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STP's BLOG 09/30/13 "Breaking Bad + Hawks = Intense"
Holy smokes what a great weekend!  Lets start with Friday.  Friday night all of us from KISW went to Fremont for a party with the Rock-A-Holics to sample Workers No. 9 Vodka at Fremont Mischief Distillery.  Great drinks, fun times, and then as I am walking around…who did I run into?  Check it out:
 photo FCF3D0AD-A767-460A-AC5B-9DE8DD2583FE-692-00000107188E17BF_zpsfa2c50f3.jpg
Yes, that’s Jason Newsted…former bassist of Metallica!  Jason has a new record out with his band Newsted called “Heavy Metal Music”, and it seriously rocks.  I love the disc.  Jason was in town to do an interview with The Men’s Room Friday afternoon, and then a very cool Q & A at Silver Platters…oh, he also co-hosted Metal Shop with Kevin & Ian Saturday night…how awesome is that!
 photo newsted1_zps8553610e.jpg  photo newsted2_zps835f03cd.jpg  photo newsted3_zps947481d6.jpg

Saturday I had a great night with the family, and watched the Huskies dominate with their sick new helmets…how awesome is Bishop Sankey by the way?
 photo 0ACD456C-3F33-43B7-9C81-90CCC689658E-692-000001070175F815_zpsc123feb4.jpg
Sunday was an intense day…I don’t know which was more intense, the series finale of Breaking Bad, or the Hawks game? Ok…the answer is simple, even though Breaking Bad was amazing…the Hawks game had my heart pounding out of my chest!  Awesome win…to rally from a 20-3 deficit to win in OT 23 to 20…wow wow wow.  Even Lulu was in shock!
 photo EB6B6918-CD9A-40CF-898D-6C60195FDCE1-692-00000106F0F6A482_zpsb86b9f56.jpg
Speaking of Breaking Bad…if you listened to our show on Friday, I mentioned how I was going to watch the finale, even though I have only seen the first 2 episodes of season 1.  Well I did it, thankfully a listener named Greg for sending this video to me as it helped get me up to speed in 8 minutes haha

So I watched the finale, and I think my tweets summed it up best:
 photo breaktweet_zpsac3ffa55.jpg

On Friday we were at our Workers No. 9 party at Fremont Mischief Distillery, and Jason Newsted (formerly of Metallica) was hanging with us!  The STP-CAST caught up with Jason while there to chat about his awesome new CD "Heavy Metal Music". His new band is called Newsted.

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people

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STP's BLOG 09/27/13 "Hash Tag Go Hawks"
It’s Blue Friday yo!  Go Hawks!
 photo bluefriday_zps8d6cde62.jpg
If this was Twitter or Instagram, I would say #GoHawks, because…well…that’s what the kids do these days. 
Speaking of Hash Tags, have you seen that bit that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did?  It’s hilarious…and spot on!

While we are gaterered around the internet equivalent of the Tee Vee…have you seen the short film that was made for Pearl Jam’s new record “Lighning Bolt”?  The record is out in a few weeks, and I am so pumped for this record, I think it’s going to be a great one!

We were talking about their song Sirens this morning, and I was telling BJ how this song is quickly becoming one of my all time fave PJ songs…it’s so good!  One texter even brought up a great observation…

STP, Sirens reminds me of Mother Love Bone ... which is a good thing!

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STP's BLOG 09/26/13 "Pimpin' Baboon"
This is the video of the day…Earlier this month, a reporter named Sabrina Rodriguez was reporting live from a wine and music festival in Northern California . . . and for some reason she was standing with a baboon named Mickey.  Then a few seconds into the report, Mickey decided to fully cup Sabrina's right BREAST . . . and hung on for a solid 15 seconds with a huge baboon SMILE on his face.

No…that baboon is not a fan of grapes…he’s a fan of melons!  Waka Waka!
For some reason the guys think I look like that baboon when he smiles…I don’t see it, but OK.
 photo baboon_zps1268fe3b.jpg
Crazy things seem to happen to reports when it involves grapes…lets never forget this classic moment:

I got this message from a fellow Rock-A-Holic named Steve…please check it out and support the cause!

Please, Please, Pleazzzzze Promote that we are sponsoring a Block party this Saturday to raise the funds for a remodel of the Tom Schuster Memorial Park..  All vendors welcome, admission is Donations Only. This Saturday starting at 10 Am, McKinley Ave East and E. Harrison Street, Tacoma

This morning we got talking about that time we recorded “God Bless America” with Jonathan Jayne.  Jonathan was the cast off on American Idol that’s from here that the judges were super douches too back in the day, and we got to know and love the kid…and his big dream was to sing/record “God Bless America”,  so Thrill and I gathered some of our friends and we went in a studio (Orbit Studios) to record it:

According to a new survey from Canada, 47% of people say they're currently, quote, "LIVING THE DREAM" at their job.  That's almost half of people who are working at their dream job. 65% of people say they look forward to going into the office each day.

Almost half of people say they're currently "living the dream" at work…is this you?  If not, what would it take for you to be “living the dream” at work? Here are some of the texts we got:

I'm living the dream because I get to drive around all day and listen to you on KISW. Thanks a lot guys you rock

I'm living the dream! You know, because nightmares are dreams too.

