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STP's BLOG 11/28/13 "Faizon Love"

Huge thanks to  Faizon Love fior joining us in studio yesterday.  Faizon is always hilarious, and one cool dude!  You remember Faizon – he was Big Worm from Friday!  Faizon is at the Parlor Live on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Go to for info and tickets.

 photo faizonstp_zps0ec45fdc.jpg
Here is part one of our interview with Faizon!

Here is the same vlog if you are looking at this on your phone….
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STP's BLOG 11/27/13 "Happy Thanksgiving!"
BJ shared a messed up story this morning.  Tomorrow is Thankgiving, and we talked about how many people are more excited for left-overs as opposed to the actual meal…I get it, nothing beats a cold turkey sandwich…so damn good!  So BJ apparently is not even having turkey dinner tomorrow…his family is having chicken. 
Wrong effing bird BJ…a chicken?  C’mon man...cook a turkey!  One texter summed it up perfectly…

Cooking chicken on thanksgiving... terrorist

I got a couple other texts about Thanksgiving, check it out:

I get baked Turkey Thursday then Friday I get smoked Turkey an Mac An cheese. Two thanksgiving feast for me. I lost 7lb last week, An looking to gain it back this weekend lol

Cold turkey sandwiches! I cannot wait until Friday. Thanks for being with me today boys I have to work also. Jamie the driver

Speaking of Thanksgiving…it’s the perfect time to share this… a great video that Vicky B made about how to cook a turkey!
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STP's BLOG 11/26/13 "Doug Baldwin Opens Up Via Tweet"
Everything that is going on off the field with the Hawks is rather troubling… 2 guys are now suspended (Thurmond & Browner) for violating the league’s drug policy.  Both are non-PED violations, and I have no idea what is true and what isn’t so I won’t try and speculate here…at the end of the day it’s a bummer to lose 2 guys that are game-changers when out there.  

All of this insanity has been rather interesting to follow on Twitter, as we now have a direct line to the thoughts and opinions of team mates and other players.  The most interesting exchange on Twitter happened with a guy that we have had on the show a couple times, Doug Baldwin Jr., and a random guy named Jeff.  I posted the exchange below, as I think it’s a great discussion between the’s nice to see Twitter being used for something other than straight up trolling:

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STP's BLOG 11/25/13 "Donkey 'Stache"
So my beer league team was having some bad luck against one of the teams we play in the “R” – for those not in the know, that’s the RHL – the Rainier Hockey league.  So as a show of solidarity we decided to grow mustaches…some already had facial hair, while others didn’t and had a week to grow it…but all tried.  The effort worked as we won our game, and more importantly we have this creepy picture to stay with us for a lifetime.  I think the red eye’s make it even more creepy!
 photo 56133263-784B-466B-B6D0-0D74FEF3D7DC_zpsw8xr3n3i.jpg
If you want to see what I was rocking…this was the best I could pull off, as I had an important meeting last Wednesday so I had to shave on Tuesday night.  It was still enough…my wife said I look creepy, I think it’s a good look.  Sadly it’s already gone as I shaved it when I got home.
 photo 232C54E4-BD17-4E19-A23A-FAD5C2371977_zpsgeaqblto.jpg
Christopher Walken was trying to hail a cab in New York City last Tuesday when some random fans stopped and offered him a ride.  He took them up on it . . . and they posted their story on One of the guys says, "We told him we are huge fans and offered him a lift.  He responded politely 'I don't want you guys to go out of your way.  I am going straight downtown and you can leave me anywhere. He got in the car and we went on talking about stories from growing up in the city.  He is an incredibly nice person, the conversation was great and Mr. Walken thanked us again for the ride."

So Christopher Walken hitched a ride with some random fans in New York…based on this, when have you had an odd run-in with a celebrity?  Here are the texts we got:

Russel wilson at a golf course

Ran into Daniel Bryan and Bri Bella in Airizoa before the Hawks-Cardinals game! So awesome

Met motley crue on an airplane

I played poker with ice t in Vegas

I met rick flair in 1984 at a wrestling event...I had to go take a leak, and noticed him standing in a entryway watching the match that was going on...I asked him if he was nervous about his upcoming match, and he said..I never get nervous kid.

