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STP's BLOG 11/28/13 "Faizon Love"

Huge thanks to  Faizon Love fior joining us in studio yesterday.  Faizon is always hilarious, and one cool dude!  You remember Faizon – he was Big Worm from Friday!  Faizon is at the Parlor Live on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Go to for info and tickets.

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Here is part one of our interview with Faizon!

Here is the same vlog if you are looking at this on your phone….
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STP's BLOG 11/27/13 "Happy Thanksgiving!"
BJ shared a messed up story this morning.  Tomorrow is Thankgiving, and we talked about how many people are more excited for left-overs as opposed to the actual meal…I get it, nothing beats a cold turkey sandwich…so damn good!  So BJ apparently is not even having turkey dinner tomorrow…his family is having chicken. 
Wrong effing bird BJ…a chicken?  C’mon man...cook a turkey!  One texter summed it up perfectly…

Cooking chicken on thanksgiving... terrorist

I got a couple other texts about Thanksgiving, check it out:

I get baked Turkey Thursday then Friday I get smoked Turkey an Mac An cheese. Two thanksgiving feast for me. I lost 7lb last week, An looking to gain it back this weekend lol

Cold turkey sandwiches! I cannot wait until Friday. Thanks for being with me today boys I have to work also. Jamie the driver

Speaking of Thanksgiving…it’s the perfect time to share this… a great video that Vicky B made about how to cook a turkey!
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STP's BLOG 11/26/13 "Doug Baldwin Opens Up Via Tweet"
Everything that is going on off the field with the Hawks is rather troubling… 2 guys are now suspended (Thurmond & Browner) for violating the league’s drug policy.  Both are non-PED violations, and I have no idea what is true and what isn’t so I won’t try and speculate here…at the end of the day it’s a bummer to lose 2 guys that are game-changers when out there.  

All of this insanity has been rather interesting to follow on Twitter, as we now have a direct line to the thoughts and opinions of team mates and other players.  The most interesting exchange on Twitter happened with a guy that we have had on the show a couple times, Doug Baldwin Jr., and a random guy named Jeff.  I posted the exchange below, as I think it’s a great discussion between the’s nice to see Twitter being used for something other than straight up trolling:

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STP's BLOG 11/25/13 "Donkey 'Stache"
So my beer league team was having some bad luck against one of the teams we play in the “R” – for those not in the know, that’s the RHL – the Rainier Hockey league.  So as a show of solidarity we decided to grow mustaches…some already had facial hair, while others didn’t and had a week to grow it…but all tried.  The effort worked as we won our game, and more importantly we have this creepy picture to stay with us for a lifetime.  I think the red eye’s make it even more creepy!
 photo 56133263-784B-466B-B6D0-0D74FEF3D7DC_zpsw8xr3n3i.jpg
If you want to see what I was rocking…this was the best I could pull off, as I had an important meeting last Wednesday so I had to shave on Tuesday night.  It was still enough…my wife said I look creepy, I think it’s a good look.  Sadly it’s already gone as I shaved it when I got home.
 photo 232C54E4-BD17-4E19-A23A-FAD5C2371977_zpsgeaqblto.jpg
Christopher Walken was trying to hail a cab in New York City last Tuesday when some random fans stopped and offered him a ride.  He took them up on it . . . and they posted their story on One of the guys says, "We told him we are huge fans and offered him a lift.  He responded politely 'I don't want you guys to go out of your way.  I am going straight downtown and you can leave me anywhere. He got in the car and we went on talking about stories from growing up in the city.  He is an incredibly nice person, the conversation was great and Mr. Walken thanked us again for the ride."

So Christopher Walken hitched a ride with some random fans in New York…based on this, when have you had an odd run-in with a celebrity?  Here are the texts we got:

Russel wilson at a golf course

Ran into Daniel Bryan and Bri Bella in Airizoa before the Hawks-Cardinals game! So awesome

Met motley crue on an airplane

I played poker with ice t in Vegas

I met rick flair in 1984 at a wrestling event...I had to go take a leak, and noticed him standing in a entryway watching the match that was going on...I asked him if he was nervous about his upcoming match, and he said..I never get nervous kid.

In 1987, I had a paper route in Laurelhurst. Gary Larson, the writter of the "Far Side" comic, was a customer. Cool guy, great Christmas tipper.

I had the chance to meet lt. Dan (Gary sinise) when I was injured in Afghanistan and played him in ping pong

I bumped into Mark Calloway, aka The Undertaker from WWE, in Orlando, FL while working a grocery store. He was buying Doritos. Cool Ranch.

I ran into Steve Pool on Tom Sawyer island in Disneyland. I asked him "Hey, are you Steve Pool?" he said you must be from the Seattle area.

I played golf with Jerry Rice at Newcastle and beat him.... I won $5 from and had him sign the $5 bill

Luke Wilson Seahawks TE and Jerry Cantrell came in to where I work to get there trucks worked on. Both really cool guys.

I met Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines. Played a game of pool with him. Awesome guy.

Today's Video Blog features The Max Long Report, as Max checks out the big XBOX ONE release in the University Village.

Here is the same VLOG for those looking at this on their phone:
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STP's BLOG 11/22/13 "XBOX ONE!"
Have you heard this song?  Mix rules...check out Sir Mix A Lot's lottery song!

So there is a guy that works at the station, his name is Max.  He has aspirations of becoming a news reporter…only issue is that he is a total burn out!  He did a report for us…covering the big XBOX ONE event yesterday…and he did an awesome job!  I’m not sure if he is ready to rock a yellow jacket for KING5 just yet, but here is The Max Long Report:
 photo max_zps41b8f6f0.jpg
We got some texts about his performance:
I would watch whatever channel he reported on...doesn't matter what the story is... Too funny

He sounds like Walter Jr from breaking bad. – kyle

Idiocracy has come to pass...Listening to that max long report

Huge props to Toppy, as he was showing love to the #2 podcast in Western Washington – the STP-CAST! 
 photo toppyshirt_zpsa472ceeb.jpg
Have you listened to the latest show?  If not, my buddy Domi joined us, and he was a roadie for Van Halen back during their 1984 tour.  He has some crazy stories!  Be sure to check it out!  The STP-CAST is on iTUNES and Stitcher, and also you can listen to it here:

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STP's BLOG 11/21/13 "Cook With A Coffee Pot?"
How would you like to win a 100 dollar Seahawks gift card to the Seahawks Pro Shop? All you have to do is know how much the Powerball or MegaMillions Jackpot is!  Tomorrow during Listeners On The Loose (starting at 8:17)  we will give you a shot!  You can find out what the jackpot is here:

I learned something new today…you can make a whole meal with a coffee pot!

Jennifer Lawrence was on "Letterman" last night, talking about a weird medical issue she's been having that led to her going to the Emergency Room!

What about you?  What was the oddest reason you ended up in the E.R.? Here are the texts we got:
I shattered a beer glass in my hand at buffalo wild wings...shards of glass stuck in my hand everywhere but one split open the meaty part between my thumb and forefinger..also im a girl

I've got a plastic toy truck stuck in my nose at about the age of 5 years old
Does getting stabbed through my hand by my girlfriend count? Or another girlfriend that hit me with a pot of coffee 2nd degree burns.

I ate a 5lb bag of gummy bears in a couple days. It Plugged Me Up...I went to the hospital and they gave me suppositorys. It was weird lol

So during sex, about to hit the big 'O' my artificial hip dislocated. Sadly this happened not once but twice. Same guy...

I worked in an ER and saw crazy crap:  Someone came in because they cut their throat to let the demons out. Drugs played a factor, shocking
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