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STP's BLOG 10/31/13 "Beast Mode on E:60"
Did  you catch the E:60 special on Marshawn Lynch on ESPN?  It’s amazing.  I already loved Beast Mode, but I love him even more after watching this.

Speaking of sports…Props to the Red Sox, as they won the World Series last night.  BJ is obviously a happy camper…or as happy as he can be since he is such a miserable human being – waka waka!  I always love watching the celebrations of any championship game…as there are always memorable moments, and this was easily that moment!  Here is Erin Andrews interviewing relief pitcher Koji Uehara's Son…

I hope that the Mariners management looks at what happened to a team that went from worst to first and now have rings to show for it.  It can be done, hell…this Bo’Sox team was supposed to be a rebuilding team. 
Word just came out that Bryon Russell once challenged Michael Jordan to a one on one game…but MJ shot him down!  There has been a “friendly” rivalry between them since the NBA finals back in 98 when Jordan had that famous shot where he pushed off Bryon.  I think Bryon had ill will towards MJ due to Jordan’s 2009 Hall Of Fame acceptance speech where he said he could take Bryan any time anyplace.
Based on this…if you could go “one on one” with any celeb, who would it be, and what would you do (it doesn’t have to be a sport)? Here are some of the texts we got:

Yo bj, if I could I would have a "cocaine off" with charley sheen. Some crazy stuff would likely ensue!

Bonghits with Phelps Jay ;)~

Chris brown in a boxing match just cause hes a douche and deserves an ass beating

I would wanna sit in the back of a dark theater and have a race to the fimish line with Pee Wee Herman. Ted im Tacoma

Golf against Stephen Hawking. I suck at golf but pretty sure id win

I could go one on one with Miley Cyrus, i'd be a wrecking ball. Also, STP roll at Trapper's Sushi is excellent! 

Beer pong vs. Steve-o and Johnny Knoxville

I would like to play BJ Shea in a Magic the Gathering if I could challenge a celebrity

Get in the ring for one round with Iron Mike Tyson

One on one I'd Love to get into the WWE ring with CM Punk! Especially if it were here in Seattle or in his backyard in Chicago.

I would get in the octagon with Chuck the iceman Liddell...just for one round of course

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STP's BLOG 10/30/13 "Miles Is A Genius"
I know a lot of people are calling Ubur and the Cheezburger people genius’s for their “Rent A Kitten” thing they did yesterday…all for a great cause, but there is someone out there that is more brilliant than those two companies when it comes to ideas…and that man is…..


Yes, one of the fine fellas from The Men’s Room is the man of all men.  Why you ask?  Here is photographic evidence:
 photo 5C582071-8AEF-4800-B415-EC410EB76FCD-1222-000001327ACD9977_zps34d363fa.jpg
Yes, Miles installed a Hot Dog roller in the studio so that he can cook hot dogs during their show.  Are you serious?  Best 80 bucks spent.  Kudos Miles…Koo…Doze!
Last week, there was a story floating around about a 33-year-old man who had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to try to look like JUSTIN BIEBER. Sadly, I saw the pic and he looks like Jim Carrey’s character from Dumb & Dumber.  Oddly enough, he's not the only one that would want to do this.

In a new survey, 6% of people 18 to 30 years old say they'd consider getting plastic surgery to try to look more like a specific celebrity.  Overall, 83% say they have a celebrity whose style they'd want to imitate. 72% of people have copied a celebrity's hairstyle, 62% have copied a celebrity's clothing style, and 32% have copied a celebrity's make-up.

What about you? Be honest…when have you tried to look like a celebrity, and how did you do it? Here are some of the texts we got:
In the late 80's early 90's I was known for my MacGyver mullet

Without even knowing it, I was doing my hair loke Pauly D. My friend broke the news to me. -Taylor on Orting.

I tried looking like BJ Shea by buying a wig like his and wearing button up shirts with dragons on them.

Eminem in 6 grade... I have black hair. So when I dyed it, it came out orange.

When I was 15 I was trying to look like uma Thurman by the hair style tried to dress like her tried to slim down and be a tom boy
In the early 90s after high school I got my nipples pierced to copy Nikki sixx. My buddy thought I was crazy and it hurt like hell. My kids recently saw a picture from back then and couldn't stop laughing!

When I was 6 I had to cut strripes in my hair like Brian Bosworth of the Seahawks haha

My sister has put a significant effort into looking like Jennifer Aniston. Im talking about dying her hair, cutting weight, and even a boob job. And she pulls it off pretty well. I can't even find Aniston hit anymore because she looks too much like Jennifer Aniston. Thank god for Emma Stone.

