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STP's BLOG 12/18/13 "Marco Collins!"
Yesterday one of the coolest things happened on the STP-CAST.  We got to interview a man that I have always looked up to and inspired me to want to do radio…Marco Collins.  I don’t think Marco needs any introduction, the guy helped shape Alternative Rock music.  Thanks to his ear, he broke bands like Nirvana, Radiohead, Weezer, Beck, and the list goes on and on.  I was lucky enough to work with Marco for about a year at 107.7 The End, and this podcast was 2 hours of crazy stories being shared.  Marco is one of the most interesting dudes you will meet!
 photo marcoandstp_zps1581caaa.jpg
Listen to the interview on iTUNES, Stitcher (just search for STP-CAST and subscribe please), or right here:
Huge thanks to Marco for the kind words he posted on his Facebook…
 photo marcofb_zps800da901.jpg
Marco was in to chat about an awesome Christmas show he is doing this weekend in ballard.  He has 2 nights planned, but the first night is sold out!   I guess there are only 20 or so tickets available for the Saturday show, so hurry up and get tix…scheduled to appear and play acoustic songs are: HOLLIS WONG-WEAR, Katie Kate, Wanz, Hobosexual, Adra Boo (Fly Moon Royalty), Radio Raheem, plus there is a surprise guest that will perform that Marco told us off the air…sadly I can’t tell you, but if you are a fan of 90’s alt rock…this is a HUGE surprise.  You can get tickets here:
We also chatted about a documentary about Marco that is being made called The Glamour And The Squalor… check out the trailer, this is going to be a must see for me!

Last night I went to the Seattle T-Birds game…man the Birds looked great last night!  Plus it was 2 For Tuesday (2 for 1 tix, 2 dollar beers, 2 dollar Hot Dogs, etc), which always rules!  The Birds won 5-2…I tweeted about it, and I love that their rivals…the Everett Silvertips wound up tweeting me…too awesome!
 photo tbirdstweet_zpsc504cda1.jpg

This morning we played some rocking Christmas songs...a lot of people wanted the list of songs so that they can track em' down and make a playlist for the ya go:

AC/DC Mistress For Christmas
Dropkick Murphy’s – The Season’s Upon Us
Corey Taylor – Xm@S
Pearl Jam – Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmastime)
Blink182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas
Bad Religion – O Come O Come Emmanuel
Tenacious D W/ Sum41 – I want
Quickie – All I Want For Christmas Is A Ho Ho Ho
August Burns Red – Carol Of The Bells
Nerf Herder – Santa Has A Mullet
Run Dmc – Christmas In Hollis
Superdeluxe – All I Wanted Was A Skateboard
Faizon Love – Let It Snow
The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa
Twisted Sister – O Come All Ye Faithful
Spinal Tap – Christmas With The Devil
John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 

So this morning I-5 North was closed in the morning by I-90, so I had to get off before that and take the streets…I was stuck at a light and saw this…
 photo hotel_zpsae891d77.jpg
Define “New”!?!
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STP's BLOG 12/17/13 "I Love Seattle Music!"
We are doing the Best That We Could Do For 2013 this morning…playing back some of the better moments of the year as voted by the Rock-A-Holics…this morning we played a moment that all of us agreed was one of the coolest moments ever.  What moment was that?  Here…watch…

To be a few feet away from Kevin martin as he sang “Far Behind” was a moment I will never forget.  It was one of those goose bump moments!  Apparently we weren’t alone as these texts came in this morning about it…
Guys That was amazing! All choked uo hearing that song this morning. Thank You! Kristen

This is the 1st time im hearing this acoustic version of Far Behind. Its giving me chills so bad right now! Great way to start the work day! Long live Andrew Wood!

That was amazing, I'm crying, RIP Lindsay

I would have left anyone kick me in nuts as hard as they can, just to have sat in on that performance.

It’s funny…last night I was going through some old stuff, and came across something that brought be back to being a teen…. Back in the day, before the internet, Pearl Jam used to mail stuff to their fan club, The Ten Club.  I came across a ton of old letters I got from them that were post marked in 1992!  I scanned one of the letters…it’s a trip to read this…as they talk about the Sonics in the finals, etc.  I still pinch myself when I have moments where I am b.s’ing with Mike McCready or dealing with the Pearl jam camp in general…that band has had such an important impact on my life since I was a teen…and to be able to work with them from time to time is beyond cool.

 photo pjletter_zps9dc244c0.jpg
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STP's BLOG 12/16/13 "A Titanic Shirt!"
We got an email from a fellow Rock-A-Holic, Lynette, about something that she is trying to do that is really cool.  She is trying to help a family in need during the holidays…last month, Timoteo Ontiveros was involved in a car accident that has rendered him paralyzed from the chest down. The family is hopeful for a full recovery, but has since been unable to work his two jobs to provide for his 7 kids.  He just wants his children to enjoy Christmas and have a great end to the year. If you had a couple bucks to help out, that would be great!

