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STP's BLOG 02/28/14 "Blue Max Meats"
You know it’s gonna be a good day when a huge bag of meat arrives! 
 photo meat_zps8c50004a.jpg

Thanks to my buds Tommy, Evan, and Vince from Blue Max Meats in Puyallup for coming by with some of their meat.  If the name sounds familiar…this is the place that created the Skittles Infused “Beast Mode” sausage!  All of their sausage is incredible, like I said this morning…  "What a great day, sampling meat!".  Check em out here:  9512 Canyon Rd E in Puyallup.  Or on Facebook:

It’s Friday…what better way to get the weekend going than to watch JCVD do a split…in SPACE!

Happy Friday!
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STP's BLOG 02/27/14 "Big Hit!"
Have you seen this awesome hit by Seattle Thunderbirds player Evan Wardley!  I already loved watching this dude play, but after this…he might be my new favorite player… Go T-BIRDS!   

So we are dog sitting for our friends right…who happen to be Ben The Psycho Muppet and his wife.  It’s funny…their dog’s name is Lulu as well…so we have 2 Lulu’s kicking it at the house…who knew one house can handle such awesomeness!
 photo lulutimes2_zpsbd0de302.jpg

We had a fun topic this morning…it was awesome to hear what the Rock-A-Holics had to say.  Soundgarden is going to play "Superunknown" front to back for the first time at a concert in Austin (SXSW)…based on this, if you could have one band play one of their albums front to back, which band and album would it be? Here are some of the texts we got:
it's not possible but Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power then en core with Cowboys from Hell in its entirety!

AC/DC Back in Black

Have stone temple pilots play purple or core ! Bad ass

Offspring -Smash. Metallica -black. Nirvana unplugged. Thanks - Dan the Man

Michael Jackson Thriller... Beginning to end...

Pearl Jam, Vs. Best pj album ever

It would have to be Rush 2112 for me, greatest concept album of all time, phenomenal musicians telling a credible yet futuristic story with the raw energy that was solid rock. Jerry in shoreline

Alice In Chains, Jar Of Flies best album of all time! 23 year old mom with a 3 year old named Layne. :)

Adrenaline album – Deftones

Love to see Green Day play Dookie all the way through. First album I ever bought
Tool lateralus
Seasons in the Abyss, Slayer.

Alice ... Facelift. I know mist people would say Dirt, but Facelift is the beginning and includes a lot of what they were playing in the bars here. A Social Parasite encore would be epic. m/

Metallica - And justice for all

Absolutely no question. "Apple". One band I never got to see and a true talent lost way too early. Mitch, the best damn garbage man in Lacey.

Motley Crue shout at the devil $ Tiny $

Sublime 40oz to Freedom Lakewood Larry... Hey Toppy...

Skid Row - Slave to the Grind! Front to back!

Foo Fighters, The Colour and the Shape. Mark from Renton

AIC Unplugged Onedge

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STP's 02/26/14 "Godzilla, JT, and Russell!"
I just saw the Godzilla trailer…and as a fan of Godzilla since I was a kid (I had that 2 or 3 foot tall toy that spit fire…and by spit fire I mean you pulled a lever and a plastic flame came out of his mouth), I 100% approve of this trailer!  The Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie was OK at best, but it looks like they might have gotten this one right!  Plus, Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) is in it!  Check it out!

More and more stuff seems to surface that makes me dig Justin Timberlake more and more.  Look, he’s no Affleck, but I would put him up on my list of celebs that I think it would be fun to kick ut with.  Did you see this video of him calling out a fan that was flipping him off from the second row? 

That’s too funny…I love the fact that she probably paid a “G-Spot” for that ticket, and she flipped him the bird during the show!
How lucky are we Hawks fans to have such an awesome QB?  Russell Wilson was all over the TV yesterday, and he handles himself like a dude that has been in the league for 15 years…what a great representation for our city.  He was on Seth Meyers new late night show, and he was great on there…

I really dig the way Seth Meyers does his interviews…he comes off like an everyday guy that is enthusiastic about who he is speaking with! I know everyone is showing a ton of love for Fallon and his Tonight Show (deservedly so), but I think Seth is going to be great as a late night host as well!
He was also of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, and even though the interviewers were tools, he handled every question like a pro…

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STP's BLOG 02/25/14 "Hulk-A-Mania is BACK!"
Yesterday I found 2 new ways to waste my days away. 

