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STP's BLOG 01/31/14 "Blue Friday!"
Happy “Blue Friday” everyone…easily the biggest “Blue Friday” ever!  For me it’s been “Blue Everyday”, as I have been rocking Seahawks based clothes every day for the past couple of weeks…here is just a sample…
 photo bluefriday_zpsa7793cc1.jpg

Well, it’s official…I know who is winning the Super Bowl.  There is no need to wait until Sunday to find out…because Eli the Ape has been picking Super Bowl winners for the last 6 years, and has been RIGHT every year.  Who did Eli pick?  The Seahawks?  The Broncos?  Check it out:

That’s right Hawks fans…Eli says the Hawks are winning, we now have nothing to fear…GO HAWKS! 

 photo hawksbluefriday_zpsd8af72a6.jpg

I took this off my bud Todd’s Facebook wall…it’s an awesome time lapse video of the Hawks travelling from the VMAC to the airport, and you can see all the fans that showed up.  I got serious goose bumps at the end when you see how man people were there…enjoy…

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STP's BLOG 01/30/14 "Go Hawks Boeing!"
Our good bud Craig Gass was at the Super Bowl Media day…what happens when you take a fellow Hawks super fan and give him access to players?  This…

Did you see what Boeing did in the spirit of the Hawks?  It’s AWESOME!  Check out this 747-8 Freighter…thanks to my brother Ryno for sending these pix to me:

 photo b2_zps5e8e2210.jpg
 photo b1_zps45ac3e5a.jpg
 photo b3_zps8de116de.jpg

We are just days away!  Are you as pumped as I am?  Go Hawks!
 photo broncobuster_zps60f4c310.jpg
Ok…when is the NFL going to loosen up their rule that players MUST do interviews with the media and will be fined if they don’t  I understand that they want players to be available to media, but I am guessing there are enough guys that are willing to and comfortable with speaking to the media.  Marshawn Lynch is not one of them.  Every time he is interviewed he looks painfully uncomfortable.  What good is it having him do these?  It makes him look bad, and in turn the NFL looks bad.  I watched yesterday’s interview that Marshawn did with the media, and I absolutely hated the media.  If the NFL won’t shut the interviews down, maybe the media should (I know this will sound shocking) act responsible and just leave Beast Mode alone.  Watch this interview…yes, Michael Robinson saves it with some great humor, but Marshawn has been asked these questions before…in fact he answered most of them with Deion Sanders the day before…and he’s being asked them again.  Why?  For the hope he snaps?  Or because media has such a stick up their collective you-know-what and are “punishing” Marshawn for not wanting to speak with the holy media?

Media – knock it off already…BOSS!
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STP's BLOG 01/29/14 "Beast Mode Loves You"
Yesterday was Media Day for the Super Bowl, and after seeing the circus that Media Day is, I don’t blame Marshawn Lynch for doing a quick press conference.  You have people dressed as super heroes, people in 1700’s outfits, etc…all asking players stupid questions.  don't they know that’s my job to ask dumb question when players call in to our show?  I mean there were questions about Russell Wilson’s hair, someone asked Percy Harvin if he likes playing football, and someone asked Michael Bennett who on the team has the stinkiest farts.   The ultimate dumb question moment happened with Richard Sherman…and props to Richard, he took a ridiculous question/statement and gave a great answer:

It would have been hilarious if Richard then finished the answer by invited her to go to Scores with him.  Waka Waka!
Marshawn did spend some time with Deion Sanders, and the interview was awesome.  A. Marshawn has a great chill sense of humor, and 2. You can tell he is all about the team.  Props to Deion for going with the flow, he did a great job with this interview…

On this week’s STP-CAST, we  spoke with David Barrionuevo.  David is making headlines because he has been to EVERY Hawks game this year…and he doesn’t even live in Seattle.  David is a Seahawks fan from New York, and flies to every game.  There was a great article on him in the Daily News in New York:

David has a blog that chronicles his experience:  SEAFENSE.BLOGSPOT.COM
Check out the entire interview on the STP-CAST – available on iTunes, Stitcher, or here:
Based on David’s story…it doesn’t have to be sports related, have you ever wanted to spend a year travelling and doing something like David did?  What is it?  Or…have you done something like it? What did you do?  Here are some of the texts we got:
My grandfather wants to see a baseball game in every state. As far as I know, he's only done Georgia, Washington, and Kentucky. However the Kentucky game he saw was minor league.