I love my job I work as a vet tech 3 to 4 long days a week. Dream job would need to be closer home with a better boss.

I'm living the dream currently at the age of 23. I am a chef and own a very successful restaurant business.

My dream job is to be professional fighter, my debut is in November. Next step is to make enough to not have to work at the same time

Nope. I like to stay busy but this is not my dream job. My dream job would be to own a gaming store. Tabletop and video that had a bar and a stripper pole Cajun

If waking up and cold calling is a dream job then yes I'm in heaven. As great as it is to get hung up on, I would turn around and go back home today if I could

I work at Nintendo in the video game testing department and for me Monday is the best day of the week. I love my job.

I love my job! I'm a baker and go to culinary school for baking. I get to spend all my time in a kitchen, covered in flour. Its awesome!

I get to fix other peoples $100,000 cars for a living.. It's pretty sweet

Dream job - general manager for the seahawks

I a police officer and it's the best job in the world.

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STP's BLOG 09/25/13 "Diamond Dallas Page -- DDP Yoga!"
Uh oh…looks like Burbank is catching up to us kids…we are practically neck and neck in the race for best Podcast. 

 photo vote_zpsd7f8c3fd.jpg
I need your help…lets blow this wide open…let’s get the killer instinct…lets…uh…insert sports rally call here.  Just vote!  Be sure to post a comment on that page as that helps in the voting so I hear.  I encourage you to be creative with your comments…like this one comment from Amanda:
From inspiring messages about staying positive to dong races, this podcast is just plain awesome!
Or this comment from  Geological C. 4 days ago:
JPM for life! Didn't know Toppy loved Shemale porn so much!
You can VOTE here:
Speaking of the STPCAST…check out this weeks, as we talk to wrestling great Diamond Dallas Page!  Dallas ischanging people’s lives these days with his DDP Yoga…get more info at , and listen to the interview here:

We talk about this video in the interview…check it out, and good luck having a dry eye by the end of this video!

I have decided to do DDP Yoga, I got the videos yesterday and started it up once I got home, and I have to say…damn it was a great workout.  I felt great after doing it, and I look forward to doing it when I get home today.  I am sure I will blog more about it in the very near future, plus Dallas said he will join us again in a month to check in!
 photo B5798971-33AA-41CB-99F0-0FE6A6551774-3401-0000045A8F5E8C48_zps6a711c52.jpg
Thanks to DDP Yoga for retweeting us as well...I was stoked to see that!
 photo tweetddp_zps83410b3c.jpg
"Life & Style" magazine shared an interesting story about Gwyneth Paltrow when she’s at the gym.  A source says, "Before she showers she makes someone go into the stall and wipe the entire shower dry.  She refuses to touch what she calls 'somebody else's shower water.'" That's not all . . . "She also refuses to use toilet paper that anyone has touched and demands an unopened package."  Gwyneth's rep says none of this is true.

Now that is an odd quirk…so what about you?  Based on this, what is your odd quirk? Here are some of the texts we got:

Have to use half a roll of tp on the toilet seat before I even get close to that thing...
My odd quirk is I can't have my windshield wipers on automatic or I have count the seconds till the next wipe. It drives me insane. So I just let my windshield get to the point where I can't see then let the wipers do the magic. Brad
I have to blow my nose with baby wipes nothing else.
I will only order customized food at fast food restaurants to make sure it didn't sit under a heat lamp.
My fiancé quirk is a hat on the bed. If I leave a hat on the bed she freaks. I've learned don't do it!!! Michael in Redmond
This was actually my ex and it was so weird but whenever he scratched "himself" he smelled his fingers.
I cannot eat meat that's on the bone. I have to strip everything off of the bone and then eat it. Wings are a no go on all occasions.
I check my computer three times to make sure I cleared the porn history

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STP's BLOG 09/24/13 "Breaking Bad Finale"
So there is all this crazy talk about Breaking Bad.  I guess it’s a popular show.  Hell, if you heard BJ this morning you learned that there are three monumental moments in life you can’t miss:  Your wedding, the birth of your child, and the series finale of Breaking Bad this Sunday. I’m sold…I’m going to watch it.  I have only watched 2 episodes of the show, the very first two, so I sure hope they give a good re-cap before it airs.  I think I will live Tweet while watching it, I’m sure my tweets will look like this:

I have no idea what’s going on.  Who is that guy? #BreakingBadFinale

My brother found an old pic of me…how sick do I look in this shirt? 
 photo CEF937BD-8E08-48E3-888D-6B25A962AE46-2420-0000035CAFE3BE03_zps363794cb.jpg
Honestly I would rock that shirt if it was an XL! 

Speaking of sizes…can we push for a new law that says all clothing manufactures need to have their clothes sized the exact same?  Over the weekend my wife and I went to The Rack, and I found 2 shirts that were pretty cool (not as cool as the shirt above, but what is?)…one was slightly too tight and was an XL, and the other was a Large…and it was too loose?  I deal with the same crap with shoes…one brand I am a size 13 (that’s right ladies!  Waka Waka), and another pair I am a size 11.  This is stupid.  C’mon politicians, this needs to be addressed.  I can’t order crap online…don’t even get me going on pant sizes.