1.  The WWE Network.  It’s basically Netflix for the WWE Universe, and it’s awesome!  I said screw the one week trial, and I just subscribed to it…it’s $9.99 a month and I now have access to all the WWE, ECW, and WCW Pay Per Views of days past…and a whole lot more.  Plus…with the subscription, I get all future Pay Per Views.  Lets just say my wife is really excited.  Yes, that is sarcasm in the air.

2.  NHL 2K14 for the XBOX 360 – I was at Best Buy getting ink for our printer and came across a used copy for a cheap price…man that game rules.  I know it’s been out for a few months already, but this is the first time in over 10 years that I have played a hockey video game, and the game play on this is unreal!

Speaking of wrasslin’…I tweeted this yesterday…
 photo hulktweet_zpsf337eb49.jpg
Did ya see the Hulkster on WWE Raw last night?  Man it was AWESOME!  I didn’t think it would affect me in the way it did, goose bumps and all, but judging from all the tweets I have read about it…I wasn’t the only one that was stoked to see him come out, especially since he came out to the Real American theme!

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STP's BLOG 02/24/14 "Hockey Challenge"
Over the weekend BJ, Toppy, and I were lucky enough to be a part of the Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey Challenge.  This is their annual fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House, and how cool is this…before Saturday the day of the Hockey Challenge), they already raised over $180,000!  That is the best part about being involved with this event…I have been lucky enough to have participated in 5 of these hockey challenges, and yes, it’s fun to play against former pro’s and other hockey players…but knowing that they raise a lot of money for a great cause is an awesome feeling.
 photo photo1_zpse8d734c3.jpg
Ok…now lets get to the game.  Before the game, we got to take part in an autograph signing…without a doubt the guy most people were in line to get an autograph from was former T-Bird and NHL’er – Brendan Witt.  I too was excited to meet him, as it’s been years since he has been in Seattle…he is one cool fella.  But we were sitting at the table to sign things too, and Toppy got creative during the signing, as he put his autograph on people’s beer cups! 
 photo photoa_zpsd08cec05.jpg
Before the game, I got a pic with the coaches of the other team…BJ and Toppy.
  photo photo4_zps16b7ca19.jpg
Now that was the end of our friendship for the night as we took the ice for an epic battle!  Ok, we took the ice.  The game was a BLAST!  Things started off great as I had a couple saves, and then it went downhill fast as the former pro’s like Doug Kirton and Mark Parrish lit me up for a few goals.  At the end of the first it was 3-0 team Shea, but in the second period Team Ian Furness turned it around and we tied it 3-3 after 2 periods.  I felt like I redeemed myself with a few good saves.  
 photo photo3_zps0edc66d0.jpg
Then in the third period it was a goalies nightmare, as the former pro’s turned it on…many goals were scored, and we were down 7-5 with a few minutes left in the game.  Coach Furness pulled me for the extra skater…a wise move as it led to us scoring and making it 7-6…then I stayed out, and team blue made it 8-6…then I came back in and made a couple breakaway saves, and Brendan Witt put on a clinic and scored….then another goal…it’s 8-8!  With less than 15 seconds left, former T-Bird Regan Mueller scored, and team Furness won it…silencing the very mouthy BJ and Toppy!  It was awesome! 
 photo photo2_zps856cedd5.jpg
Honestly, win or lose it was a great time, lots of goals and and former T-Bird and NHL’er Mark Parrish told me after the game, “That was the most fun I have had playing hockey in a long time”.  For T-Birds fans, it was a great time watching some of the former players back out there!
The best part of this was the next day when I got a tweet from Brendan Witt…at first he forgot I was on his team…

 photo witt_zps946eaedf.jpg

Speaking of the Hockey Challenge – thanks to Margaret and Su for having me on KING 5’s New Day Northwest to talk about the event on Friday!  It was a blast to hang with T-Birds P.R. man Ian Henry, fellow hockey player Jackie Soo, and T-Birds mascot Cool Bird! 
 photo photod_zpse636ae6f.jpg
 photo photoc_zps4006c564.jpg
 photo photob_zps9894c1cb.jpg
Here is the segment….