In 1987, I had a paper route in Laurelhurst. Gary Larson, the writter of the "Far Side" comic, was a customer. Cool guy, great Christmas tipper.

I had the chance to meet lt. Dan (Gary sinise) when I was injured in Afghanistan and played him in ping pong

I bumped into Mark Calloway, aka The Undertaker from WWE, in Orlando, FL while working a grocery store. He was buying Doritos. Cool Ranch.

I ran into Steve Pool on Tom Sawyer island in Disneyland. I asked him "Hey, are you Steve Pool?" he said you must be from the Seattle area.

I played golf with Jerry Rice at Newcastle and beat him.... I won $5 from and had him sign the $5 bill

Luke Wilson Seahawks TE and Jerry Cantrell came in to where I work to get there trucks worked on. Both really cool guys.

I met Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines. Played a game of pool with him. Awesome guy.

Today's Video Blog features The Max Long Report, as Max checks out the big XBOX ONE release in the University Village.

Here is the same VLOG for those looking at this on their phone:
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STP's BLOG 11/22/13 "XBOX ONE!"
Have you heard this song?  Mix rules...check out Sir Mix A Lot's lottery song!

So there is a guy that works at the station, his name is Max.  He has aspirations of becoming a news reporter…only issue is that he is a total burn out!  He did a report for us…covering the big XBOX ONE event yesterday…and he did an awesome job!  I’m not sure if he is ready to rock a yellow jacket for KING5 just yet, but here is The Max Long Report:
 photo max_zps41b8f6f0.jpg
We got some texts about his performance:
I would watch whatever channel he reported on...doesn't matter what the story is... Too funny

He sounds like Walter Jr from breaking bad. – kyle

Idiocracy has come to pass...Listening to that max long report

Huge props to Toppy, as he was showing love to the #2 podcast in Western Washington – the STP-CAST! 
 photo toppyshirt_zpsa472ceeb.jpg
Have you listened to the latest show?  If not, my buddy Domi joined us, and he was a roadie for Van Halen back during their 1984 tour.  He has some crazy stories!  Be sure to check it out!  The STP-CAST is on iTUNES and Stitcher, and also you can listen to it here:

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STP's BLOG 11/21/13 "Cook With A Coffee Pot?"
How would you like to win a 100 dollar Seahawks gift card to the Seahawks Pro Shop? All you have to do is know how much the Powerball or MegaMillions Jackpot is!  Tomorrow during Listeners On The Loose (starting at 8:17)  we will give you a shot!  You can find out what the jackpot is here:

I learned something new today…you can make a whole meal with a coffee pot!

Jennifer Lawrence was on "Letterman" last night, talking about a weird medical issue she's been having that led to her going to the Emergency Room!

What about you?  What was the oddest reason you ended up in the E.R.? Here are the texts we got:
I shattered a beer glass in my hand at buffalo wild wings...shards of glass stuck in my hand everywhere but one split open the meaty part between my thumb and forefinger..also im a girl

I've got a plastic toy truck stuck in my nose at about the age of 5 years old
Does getting stabbed through my hand by my girlfriend count? Or another girlfriend that hit me with a pot of coffee 2nd degree burns.

I ate a 5lb bag of gummy bears in a couple days. It Plugged Me Up...I went to the hospital and they gave me suppositorys. It was weird lol

So during sex, about to hit the big 'O' my artificial hip dislocated. Sadly this happened not once but twice. Same guy...