President Barack Obama says he hasn't had a cigarette in years – thanks to first lady Michelle Obama. Obama was chatting with a guy about this, and he said that he does not smoke anymore because,  “I'm scared of my wife." 

Based on this…we all have to quit stuff because our significant other wants us to, so what about you?  What did your significant other make you quit? Here are some of the texts we got:

I stopped talking to the guys I've had some sort of romantic interest in or relationship in the past with because my boyfriend is jealous of them.

Gave up job being bartender at strip club... Was making 1000+ a week in the early 80s

Stopped drinking and smoking when my girl got a DUI.

I quit having sex with other women because she wante to spend more time together
I stopped saying 'for reals' because it drove my husband nuts

My wife quickly put the kibosh on the bikini coffee stands when she saw my bank statement. Use cash!!!

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STP's BLOG 09/23/13 "Doug Baldwin's Sick Catch!"
Go Hawks!  What an awesome win yesterday!  Big thanks to Doug Baldwin for joining us on the show…did you see that sick catch he made…with one hand?  You could give me 6 or 7 hands…while also being weird, I wouldn’t have been able to catch that pass!  Check it out:

Here is a link to a higher quality video of the catch:

Also, Doug has a fun show on You Tube called The Fresh Files…check out the latest episode:

I wanted to share this as I think it’s an awesome story.  My buddy Jeff Angell is the frontman of Walking Papers (the band that features Duff McKagan, and Barrett Martin).  He posted this on his Facebook page, and as a fellow musician (ok…fin…I’m a drummer not a musician Waka Waka)…I read this with as much enthusiasm as he probably had when writing this:

So today was the last day of the Uproar tour. It was a fantastic experience. I made some new friends, melted many faces, saw some new places and learned all sorts of things about parking lots.

When I was a kid there were a handful of bands that had a huge impact on me musically. Three of those bands would be Guns n Roses, Jane's Addiction and Alice in Chains. To be on tour with Duff in our band and opening side shows with Jane's was already mind numbing. But wait, there's more!

I saw Alice in Chains play their second show at the Renton Musician Hall when they were still called Diamond Lie. I immediately went home and started writing songs of my own. I was young enough to draw pictures of them on my book covers in junior high school and I started planning my weekends around getting from Tacoma to Seattle to see them play. On one such expedition I saw them at The Kent Skate King along with Mother Love Bone, War Babies and Tramp Alley. I was still an awkward teenager and didn't quite know how to fit in but I was meant to be there. I was at the show when they changed there name to Alice in Chains from Diamond Lie and I saw them perform both "I Can't Remember" and "Sea of Sorrow" for the first time anywhere.

I have to say Alice in Chains made rock n roll tangible for me.

I was at the Moore Theater for the Seattle Music Awards where they played another song for its first time. It was "Rooster."

Today, the last day of the tour I was invited by Jerry Cantrell to perform "Rooster" on stage with them in front of thousands of people and I was about as happy as a tornado in a trailer park! I felt like I was a beneficiary of the make a wish foundation or something. Hell I also sang Man in the box with their techs during sound check.

Alice in Chains was kind enough to bring us out on this tour and what an exclamation point to put on the end of the 5 weeks we've done together!

After all they've endured as a band and as people, they came out the other end a monstrous band as well as considerate characters and today I was again blessed by there generosity! What a day! Here is a photo of my warming up on one of Jerry's older guitars.

I also saw them perform

 photo jeff_zps467cdc5c.jpg

What a great story, and I am so happy to see all the success that Jeff is getting with Walking Papers, if you haven't picked up their record so, it's an awesome album.

Ellen Degeneres is the Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood, according to a recent survey. Ellen got 35.1% of the vote, followed by Jennifer Lawrence with 17.7% and Emma Stone with 13.4%. Rounding out the Top 5 were Jennifer Hudson with 12.5% and Zooey Deschanel with 8.5%.

I 100% agree with this, as this morning both Toppy & I had to come clean with our love for Ellen.  One day she somehow came up during a conversation off air, and both of our wives watch the show, and when it’s on we both watch it and like it.
Within minutes of admitting to this, look at what someone Tweeted us…Too Funny!
 photo ellentweet_zps6b94128a.jpg

Based on this…finish this sentence… “I know I shouldn’t like _____, but I do!” Here are the texts we got:

My little pony. Helps to have a girlfriend who has loved it since childhood.

As a dude i know i shouldnt like jt (justin timberlake). But after some of his movies and his snl skits i have to give him mad props!

Shows on the CW.. So mindless, but I love Them! Arrow, Heart of Dixie, Vampire Diaries! So many hotties, too!

Lionel ritchie. Tyler. Olympia

My finance (guy) secretly watches teen mom when I'm gone!

STP, I an and 250lb tattooed Army Vet, bad to the bone ass kicker, and I love Ellen too. Lol

I know I shouldn't like cocaine, but I just can't get enough of it!

Dancing with the stars... It's not just for girls anymore. Sexy

Stp and toppy, I'm with ya on Ellen. She's amazing. I know i shouldn't like her, but Adele has a special place in my playlist. Amazing voice, so much passion in her music, and defies the stereotype in Hollywood.