I got a text from our buddy John Moffitt over the weekend.  If you remember when we had him on last time, he was getting a dog and trying to figure out a name for the pupo…well he picked a name…


 photo 2802def2-f991-42b3-8865-b351c7cde16f_zpsf60e289c.jpg
How awesome is this dog?  We now have plans to have a “Man date” with our pups.  So Kane might learn a thing or two about being ferocious like Lulu!
 photo photo1_zpsffb06ead.jpg
If you listen to the STP-CAST you know that we call ourselves and our listeners “Titanic Douches” – it’s a long story, but it stems from a time that Luke Burbank from the very popular podcast TBTL called us by that name.  The name stuck, so I created a T-Shirt to celebrate the name. 
 photo 6E77BDF9-303D-46C0-A330-50D53FF73A43_zpsugobcurv.jpg
I of course had to tweet Luke about it, and I love his response…especially since I already had one made for him as a thank you for the awesome name!
 photo 7a418f95-9bfc-46f3-92ca-ca585e3351a2_zps6bcbac4b.png
Be sure to listen to this week’s STP-Cast, which will be posted tomorrow, for info on how to get one of those shirts!  The STP-Cast is o0n iTUNES, Stitcher, and available here:
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STP's Blog 12/13/13 "Win A Hawks Gift Card..."
How would you like to win a gift card for 100 dollars to the Seahawks Pro Shop? All you have to do is know how much the MegaMillions or Powerball Jackpot is!

This morning during Listeners On The Loose, starting at 8:17, we will give you a shot!

To find out what the jackpot is…go to this site:

Yes..I am still riding on the high of last Friday’s Pearl Jam show.  The more I think of it, the more I think it was the best show I have ever been to.  Then I see this, and it makes me wish I could make a trip to Europe and see them again…

All of the footage from that video is live stuff from this tour as they had camera crews filming it.  I hope that they put out a live DVD or something from this tour…mainly the show here in Seattle last week.

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STP's Blog 12/12/13 "Macklemore Rocked!"
How would you like to win a gift card for 100 dollars to the Seahawks Pro Shop? All you have to do is know how much the MegaMillions or Powerball Jackpot is!

Tomorrow during Listeners On The Loose, starting at 8:17, we will give you a shot!

To find out what the jackpot is…go to this site:

Last night was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis…it was night #2 of their 3 sold out shows at the Key Arena…and all I can saw is WOW!  I could go on and on about how awesome it was, but I believe this tweet sums it up best:
 photo macktweet_zpsb413a931.jpg
Before the show, my Man Date, Thee Ted Smith and I decided to grab some food from the place that used to be called Jaliscos…I forget the name of the place, but the food is damn good there…and the servers are super cool!
 photo macktweetted_zpsf17fc094.jpg
Oh…I just looked it up...the place is called Plaza Garibaldi…check it out…it’s awesome!

Today's video blog is all about Macklemore.  Here are a couple clips for some of my favorite Macklemore & Ryan Lewis songs!

Here is the same vlog if you are on your phone...

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STP's BLOG 12/11/13 "Men At Work"
This morning I shared a great story of why my mom is awesome.  Back when I was a kid I wanted a Men At Work shirt for Christmas really bad.  Yes…this Men At Work…

Was  I a big fan of the band?  Not really, I just had the “Ca-Single” for that song and it was my jam!  For those not in the know…there was once a time you could buy singles, and they were on cassette…they cost about a buck.  It was like the caveman times of buying one song on iTUNES or something. 
Here was the problem…there was no internet back then…my mom had to hit stores around town, hoping to find a Men At Work shirt…she was not able to find one, so she had one made.  What did she do?  She bought one of those ¾” sleeve shirts, and brought it to a place that can iron on letters to a shirt, and with felt-like letters she had a shirt made…and it looked exactly like this:
 photo menatworkshirt_zps5530501f.jpg
How funny is that?  BJ asked if I liked it and wore it…HELL YEAH I DID!  I rocked this shirt like a champ.  I am sure no one thought it was odd that an 11 year old kid was walking the streets of Brooklyn with a shirt that just said “Men At Work” on it.
Why did we even get on this subject?  I compared the music of Toto to the music of Men At Work.  That leads to another question…why were we even talking about Toto? 