I worked in an ER and saw crazy crap:  Someone came in because they cut their throat to let the demons out. Drugs played a factor, shocking
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STP's BLOG 11/20/13 "Roadie Stories"
Yesterday Lulu and I were watching my in-laws pup here is a cute puppy pic...I post this mainly for Thee Ted Smith’s enjoyment as he loves puppy pix!
 photo B36D5749-C793-4C6C-B5AC-A7EBD5791E05-76625-000019A3FB67A4B8_zps9a9fd71d.jpg
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a roadie for a rock band back in the 80’s – at the height of the craziness that followed those bands?  One of my good buds Domi was a roadie for Van Halen on their 1984 can’t get much bigger than that tour, and Domi joined us for the’s a fun listen as he has stories about being on the road with Van Halen, as well as partying with The Beastie Boys before they broke big.  In addition to all of that...we play audio of us all secretly farting in front of our significant others and playing their reactions!  Listen here:
If you could have been there to see ANY major event over the past 50 years, what would it be?  According to a new poll, here are the three most popular answers.

1.  27% of people said they wish they could have been there to see Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969.  Not actually ON the moon . . . the live broadcast.
2.  21% said the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990.
3.  And 20% said Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963.

Based on this new poll that asked people what event they wish they could have witnessed…what about you?  If you could have been there to see ANY major event, what would it be?  Here are some of the texts we got:

Being able to watch Mount St. Helens erupt. See the tsunami that hit Asia. Natural disasters are fascinating to me. The death suck, but to witness would be epic


It's Laura from everett! And I wish I could have been at nirvana's unplugged show!
The miracle on ice

To see Osama Bin Laden killed

Pam and Tommy's sex tape.

USA vs. USSR portrayed in the movie miracle

I wish I could have seen STP's birth. --Alexander in Burien

The event I wish I would've seen in person was the destruction of the kingdome!

Any of the Mayor Of Torontos press conferences

The undertaker versus mankind Hell in a Cell 1998

I wish I was there to see Kirk Gibson hit that home run. and to see Mike Tyson win his first championship

I would have like to meet Bill Gates when he was looking for Microsoft investors

Today’s video blog features the very funny Craig Robinson.  You’ve seen Craig on The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine, Knocked Up, and more.  In this clip we chat about his performance in This Is The End.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people…

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STP's BLOG 11/19/13 "Pearl Jam vs. OKC"
Huge Huge Huge props to Pearl Jam.  Not only did they recently release a CD, Lightning Bolt, that I just cant stop listening too (it’s so dang good), but they recently played in Oklahoma City, and I love how they displayed their Sonic’s love while there…check out Jeff Ament sporting a Kevin Durant jersey…props to @ChrisBuchinger for the picture:
 photo 5F7B8D6C-74D9-41D7-8F92-E866BA7BE70F-70605-000018C031B4D99B_zpsbae570c2.jpg
Check out PJ’s setlist that night…props to @pearljam for this pic…
 photo 5595B0F9-C08E-4155-A6B6-765B47B2008B-70605-000018C02BCADDBA_zps95817f3b.jpg
According to a new study, people immediately get dumber when they fall in love.  Researchers found that people who were falling in passionate love did worse on tests than people who were just dating casually.  They say it's because your brain has a limited amount of resources, so when love is dominating your thoughts you don't have enough brainpower for everything else.
What is the dumbest thing you have done, all because you were in love? Here are some of the texts we got:
I packed up everything I own, sold my car quit my job and drove almost 4000 miles to Florida to live with my ex. I stayed 3 weeks before I realized I couldn't stand him anymore, which kind of pisses me off since he ended up cheating on me all because I thought I loved him

Spent over $1000 on front row kid rock tickets & the boy didn't even spend the night after!

I turned down a full ride scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology
I went to ballet. Never again

Robbed my ex with my new girlfriend for some pot an cash went horribly wrong got into a car wreck then the bashed all the windows with shovels

I took a girl to the metropolitan grill for our first date. It got me laid but I set the date quality way too high so she ditched me after the 3rd date

I got a tattoo of my ex girlfriend's dog's name on my forearm now because she loved him so much I wanted to prove that I loved him too. I'm a moron.
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STP's BLOG 11/18/13 "At The Hawks Game..."
What an AWESOME weekend!  Yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of the 68,000 plus fans that were at Century Link Field for a Hawks game.  It’s been a while since I have been able to go to a game…and wow they have turned it up a notch for a great game experience.  I always had a blast in the past at games, but I feel like the hawks have outdone themselves in fan experience, props to them!  Plus…they now have drink holders in the bathroom above the urinals.  I would’ve taken a picture of it, but that would have been weird in a bathroom of a few dozen fans haha!