If the video doesn't open, you can watch it here:
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STP's BLOG 02/21/14 "STP on REVOLT TV!"
Yesterday was Kurt Cobain's birthday and I got to be a part of something awesome.  My bud Harms, yuip the former DJ at The End, is now a TV personality on a great new music based channel called REVOLT.  It’s that channel created by Sean “Diddy” Combs, whenever I think of Diddy I think of smoking Jefferies…sorry, that was a off topic relate to the movie “Get Him To The Greek”.  Ok…back to's a great channel -- XFINITY Channel 138 in Seattle.  Harms did a segment on Kurt Cobain’s birthday where they had me on via SKYPE.  When I did the interview, I didn’t know what I looked like, but when I watched it back, my head looked huge…like I could open up and eat Harms!
 photo revoltpic_zps8dd80c79.jpg
This week the Loud & Local Band Of The Week is The Crying Spell.  I love these dudes, and their new music video is AWESOME!  The women in this video is their MOMS!  Check it out!

If you didn’t catch me on REVOLT TV yesterday, here is the clip…

The New HOT 1037 - The Rhythm of Seattle

Here is the same video for those on their phone!

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STP's 02/20/14 "King Of Pain"
This was one of those strange moments where I said to myself … whoa, trippy!  I was going through some old CD’s and came across a recording that I was a part of that I always looked back on as one of my favorite things that I was a part of.  For a brief period of time I was in a band called Lesliwood (until they found a new drummer), they eventually became Ms. Led and then the front woman/songwriter Lesli started a band that is still going strong called The Redwood Plan (check them out, they are damn good).  We went into a studio to record a Police cover for a Police tribute CD called “Many Miles Away” – we covered the classic song “King Of Pain”.  Check it out:

I looked at the year that the CD came out was back in 2001…crazy that it’s been over 13 years ago…time really does fly by, but that wasn’t the “whoa trippy” part…after I loaded it on Soundcloud, I was on Twitter and saw that Sting was playing at the Key Arena last night…hence, “whoa trippy.”
I’m going to say it right here…team USA for men’s hockey is going to win the Olympic Gold!  I can feel it…this team is fast, full of firepower, and tough…plus they are gelling at the right time with a great goalie – Jonathan Quick.  They take on Canada tomorrow, which is going to be an awesome game.  The other 2 teams left are Finland & Sweden.  I’m feeling that it will be USA vs Finland for the Gold!

The website Female First put together a list of the things men do that annoy women the most. Here is the top 10…
1.  Never admitting you're wrong.
2.  Hogging the remote.
3.  Passing gas in public . . . out loud.
4.  Refusing to multitask.
5.  Snoring.
6.  Never doing nice things to surprise her.
7.  Not listening.
8.  Never doing housework.
9.  Staring at other women.
10.  Constantly watching sports.
Based on this list of the things that men do that annoy women…Be honest – what does your significant other do that annoys you?  Or do you do something that you know annoys your partner, but you do it anyway? Here are some of the texts we got:

What my bf does that's annoying to me is his sarcasm. (Shit talking) we never hold a normal conversation without some sarcastic comment. Not only does he do it to me he does it to his friend's.

him drinking annoys me, he is one of the loudest drunks I know. Drinking with his family is the most obnoxious thing ever.

My wife rushes around the house when cleaning. To the point of panting. Slow the f down woman.

I buy electronics that I "just have to have" (like my nook) and then don't use them. He gets so pissed!! -- Holly in Renton

My husband talks way too much and likes to finish peoples sentences even if he doesn't know what in the hell he's talking about! It's really annoying! -Briawna in graham

My girlfriend really hates it when I tickle her but I do it anyways for self satisfaction
My husband poops with the bathroom door open and then gets upset with me when I ask him to close it

Apparently I fold towels incorrectly and get my ass reamed every time I don't fold them correctly. Insanity.

What my bf does that's annoying to me is his sarcasm. (Shit talking) we never hold a normal conversation without some sarcastic comment. Not only does he do it to me he does it to his friend's.

him drinking annoys me, he is one of the loudest drunks I know. Drinking with his family is the most obnoxious thing ever.

My wife rushes around the house when cleaning. To the point of panting. Slow the f down woman.

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STP's BLOG 02/19/14 "Thanks Smith Brothers!"
The other morning we were talking about the old days of having a Milkman, and I mentioned how excited I was to see the Milkman drop off milk in my neighborhood, and that it wasSmith Brothers that were dropping off milk.  Well, apparently the fine folks at Smith Brothers Farms listen to the show, and sent us a bunch of goodies…including chocolate milk – hell yeah!
 photo smith0_zps1acbc036.jpg
 photo smith1_zps155cbb2e.jpg
Thanks Smith Brothers! 
We were talking about how LeBron james says that when he retires he will be on the “Mount Rushmore” of NBA Greats…meaning that he will be one of the 4 greatest players of all time.  This led to a fun topic where we asked the Rock-A-Holics who would be on the “Mount Rushmore” of Seattle greats…here are some of the texts we got:
Pete Carroll would have to be number 1

Edgar Martinez

Daniel Bryan! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!