Well, CBS got in some trouble yesterday with their reporting on Nelson Mandela's memorial service . . . when they played Toto's "Africa" over images of Mandela's grieving ex-wife.  Here is the clip....

This cracks me up.  For those that are truly upset, you need to chill out…it was a screw up, and it’s so ridiculous…they clearly didn’t mean any disrespect.  All I can picture is that a producer went to an assistant or intern and said, “we have this Mandela montage”…we need some “African Music”…so some clueless person did an internet search and BAM…Toto showed up!  Brilliant!
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STP's BLOG 12/10/13 "Monday Night Raw - Yes Yes yes!"
Yesterday was, to quote The Miz, AWESOME!  It was one of those days that as a wrasslin’ fan I will never forget.  The morning started off great as we had WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston and R Truth in studio…
Later on, I made the trek to the Key Arena for Monday Night Raw.  It wasn’t your ordinary Raw, it was their yearly awards show…the Slammys!  This was my view for the night, I ain’t complaining!
 photo 5B07D742-636D-4EF1-9F74-D5643CF611CB_zpsvmo9lxbc.jpg
The entire night was all about Daniel Bryan…the northwest crowd was showing love all night to Aberdeen’s own! Daniel wound up winning the Superstar Of The Year Award, and in his speech he gave a shout out to the Hawks.  The crowd was hot for his match against Fandango!
 photo 8A63A581-0BBB-40A7-AEDE-7544D9A686C9_zpszrwf4wzj.jpg
Daniel wasn’t the only guy that showed love to Seattle…Rey Mysterio gave some love to the Hawks and Marshawn Lynch as he came out with a Hawks jersey rocking a #24 jersey with “Mysterio” on the back!
 photo ED3894AC-2A35-4BAF-A522-205C49BE0A12_zpsiczhli3e.jpg
Here are some of the other pix I took…It was an awesome night, and apparently my bald dome was spotted many times during the show!
 photo D7F0F1F5-ED41-46E5-B7EF-CBDB9BFD89BA_zpscotdcexb.jpg
 photo C5014DD1-146F-4465-B385-EA14435A95E0_zps5qd6nlss.jpg
 photo D374CFA5-C439-4719-97D6-98416895E854_zpsxkgzkxdd.jpg
 photo 94209999-554F-40B4-9D44-A76B2F0C4069_zpsvxh34zm5.jpg
 photo F1FA2F84-76C6-4768-B51C-2D48370A899C_zpsi9exzox8.jpg
 photo 941CBC87-83EA-4087-9E8A-10D55E32ECFA_zpspxtbizbl.jpg
 photo BEBE1789-29C5-492C-B34D-B396C926A8F1_zpsiiimryou.jpg
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STP's BLOG 12/09/13 "Pearl Jam Review!"
On Friday, Pearl Jam played a sold out show at the Key Arena…and I have to say…I have seen PJ live 10-12 times in my life, and this one was without question the best I have ever seen them.  This is saying a lot, as they are always great.  The place was packed, and the boys had all of us in the palm of their collective hands…
 photo B9A4A44D-7933-48F6-A875-AD33BB4063A1_zpsghs1uw8t.jpg
They played a 37 song set, nearly 4 hours long…so many highlights…but here are some of the things that I HAVE to share.  First off…the camaraderie between the members of the band is inspiring.  These guys LOVE playing together, you can see it in the way they get caught up in a “moment” on stage together…the body language makes it very clear that being in Pearl Jam is still..well…fun.  I loved seeing that, here is a great example of it, and thanks to my bud @ProperJam on Twitter for grabbing this moment…
 photo 17A4EA25-1041-4D17-924C-314460D78CBB_zpszpf1wel8.jpg
As for the songs they played…so many awesome moments…the new songs sounded killer, I loved hearing “Lightning Bolt”, “Sirens”, “Mind Your Manners”, “Getaway”, “Future Days”, “Let The Records” Play live.  The older tracks…some of them put tears in my eyes, while all of them gave me goose bumps.  The stand outs…at one point during the set they played the full cover of Mother Love Bone’s “Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns”…I have seen them play “Crown Of Thorns”, but never the “Chloe Dancer” intro…it was the best moment of the night.  After they played that song, they launched into the two songs from “Singles” – “Breath” and “State Of Love And Trust”, and then played my fave song off Ten – “Porch” –this led to an insane “light show” which I captured in my video blog below, and Eddie ended up about 20 feet above the crowd!
 photo 9F966C9A-EC92-4BB5-8AD6-03A6CF4D8610_zpsky5zfj6s.jpg
Eddie was enjoying a large bottle of wine that apparently Seattle Mariner Raul Ibanez gave him! Was Eddie tipsy?  Yes for sure…but did it matter?  Hell no!  
 photo A9E18E10-14B2-4DC0-8377-111DB976AA48_zps345wzhvl.jpg
Eddie was full of energy, very entertaining, and even shared some “Behind The Music” type stories before playing some of their songs.  I learned that Even Flow was inspired by a homeless man in Pioneer Square, and “Garden” was written in Seward Park.  

