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STP's BLOG 03/31/14 "The Tonight Show!"
Emerald City Comicon was this past weekend.  Did you go to ECCC?  Vicky was there… A. Her costume rules, even though I have no idea who she is, and B. The Muppets that she got a pic with look awesome, especially my man, Animal!
 photo comiconvicky_zps8d625f16.jpg

I know that I am stating the obvious, but DAMN Jimmy Fallon has been knocking it outta the park as host of the Tonight Show!   I came across this clip…and this once again reminds me of Johnny Carson!  I’m a huge fan of Johnny, I grew up watching him and always loved the bits he did and the way he interacted with his guests…even though I love Letterman, and think that Kimmel and Conan are great…no one has been able to garner comparisons to Johnny until Fallon.  The crazy part is that I never expected to like Jimmy, I thought he was a fun like-able guy, but the man is doing the legacy of the Tonight Show justice with his version.  Here are a couple examples…this one is with Billy Joel:

I loved this bit with AHH-NOLD…

I just love the attention to detail on this one that features Kevin Bacon going back to his “Footloose” days!

And now… a cute picture of Lulu…peeking in on me….
 photo lulupeek_zps870ee406.jpg
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STP's BLOG 03/28/14 "One Demanding Puppy"
If you aren’t my SnapChat bud, you really are missing out on some quality “snaps” like this…

Hit me up on SnapChat…my name is STP9

So our pup, Lulu, is a very demanding pup.  If you don’t show her attention she will either slam her tail on the couch until you rub her belly…or she will just stare at one of us and growl…it’s hilarious!

Today's video Blog features a moment during our interview with Nick Frost, where we read some text messages for him.  Plus the Rev presents to him a Bacon drawing he made. 
Listen to the whole interview HERE:  

Here is the same video if you are on your phone...

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STP's BLOG 03/27/14 "Nick Frost & Daniel Bryan"
Today was a star studded event!  Big thanks to Nick Frost for joining us!  You know Nick from Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, The World’s End, etc...and he is starring in a new film called Cuban Fury, which is out April 11th.

 photo froststp_zps7603a89a.jpg

Also on the show…WWE Superstar, and my opinion…the future WWE Champ, Daniel Bryan!  Daniel is taking on Triple H in what I think many would agree is the most anticipated match at Wrestlemania 30.  If our boy from Aberdeen beat “The Game”, he will then get to be in the main event… a triple threat match between Randy Orton and Batista.  I’m calling it right now…Daniel is leaving New Orleans with the title. 
 photo bryan_zps8c5b5bfd.jpg
Colorado's governor, John Hickenlooper, used to brew beer for a living, and now he has new beer taps in his home… Yes, there are now beer taps in the governor’s mansion! How cool is this?  That is some straight up Rob Ford style of politics haha!  I don’t blame him, if I was Governor and someone wanted to turn my basement into a small hockey rink for me and my bro’s to play some pick up hockey….you bet your ass I would get that!  What about you? 

What odd thing do you have in your home, or would like in your home?  Here are some of the texts we got:
I'm a hockey player like STP, I would have an ice rink. Josh, Everett

A theater size popcorn popper Oly garbage man

I want a batcave in my house. All the gadgets, outfits, everything. Then... I can become batman. :-D
I have a Snapple fridge filled with beer in slider racks. It's awesome offering someone a beer

I think it'd be awesome to have a professional movie set for making XXX films in my house. I could rent it out an watch the magic happen. That sounded a lot better in my head before I actually typed it out.

A bowling alley would be awesome! Or an indoor the trap range!

I wish I had a wood fired brick oven for making pizza.

My housewarming present to myself was a Jager machine like you see at the bars. Ice cold Jager at the push of a button

BJ: I have an aquarium in my home, and I don't mean 1 fish tank. I have close to 100 tanks in my home. My husband and I breed freshwater aquarium fish. --jess

Hey Toppy... STP I want a Trapper's Sushi bar in my man cave! Going for A.Y.C.E. laters... LAKEWOOD LARRY...
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STP's BLOG 03/26/14 "Ayron Jones on the STP-CAST!"
Another great win last night for the T-Birds!  It was Two For Tuesday at the Showare Centrer, game 3 of the first round of the WHL playoffs…and once again the T-Birds and the Everett Silvertips treated all of us to a great game.  It went to overtime, and Matthew Barzal from the Birds scored to win it!  it!

 photo b1_zpsece3fe97.jpg
 photo b2_zps14003145.jpg
 photo b4_zpsc06da2aa.jpg
The highlight of the game had nothing to do with the game…it had everything to do with a conversation I overheard with two drunk dudes sitting next to me..  I tweeted about it…
 photo tweetcoolbird_zpsb028063a.jpg

Huge thanks to Ayron Jones for coming in yesterday to perform on the STP-CAST. 
 photo ayrontp_zps745ca8f0.jpg
If you haven’t heard Ayron Jones & The Way, you are missing out.  Check them out here: .  These guys have a raw bluesy sound that really strikes a nerve with me.  I need to see them live, and I hope to in the near future. 