Bill nye the science guy!

Toppy for his conquest of women

Bruce Lee Jimmy Hendrix Bill Gates and STP.

Kurt, Jimmy, Eddie, Lane. All the best at their craft.

Gary Ridgeway & Ted Bundy & Ken Bianchi

If they made a Mount Rushmore of Seattle dumbasses STP would be on it - Aaron in Puyallup

Ken griffey JHr, Thee Ted Smith, JP Patches, and STP

The cast of Almost Live

Bill gates, paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, and Marshawn Lynch

So I finally watched the first ever episode of the Tonight Show with jimmy Fallon…man…this was a great bit, Will Smith doing “The Carlton” is awesome!
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STP's BLOG 02/18/14 "TJ Sochi"
Props to local fella TJ Oshie, as he is the talk of the Olympics world thanks to his shootout performance in the USA vs Russia hockey game.  Even though it was “just” a preliminary game, damn it was a fun one!  It was tied 2-2 after OT, so it went to a shoot out, and the man from Mount Vernon was the hero of the game…scoring 4 times in the shoot out to lead the US to a win.  It was beyond intense, and I loved what Oshie, who is now being called TJ Sochi (get it…Sochi?  Wakka Wakka!), had to say when he was called a “hero”:

"The American heroes are wearing camo. That's not me."

Oshie plays for the St. Louis Blues, and is a star player in the NHL…someone put together a great montage of his shoot out goals…at the end it includes the ones from the Olympics…

Speaking of sure to join BJ, Toppy, and me at the T-Birds Hockey Challenge this Saturday.  The T-Birds play at 6:06 at the Showare on Saturday night, and after the game they are having their annual local celeb and T-Bird alum all-star game to benefir the Ronald McDonald House.  BJ and Toppy are coaches, and I will be playing between the pipes watching former T-Birds rocket goals past me!  Guys like Jamie Huscroft Bendan Witt, Blake Knox, Danny Lorenz, Brent Duncan, Regan Mueller, and more!  I love the banner that they made for this game...check it out:

 photo Hockeychallengev3_zps722fd024.jpg

If you want more info or tix, get them here:
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STP's BLOG 02/13/14 "Breaking Bad"
Yesterday we reached a big moment in our household…we are turning the corner and into the final stretch of Breaking Bad.  We watched the first episode of the final 8…and HOLY SMOKES, what an ending.  I know I am VERY late to the party, but damn…the moment between Hank and Walk it so damn epic.  Walt is the ultimate douche/bad ass…I get why Bryan Cranston, as well as Aaron Paul and the rest of the cast, have been shown so much respect for their acting. Don’t watch the video below if you haven’t seen this episode and are planning on it…I don’t want to be a spoiler!

I think the airlines in the United States need to adopt this video practice on their flights…I think more of us would pay attention to the safety video you see on the plane if they did what Air New Zealand has done!  Check it out:
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STP's BLOG 02/12/14 "Toppy's Crappy Morning"
Talk about a crazy and scary way to start your day…I got a call this morning at around 4:30 from Topshelf…he got into a car accident on I-5 when some guy hit him and a cabbie…and of course the guy that started the accident fled the scene.  Thankfully Toppy and the cabbie are ok, but both of their vehicles are not.  Check out Toppy’s truck:
 photo toppycar_zpsb368b6db.jpg

We talked to Topshelf on the air, and some texters chimes in as they saw the accident…

I saw the accident. Thank you for making me late, TOPPY!! I would've given you a lift if I would've known it was you. –GingerF

I saw the cab on i5 guys and omg
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STP's BLOG 02/11/14 "Samuel NOT Lawrence"
This is easily the funniest and best thing I have seen in a while…and for once, it’s not about the Seahawks!  Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson did an interview in Los Angeles yesterday with Sam Rubin, from KTLA Morning News and things got very awkward when Rubin CONFUSED Jackson with Laurence Fishburne. Doh!  Check it out!

This isn't the first time that a reporter screwed up the name of a celebrity.  If you don't remember, back on Election day...this reporter was talking about the celebrities that have showed up in support of Obama...and this happened...