My wife and I had a great time…
 photo 93DFF63E-86C7-42F8-883A-9229ED439C2C-60821-0000171E0825B03C_zps4f3bf8ed.jpg
I love at the intros they now have FIRE! Check out Russell Wilson running out the tunnel!
 photo 92DE5CEF-2A04-4BF8-9CA1-8753AFA200C8-60821-0000171DE32C7F6C_zps85b73b8b.jpg
While at the game, we found a great new toy for Lulu…so she can now go “Beast mode” with “Beast Mode” …
 photo E97C2ED0-62D8-4D85-B846-38AA954914B4-60821-0000171DD9F621CF_zps8814cea3.jpg
 Before the game, we got a family photo with Lulu…all of us were rocking our Hawks jersey’s (yes, Lulu has a jersey – you can find them at Petsmart)…I’m thinking this could be the ultimate Christmas card…
 photo 1C44AF0C-B553-4541-AE05-E6322B80353C-60821-0000171DC69FFC3B_zps06686b6a.jpg
Speaking of Marshawn Lynch…have you seen the latest Beacon Plumbing commercial with Marshawn?  It’s so awesome…check it out:

I have to say that this is one of the best things I have read in a super long time!  On Friday, 7,000 people lined the streets of San Francisco to cheer on a five-year-old kid named Miles Scott, who asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make him "Batkid" for a day.  He got to ride in a Batmobile, stopped The Riddler from robbing a bank, saved the San Francisco Giants' mascot from The Penguin, and the mayor gave him a key to the city.

Based on this…finish this sentence: “I wish I could be _____ for a day”. Here are the texts we got:

I wish I was BJ for a day so I can see what it feels like to be a bitter old man for a day.

Beyoncés bicycle seat

I would LOVE to be Sophia Vagara's bra for a day. Jon in Steveville (Puyallup)

I wish I could be Bill Gates for a day

I wish i could be the drummer for Metallica for a day!

Tiger Woods before the sex scandal

My Make-A-Wish-to be mayor in Toronto and tell the press that I want to “eat at home”

Hugh Hefner for a day!!! Whitey

Wish I could be rob schineder for a day so I would know what its like to be left out of grown ups 2 that is less than a-mazie-ing!

I'd be Steve The Producer. Waka waka waka. :) Ed in Sumner

I want to be Stephen winkelman (CEO of Lamborghini) so I can drive all the Lamborghinis I want
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Huge thanks to Craig Robinson for coming in this morning.  Man, I love this guy…every movie he is in (Hot Tub Time Machine, This Is The End, Pineapple Express, Miss March, etc) he steals the show.  To make things even cool…he is not only the funniest dude…he is the coolest…a super nice guy…it was awesome to meet him!
 photo ADB95D56-D4BE-49BC-8916-17B922E8B98E-45399-0000143CEF5E73C7_zps35c641d8.jpg
The weekend is here!  I don’t know about you…but I plan on trying to accomplish this over the weekend!

The other day I wrote about how excited I am to get my goalie mask painted by David Leroux of – if you didn’t read it…check it out:
I posted pics of his Breaking Bad mask he is working with…it wasn’t done at the time, but now it is…check it out:
 photo bbmask_zpse7554dcd.jpg    photo bbmask2_zpsda611caa.jpg
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STP's BLOG 11/14/13 "Best Birthday Song!"
How cool is this?  Jimmy Kimmel recently celebrated a birthday, and he got the coolest gift ever…a song written for him by The Killers!  This is a fun watch, check it out:

Thanks to Nic on Facebook for posting this on the STP-CAST Group page…Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has made a record with Norah Jones & it’s nothing like you would think.  I am sure many will hate it, but I LOVE this song…Billie Joe always delivers, no matter what style of music it is.  