Late eighties tried to look like Brian Bosworth. Had the Seahawks colors in my hair and his fancy mullet..

Sadly when I was in my teens I always rocked the red NY hat cuase people said I looked like Fred Durst. You can disown now. Taylor from Puyallup

I was walking through the grocery store once with a jar of Peanut Butter & someone yelled out, "hey look everyone, its steve the producer"

Big thanks to Matt "The Attack" Kovacs and Ben Fodor (AKA Phoenix Jones) for coming on the STP-CAST...they were on to promote that they will both be fighting at Cage Warrior Combat at the ShoWare Center in Kent.  I'll be there too, not fighting, but hanging with Rock Girls...and cheering on my brother Matt Kovacs!  Get tix at , or get an awesome deal through for a meet & greet, buffet, etc.  Listen to the STP-Cast on iTunes or right here:
Speaking of the STP-CAST -- today's video blog stems from a moment on this weeks podcast where Mono-Nick tries to give himself a hickey!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users!

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STP's BLOG 10/29/13 "A Win Is A Win...Go Hawks!"
Man last night was awesome!  Hawks won a nail biter at the very end 14 – 9 with an awesome goal line stop at the end of the game.  Huge thanks to The Bull Market in Tacoma (located inside Paradise Bowl) for having us there to watch the game!
 photo 6098F05B-33E5-453D-A7D5-D8C8F3593E12-247-000000149D856299_zps86eaaf24.jpg
It was great hanging with Stan, the owner…that place was awesome…great drinks, and food!

 photo CC5373A5-7096-4CDD-9335-034CF60EE82A-247-0000001491DB7081_zps0c8648b2.jpg
Thanks to everyone that came out…the 12th Man was in full force not only at the Bull Market, but apparently in St. Louis as well…did you see the end of the game?  There were a ton of Hawks fans there making noise, and showing love to Richard Sherman, who was rocking easily one of the coolest winter hats ever! 
 photo CF0B4911-C49F-4C95-8F74-A0BFED6E026D-225-0000001397876855_zps8ce614ef.jpg

Emile Hirsch will play John Belushi in a movie about the comedian. I have no idea who he is, plus I don’t think he looks like John, so I am not 100% in favor of this, but maybe it will turn out well.  That being said, if there was a movie coming out about me...I would totally have Jamie Foxx play me.  The texters chimed in with suggestions for me... Vin Deisel, JB Smoove, and Jay Baruchel...I am 100% cool with any of those, but leaning towards JB, as he is awesome!

 photo jbsmoove_zps92f243e7.jpg

Based on the fact that Emile Hirsch will play John Belushi in a movie … If there was a movie made about you, who's playing you...and why? Here are the texts we got:
Blake lively. We look similar. She plays roles similar to my personality.

Willem Defoe, because I'm nuts

Seth green because he has red hair too and still plays with toys.

Drew Barrymore, because I've gotten stopped in other countries for people to tell me I looked like her.

I'd like Jason stathom even though I'm not British and I have a full head of hair but it would be cool to be portrayed as a badass that can beat up 5 guys at ounce.

If they made a movie about me, I'd have to be played by Johnny Depp. He is a damn fine actor and much like me a rather handsome man. We're similarish. –Bjorn

Michael Cera, I've been told by numerous people that I look and sound exactly like him. I've even been confused fur him in public

Well since I kind of look like Jesse Pinkman and I'm dressing up as for Halloween as him, and handing out little baggies of "meth". I would pick Aaron Paul to play me in my movie!

According to a new survey, the average man doesn't feel like he's a "real adult" until . . . age 54.  That's the age when men havefinally overcome all the insecurities that made them feel immature and unsettled.  Here are the top 10 insecurities men say they have to conquer or come to terms with before they feel like real adults:
1.  Not being able to pay off a mortgage or afford a house.
2.  Going bald.
3.  Being unemployed.
4.  Being single.
5.  Going gray.
6.  Having a double chin.
7.  Man boobs.
8.  Not being able to afford retirement.
9.  Worrying about health problems.
10.  Being overweight.
So in other words, the second you stop giving an “EFF”, you are an adult.  