Here is the feel good video of the century!  18-year-old Kevin Grow has been the manager for his school's basketball team for the past four years.  He never played on the team, because he has Down syndrome.  However,  it turns out he's a SCORING MACHINE.  In the last game of the season, the team had a huge lead at the end, so the coach put Kevin in for two minutes…and Kevin drained FOUR three-pointers, including one at the buzzer, and scored a total of 14 points.  He ended up being the top scorer for the game. 

So I watch this video, and I check the comments to see if there are any trolls and I was glad to see there weren’t!  However, I then look at the thumbs up/down part of You Tube…over 30 people gave it a thumbs up…but 2 people gave it a thumbs down!  What is wrong with those 2 people?  Seriously…how awful of a human being can you be?  Gotta love the internet kids, gotta love the internet.
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STP's BLOG 02/10/14 "Fun In The Snow"
Did you catch the Seahawks on NFL Live on Friday?  It was awesome…Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Bobby Wagner, and Jermaine Kearse were on, and they played a Seahawks themed version of Charades:

Russell Wilson got a kick out of Michael Bennett’s way of describing him in the video as well as all of the guys simply being on ESPN…here are some of the Tweets that Russell sent out:
 photo russelltweets_zps700729d7.jpg
If you are going through hawks withdrawals like I am…check this video out…the guy that made this, Joseph Vincent, did an awesome job!

Did you have a chance to have some fun in the snow this weekend?  Or were you one of the hundreds that tried driving in the snow and got into an accident?  I honestly didn’t even know it was snowing until I saw endless posts on facebook saying it was, so I looked outside and saw 2 inches Saturday night.
On Sunday, we took Lulu outside so she could have some fun in the snow…

 photo lulu1_zps7a630497.jpg
 photo lulu2_zpsa7d25b72.jpg
Lulu has an interesting way to play in the snow…she loves to run in the powder, but what she really loves to do is slam her face into the snow and drag her face in the snow.  I view it as her own way of making snow angels:

Today's video blog is a chance for us to relive the Seahawks Super Bowl victory!  Toppy went down to the big Hawks victory parade and put together a video of his experience!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 02/07/14 "Jesse from Breaking Bad!"
Big thanks to Aaron Paul for coming in...even though I was late to the Breaking Bad party, it has quickly become my all time favorite show, and his acting on that show is so good!
 photo aaron1_zpsce639f00.jpg
Aaron was in studio with director Scott Waugh (Act Of Valor) to promote their new movie Need For Speed.
 photo aaron2_zps899fd255.jpg
The movie is out on 3/14...we saw it, and it rules!

I know it seems like all of my blogs are about the Hawks...because...well...THEY ARE!  I just don’t want this feeling to end...I love the afterglow of our team winning the Super Bowl and I do not want it to end. 

 photo stpsherman_zps2e950395.jpg

Props to the NFL Network...their show, Sound FX is all about the big game, and I love that we can hear the sounds on the’s a great watch.  If you haven’t seen it...go to this link as they have the segments posted.
A couple things I walked away with by watching this:

--Marshawn Lynch is hilarious and a fun dancer.
--Pete Carroll rules.
--Russell Wilson has a great sense of humor –Skittles!
-- Richard Sherman has awesome screams.
--Earl Thomas had to chest bump some reporter...slightly awkward, but Earl rules.
--Champ Bailey & Peyton Manning of the Broncos are all CLASS!

After playing audio from the Sound FX show, we got this text:
Damn you guys. All the hawk's pride brings tears to my eyes. Best team ever and it shows

I 100% agree with that text...I was watching clips from the show this morning, and I started to get watery eyed...every day the fact that the Hawks are champs sets in more and more.  What an awesome team...I can't wait for next season.

Speaking of the Hawks...this pic gave me goose bumps.  My bud, Big Lo, you all know him as Seattle’s Biggest Sports Fan...they guy bleeds blue and green...he rocks the Sea-Fence, and he has the biggest heart of any dude I know.  Seeing him giving the Lombardi Trophy a kiss is so damn awesome!  Props to the Hawks for letting him do it, the respect this organization has for their fans is unmatched.
 photo lo_zpse9c560a5.jpg
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STP's BLOG 02/06/14 "Hawks Rally & parade"
Yesterday, over 700,000 Seahawk fans took to the streets of Seattle for the Hawks victory parade...some even said it was around a million.  Regardless of the exact number…it was insane!  The energy in our city was unlike anything I have ever experienced, I am so glad that I was there! 
Here are some pix I took…
 photo 95A12266-ABD6-4CB4-8FEE-4B02BF5A7B5D_zpsngxd1sou.jpg