Today's video blog is all about Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam played an amazing 37 song set in Seattle of Friday night, that lasted nearly 4 hours.  So here is a 4 hour show...condensed into a 10 minute video of some of the highlights!

Here is the same VLOG if you are on your phone...
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STP's BLOG 12/06/13 "Sports Are Important!"
Sad news yesterday, Former South African President Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday.  He was 95.  I always had a lot of respect for Nelson for how he acknowledged the importance of sports in communities, amongst many other things.  I wish some local politicians would have watched this back when the Sonics were on the verge of leaving…

In case you don’t have time to watch it…here is the text. 
“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.”
I 100% agree with this…just look at the Hawks right now, this city has a great energy and overall excitement…I love striking up a conversation with stangers when I see them rocking hawks gear…which is saying a lot, since I am usually an introverted mess that doesn’t talk to strangers!  

Today's Video Blog is another Max Long Report!  On Monday, the Seahawks beat the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.  Hours before the game, our very own Max Long went down to Century Link Field to talk to tailgaters. 

Here is the same Vlog if you are watching this on a phone...

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STP's BLOG 12/05/13 "Hot For Teacher?"
Remember the other day we had Scoot from a New Orleans station WWL on? He tossed out a bet – that if the Saints win, I would have to wear a Saints shirt or jersey…and if the Hawks won, he would have to do the same…well…we know what happened, and props to Scoot for following through!
 photo scoothawks_zpsbb30e231.jpg

Last week, while a 23-year-old science teacher in Kentucky was teaching and had her back to the class . . . a 15-year-old student snuck up and LIT HER ON FIRE.  Fortunately the other students put it out before she suffered any serious burns, and the kid who set her on fire was arrested.  That my friends, is INSANE!  What the hell is wrong with that kid…talk about a crazy thing to happen in a classroom.  That of course, didn’t stop me from doing Van Halen “Hot For Teacher” jokes!  Which led to one texter to call me a “Effing Idiot” – It’s amazing that it took him until now to realize that! 

Based on this story we wound up talking about the crazy things we have seen in class…here were some of the texts we got:
A student threw a desk at the teacher

I personally cut a teachers desk in half with a chain saw. Oh and yes im a girl.

My hot teacher Boob fell out. Of her shirt. Triple d perky awesome. DOPE

It was after class but in the classroom where i had class. But i saw my principal nailing one of my teachers. Jesse in Bonney Lake

My freshman English teacher being escorted out in the middle of class by security for being drunk on the job

This kid was annoying the crap out of me so I warned him then stapled him to a wall six inches off the ground

I went to school in enumclaw, my 5th grade teacher got mad and threw a desk through a window. Chris in mount vernon

My jr high teacher got a chubby teaching us sex ed...and he was always pretty creepy to the pretty girls in class

saw a science teacher throw a eye wash station across the room at a student....trent from seattle

I was in Jr. High and a group of kids dropped acid. The kids marched up and down the halls in a line singing row row your boat while pretending they were in a canoe. Then they started the down ward spiral and they started to see little demons which freaked them out and that is how they got busted.
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STP's BLOG 12/04/13 "Eddie Vedder Shaves A Fans Head!"
Pearl Jam played a show the other night in Spokane, and Eddie Vedder got to shave off a fan's dreadlocks in exchange for playing his song request.  This guy’s dreadlocks reached down to his waist, and he wanted the band to play "Brain of J", so that he could head bang to the song with his dreads one last time! 
Is it weird for me to say that I would let Eddie shave my head if I had hair for that same opportunity?

Based on this…finish this sentence:   “I wish video existed of the time I did ____.” Or… “I am so glad I caught on video the time I did _____.”