There are lots of bad habits we all WISH we could break.  A recent survey found that smoking is the number one habit people WANT to break, but can't.  Here's the top ten.
1.  Smoking
2.  Swearing  
3.  Picking your nose
4.  Biting your fingernails
5.  Drinking too much coffee
6.  Watching reality TV
7.  Fast food
8.  Alcohol
9.  Going shopping to relieve stress
10.  Racking up debt on your credit cards
What about you?  What is a habit you wish you could end?  Or what’s a habit you wish others would stop doing? Here are some of the texts we got:

I wish I could stop smelling my farts and enjoying them but I can't

When I scratch yet I have to sniff it no matter what it is don't like it but can't help it
Chewing is the hardest I would say even harder than quitting smoking

I can't stop cleaning my ears with q-tips. I know it's terrible for your ears, and I've probably shoved wax all up against my eardrums, but it feels so good

Cracking knuckles

Browsing the net while taking a twosie. Wastes so much time on the John.

I need to break the habit of picking up fat chicks after the bar closes.

I cuss too much, and now my 2 year old is starting to copy me. The problem is that it's extra hard during football season!

I get up in the middle of the night and I eat, I don't know why, but I have a really hard time trying to stop, most of the time, I'm not even hungry.

I have a co worker that chews. The skin on her fingers right below her nails and makes her fingers bleed from chewing..... Wish that'd stop!!!

The wife leaving a damn empty toilet paper roll!!!

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STP's BLOG 11/13/13 "Goalie Masks"
I came across this app called Starr Cards…it cost me 2 bucks, but worth every penny.  You can make your own hockey card.  So of course I did, I felt like a 12 year old last night as I created this…
 photo 1FCC2C9D-ABB2-4006-952C-1627FB18FA69-37710-0000121643B37F11_zps0bdb6afc.jpg     photo A6CA204F-E178-42BA-B2D5-F0FDA8FA3F31-37710-000012164A4D20CF_zpsd55fc807.jpg
I then…of course..had to make a card for my team…the Tacoma Donkeys!
 photo 6299490D-487C-4080-A4DB-6FD49C20E75C-37710-0000121656804834_zpseddb2d2f.jpg
Speaking of me living the dream of being a Beer League hockey player…if you are a goalie, or just a fan of hockey…it’s always cool to see the artwork that goalies have on their masks.  There is an artist that has done some amazing masks and I am so excited that I am getting my mask painted by an amazing well respected artist!  David Leroux is based in Quebec and has done several pro masks (Ray Emery of the Flyers is currently rocking a painting done by David).  Check out his work at or on Twitter: @dielairbrush or on Facebook:
I just saw a mask he is working with…and as a new fan of Breaking Bad, when I saw the work in progress…I was blown away!  How cool is this!
 photo 17F80244-EBFB-4EFA-B626-1FA2F07B1CE1-37710-00001216726E5608_zps9a046f73.jpg
Another recent painting that he has done is so insanely cool…
 photo maskdavid_zps4c9916cb.jpg
Once I get mine painted, I will surely post pictures.

The "New York Post" did a video report on the Weirdest Places Celebrities Have Had Sex.  Here's what they came up with . . .

Joanna Krupa from "The Real Housewives of Miami" once got it on with a guy in the control room of a nightclub.  They got caught when they accidentally flipped some light switches.

Jenny Mccarthy once did it at the bottom of the Grand Canyon . . . but it was one of the worst sexual experiences of her life, thanks to the bugs.

Scarlett Johansson and Benicio Del Toro reportedly had sex in an elevator.  Scarlett tried to deny it, Benicio didn't.

Liev Schreiber had sex on the Staten Island Ferry. (I hope he narrated this moment…his pipes are golden!)

Drew Barrymore and then-boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti (of the rock band, the Strokes) did it in the bathroom at an opera . . . which got them kicked out.

And Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett got busy on a jet ski.
Based on this story about the Weirdest Places Celebrities Have Had Sex…what about you?  What is the weirdest place you have done “it”? Here are some of the texts we got:

My wife and I had sex in one of the gun towers at fort warden.