I would like to get a divorce, travel around the country and sleep with a woman from every state.

I am a race fan, always wanted to go to every Nascar race for a season, GO TONY STEWART, John

I hated my job so I took a year off and fished almost everyday. Traveled all over chasing steelhead. 6 months in I designed a fishing lure and by the end of that year I was the owner if a tackle business and I haven't looked back. That was 2002.

Hi I'm branden shires I live in federal way wash. Im 17 and my dream is to follow the mariners to every baseball game they play

44 year old father of 2 A local soft ware enginer of eighteen years qqite his job and took a year off to go to every game this year

I've seen Dave Matthews Band 67 times the past 4 years in 13 different states

Hey Steve I have seen 36 PJ Shows, the longest stretch was 5 shows in a row. I hear ya, would love to go to Europe and follow them for a couple of months

Yesterday was a big day at the station…we received a surprise visit from the man himself…Mickey Mouse! 
 photo mickeystp2_zps4040e25c.jpg
Today’s Video Blog is all about meeting Mickey!
name="movie" value="" /> 
Here is the same Vlog if you are watching this on your phone...

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STP's BLOG 01/28/14 "Willlllson!"
BJ started the show off complimenting me on my shirt. For the last 2 weeks I have worn nothing but Seahawks themed shirts and jerseys…I got a new Russell Wilson Phish inspired shirt in the mail yesterday…
 photo stpphish_zps36f1a859.jpg
Why is his name made to look like the Phish logo?  Well, when he first takes the field, the Hawks play the opening riff of the Phish song, “Wilson”, and the fans sing Russell’s last name.  There was a great piece done by the NFL on it, you can check it out here:
Thanks to Nic for sending us this great video…it’s a musical remix of Richard Sherman interviews…
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STP's BLOG 01/27/14 "Is It Sunday Yet?"
FOX Sports put together a funny video where kids did a reenactment of Richard Sherman's postgame interview with Erin Andrews …check it out:

This is pretty cool…thousands of people lined the streets towards SeaTac to wave good bye and cheer on the Hawks as they head to NY for Super Bowl week.  I guess not as many people did the same in Denver…I got a kick out of this pic that my bud John sent me…check it out:
 photo HAWKSMEME_zps6aa90318.jpg

This Sunday is the big game...I can't wait!  Are you still trying to figure out where to go?  Well, wouldn't it be awesome to watch the game with a guy that went to the big game the last time the Hawks were in it?  Marcus Trufant is hosting a big party on Sunday with his brother Desmond...  if you are interested in going, click on this link for details!

 photo amber_zps753c58c6.jpg

Last night was the Grammy’s, the highlight of what I saw so far…as I didn’t see the entire broadcast as I went to bed at 10…was Imagine Dragons.  Man, these guys kill it every time I have seen them perform on an award show…and last night was insane!  They performed with new rapper Kendrick Lamar, and they mashed their hits together into something incredible…check it out:

Props to hometown heroes Macklemore & Ryan Lewis…they won 4 Grammys, and had a very memorable performance!

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STP's BLOG 01/24/14 "Farting Deer"
So…yet another reason why my wife rules.  At 5:45 AM I get a text from her…usually it’s a text that says “Good Morning” or something along thoise lines…but this morning it was just a link…no text…so I click on it, and it’s this:

HAHAHA!  When that deer’s tail flies up I nearly spat my coffee out!
Huge thanks to Craig Terrill for joining us to talk Hawks.  If you don’t remember, Craig was on the Hawks the last time the team went to the Super Bowl…Super Bowl 40 in Detroit.  If you don’t remember, the Rolling Stones played at Half Time…which led to this great song that Craig wrote and performed for us at a listener party!

I love the Seahawks vibe that has taken over the North West…this story rocks, and I am glad to hear it comes out of my hood … Puyallup!  How would you like to try a Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage?  Yes, you read that right…it’s a Spicy pork sausage infused with Marshawn’s favorite candy…Skittles!  Where can you get it?  At Blue Max Meats in Puyallup!  We talked about this during my news, and I love when stuff like this happens…as it proves that we have at least one listener!  One of the owners, Tommy, texted us this:

Thank you guys so much for the shout out about our meat shop. We  are huge fans of your show, and we listen faithfully every morning…love love love your show and being mentioned on the air with the BJ Shea show is bigger for us than anything! Go Hawks, Go Hawks, and Go Rock! Tommy Blue Max Meats
He also mentioned that he wants to give me a big meat package for all the guys on the show…wait…what?  Taken out of context…  Haha!