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STP's BLOG 10/28/13 "Lou Reed -- RIP"
Sad news that Lou Reed passed away… I was never a hug fan of his music, besides some of the more well known songs like “Wild Side”…but in college I did geek out about the Velvet Underground and their debut record, mainly because of this song:

Such a powerful song, and Lou’s voice is so haunting and heavy.  I have to thank my buds Bill Reid & Marco Collins for both sharing this video…I couldn’t imagine trying to interview Lou, but I would hope I would bring a little bit more to the table than these “journalists”:

In a 1982 interview, producer Brian Eno had a great statement about Lou’s influence…saying that while the first Velvet Underground album may have sold only 30,000 copies in its early years, quote, "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band."  I couldn’t agree more with this!

Based on Brian Eno’s comment about Lou Reed…when has a celebrity inspired you to do something, and what was it?  Here are some of the texts we got:
I was 8 years old I watched the first Rambo movie inspired me to be a Marine

Dwayne the rock Johnson inspires me to get up and give it my all everyday

Dave Mustaine's battle with heroine helped me to get clean 13 years ago

Any celeb (Macklemore, Steve O, etc) who live in the chaos and dysfunction of the limelight that are outspoken about their recovery inspire me to keep this battle going just one more day.

Yo Steve when I saw Brock Lesnar F5 the Big Show at Survivor Series 2002 at Madison Square Garden it inspired me to start working out. I still can't squat 500 lbs like he can but I'm getting close.

Strange as this might be, BJ, you inspired me to see a therapist, since I have some issues like you. I am better off for it. My wife is happier too. Thanks!

STP inspired me to start DDP Yoga. It's awesome!

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STP's BLOG 10/25/13 "Percy Harvin & Richard Sherman"
This morning I was asked to do a Ram impression...if you missed it, you can now enjoy the effort I put into my job!

Unfortunately the Hawks aren’t playing this weekend, we have to wait until Monday to watch them take on the Rams…but to tie you over, and get you even more pumped for the team…watch this…it’s awesome!

Thanks to Nic for sending me this video…it just gets me more pumped to see what this team will do when #11, Percy Harvin, joins the team!
A Seattle Icon returned, the Ranier R is back where it belongs…on top of the old Rainier Brewery building.  I am happy to see that “R”, granted it’s a replica, as I drive on I-5. 
 photo ranier_zpse6672488.jpg
Thanks to Iron Mike Savoi for that photo, and Check out Iron Mike’s blog…he has some great pix and videos on it:
I did want to share this pic that Iron Mike took…I would love to have these “guys” show up to a party! 
 photo ranier2_zps5d500c1f.jpg
Today's Video Blog features the highlight of our 14 Year Anniversary party last Friday at the Great American Casino -- the Rock Girls!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 10/24/13 "Throwback Thursday"
Since today is "Throwback Thursday" or #TBT for you Twitter and Instagram people...I thought you guys might get a kick out of some of these pictures I came across yesterday… most of these are from my early to mid 20’s, the early years of being on the radio.  I also consider the bad hair phase of my life…all of these pix have a great story, but I’ll keep it brief.

Here is one of my all time fave pix…I did an interview with Eminem when he played the Showbox, his first show in Seattle (right around the time his first CD came out).  This interview could’ve gone bad, halfway through it I realized I wasn’t taping and had to ask him if he could start over, he was totally cool with it…saying that he could tell I was a fan of the record, and he appreciated the respect I was showing him & I wasn’t making it a big issue that he was a “white rapper”.  Thanks to this interview, he remembered me the next time he came to Seattle for the Warped Tour, and we actually got to hang out that afternoon at the Kingdome Parking lot…one of my favorite radio experiences:
 photo stpeminem_zpsa66d5a8c.jpg
Here I am with the original line up for Queens Of The Stone Age.  They came in to perform one morning, they did “If Only” and “regular John” – it was an amazing morning.  I wound up meeting up with them the night before to set up their gear so that they wouldn’t have to do it in the morning…just hanging with them the night before, and being the guy to mix their sound that morning will always stay with me.  After all, QOTSA wound up becoming my all time favorite band.
 photo stpqotsa_zpsfe324078.jpg
Speaking of favorite bands, Faith No More will always be at the top of that short list…getting to meet Roddy Bottum was awesome.  I met him at the Crocodile Café when his other band, Imperial Teen, played.  I gave him a copy of my bands, Peter Parker, recording of the FNM song “As The Worm Turns”.
 photo stproddy_zpsfe97bfce.jpg
If you are a FNM fan and curious how our version sounded, check it out – it was recorded by Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie…