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STP's BLOG 09/20/13 "Showing Love For #25 - Go Hawks"
It’s Blue Friday… Go Hawks!  Granted this is not blue…but I figured based on his performance last week against the 49’ers, this shirt was appropriate!
 photo stpshermanshirt_zps789299ae.jpg
I got the shirt at his website:
As you have probably heard…the STP-Cast, the podcast that I do with Topshelf, The Rev, and Mono-Nick is up for best podcast in King 5’s Best Of Western Washington.  We are currently #1…but there is still time for us to lose, so please keep voting!
Also, be sure to leave a comment when you vote…there are some funny comments on there!  Like this one:

Tails of dong races, vacation stories, insider scoop to the bj shea show, interviews with wrestlers, porn stars, and if they have time they have time they will read your emails texts and voicemails. If you send naughty pics from the internets, they will think you are real and worship you. grant fdub
Some have asked why I end the podcast saying “Stay Positive” – it’s inspired by the music we play to close the show as well…a song by The Hold Steady called “Stay Positive” – I love this song, it inspired me, yes…I know that sounds a little to “new age”, but whatever!

Speaking of inspiring, next week on the STPCAST, Diamond Dallas Page will be on to chat about DDP Yoga.  I am actually going to do the Yoga once the DVD’s arrive.  Check it out at -- I watched this video this morning, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have watery eyes.  What Dallas is doing is unreal…he’s changing people's lives and I have nothing but love for him.

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STP's BLOG 09/19/13 "New Pearl Jam - Sirens"
Pearl Jam has a new CD coming out on October 15th…I’m already beyond excited for this record because, A. The first song I heard off of it, “Mind Your Manners”, is awesome, and B.  it’s Effing Pearl Jam – they never disappoint!  Well now I have another reason to be excited, they just released a new video for another song off the disc…it’s called Sirens, and….wow.  Just wow.  That’s all I can say.  This song stopped me in my tracks this morning…I wound up listening to it multiple times…I got hit with massive goose bumps when Mike McCready kicked into his guitar solo …check out the video:

In case you haven’t seen the video for “Mind Your Manners”, here it is:

Stone Temple Pilots also released a new song, and I’m loving this song too.  It features Chester from Linkin Park on it as well…titled, “Black Heart”, it will be a part of the band’s forthcoming five song High Rise EP, due out October 8th.  This song has a Tiny Music vibe to it…

Last night all of us were in Puyallup…we were at an industry party at the Loose Wheel in Puyallup, and had an awesome time drinking Workers No. 9 vodka!
 photo work_zps8401d574.jpg
Be sure to join all of us next Friday (9/27) at Fremont Mischief Distillery in Fremont from 6 – 8pm for a Workers No. 9 Party. 
Before we went to the party we got dinner at Trappers!  We ate like champs…it was AWESOME!
 photo trap_zps9acefd7c.jpg
Toppy even tried sushi for the first time…check him out eating my roll:

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STP's BLOG 09/18/13 "Forty Whiner?"
This is awesome…some lady was not happy with the 12th Man at the Hawks game against the 49ers…to the point that she wrote an editorial in the SFGATE – a newspaper in San Fran…check it out:
 photo BC919174-EAAA-4923-B6A9-3B0056D8AE2D-436-000000995FA7B3A5_zps392499eb.jpg
I read this during my sports report this morning (while playing sad Hulk music under it, as she seems like a sad human being), and I love the texts we got…from both hawks fans, and 49ers fans….
Just goes to show they deserve the name forty whiners
Being a ravens fan I love the Seahawks stadium. Is this representative of women and football or sissy San Francisco sports fans?
Im a 49er fan living here at Seattle and I respect the Seahawks and specially the stadium. I drive my van with my 49er hardhat specially driving around
I'm a 49ers fan, from WA she needs to shut the hell up...
I feel bad for Judy's husband. Go hawks!
San Fran 49ers page on Facebook has 6800+ fan likes. Seattle SEAHAWKS have 930,000+ fan likes. End of story
Hey guys I'm a die hard 9ers and I disagree witg that judy bitch fuck you judy!!!! Go 9ers!!!!
She sounds like a politician
Judy is a.k.a. Jim Harbaugh
***** OFF, JUDY!!!!!!!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!
Judy sounds like a 49ers whiner

Speaking of texts…I got this one today:

How bout a new selfie today STP? From your south hill meter reader Kory The Meter Reader! Lol

