren will be participating in one of our Be A Star anti-bullying rallies in Los Angeles to teach children how to create positive environments for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

A lot of people are saying they have a new found respect for him…including me...I think it's great that he said it, and I only hope for the best for him!  Based on this…when did a celebrity do something that gave you a new found respect for them? Here are some of the texts we got:
I got respect for Jim Carrey when he came out against gun violence
I really appreciate Johnny Depp after finding out that he travels with his Captain Jack Sparrow outfit to visit children and Children's Hospital this from KC in Puyallup
I always thought Tom Cruise was a dusche until I saw him dancing as the character he played on tropic thunder.
Robert downy jr refused ironman 3 unless all the other actors got a raise
When Justin Timberlake went on SNL I had no idea he was so damn funny. I figured he was just a boy band douche. Melder from Bonney Lake
Russle Wilson! Every Tuesday him and his wife go to the hospital to visit sick kids. Respect go hawks!!!!!! Karl from your mommas house
When I learned that Tom Cruise stopped when he saw someone hit by a car then accompanied them to the hospital and paid their bill. –Bjorn
Have a newfound respect for Mel Gibson after he told his gold digging wife to f off

Speaking of the WWE, I am beyond excited as I am getting to go to Summerslam this weekend in LA!  There are so many great matches on the Pay Per View…it’s going to be awesome.  The highlight will be seeing CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, and I am extremely excited to see John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan!  If you missed their last promo for this match…watch this, it’s the best Cena has been on the mic in a long time…and Daniel Bryan delivers big time!

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STP's BLOG 08/14/13 "Time Waster"
According to a new study of 2,000 people, the average person spends an hour of work each day on personal stuff . . . or just wasting time online. Each day, the average worker does NINE different non-work-related tasks.
1.  Checking personal emails
2.  Reading news sites
3.  Checking the weather
4.  Logging on to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
5.  Online banking
6.  Paying bills
7.  Planning vacations
8.  Shopping for clothes online
9.  Calling friends
Based on this…what do you do that is a time waster at work?  Here are some of the texts we got….
Spend a lot of time on a website called StumbleUpon. You pick things that interest you and press the stumble bottun and it takes you to random pages it suggests you like. Alot of wasted time on there.

Fantasy football & texting your show.

I play candy crush saga

Sit in the bathroom and mess with my phone or watch Netflix Mr. Norris Shelton, WA
Listen to this show, total waste of time.

My fiancé plans our wedding at work. Wastes at least an hour a day I'm sure.
My time waster: at lunch I go play basketball at the Y. By the time I'm done playing and showered I figured I'd wasted about two hours

The chive best place on the wrb

I'm wasting time I work right now listening to the radio staring out the window

Today's video blog is all about our evening at the Rainforest Café in Chicago.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 08/13/13 "Volcano!"
Yesterday I wrote a lot about our trip to the Windy City, but I forgot to share this gem….if you were ever on the fence about going to the Rainforest Café…let this be the final motivator:

In an interview with “Vogue” Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence says she always knew she'd be famous, "Ever since I was really little, I always had a very normal idea of what I wanted.
"I always knew that I was going to be famous.  I used to lie in bed and wonder, 'Am I going to be a local TV person?  Am I going to be a motivational speaker?'  It wasn't a vision.  But as it's kind of happening, you have this buried understanding."
Based on this, finish this sentence: “I always knew I was going to do _____.”  What was something that you wanted to do, and are you doing it? Here are the texts we got:

Two chicks at the same time
I always knew I would fly helicopters. I was the kid looking up at the sky during t-ball games. Today I'm a flight instructor at a local flight school. Come fly with me fellas! And Vicky ;)
I always knew I'd be a Soldier. When I was a kid, I'd eat standing up at tables or camped out in the yard. My grandmother would yell at me, "Sit down! What are you? Some kind of GI?" Now I am.
I always knew I would write stories and scripts. Just got a movie deal with dream works.- June from Olympia
I've always known I'd do my highschool crush. 10 years after, finally got him. Been together a year and a half now :)
I always knew I'd go to prison and I did-thanks Ben

Today's Video Blog pretty much sums up our trip to Chicago...from the eyes of our very own Topshelf.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 08/12/13 "Chicago Likes To Party"
We are back from our radio convention in Chicago…and I have one thing to say about the Windy City… Chicago likes to party!

 photo 394464B9-E8B6-44CA-9697-489D7E83CA13-7536-0000040A828799D0_zpsa3e1d8da.jpg
Sorry for burning your eyes for this picture…you are probably wondering who that is?  No, it’s not Mr. Chow or even a fellow radio personality showing us their top notch bit they do in their city.  While in Chicago, Vicky…Hot Kyle…Mono Nick…and I were walking the streets after going to Wrigley Field.  While walking  we heard music outside, and decided to check it out….we ended up in Market Days, which was a big Gay Pride festival of sorts.  What an AWESOME time we had at Warket Days.  They had some great food, you could drink in the streets, and some fun music as well.  One of the bands we saw was called “Slap Happy” – they are a cover band, and any band that covers Britney Spears as their singer rocks a Misfits shirt is OK with me!