We got this email about the Hawks…

Guys...I loved what you had to say about Derrick Coleman, and props to you BJ for sharing your hearing aid story.
I 100% agree with Steve about how there are so many charismatic characters on the team.  my favorite has always been Michael Robinson because of The Real Rob Report, but I am now even a bigger fan after seeing that video of him on the sidelines after their win last weekend, and he had tears streaming down his face.  That is passion right there.  I love the Hawks! 
I wanted to know who do you LOVE on the team and why?

Here is a picture of Michael Robinson that he is referring to….

Based on Jerry's email...what about you?  Who on the Hawks do you LOVE and why?  Here are the texts we got:

Zach miller, zach miller, zach miller baby whoooo # 86 all the way catches anything Wilson throws at him.

Tarvaris Jackson. Many forget the fantastic work he put in to keep the Seahawks franchise rebuilding alive. He started at QB while injured an entire season and made the playoffs to set in motion the progressive improvements we've seen getting us to the Super Bowl. He's not starting now, but he's back as part of this championship team and often overlooked. Give him credit where it's due! -Luke, Port Townsend

Or Brandon Mebane. That belly roll is hypnotic. Oh myyy.

Russell Wilson. Love his work with children's hospital. Even tho we have never met him we have spent time at children's with our son due to his autism and his physical disabilities with his foot. He is having surgery again on the 29th. We know how much it means to those kids to meet a great role model. Go Hawks! Jim in Lynnwood

My favorite player is houska(our kicker. It's to early for spelling) why? Because when you think about it, when was his last missed kick? How many games were we ahead by a field goal or two.

Earl Thomas, because he's posed ,confident, and mean on the field Will

I'm going to show some love for Doug Baldwin. Analysts counted him out as not a threat and he played the game of his life on Sunday.

Best. Topic. Ever. I gotta go with Breno Giacomini. Every team should have a guy with a thick Brooklyn like accent. -the Drunk Viking

Coleman. He has a lot of character and perseverance to overcome deafness

love Sherman and Russell. Sherman is just a boss, and Russ is the most gracious player to ever step foot on the field. Asking Bradshaw how to approach the SB was amazing. He's just an all around amazing man, even at such a young age. -Scott, Sammamish

Can these Hawks get any better! These guys are class acts and ready to be superbowl champs!

I love Pete Carrol. He has so much energy, and I believe he brings out the best in all his players. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!! BIGJON

Kam chancellor Hit on vernon davis epic !!!!!!

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STP's BLOG 01/23/14 "Derrick Coleman"
When everyone is talking about Richard Sherman and nationally he is turned into a villain, which is ridiculous to me….there is one Hawk who I think should be the guy that everyone is talking about.  Who?  Marshawn?  Nope.  Russell?  Nope.  Pete Carroll?  Nope. 

Derrick Coleman.
Who is Derrick Coleman?  Instead of me describing our fullback…I’ll let a commercial, yes a commercial, give you an idea of who he is.  Good luck not having goose bumps when watching this!

Well once this inspiring video came out, it touched a lot of people…including a young girl in NY who wrote Derrick this letter, which had been Tweeted and shared all over the world…
 photo COLEMANLETTER_zpsd455f532.jpg
I love this…Derrick saw the letter, and wrote her back!  Something about the fact that it’s a hand written letter to the girl makes it even cooler.  Derrick, you sir, are the man!
 photo colemanletterfromhim_zps8b8a3347.jpg

I absolutely love this video…yet another reason to love Russell Wilson.  I love his attitude…always wanting to learn…even when most are enjoying a moment to celebrate.  Right after the Hawks won the NFC Championship, they have a big trophy presentation ceremony in front of all of us & Terry Bradshaw is on stage with them to present the trophy and do interviews.  At one point during the celebration, Russell hit’s up Terry for advice on winning the big game.  It’s a really cool, sincer, moment!
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STP's BLOG 01/22/14 "Bronco Busters"
Yesterday I talked about how a local T-Shirt company (that makes awesome sports inspired shirts) has brought back the “Bronco Busters” shirt. 
 photo BroncoBusters_large_zpsa45778b4.jpg
After I mentioned it I got a ton of emails and texts asking where they could get the shirt…here is a link to the site:
I bought one yesterday, I can’t wait to wear it to work a bud that works here is from Denver and is a huge Broncos fan…I plan on wearing it next week when we have a meeting that we are both in!