Ask and you shall receive…another Silly Girl FB post for you… “The Duckface Yolo Selfie”:

 photo 2725A1B7-A4E9-446B-B267-329AA0F9C6B6-436-0000009A346E8A74_zpsc6e86ee8.jpg
When Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux moved in together, she wouldn't let him display his STD ARTWORK.  He says, "I have these beautiful wax-museum pieces, handmade, from the 1800s, from a museum of curiosities. "They're just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever . . . They weren't going to be above the fireplace anytime soon." Justin didn't get rid of them altogether though.  They're in his office in L.A.
Jennifer Aniston won’t let Justin Theroux display his "STD Art" in their house, based on this… finish this sentence: “When we moved in together…My significant other wouldn’t let me keep _____.”  Or…what is something that you wish your significant other would get rid of, but won’t?
Wish my wife would get rid of and stop sleepin with her teddy bear shes 29
I wish my wife would have thrown out her umbilical cord when we moved in 14YEARS AGO. It's caused so many problems.
When I moved into an apartment with my girlfriend, I told her she could bring 1 cat, she brought 4.....whole place stunk like cat piss
When my girlfriend and I moved in together she wouldn't let me keep my collection of awesome neon bar light's I had hanging in my old house.
My significant other wants me to get rid of the beard. Sorry babe.. BEARD>BASEBALL>WORK A man has priorities. Rock on fellas. Keep on the up and up! Jon in Monroe.
My significant other at the time made me get rid of all my horror movie posters. She said they were creepy and childish. We were 21 and 19, at the time, TJ
I WISH my boyfriend would get rid of his gas mask that he wears. It's cool, and matches his gothic look, but when I'm out with him and he's wearing it, it's more attention than I would like.
All my sports memorabilia I had to take down. She says it looks to much like a bachelor pad. I now have to put it up in my garage. –sparky
I had 6'x10' appetite for destruction banner from GnR in my bedroom. Gone within the first 3 months of dating but we have been together 20 years. QPI Jason

Ever wonder what do while songs are playing?  We jam…of course!

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STP's BLOG 09/17/13 "Silly Girl Selfies"
This morning we were talking about Facebook, and how I want to mimic all of those stereotypical “silly girl poses” where they are fishing for the “you are so pretty” comments…so here is my first effort…I call it the “Look at my butt selfie”:

 photo 3A27269D-3C6F-4BA8-B422-A6174F3BDB07-42541-00001B69975C5087_zpsc5a0b255.jpg
I love the comments I got….

 photo comments_zps8cbdd817.jpg
I’m sure these pix are one of the things that women hate that other women do…and we came across a great online discussion on Reddit about the things men do that make other men angry.  Here are some of them:
1.  Suddenly turning into a stereotypical alpha male as soon as women are around.
2.  Blocking another guy when he's successfully talking to a woman.  I think we all know what the REAL term for this is.
3.  Hitting on someone else's girlfriend right in front of them.
4.  Leaving public restrooms a disgusting mess.
5.  Talking or bragging about cheating on their wife or girlfriend.
6.  Being racist, sexist, or homophobic, and just assuming you'll be on board.

Based on this…what is something about your gender that annoys you?  Here are some of the texts we got:

Girls are catty and constantly looking for ways to undermine one another. this is why I love hanging with the boys!

When chicks say "I got pregnant on accident" bs. You're an idiot. I admit the fact that I was a moron and didn't grab a condom. And now I have a kid with a tool shed and I have to accept that. I have no sympathy for dumb b's who act like this was a big surprise to them.

Guys looking at my junk at the urinals.

When a buddy will get jealous and but into a conversation with a girl to try and steal the chat

Guys that wear flip flops with pants

What grinds my gears about other dudes is getting upset when you spend time with your girl over them. Cedric West Seattle

I hate it when smart girls act stupid to impress a guy.

I hate when women talk negatively about their boyfriend or husband to others. I think my husband is awesome! If you don't like your's, shut up or break up.

When at a gas pump, the woman pumps her gas as the man stays in the car. Call me old school, but I think the man should pump her gas and hold the door open.

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STP's BLOG 09/16/13 "Richard Sherman Rules...OK!"
Man oh man…what a game!  HUGE win for the Hawks last night…beating the 49ers 29-3, and huge victory for the fans as the 12th Man broke the Guiness World Record for Crowd noise.  It was so crazy that not only was the record broken, but then the fans broke the record again later on in the game! I unfortunately wasn’t able to get tix for the game, but all the way in Puyallup…we were doing our part to make some noise…

What better way to get ready for the game than to have some Workers No. 9!
 photo 56EA28E1-0406-417D-80C1-0DEA9A858CDC-40472-00001A3A690B1022_zpsedc4fe3b.jpg
One of the highlights from the game had to be when Richard Sherman intercepted a Kaepernick pass…and then what he did after the INT…he danced with the Seagals…check it out, it’s awesome:

Check out the full clip here:
Another highlight was Richard’s post game interview…where he took shots at all the Hawks doubters out there:

A new survey came up with the 11 most popular LIFE GOALS, and the ages when people achieved them . . . or HOPE to achieve them.  Here they are…

1.  Be financially secure . . . by your late 30s or early 40s.
2.  Have a family.  Late 20s.
3.  Get married.  Late 20s.
4.  Travel around the world.  Early 40s.
5.  Have a successful career.  Early 30s.
6.  Own a dream home.  Late 30s.
7.  Do something selfless.  Mid 30s.
8.  Live abroad.  Late 30s.
9.  Learn another language.  Early 30s.
10.  Own a pet.  Mid 20s.
11.  Start your own company.  Mid 30s.