Ayron’s voice and songs are damn good…one of my favorite songs off of his debut CD “Dream” is a song called “My Love Remains”, and he performed it on the STP-CAST yesterday.  If you missed it, Listen to the full podcast on iTUNES or Stitcher (search STP-CAST) or HERE

 Here is the same video for those on a phone…
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STP's BLOG 03/25/14 "T-Birds Playoff Hockey!"
If you don’t have plans tonight…you should totally go to the Seattle T-Birds game!  It’s playoff time, and the T-Birds and the Everett Silvertips are facing each other in the playoffs for the first time, and the first 2 games have been awesome…so far the Birds are up 2-0 in the best of 7 series!  Tonight is 2 For Tuesday… 2 tix for the price of one, 2 dollar beers, 2 dollar hot dogs, etc!  You know I’ll be there!  Get tix HERE:
Playoff hockey is so exciting…the guys battle all 60 seconds (UPDATE: They also play hard the other 59 minutes haha), and on Saturday I went to the Showare Center for game one, and the place was rocking!

 photo blog2_zpse20c729d.jpg
The T-Birds goalie, Taran Kozun, put on a clinic, he faced 39 shots (19 shots in the second period alone) and only let up one goal to lead his team to a “W”!
 photo blog3_zpsa7842c47.jpg
When the game ended, I love it when the players show some love to the fans….
 photo blog4_zps5d2964db.jpg
Before we went to the game, of course we had to hit up the Trappers Sushi in Kent Station, it was so damn good…and yes, I ate my own roll (the STP Roll).
 photo blog1_zps4e5b9e6d.jpg
This morning we were talking about this… a new survey asked couples to name the top trivial things they fight over most often.  Here are the top six . . .

1.  The remote.
2.  Things that make bills slightly more expensive.
3.  Taking out the trash.
4.  Other household chores, like dishes and laundry.
5.  Who cooks dinner.
6.  Who has to get out of bed to turn the lights off.
 And now...a funny picture of Lulu…post-shower…
 photo blog5_zps1576d2d4.jpg
And here is Lulu “drying off!:

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STP's BLOG 03/19/14 "Cam Girlz"
This week’s STP-CAST might be our best’s a very random and fun interview with a local cam-girl named Aella.  She, and director Sean Dunne joined us to talk about the film he is making “Cam Girlz” – get more info at

This is a behind the scenes moment from the STP-CAST with our bud GregR from The End, and web cam girl Aella, as I learned that she is a fan of the Rubik’s Cube, and GregR is a master of the “Cube”....

Check out the entire interview with Aella and Sean on my podcast this’s a good one!  You can find it on Stitcher, iTUNES (search for STP-Cast), or HERE!
So I know that I have blogged about Golden Tate before, but I have to share this.  As I have said before, I don’t blame Golden one bit for leaving...and I get why the Hawks didn’t want to pay him as much as the Lions.  I do not understand why Hawks fans are freeaking out, some people need to get their panties out of that bunch that they are dealing with. 

That being said, I think Golden needs to stay off Twitter for a bit...feeding the trolls will never fix things, he needs to just deal with the fact that there will be a vocal minority on Twitter that is going to troll him about leaving.  I did enjoy this exchange with Golden and a Hawks fan named Melissa, especially when another fan named Shane steps in to support’s hilarious, some serious Twitter Drama. Here it is, feel free to act it out in your head with some silly voices:
Golden Tate: It's crazy how I gave everything to a group of people, and they still feel I owe them something. #keepitclassy
Melissa:  by you leaving it shows your money hungry, where you start you finish.
Golden Tate:  and this tweet just shows you have clue about anything...
Shane: a disgrace to our fan base. Applaud the man that played a huge role in our only SB win, not disrespect. #GoHawks
Melissa: get off my twitter, yo
Shane: no, you get off mine.
Shane: from the sound of it, you were the one bitter. Gtfo here lol. Go back to your cave.
Melissa : its called a home, by bitch
Shane: no, it's called a cave, you troll.
Today’s Video Blog features the new Rock they are strutting their stuff at our party on Friday at the Tulalip Casino.  If you want to see pix, go HERE.  

Here is the same video if you are reading this on your phone...

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STP's BLOG 03/18/14 "Celeb Siri"
This morning we somehow got talking about Siri, and I mentioned how I’m surprised that they haven’t unveiled a line of “celebrity” Siri voices…especially for someone like BJ, who is a big Star Wars fan, they could have  a Yoda Siri.  I thought it would be awesome to have a Flavor Flav Siri/GPS… as we are talking about this, the text’s start flying in about other celebrity Siri voices…here are some of them:
How about Jason Statham
Sean Connery siri!
Ozzy voice
Washed up axle rose siri
How about Darth Vader?
Sean Connery Siri would be awesome
I've always wanted Barry White syrie
Liam niesin Siri
I'd do R2-D2 Siri so I wouldn't understand it without C3-PO Siri
Hulk Hogan siri
Transformer voice gps and siri
Samuel L Jackson SIRI?
Pennywise the Clown Siri
morgan freeman voice!!!