Like I said, we were at Wrigley Field…there wasn’t a Cubs game, but former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood was having a charity waffle ball game called “Whiffle for a Diffle” – and there were some big celebs there – Bill Murray, CM Punk, Matthew Perry, and more.  It was awesome to check out such a historic ball park!
 photo 59FD3433-9C08-4C1C-B929-2091248A43BB-7536-0000040B0792F72A_zpsb1706a1b.jpg
 photo 261A8B20-9DD8-4AE1-8709-A0DD683766B2-7536-0000040AEC6F7D43_zpsc1e0174a.jpg
Huge thanks to former WWE Diva Lisa Marie (she went by Victoria in the WWE and as Tara in TNA) for hipping us to this charity event, as she was there too! 
Lisa Marie was the true highlight of our trip for me…why?  We got to hang out with her for 2 of the days there.  Lisa owns an awesome restaurant/bar called “The Squared Circle” in Chicago…and yes, it’s a wrestling themed joint!  When we got there, they were showing Smackdown on the TV’s, and there was some really cool wrestling memorabilia on the walls. 

 photo E8FCB230-0FCD-4442-A4F3-40DF29F85889-7536-0000040B5C5816B2_zpscac5754a.jpg
While we were waiting for a table, Lisa comes in and was beyond friendly to everyone there!  She wound up sitting with us and chatted wrestling and comic books for about a half hour…to call her a class act wouldn’t even come close to how great she is. 
 photo 04033016-3F49-48C0-B5E2-E94B31DB904C-7536-0000040B1F5C083A_zpsc9c30485.jpg
Thanks to our bud Paulie from the Brother Wease show in Rochester NY for hanging with us…a great guy from a great show.  Now how was the food?  Unreal.  The burgers were amazing…as was the fries.  We didn’t get the pizza, but we hear it’s awesome too.  Check out Toppy’s burger… The Disturbed Burger: Monterey Jack stuffed & topped, fried bologna, pepper jack potato bites, & JR’s BBQ mustard!

 photo did_zps45e6fb50.jpg
Even if you aren’t a fan of wrestling, you HAVE toi check out The Squared Circle.  It was an awesome dining experience.  Follow them on twitter:  @theSQDcircle  Hell, while we were there, Lisa gave a shout out to the wrasslin’ fans in Seattle!

The actual radio convention was great, we learned a lot…and as a staff, we had some great opportunities to bond…
 photo 41138D23-C3C4-4D84-98CB-EE3C53206B36-7536-0000040BBD85E39D_zps762933c8.jpg
Another great bonding experience was going to the Rainforest Café…now many wonder why we would go there when there are so many Chicago based places we should eat at…my answer can be summed up in three pictures:
 photo 80BD03CE-94FA-47D7-A158-40AD395D871A-7536-0000040A3E15684C_zps279d89ae.jpg
 photo ADEB5027-ED91-41D8-B1C5-E7644961F71D-7536-0000040A5A5B50FA_zps44fc3812.jpg
 photo EF82767B-42D3-4BDB-B33D-98404CDAA76C-8282-000004C00B325317_zps0f31e7ee.jpg
There are so many other great moments, but I’m writing a novel here...all I can say is…Chicago likes to party. 
 photo 394464B9-E8B6-44CA-9697-489D7E83CA13-7536-0000040A828799D0_zpsa3e1d8da.jpg

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STP's BLOG 08/06/13 "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
Do you like your neighbor?  Hell…not all of us can have an awesome neighbor like the guy that was a viral hit a few months back –Charles Ramsey -- the Cleveland man who helped rescue three women missing for nearly a decade…the dude whose interview led to this great song:

I bring this up because according to a new survey, 60% of people say they don't get along with at least one of their neighbors.  30% have problems with at least two of them.  Here's a list of the top 10 reasons WHY people have beef with their neighbors . . .
1.  They block your driveway.
2.  They park in your spot.
3.  Their dog barks all day.
4.  Their garden or lawn is a mess.
5.  You can hear them swearing outside.
6.  They're always fighting.
7.  They have too many late night parties.
8.  Their pets do their business on your lawn.
9.  Their children are always screaming outside.
10.  You can't be bothered to get to know them.
On Friday night, a New Hampshire state trooper pulled over a 28-year-old woman doing 82 miles-an-hour in a 65.  She told him she was rushing to see her dying father in the hospital, so he let her go.  But when he checked her info later, he found her father actually died in 2008.  On Sunday, he tracked her down, and she's facing charges for driving with suspended registration and speeding.