A new survey has listed the top 11 goals in life…based on this…what is your life goal, and when do you hope to achieve it by?  Or have you already achieved your life goal…if so, what is it? Here are some of the texts we got:
My life goal is to run in to vickey in a starbucks bathroom and show her my tattoos
Already got 3-somes (a bunch) now working on a 4way with the wife
I'm 28, I've been with my wife for 11 years, and we have 2 beautiful kids....goal achieved!!
Bang a red head! Years later its still awesome!
My life goal is to join the Air Force when I turn 18 which is in 5 months.
My goal is to become an occupational therapist and join the Peace Corps by the age 30

Today's Video Blog features the final part (part 3) of our chat with Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction -- backstage at Pain In The Grass.  In this clip we talk about crazy things that happened to Jane's Addiction, more on Scientology, and Dave gives us advice on how to improve our show!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 09/13/13 "Go Hawks"
I got two words for ya… GO HAWKS!
 photo D91856A0-BF43-4B9F-A5FA-6CF494E20688-34057-00001614CE4BD9C2_zps5ec6df54.jpg
How cool is that shirt that is framed?  That is an old school Seahawk inspired KISW shirt.  

Today's Video Blog features part 2 of our chat with Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction -- backstage at Pain In The Grass.  In this clip we talk about religion, and his advice on how to make our show more successful!

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STP's BLOG 09/12/13 "Jimmy Fallon and JT"
I’m really bummed that I haven’t been invited to be a part of this friendship…have you seen the stuff that Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake are doing?  It’s hilarious; I would totally be down with being the 3rd wheel in that posse.  I would be the Dwayne Wayne of the “What’s Happening” crew!  Check out this fun clip from Jimmy’s show with JT:

According to a new poll, 62% of men and 34% of women have gone through their partner's cell phone to see if they've been cheating.  Of the people who DO secretly go through text messages, 48% say they've actually FOUND something incriminating. Only 59% of women and 37% of men would actually CONFESS to snooping in order to confront the other person about what they found. 31% of people said that if they caught their significant other going through their cell phone, they'd seriously consider breaking up with them.
Based on this poll about people that go through their partners phone to see if they are cheating…have you ever “snooped”?  What did you find out?  Or…have you ever been busted because someone “snooped”? Here are some texts:
Snooped on my boyfriend, went through his phone and out he was sleeping with a tranny.

I snooped my ex husbands phone that's why he's now my ex husband he was cheating on me and I found a message to the whore

Didn't have to snoop my ex girlfriend pockect called me and left a voicemail when she was hooking up with another person..

I snooped and found out my boyfriend at the time was sending videos of him enjoying himself to my best friend and she was sending them to him as well of her. Needless to say I packed the house while he was at work one day and never looked back.

I snoop outside Vicki's house daily... We have the same loofa!

I was pretending to sleep on my ex's shoulder & he started to txt another girl. I read their whole dirty conversation & confronted him.

I snooped in my bfs phone and found out he had a second gf for the two years that we'd been dating. Although it's hard to forget, we're working through it and still together

Snooped through my girls phone and found out she was doin Meth, the neighbor, the other neighbor, and doin it all in my truck.-James auburn

Snooped through my fiance's / baby mamma phone. Found out she was selling herself on backpage and Craigslist and her best friend's boyfriend was her pimp.

Today's Video Blog features the first part of our chat with Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction.  In this clip we talk about his show "Ink Master", Scientology, and Alice In Chains.

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STP's BLOG 09/11/13 "Amazing 9/11 Pic"
Today is September 11th… my thoughts and prayers are with all my friends and family and everyone else affected by what happened back in 2001.  This morning BJ tweeted a picture that stopped me in my tracks.  I actually saved this pic and put it in my phone…here it is:
 photo E5ADFE4A-24AE-4F58-B11B-A12C6CC9116C-30285-000013DE7A1A78F9_zpsd6c0fe56.jpg
A recent poll from The asked if you still wear jewelry you received from an ex…Here are some of the results:

56% of people say it's fine to wear jewelry an ex gave you, as long as it's not an engagement ring.

28% say that if the jewelry is romantic-looking, it would be weird to wear it when you are no longer with the giver.

9% say that it's not right to wear jewelry a former boyfriend gave you.  

5% say that you really should have given the stuff back to him when you broke up.
Over half of people surveyed say that it’s fine to wear jewelry an ex gave you... Based on this…do you still own something from an EX? Or…is there something you gave an EX that you wish they would give back? Here are some of the texts we got:
My ex is an amazing artist and I have one of her paintings hanging on my wall above my bed cause it was painted for me representing how our relationship went but my current gf doesn't know it was my ex that painted it!!!! Holla bitches Asseyes from Enumclaw....
I wish my ex would give me the wedding ring back...
I want my Keurig coffee maker, the huge book of DVDs I acquired while deployed, and a really nice and expensive foot and calf massager back. Mostly just on principle.
Hey guys its Micah from Everett I wish my ex would give back my five finger death punch shirt my friend got me when they where on tour here in WA
I wish my ex would take back the herpes he gave me!
The friggin $4500 wedding ring that the bitch sold to the pawn shop Dennis Olympia
My ex girlfriend kept my spare motorcycle helmet even though she doesn't own a motorcycle
A bose home theater that my x's Dad gave to me, the wife has no idea...
I gave my ex a pic of me and my best friend kissing. He ended up being psychotic so we broke up. Saw this FREAK 3 years later and he pulled the pic from his wallet and gave it back to me! I couldnt believe it! That  psycho had that pic of me in his wallet for 3 years after we broke up. Creepy much?!
Gave my ex a performance shop special edition Smith and Wesson revolver. Tried to buy it back on several occasions, for more than I paid for it. No dice. :( -Jon in Kirkland.
My ex took my Led Zep. Album that I found out is worth thousands on thousands. He doesn't have a record player either, but I am never telling him its worth.