This picture cracks me up as I didn’t know someone was taking it…as some of you know, I am an unapologetic Limp Bizkit fan…seen them a bunch, and I have interviewed Fred Durst a ton, and it’s always been a great experience.  However, in this pic I look not too thrilled to be in his presence…but I actually was…this was outside Guitar Center when they were doing guitarist auditions…I had been up since 3 AM, and it was around 6 PM when that pic was taken, we were under a tent…in the cold…raining…I was drained, and it shows…haha
 photo stpdurst_zpsf741a0bf.jpg
I have a ton more pictures, but I will save them for future blogs!
I did want to share this…back when I moved out here, I had one goal…to work at 107.7 The End.  I was a college radio nerd in Plattsburgh NY, and was obsessed with The End, mainly Marco Collins, as he broke so many bands I loved (Radiohead, Beck, No Doubt, not to mention all the Seattle bands).  I wanted nothing more than to work at The End, so whenever I saw a job posting in the paper, I would apply…even if I wasn’t qualified.  I applied for music director/On-air DJ once, and got a rejection letter.

Even though it was a rejection, I was still pumped…they acknowledged me…even if it was for a half of a second, they knew my name.  I hung that letter in my room, and let it be the inspiration to keep trying…to not take no as an answer.  6 months later I was hired to produce the Andy Savage show.  The rest is history, and that letter…I had it hanging in my office at The End, to remind me of the passion that I once…and still have…for radio.
 photo stprejection_zps8a8501be.jpg

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STP's BLOG 10/23/13 "5 Guys"
Last night Toppy, BJ, the Rev and I got to see a screening of the new Johnny Knoxville movie, Bad Grandpa…I am sure I will write more about it and we will talk about it on Friday…but in a nutshell…one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Before we went to the film…Toppy, The Rev, and I pre-funked at 5 Guys Burgers!
 photo 12A7A3E5-E10F-45E2-BE17-D789A90FAA1B-88684-0000165267210B2D_zps5518a0bb.jpg
Earlier this month, parents in Connecticut caught their 15- and 16-year-old daughters throwing a PARTY while they were out of town.  So the parents CALLED THE COPS on their daughters.  Both girls were actually ARRESTED for allowing a minor to possess alcohol.
Based on this, finish this sentence:  “I can’t believe my parents busted me doing _____”. Or… “I can’t believe I busted my kids doing _____.”  Here are some of the texts we got:
Parents busted me watching adult films in their bedroom…dad came home early from work.  The dvd in the living room was broken…I wish smart phones existed back then
I once busted my kid selling pot…she accidentally FB messaged me instead of their friend that has the same first name
I can't believe my parents caught me having sex with my friends mom.

My mom busted me for having Magic the Gathering cards, saying it was a way for the devil to control me

I'm 17 and my parents caught me smokin a little reefer last night. Instead of calling the cops or grounding me, my dad rolled the best blunt I've ever seen.

Dad busted me having alone time when i was supposed to be doing homework - saw me through the bedrm window - very awkward :/

Got busted coming back late from a girls house. My punishment was a rum and coke cause. My mom knew I hated that combo. I was 14

Have you seen this thing called Bitstrips? Basically, you can create your own comic strips or stills on Facebook…we had a little fun with it today…
 photo bitstrip_zpsf31f8874.png

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STP's BLOG 10/22/13 "Pumpkins"
We are getting closer and closer to Halloween, so my wife and I kept the tradition alive, and carved pumpkins…we did 3… 1 for each of us in the family (hell yeah Lulu gets a pumpkin), and also because 3 pumpkins means 3 times the amount of pumkin seeds, which are too awesome for words.  Check ours out… mine is the goalie, my wife’s pumpkin is the Huskies logo, and Lulu’s is the Minion…however, I was the one doing the carving for all three!
 photo 2568C0D6-A05B-41BD-AC12-AB5FDEE42C15-60329-00001435A1ABA8EC_zpsb9b2c98c.jpg
 photo 3655A9A8-F307-4702-8B63-A8119D0C5393-60329-00001435A8FA75B9_zpsb70317c7.jpg
A new survey asked hotel managers to name the strangest request they've heard this year.  Here are some of the top requests . . .

8.  Do you offer a sleep sitting service?  I need someone to watch over me because I tend to sleepwalk.
7.  Can I borrow your ring?  It's my wedding tomorrow and the best man lost ours.
6.  Which subway line do I take to the Eiffel Tower?  The hotel was in England.
5.  Does your pet policy include llamas?
4.  Can you do my son's math homework?
3.  Can you stop the snow so I can get to the hotel?
2.  Can you fill the bathtub with milk?
1.  Can you transfer my room outside so my wife and I can have a night under the stars?