Did it in an elevator and also in a car in the parking lot of a local Casino. Same girl both times.

In a bathroom at the Tacoma dome, during Kanye West and Jay Z's show. Yikes.

JThe weirdest place I've ever done it was while I was driving northbound on Hwy 167. I set the cruise control, She climbed on and we did the deed

In the ball pit at the old Funtasia in Edmonds! From: Sneaky-T

Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the back car of the Disneyland monorail
Sky ride at the puyallup fair, Todd

Farris wheel at the fair

Photo booth at wild waves, it was fun but cramped! Lol Angela in Tacoma

Weirdest and by far the dirtiest. The strip of bathrooms right before u get on the sand at ocean shores. Good sex that definately made me feel dirty!

Fitting room at south center mall ... I think one of the employees noticed too ... Oops.

In a lawn shed display in Home Depot with my girlfriend.... We walked out sweaty, and thought we were clear... Then an old guy creepily smiled at us... It was awesome

My wife and I have gotten it on in a movie theater bathroom, the observation deck of the Space Needle, and on top of a coffin in a mosaleum.

Santa Claus's chair at Capitol Mall Olympia.

Friend from work did it on the great wheel. Car 32. I've seen the photos.

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STP's BLOG 11/12/13 "What Does An Emu (or Peacock) Say?"
Was it an ostrich, an emu, or a peacock?  Both my wife and Toppy thought it was a Peacock…I thought it was an ostrich (boy was I off), and the majority of the texts and emails said it was an emu.  What am I talking about?  Well, yesterday my wife and I went to the Orting Trail to walk Lulu since it was a nice day…and we came across a slew of animals…horses, goats, llamas, pigs, rabbits, dogs, eagles, and what I thought was an ostrich!  Here is the pic I took:
 photo A58C1671-EE8E-4C54-A911-98C7FA635FA4-35418-00001124AC81BE38_zps3bf716cc.jpg
Toppy was convinced that it was a peacock…but texters and emailers said it was an emu…in fact this is what a listener named Vanessa emailed me, as she knew exactly what we were talking about!

“Orting  trail there Is also a few emu and buffalo and some kind of African cows there I have had to stop my truck to send them back to their field”
I mentioned eagles…we saw two of them…it was pretty sweet to watch them fly over us, I think if they poo’d on me I wouldn’t get too upset…that’s some majestic ESS from a majestic bird after all…it has to be good luck.  You can barely see it, but there is an eagle in this picture.
 photo CE43E3FC-4653-452C-99E1-76CC341BF442-35418-00001125725FF38C_zpsd968bb06.jpg
No if you were wondering what a Peacock sounds like…here is my impression of a peacock or an emu…honesatly does it matter?  Here I am looking dumb making animal sounds!

Earlier this month, a woman in New Haven, Connecticut sold a desk on Craigslist for $200. SOMEHOW…the woman forgot she'd shoved a bag with $98,000 of inheritance money in the desk. Fortunately, she ended up selling the desk to . . . a RABBI. When he and his wife got home with the desk, they had to take it apart to get it through the door.  And as they took it apart, they found the giant bag of cash inside.  Without ANY hesitation, they called the woman and told her what they'd found.  Then they returned the money to her.

Based on this story…what about you?  What did you find, and where did you find it? Here are some of the texts we got:

I found $600 in one of those big zip up calender things at a pawn shop on a shelf

Same situation I found 18 grand behind a dresser helping an old lady clean her house. 

I found $60 in my jacket pocket yesterday that I haven't worn since last winter... Yeah I bought some weed lol

Found an engagement ring when I was bussing tables in high school.

I found a wallet was $700 in its it was the gender for my high school's paycheck.

It was in the school parking lot and I returned all this. He gave me $40 reward.
Found 15 bucks in a 4 dollar pair of jeans from the goodwill!