Speaking of Led Zep...On this week's STP-CAST we welcomed The Led Zeppelin Experience -- No Quarter, as they are playing at the Showare center on Thursday 9/19.  Here they are performing That's The Way.  Here is a link to the full podcast with them:
Get tickets at
Check out the STPCAST on iTunes

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STP's BLOG 09/10/13 "Miley's New Video"
So Miley Cyrus has a new video out…full disclosure, I have not listened to the song…I have only watched it in studio where we don’t have a speaker on my computer…so based on the video alone, it’s awesome.  However, I have a feeling that if you add music it will take it down a notch or two.

Another video that just came out, that is awesome both because of the music, and because of the video is the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video for “White Walls” – this video is yet another masterpiece by these fellas, and the Sir Mix A lot cameo rules!

So it’s that time of the year again…originally I was 100% opposed to going down this road again, but based on some emails and tweets…I’ve decided to give it another shot…. We, the STP CAST,  are once again up for best podcast for King 5’s Best of Western Washington… I went on the site yesterday and we were already at #2, so that also inspired me to once again shoot for #1.  You can vote here:

Please spread the word, and tell your friends…this is our year douches!

So in Washington DC they are proposing a law where you will need to wait 24 hours before getting a tattoo…they are doing this to avoid having people getting impulse tattoos.  Ok, this is stupid…do we really need laws to protect stupid people? 
Vicky shared a story of a tattoo she regretted getting a little over a year ago.  She was dating a guy that had a cow tattoo, so she got a matching one…only for them to break up 7 or 8 months later…here is the tattoo…and here is what covered it up eventually:
 photo tat_zps6ee72f7f.jpg
Based on all of this…what was an impulse decision you made that you wish you didn’t?  Here are the texts we got:
They should have a 24 hour waiting period on one night stands. I had sex with this weird gal that stalked me for almost a year after, what a nightmare she was.
I regretted having sex with my best friends little sister. She was the baby of the family and had the older brother two if which were pro body builders.
My biggest impulse that I regret is buying a motorcycle. I needed transportation and instead of getting a car I got a bike, cheap gas, fast, and cool. I had it a total of 3 weeks when I dumped it causeing me to have emergency shoulder replacement surgery. I lost my job and now have a permanently disabled right arm. Good thing I'm left handed.
Cutting my hair short a while back. Been a long haired ginger for years, and cutting it up to my shoulders got me labeled Shirley Temple until I was able to start growing it back out. Took 7 years to get it past the middle of my back.
I wish I had never gotten married the first time. That was one very long and expensive mistake, all because I was thinking with the wrong head!
I got two "straight edge" (which is sort of a sub culture of sober punks) tattoos when I was 17, well now I don't listen to punk music and I smoke weed and drink beer everyday. Huge tattoo that says straight edge on my back haha

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STP's BLOG 09/09/13 "Pain In The Grass Re-Cap"
Huge thanks to everyone that made it out to the Gorge for 2 great days of music…Pain In the Grass was awesome.  There is so much that happened while there, but I will try and share some of my favorite moments…
Of course all the music was a highlight…some of the bands that I watched that I loved were:

Attika 7 (featuring Evan Seinfelf of Biohazard fame): These guys are heavy but melodic…I can totally see the biker vibe/connection they have…if I did ride a motorcycle, I would want their music to be my soundtrack. 

Airbourne:  These guys have the sound and swagger of a young AC/DC…they got the main stage rocking on Friday.

Danko Jones:  My first time seeing them live…those guys were full of a cocky style of rock that was a blast to watch.

Moms Rocket:  Great local band, super nice guys, and they got the crowd pumped and ready to rock for the rest of the day on Saturday.

Windowpane:  They never disappoint, and they tore it up on stage.  Glen’s voice was on fire  at the Gorge!

Walking Papers:  Great Vibe, perfect music to listen to with the Gorge as a backdrop.

Volbeat:  Wow they tore it up. 

Avenged Sevenfold: I’m a huge fan of their new record, and hearing hail To The King live was a highlight of the weekend.  Plus they had fire…who doesn’t love pyro?

Coheed & Cambria:  I am loving their last 2 CD’s (The Afterman), and Claudio and the fellas were amazing.

Alice In Chains: What can I say about Alice?  They always blow me away, and they did it again on Saturday night…playing both old and new songs, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands!

Jane’s Addiction: My favorite band of the whole weekend…they were so good.  Between their music, and the energy pumping at the Gorge…it was a show I’ll never forget…plus they played an insanely great version of “3 Days”….one of my all time favorite songs led to one of my all time favorite concert moments.