For me…I am sooooo glad that video exists of the time I passed out live on the air!  It’s a great story to share, but the fact I have video makes it even better!  This was from the time I was on the Andy Savage show, and I got my eyebrow pierced…enjoy:

Here are some of the texts we got:

I wished i got on video that i kicked the football into a basketball hoop

Wish video was available when I did a friends mom at the lake so I would have proof!

Could have put Warren Miller out of business if I had a Go Pro when I was younger.

Im so glad i got me doing a 22 second keg stand on my wedding night... I was hammered

When I nailed my best friends mom. Destroyed tape next day

When Snoop Dogg passed me his blunt from the stage in the middle of "What's My Name"
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STP's BLOG 12/03/13 "Hawks Win On MNF!"
Oh man what a game yesterday!  HUGE HUGE HUGE win for the Seahawks yesterday on the national spotlight!  Man I love this team…they looked like monsters yesterday taking down the Saints 34-7.  It was supposed to be the battle of the 2 best teams in the NFC, but the battle switched to beat down quick!  So many great moments happened during the game…from Russell Wilson’s performance, to the Legion Of Boom, to Michael Bennett’s awesome fumble return for a Touchdown,  to Derrick Coleman’s TD when he caught it after it bounced off a teammates helmet, to the 12th Man breaking the noise record, I could go on and on and on…but the ultimate highlight came from one of the officials…

He meant to say “Switching out balls”, but due to the microphone hiccup (I think), it came out like he said “Stretching our balls” – now we know why the officials huddle up so many times during the game to “discuss a play” – waka waka!
Needless to say… Go Hawks! 

The one Seattle athlete that needs to shut up is Taijuan Walker – Tai is a pitcher for the Mariners, who apparently is a Saints fan, and he had one of those moments when you regret hitting send on a tweet.  Look, I have no issue with him being a Saints fan, but to bitch about a fellow Seattle star athlete is probably not the best way to endear him to the Seattle sports fans.  When Richard Sherman tossed a Saints player down on the ground and got penalized for it…Taijuan tweeted that Sherman is a punk… after he tweeted it, he soon deleted the tweet due to the backlash he received. 

Thankfully when I tried finding the tweet, I found that Aaron Levine of Q13 retweeted it, and while doing the search I found an old tweet from Taijuan…look at the difference a few months makes, especially when they are playing your favorite team!
 photo CED6435C-1AB6-440F-8273-45CA499DA55A_zpsfemnkgld.jpg
He soon apologized for the tweet… too funny!
 photo tai2_zps29815dc6.png
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STP's BLOG 12/02/13 "My New Mask!"
Christmas came early for me!  If you been keeping up on my blog, I have been talking about getting my goalie mask painted by the very talented David Leroux!  Check out his mask art, as he does a lot of pro goalies masks, at .

Well I got a message from him with the finished product…check it out, I am so pumped to wear this!
 photo 2FE9B7D6-4EA6-4E2F-8006-B5FAF27519F9_zpsi5rgolo8.jpg   photo BB102E7C-4426-48EA-91A5-FE3EA09B6E55_zpsqjmywt6y.jpg   photo 09F5368F-CDBA-4BFE-9B37-BE821C427E92_zpso99jrxox.jpg
Over the weekend my wife and our friends Jenny & Tyler went to Zoo Lights in Tacoma.  We haven’t been there in a few years and it was a great time! 
 photo 4D61DD2A-A562-4E7F-AEE4-1FE029FBEBA2_zpse8d0eehj.jpg
I love this set up…got me pumped for tonight’s game!
 photo FDC836A8-8CEC-4C1A-AD92-2E93207D28D9_zps55cr3exf.jpg
 photo 81E68F8D-4515-4154-9EB4-67A373E312DF_zps3botte31.jpg
 photo B42D73B8-1D73-4C6E-BC83-43301AE48B94_zpsehagag4m.jpg
I don’t know why this picture cracks me up…but it does:
 photo 169947EC-05A1-4ACB-A1E2-D511EAB5BFC9_zpsppcxfrmp.jpg
While there, we popped into the aquariam…how crazy is this guy?  He’s cleaning the tank…that has SHARKS in it!
 photo 66EA2495-D9D6-4BB5-8CA9-08EC3A7B2499_zps8cdubiwr.jpg
Sharknado Selfie for ya!
 photo 8B54C802-2E8A-4312-9C0C-BF03E7C80952_zps1k9ddobc.jpg
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