Based on a list of the strangest requests hotel managers have heard…what about you?  While on the job, what was the strangest thing asked of you? Here are some of the texts we got:
I was a cook in a restaurant we made French Dip sandwich with the night before the leftover prime rib someone asked me to trim the fat off of their sliced up sandwich meat

worked at little Caesars and an old dude told me to show him just how 'hot n ready' I was. He was serious &angry but I never 'showed' him. CREEP

I work at starbucks. I was once asked which drink was which.... An iced tea and a hot latte were the drinks I handed out... Please. Spay and neuter your children.

Working in a steak house in Buckley, the owner asked me to microwave a 20 pound prime rib. I walked out.

Nari in Spanaway. While working at Safeway I was asked if we carry Rocky mountain oysters

IMA cop, I I arrested somebody for having methamphetamine and heroin on them. When I got into the jail they ask for it back.

I am a helicopter pilot. I tend to give tours as well as instructed. During one tour for a couple, they asked if I could land on a sandbar in a river I obliged. They then asked if they could get out and have sex. I did not oblige.

Worked as a bouncer. Guy asked me to 'fake fight' with him, but to let him win to impress his girlfriend. I ended up having to kick him out and tossed him around like a salad at Applebee's. I don't think his girlfriend was impressed. Douchenozzle

I work in fast food and once saw a coworker get asked "what's the difference between chicken and fish?" Couldn't hear the response cuz I was laughing too hard

Have you seen this new app called YAK (or YAKit)? If not, it's a lot of fun...hell...Toppy has decided to leave everyone a message on it:


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STP's BLOG 10/21/13 "Thanks For Partying With Us!"
Over the weekend BJ, Toppy, Vicky, and I all went to Maris Farms in Buckley for their Harvest of Terror!  We had an amazing time… instead of me reviewing it, here is what Toppy’s wife said on Facebook:
If you like being scared, you NEED to go to Maris Farms in Buckley and go through the Haunted Woods and the Monster Safari and kill some zombies. It is WORTH the drive and worth every penny! I think my voice is gone from all the screaming. Holy crap that was awesome!

If you want to have a great night getting scared, and shooting Zombies with paintball guns…check them out, go to for more info!

Huge thanks to everyone that come out on Friday night for the BJ Shea 14th Anniversary party at the Great American Casino in Lakewood. 
 photo 0B8D42BF-5718-4CEA-AE84-92034944AAEB-60329-0000143553FC3791_zps729d2095.jpg
We had a BLAST!  Met some awesome Rock-A-Holics...Rock Girls were there looking great as always…my buddy Jay Mac showed up to hang with us…but the highlight….we had a man that’s making news recently….Ed Smith!  No, not Thee Ted Smith, but Ed Smith…the man from Yelm that has had sex with about 1,000 CARS in the past 45 years . . . he’s back in the news because  he's settling down . . . with a Volkswagen Beetle, named “Vanilla”:
 photo 26F4904F-4260-4E1E-846D-E8C3ADEED901-60329-000014356C9B700E_zps70930eea.jpg
Yes the pic of the car on his shirt is Vanilla!
Here are some pix I took and some pix the Rock-A-Holics grabbed…
 photo A6975A1D-4082-438C-9CC1-871E84333D70-60329-000014357FA5FFE0_zpsac5e27e9.jpg
 photo 3AB44531-9830-4092-8B7B-ED9D4F756D33-60329-0000143542BE73AC_zpsfa8ff9d4.jpg
Love this hat…
 photo 61550DA3-E2FC-4DC1-BF7C-C5ADB2A4536D-60329-000014358EE8C00F_zps25380f63.jpg
Here we are playing Beat The Producer live…thanks to Fro Blo for this pic:
 photo anni1_zps93b7d2e3.jpg
Yikes…what is the Rev doing?
 photo anni2_zps64bf96a9.jpg

Today's Video Blog features part 2 of our chat with bud Mike Gastineau.  The Gasman is having a book launch party for his book "Sounders FC- Authentic Masterpiece", tomorrow (10/22) at  6p.m. at the Market Arms Pub in Ballard. Tickets are available at, get more info at