Based on this…it doesn’t have to be for a speeding ticket…when have you made up a ridiculous lie to get out of something? Here are the texts we got:
Told my wife for years I've had Strange cold to cover up coke habit

Blamed hickies on a panda

I for out of a ticket telling then I had to poop

I faked a heart attack to get out of service meeting

Told my wife I was allergic to latex

I once told a nasty broad that I was having a herpes flare up cause she wouldn't take the hint that I didn't want to bone

I used to fake having cramps every time my teacher wanted me to run the mile my senior year. It always works!

Today's video blog features Walking Papers performing yesterday morning.  They played "Leave Me In The Dark" -- featured on their amazing debut CD which is in stores now!  Walking Papers features  Jeff Angell & Benjamin Anderson (Missionary Position), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees), and Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded).

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 08/05/13 "Spring Breakers"
So I tried to watch a movie this weekend that has the same honor that Movie 43 had in our household – as we turned it off because it was so damn bad…in fact, here is my video review of the film…

What movie is it?  Spring Breakers.  Even James Franco couldn’t save this movie…awful acting…and the way they filmed it was just plain annoying.  I’d say watch it so you understand what I mean, but that would cost you money and I don’t think you should spend a nickel on this film, let alone $5.99 to rent it.
After we turned off that pile of a movie…we rented Jack Reacher.  That movie was…to paraphrase our former Intern Cole…AWESOME!  I know Tom Cruise is nuts, but if you put him in an action film, I’m watching it!
Huge props to my wife as she ran another half marathon this weekend…it was the Tacoma Narrows Half marathon, and Lulu & I were there to show support…
 photo 90057827-6A19-4162-AAE5-F6FB965F333F-7641-000005D65AE0BD31_zps65dbe9cd.jpg
 photo 2ECE9ED5-360F-4683-A185-A530180EABFB-7641-000005D663028334_zps15cde709.jpg
Now she has 2 medals…more on the way!
 photo A3864773-95D7-49A5-9838-B13CA46911D4-7641-000005D67BCFFE3D_zps8edcca50.jpg
MILEY CYRUS has been voted the Most Cheat-Worthy Celebrity by the guys who use . . . a website that hooks up people who are looking to have AFFAIRS.  Miley took 18.6% of the vote, followed by MILA KUNIS with 12.4%. Miley is 20 years old . . . and the average age of Ashley Madison users is 44.
Here's the Top 10 . . .

1.  Miley Cyrus,  18.6%
2.  Mila Kunis,  12.4%
3.  Jennifer Lawrence,  11.6%
4.  Sofia Vergara,  9.4%
5.  Beyoncé,  8.1%
6.  Rihanna,  7.5%
7.  Katy Perry,  5.2%
8.  Katie Couric,  3.8%
9.  Jessica Biel,  3.2%
10.  Kate Upton,  2.2%

Miley Cyrus is the celebrity most guys would cheat with…based on this…finish this sentence:  “The celebrity I would cheat with is _____”
I would cheat with shakira instantly
I'd definitely do Taylor Swift
Betty White Oh baby!
The celebrity I would cheat with would be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I'd climb him like a tree. Yum.
Ive got a pretty serious man crush on Hugh Jackman. My fiance says thats okay, does that count as cheating?
I'd cheat with Christina Applegate
WWE diva a.j just crazy hot emphasize crazy
Hands down.....Jack White
Anna Kendrick gotta love that red hair. Hopefully the carpet…
I'm pretty sure if Selma Hayak whispered in my ear, I wouldn't be far behind and definitely have some explaining to do later.
Hey bj. What do you guys think about Courtney Love? You said you like skanky! Haha!
David Tennant, hands down. –Erin
Ben aflick steve the producer
I would for sure go with vicki barsoloni!