 photo hawkclawfinal_zps140f9833.jpg

 photo stpgreenbigfoot_zps1869db0c.jpg

 photo 0DB3EE4B-C17B-4BED-8373-0866E2593C54_zpslu47n0jf.jpg

 photo hawkparade_zpsdd96883d.jpg

 photo EB3EA443-8CD1-4488-BCA5-F18FB871CA60_zpsku9pezow.jpg
The highlight at the parade for me was easily Marshawn Lynch…you could tell he was having a great time mixing it up with the fans, as well as with his teammates.  He was tossing Skittles out to the crowd…banging a drum…and spraying Russell Wilson with champagne.  I snagged this pic from my bud Keith’s Facebook page…here is Marshawn drumming with Blue Thunder…

 photo 28AFDB2D-8A27-4794-9658-103B2A540786_zps5ogcog9e.jpg
My bud Jason posted this great pic of Marshawn giving Russell a “champagne shower”…
 photo C50B1ACF-27C3-4FF0-AD49-E054B0DBECC7_zpsms3xlvwg.jpg
Our bud Chad from got a great shot of Marshawn tossing Skittles!
 photo hawkspix1_zpsb383dc77.jpg

And a fan caught Marshawn on video…as he got excited about a fan’s bottle of FIREBALL! 

Beast Mode Rules!

Vicky B. and I walked from our station all the way down to Century Link Field and talked to the 12th is my report….

 Here is the same video for you iPHONE users:
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STP's BLOG 02/05/14 "Toppy at the Super Bowl!"
Check out the sweet shirt I got yesterday in the mail!
 photo stpsherman_zps2e950395.jpg
Just in time for today’s rally…I ordered it at

Today's video blog features Topshelf in New Jersey! Toppy went to Super Bowl 48 to watch the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl title by beating the Denver Broncos!  Go Hawks!

Here is the same VLOG for the people on their phone...

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STP's BLOG 02/04/14 "All About The Hawks"
I am loving all the national attention the Hawks are getting…it is well deserved!
This is pretty funny…Frank Caliendo did a spoof on the ESPN 30 For 30 series, and his subject is Richard Sherman…

Russell Wilson was on Letterman last night…this was an awesome interview…Russell was great, and Letterman did a great job with this interview, some really deep and interesting moments!

This is an awesome segment that aired on Super Bowl Sunday about Seattle music and it’s connection to the Hawks -- props to the NFL Network for using the music of Mother Love Bone in the video!
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STP's BLOG 02/04/14 "Super Bowl Champs"
Man oh man...I’m still in shock.  I woke up this morning, went right to my phone to be sure of it...yup...the Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions.
I just got goose bumps typing that. 
After the game...I loved this moment of camraderie...Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin...

I had some of my hockey team, the Donkeys, over for a Super Bowl well as BJ and it was an awesome party...great food, awesome people, and a Hawks win!  Here are some photos...
 photo sbd_zps7072865b.jpg
 photo sbc_zps8136d292.jpg
 photo sba_zps545fdc93.jpg
I mentioned of the big hits at the party was the Beast Mode Sausage...yes, the Skittles infused sausage that is making national news...made by Blue Max Meats in Puyallup.  We swung by there on Saturday to get some for the party, and I got to meet Tommy and Evan, as well as everyone else from the store...what a bunch of really cool people!
 photo sb5_zpsceca8cc5.jpg
Here is a shot of the before & after...
 photo sb8_zpsb1b63abc.jpg
How cool is this... Skittles caught wind of what they did and wrote them a letter:
 photo sb2_zps62e0f781.jpg
While I was on Facebook, I saw something really awesome that involved Skittles.  Nick Harmer, the bassist of Death Cab For Cutie, got caught up in the Hawks spirit and made this insane piece of art of Marshawn Lynch...and it’s made out of Skittles!
 photo sb1_zps4bca59cb.jpg
Props to Tim Keown and ESPN for an awesome piece about our bud John Moffitt...hell, our interview with John was featured in the piece towards the end...check it out:

If you missed seeing me in the are some stills...Haha!
 photo sb4_zps9bcabde8.jpg

Our very own Vicky B ended up in Pioneer Square for the Super Bowl celebration as hundreds flooded the streets to celebrate the Hawks victory...check out this pic:
 photo celly_zps5e2ac0b8.jpg
Vicky took a quick video too...

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