I found an ounce of rock cocaine in a bathroom and I kept it and used it . the guys who lost it even came looking for it but I just told them I didn't know –nathan

It was a few Christmases ago found $480 in an envelope in a mall. I wanted to keep it the wife took it security.

when my great aunt died my uncle found over $120,000 hidden throughout her house
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STP's BLOG 11/11/13 "The Sea-Mullet"
Big win for the Hawks this weekend!  Finally a game that didn’t test our heart rate,  and wasn’t decided at the very end of the game.  Plus the game features what will be in the top 5 of the best catches of the year…courtesy of Golden Tate, and Russell Wilson too!  Check it out here:

There were a lot of great moments in the game…from the double pass trick play to beast mode dominating once again…but the part of the game that got me most pumped happened on the sidelines…when I spotted my favorite Hawk, Ryan Seymour, rocking the mullet…or as I call it, The Sea-Mullet.  I tweeted this out, and Ryan wound up re-tweeting it…
 photo seymonster1_zps9cc757b2.jpg
Since it’s Mo-vember, Ryan is doing his part by rocking a “muzzy” – which makes the mullet even more awesome!
 photo seymonster2_zps7568e299.jpg
Check out Ryan on Twitter: @seymonster62

This is too funny! David Ortiz received the most write-in votes in Boston’s mayoral election last week. Granted it was only a few hundred, but still…that is pretty cool.  This got us thinking…what about Seattle?

If you were going to write in a public figure in Seattle for Mayor, who would it be…and why? Here are some of the texts we got:

Number 3 (Russell Wilson)

I would write in Gary Ridgway for Seattles Mayor... at least he will admit to being a horrible human being

STP b/c he stays positive!!

Crazy Shari for Mayor! Cause she just doesnt give a eff about ANYTHING! Because she doesnt care, good things might actually get done!

Eddie Vedder- Vedder is the man!!!

Vicky B for mayor. No explanation necessary. ?Ay pap?!

Macklemore- he's real, has been through a lot and has tons of love for Seattle.
Bryan danielson (Daniel Bryan) YES YES YES YES!!!

Ben Rothlisberger, because he's already screwed the city once.

Edgar Martinez!!!

Gary Payton!

Pete Carrol
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STP's BLOG 11/07/13 "Moffitt Rules"
Ok…we are back, and I am about to jump on a soap box for a half of a second.  Hey fellow Seahawks fans…chill out!  Seriously…I have never seen people more up in arms about a team that is 8 & 1.  Yes…EIGHT WINS and onle ONE LOSS.  Yes I know they are testing all of our tickers…but man if you didn’t know their record and looked on facebook, Twitter, or listened to sports radio, you would think the Hawks were the Tampa Bay buccaneers.  Please people, CHILL THE EFF OUT.
Ok… that’s all.
Speaking of football..huge thanks to John Moffitt for joining us…he just called it quits football wise, but he will always be bad ass!  It’s great to have him back in Seattle!  Here we are enjoying some coffee together...

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Here we are expressing our mutual love for Ellen!

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There is a great video posted by Buzzfeed called … “Video Stores Explained To Modern Kids” – this all ties into Blockbuster announcing earlier this week that it's closing the rest of its stores by January. 
Here is the video:

Based on this viral video about Video Stores…What is something from your youth that you get nostalgic for?  Here are some of the texts we got….

Hey less than a dollar per gallon

Portable cassette players, sounded like crap but they were awesome. Graham- samammish

Drive in’s

I miss Atari

90s cartoons were the greatest the shows now suck

Kids today won't know what it feels like to literally roll up a Window on a car –casey

Dropping film off at photomats to be developed to be picked up a week l later

I miss answering my land line and not knowing who it is. Briawna in graham.
Arcades. I miss arcades

I get nostalgic over my old baseball fields. They are abandoned and in ruins. Jason from queen Anne.

Mono-Nick shared with us another establishment that was affected by the internet… check it out:
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STP's BLOG 11/01/13 "Mono Nick's song: Seahawks"
Happy Halloween! Check out Lulu’s costume…she was Snow White!
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Mono Nick was inspired by all the Hawks parody songs that other radio shows have made, so he decided to write his own.  It's an ode to the Seahawks to the tune of Lorde "Royals".

Here is the same video for the iPHONE users:

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