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STP's BLOG 08/02/13 "Music Have An Effect On You?"
Sometimes we have the oddest conversations at work…

Yesterday we talked about a 45-year-old guy in Toronto with a rare condition called synesthesia from having a stroke six years ago.  With this condition, one stimulation triggers another unrelated area of your brain.  So for this guy, when he hears the "James Bond" theme, he feels, quote, "ORGASMIC." As we were talking about this, I shared that the Rocky theme has a powerful effect on me…and then we received a bunch of texts about this…here are a couple:

First two drum beats of Alice In Chains “Man In The Box”. The hair starts flowin.

“Mother” by Danzig gets me speeding tickets

Pink Floyd makes me wanna have sex with my ex. -- Liz

What about you? Whether it be good or bad…what is that one song that has a powerful effect on you? Here are some of the texts we got…

Speeding ticket, hell yes! Thunder Kiss 69! My Bronco has the 351 in it with duel glass packs. I drop it down a gear and drive it like its stolen until the end of that song whenever it's on!!!

Offspring bad habit yeah I go there

Im epileptic and the intro to muses hysteria makes me have a mild seizure... Love it!
The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme song! Wonderful childhood memories, that shredding guitar gets me pumped like Steve and his Rocky theme.

Jimi Hendricks voodoo child... makes me want to have sex instantly.

Simple Man remade by Shinedown. Makes me cry every time. I have two small boys. –​Jessika

Down with the sickness, just amps me up to the point of wanting to just go balls to the wall, My first mosh pit was at this concert, been hooked ever since.

I get super pumped when I hear any of the two versions of Crown of Thorns.

Nothing like watching a garbage truck driver fist pumping while dumping cans. Chris.
Cowboys from hell makes me drive like I'm in a Indy 500 race

18th floor balcony by blue October. Describes my wife and i relationship from meeting to marriage. Was our wedding song.

My oh my by macklemore. Reminds me of listening to baseball with my grandfather. Tears me up every time.

Today's Video Blog features Toppy showing off what song gets him PUMPED!

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STP's BLOG 08/01/13 "Orting Trail Rules"
Had a great day yesterday afternoon ass my wife, my pup, and I went to the Orting Trail.  Shockingly the trail is in Orting!  I just dig that area!
 photo 49447178-65BE-48EF-B71F-31D6B0A5D385-1386-000000F83496F7F5_zpsbe553410.jpg
 photo 9D5F680D-F2A4-43F2-AB5E-FE6D3F3DE212-1386-000000F84B8175F5_zps8d9a1836.jpg
The other day my beer league hockey team got together to skate, and took some pix…here I am facing rubber…
 photo B1366D28-0F8C-4FC3-A997-A5337EFFBF6B-1386-000000F841291327_zps015f3797.jpg
There was a discussion the other day on about the SUBTLE relationship red flags that people always overlook.  Here are some of the top Red Flags…
1.  The other person uses ultimatums to get their way instead of compromising.

2.  They don't want you to be friends with their friends.

3.  Your friends and family HATE them. 

4.  They put you on a pedestal.  It's great at first, but it means they're not seeing the REAL you, just an idealized version . . . so the only place to go is down.

5.  When you start to have more bad days together than good days. 

6.  They always have generic or bad excuses for why they don't call, or text, or come by when you're expecting. 

7.  They talk about how all of their exes are crazy.  If someone thinks everyone ELSE is crazy, THEY might be the crazy one.
Based on this list of relationship red flags, what about you?  What was the red flag that made you realize the relationship needed to end?  Here are some of the texts we got:
When I found him @ the bar @ 12pm & he told me he was going to his parents

The red flag that pushed it over the edge was when she didn't even trust me around my own sister. Called the cops to come see what we were doing at my parents.

My wife got knocked up while I was deployed in Iraq

One was married One was a drug dealer One was TERRIBLE in bed

When my ex wife told me its her or my kid...needless to say we are divorced now

My red flag was that she was constantly on her phone, but would never show me what she was doing. I didn't mind at first, but she kept doing this until it got to be a problem. Turns out she was cheating on me. :-P

When she got pregnant 4 years after I got fixed Casey in Lacey

When we were together it was buzzed or drunk. Then when I spent time with her sober we had nothing in common so I ended it

When my boyfriend of 6 years grabbed the wheel while I was driving and caused us to drive off tge road and crash 40 feer into the Washougal river.

Today's Video Blog features Topshelf at Pacific Raceways!  Toppy got to ride in an 8-second Super Comp Dragster!  Don’t forget…join Toppy this Sunday (8/4) from 11 to 1 pm for the 26th Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceways.  Get more info at

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