Since I’m on a Hawks kick (when am I not haha)…we played this song on the STP-CAST yesterday (available on iTUNES & Stitcher), if this doesn’t get you pumped up…you must be nuts!  I hear this song and it makes me want to jump on the field…what would I do when on the field?  Nothing, I’d probably hide behind James Carpernter or Max Unger…but still…I would be on the field ready for battle!  Ok…ready to watch battle!  Regardless…watch this video and listen to the song, even if you aren’t a hip hop fan…I think every Hawks fan will love this!

Last night I went to the T-Birds game with my bros Monson & Jay…it was 2 for Tuesday.  Never before has there been a better deal than this promotion… 2 for 1 tickets, 2 dollar beers, 2 dollar hot dogs, etc…to put it in perspective…this cost us 12 dollars:
 photo B46EF509-D075-4FDC-BDC9-470E57793B34_zpsj4az74ug.jpg
It was a great game as well…the T-Birds are playing some real good hockey these days, they won 3-2 in a shoot-out.  Seattle’s record is now 29-14-2-3 and just four points out of first in the U.S. Division! 
 photo BC5351C9-D7CA-483A-AC5B-3A9E4C0E8923_zpslx5eitqu.jpg
 photo A468753C-F69F-457B-95B1-60BEE8C7B130_zpsryggzgce.jpg
 If you haven’t been to a T-Birds game, get info/tix here:
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STP's BLOG 01/21/14 "Super Bowl Bound!"
I don’t even know where to start.  All I can say is Go Hawks!  I was lucky enough to be at the game, and without a doubt this was the greatest sporting experience of my life!  This pic sums it up…taken right after the final knee was taken by Russell!
 photo 7D3A1F2D-B860-4F68-BEED-996A47D95639_zpsaomod5sq.jpg
I have to say…this was an emotional game, not only for the players…but for us fans.  When Sherman tipped that pass and Smith caught it for the interception…tears started streaming down my face.  Yes, I cried.  I thought I would have looked silly, but then I look around me and everyone was tearing up too.   Based on some of the texts we got, I wasn’t the only Rock-A-Holic feeling it!
I was at home watching the game and started to cry in front of the wife
Same here Steve in section 239. Tears rolling with joy.
Section 229 was erupting when we saw the blocked pass and intercepted. Brian

We grabbed a video of the crowds reaction when Russell took that final knee…check it out…it was pure insanity at C-Link!

Here are a couple pix I took…I love that lit up 12 on the building next to Century Link!
 photo E70F0C80-1F71-41B5-88CE-5CF61742AEDE_zps8umuo9xq.jpg
For those wondering…yes, I had the Beast Burger, and yes…it was amazing! 
 photo 180F1C6E-0174-4D34-98BD-75E8E2826BC1_zps1gbjgkq2.jpg
As you can see…they hook you up with a side of Skittles…speaking of Skittles, I love this moment with Golden Tate during the game:

Our bud Craig Gass was there too…and he texted me this pic…how cool is this?  Confetti angels!
 photo 52477948-61E2-4D5A-890E-3CF0AC2C165B_zpslm3dsd4b.jpg
I mentioned earlier that the players were emotional…and the sports world was on fire about Richard Sherman’s emotional post-game interview…

I know there are many that are mad about this…which I think is ridiculous.  Most of the people complaining about this are the same people that complain about athletes are boring in interviews with cliché answers.  Richard makes things interesting! He’s like the ultimate WWE wrestler – great promo skills.  I could go on and on about how awesome he is both on and off the field, but at the end of the day he was hit up for an interview right after making the play that put his team into the Super Bowl…his adrenaline was at it’s highest, I’m not surprised that he was that emotional.  I love the pure emotion of #25!  
Speaking of the WWE…I love this mash up of Mean Gene and Richard Sherman…

Did you catch the Richard Sherman commercial for “Beats”?
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