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 10/18/13 "Come Party With Us Tonight!"
We hope to see you guys tonight at The Great American Casino in Lakewood!  We are celebrating BJ’s 14th anniversary of being on the air in Seattle!  We will be there from 7-9PM…it’s free, so come down and celebrate!
 photo 14_zps33343027.jpg
We've got the results of a new survey on the top things that make parents UNCOOL. 
Here are the top 15 things that make you uncool . . .
1.  Not knowing the top songs on the charts.
2.  Not being able to work an iPhone.
3.  Not knowing the words to current songs.
4.  Your fashion sense.
5.  Owning a sensible or practical car.
6.  Not seeing the attraction of video games.
7.  Not knowing what "twerking" is.
8.  Not knowing what Spotify is.
9.  Not letting your kids stay out late.
10.  Making your kids wear embarrassing clothes to school.
11.  Singing and dancing around the house.
12.  Being a smoker.
13.  Your hairstyle.
14.  Wanting to go with your kids on nights out.
15.  Not knowing who pop singers are.

So we had to ask...what made you realize your parents are uncool...or on the flipside, what makes your parent cool?  Surprisingly the majority of the texts were about how cool their parents are!  Here are some of the texts we got:

My mom has done many things to achieve cool status but the first time I really realized she was cool was in 8th grade when she took a UA for me so I didn't get kicked out if school ;)

My dad used to do donuts in his old impala ss with my brother and I in the car just to get a rise out of us and my mom still doesn't know about it to this day.

Busted me smoking weed my graduation night, just told me to be careful and let me keep partying with my friends, pretty cool

When I started to come of age, my dad gave me his Playboy collection. That's when I found out I had a cool parent.

When I found out that my dads "shark bite" on his leg was actually just from falling out of a tree

My mom went lesbian, my dad divorced her and now pulls more ass then me. Epic and depressing at the same time

Dad asked me if I ever smoked weed? Thinking I would be in trouble but didn't care said yes. A couple days later he asked me if I could get him a couple joints. I did!

'When I was a teenager, the coolest thing my parents ever did was listen to dubstep. I realized they were uncool when they wore bandanas while blasting du  bstep in their jeep.

My dad and I totally went to Vegas for my 21st birthday. He had me doing jello shots at 9 in the morning and we drank, gambled and partied for 3 days straight.

Today's Video Blog features our bud Mike Gastineau.  The Gasman joined us to promote his book "Sounders FC- Authentic Masterpiece".  Mike is having a book launch party, Tuesday (10/22) at  6p.m. at the Market Arms Pub in Ballard. Tickets are available at, get more info at

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 10/17/13 "Gasman & Sounders"
Huge thanks to Mike Gastineau, The Gasman, for coming in! I’ve always loved listening to the Gasman on the radio, so having him in studio is always a great experience.  Get his new book about "Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece".  I can’t wait to read this book, just hearing Gas talk about it makes me want to learn more about the Sounders FC!  Get the book at
 photo gasman_zpsdbde58af.jpg
We came across this great list on -- 40 Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Should Own….see how well you fare…I have only 23 of the 40!  I need to get my act together!
1. A tailored black suit
2. Black dress shoes
3. Brown dress shoes
4. Stocks
5. A tool kit
6. A nice wallet
7. Cologne, NOT BODY SPRAY
8. A watch
9. A proper bed with proper bedding
10. A flashlight
11. Duct tape
12. A weekend bag
13. Proper glassware
14. Grooming kit
15. Double-hinged wine key
16. Multiple towels
17. A chef’s knife
18. A passport
19. A flask
20. Sewing kit
21. An umbrella
22. Buy an ironing board, and an iron.
23. Jumper cables
24. Undershirts
25. Playing cards
26. A lint roller
27. A leatherman
28. Sunglasses
29. A record player
30. Football/soccer ball/basketball, etc.
31. A French press
32. Good socks
33. Good underwear
34. A cast-iron skillet
35. Multiple sheet sets
36. A bar set
37. Matching dishes
38. A decent car
39. A solid book collection
40. A decent bottle of booze
What would you put on the list?  Here are some of the texts we received:
every man should own an effin Harley. thanks guys josh in Tacoma

Every man needs a good quality metallic watch Brian

A good vibrater cus guys dont know how to plz lol from Gally in Shelton

A full screwdriver and socket set.

Sewing machine!

A shotgun

every self respecting woman should own a good set of knifes, pots, and pans and know how to cook

A strategy to stay healthy and in shape because you are nothing w/ o health and, so you can keep scoring people under 30!

Every man over 30 should have a wife under 30, right Steve?

One thing a man over 30 should own is a huge creepy self portrait

Today's video blog is part 2 of our chat with Steve-O from Jackass.  In this clip he has a great Dancing With The Stars story.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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