Here are some pix I got while there…

A bunch of us from our show and the Men’s Room took a shuttle van to the Gorge…
 photo 5F346CCD-32E6-4954-92F5-5A39BE758DED-27113-000011C114705065_zpsbdbbc6d4.jpg
Of course we had to make a pit stop at the Snoqualmie Tobacco and Liquor Company…
 photo AA311678-A21B-4C46-9D31-89C172231369-27113-000011C11DD72BAE_zpsf7f6e384.jpg
Once we got there, Thee Ted Smith and I checked out the gorge to see if everything was cool…
 photo B6E4BD83-7DBA-483B-A791-DD6FCFB12FF0-27113-000011C104BFDB01_zpsdb18af98.jpg
We went up on stage right before Avenged Sevenfold, and this was our view…pretty amazing!
 photo 6377C265-141F-423D-B25A-3C092BCDBA4B-27113-000011C0EBAA277A_zps51fd026e.jpg
Friday night after the concert was done, a few of us were staying at a house in Sunland…if you are thinking there was some crazy party going on, you are wrong…just 3 dudes hanging out wearing wigs…
 photo CE08E7E2-F5CD-44AC-A932-B8CA8C55BC52-27113-000011C0F1924A04_zpsdc3f77dc.jpg
Saturday was awesome…we had the opportunity to interview some awesome bands…like Coheed & Cambria:
 photo A89B292A-049B-440A-9AFE-06FDB5923298-27113-000011C0DDE35804_zps5def849a.jpg
Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction…
 photo B0C08E09-ED7A-401F-9DF5-1CD1002B8A7A-27113-000011C0D2719789_zps905a4d4d.jpg
Here is Mono-Nick and I hanging backstage…
 photo 2E3C375F-C9E0-425F-8F12-4CB5E6DDE7A1-27113-000011C0E48B3F5B_zps3b2271c8.jpg
Here I am just chilling on stage right before Alice In Chains played…
 photo 7BAFD6B1-0E53-40B2-A59E-414282B8F0A3-27113-000011C0A45DD7D5_zpsbf281306.jpg
As for what did we do at the house after Saturday night…oh nothing…just put our wigs back on and hung out…
 photo E8752A67-FE48-4CBC-842B-08EECA47E3E2-27113-000011C0C1B7E18E_zpsbce8dfce.jpg
 photo 57533DBB-5692-48B8-9326-2AD2B0C9229E-27113-000011C0B78F3F13_zpsee461662.jpg

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STP's BLOG 09/06/13 "Pain In The Grass is Here!"
So we are one foot out the door today, as we are off to the Gorge for Pain In The Grass.  I cannot wait! We got this text:
Steve this is for listeners on the loose what acts are all you guys looking forward to the most at pain in the grass?
Coheed and Cambria… man I am loving their last 2 records which are pretty much like a double record as they tie together:  The Afterman (Ascension and Decension).  These are a couple of my favorite songs:

Baroness…this is a band that I have been digging a lot recently…I love their latest record, and this is my jam!

Avenged Sevenfold!  Their new record, “Hail To The King” is an amazing record…every song is great…I think this might be that album that propels them to superstardom…hell, their disc debuted at #1 on the charts so it’s looking like people agree!

Alice In Chains…do I need to explain why?  These guys never disappoint.  Great new video for their song “Voices”:

On the local stage…of course I’m stoked to see Windowpane…I love these guys…be sure to check em out!

It’s been forever since I have seen jane’s Addiction…something about seeing them at the Gorge is really exciting to me…I might lose my “ess” when they start the bass line to “Three Days”…one of the most epic songs ever written!

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STP's BLOG 09/05/13 "Sleep Texting?"
This is easily the story of the day…. A guy decides to rob a convenience store…he demands money and then cuts himself.  The police arrive…and his reason for needing money is epic.  According to the court records…he was hanging out with Mickey Mouse prior to the incident and, “Mickey told the defendant to get some money so he could get high with Pluto. The defendant claimed that Pluto was biting his leg during the entire incident. The defendant asked the officers if they saw Pluto.”

This might come as a surprise, but the guy was high on methamphetamine.

Read the whole story here:
Have you heard about this phenominom called “Sleep Texting” – it’s happening, and I believe it…hell there have been times I have replied to texts or emails on my phone while asleep…and I don’t even remember doing it.  Dr. Lina Fine is a sleep neurologist at Swedish Medical Center, and she says that using a phone or computer before bed can keep your mind from relaxing…and it can lead to you texting an ex, or sending a mean text to your boss!  How crazy is that.  Fine said it is best to stop looking at television, computer, or phone screens an hour or two before you go to sleep.  Read all about it here:

More and more people are “sleep texting” – what about you?  When have you or someone you know done something odd while sleeping?  Here are the texts we got:
I take ambien. My son has woke me up while i was taking straight shots of rum in my kitchen at 3 in the morning.
Used my ex's dog earn as a urinal!
Had an ex that would instigate sex in the middle of the night and still be sound asleep. Would wake her up but she still wanted to keep going
As a kid I would sleepwalk and go outside and ride my bicycle
I always have the best sex with my wife in my sleep. She thanks me the next day telling me about some elaborate sex fest that i have no memory of. I get jealous of how good my sleep self is.
I work for a construction company and texted to one of my pipe suppliers saying hay babe lets get it on

Today's video blog features us trying to do things that were on a Reddit discussion about the easy things that people can't do.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people…

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