More pictures have been posted from our Meet The Rock Girl party…these 2 might be my favorites…
 photo rg6_zpsa2294b4f.jpg
 photo rg4_zps04b3aa4d.jpg
Here are a few more, but you can check them all out HERE
 photo rg3_zps763c5b3b.jpg
 photo rg2_zps1db63f07.jpg
Over the weekend, BJ had Vicky over to play board games, and they got Chinese Food…which led to what might be the best Vine I have ever seen!!
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STP's BLOG 03/17/14 "Rock Girl Party"
Thanks to everyone that came out to the Meet The Rock Girl party at the Tulalip Casino!  What an awesome time!  The place was packed before we even started…here are a couple of pix we took:
 photo rockgirls1_zps2a584a55.jpg

 photo rockgirlsbj_zps53ec089d.jpg
Big props to our bud Stevie…he tweeted this to us from his Twitter (@CookStevie_S)… I was taking apic with the Rock Girls for our photographer, Iron Mike, and Stevie got a “behind” the scenes shot…
 photo rockgirlssteveie_zps7fb967d9.jpg
Here is a pic of Lulu looking fierce…this is what she does when we blow in her face!

 photo lulugrowl_zpsa73a84b4.jpg

Today’s video blog features The Pink Slips.  Who are they?  It’s Grace McKagan’s band.  Who is Grace?  She is Duff McKagan’s 16 year old daughter.  I have to say, they sounded awesome on Friday morning when we had them on.  If you missed it…check em’ out here:

Here is the same video for the those looking at this on their phone:

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STP's BLOG 03/14/14 "Jesse from Breaking Bad!"
Have I mentioned how awesome “Need For Speed” is?  It's awesome! It’s in theaters as of today…here is a trailer:

The film stars Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad…it was awesome last month when we had Aaron in studio with director Scott Waugh, and I got to share with him the story behind me becoming a fan of Breaking Bad!

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STP's BLOG 03/13/14 "See Ya Golden Tate!"
Man, everyone is talking about Golden Tate as he decided to sign with the Detroit Lions.  Most people are showing him love and thanking him for helping the team win the Super Bowl, but some people were losing their minds yesterday.  I don’t get it.  So I tweeted about it….
 photo tatetweet_zps36ed8ff1.jpg
I know, I know…he said in an interview that he would take less to stay here…and I bet if the deals were very close he would have…but he’s getting over 12 million guaranteed!  For an NFL player, that’s the most important part of the deal…yes, he got a 5 year deal for over 30 million…but if the team decides to cut him next year or before the 5 years are up, he won’t get all the money.  Sure it’s a game and a passion for us fans, but it’s a business at the end of the day.  Plus…the Hawks will be fine...until they give me reason to worry, Pete & John have made smart decisions since they started running the organization. 
Tomorrow if you are looking for a movie to go out and see…I highly recommend checking out Need For Speed…it’s the movie based on the video game that stars Aaron Paul, Jesse from Breaking Bad.  If you like fast paced action films with great car chase/race scenes…this is right up your ally!  Just recently we were lucky enough to have Aaron in studio…as a Breaking Bad fan, that was an awesome experience!

 photo aaron1_zpsce639f00.jpg
Today's video blog features Aaron Paul (Jesse in Breaking Bad)!  Aaron and director Scott Waugh joined us to chat about their new movie Need For Speed…here is part 1 of our chat.

Here is the same VLOG if you are on your phone...

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STP's BLOG 03/12/14 "#1 Star Wars Fan"
This morning we started off with BJ replaying a few of the finer moments from the STP-CAST. 

Over the years the guys have learned that I pronounce words differently than most…like the word “ruin” – I say “roon”. Last week, Toppy called me out for how I say YOLK... 

Well on this week’s STP-CAST, I butchered another word…and it all stemmed from our voicemail segment when a “Titanic Douche” left a message for us…

On this week’s  STP-CAST we Celebrate 3/11 day...the guys "troll" me, and well... Topshelf Kisw wrote this blurb about this weeks show, and it sums it up best!

 photo stpblurb_zpsa9e8d6a8.jpg
Listen on iTUNES, Stitcher, or HERE!
This morning I confused BJ with my new shirt!  I’m just bringing the 2 worlds together!
 photo stpstarwarsshirt_zps5dca1586.jpg
And now…a cute pic of Lulu….
 photo lulucute_zpsb724eb6e.jpg
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STP's BLOG 03/11/14 "Moses Bread Re-Signs!"
I am so pumped that the hawks re-signed Michael Bennett!  A, he’s a monster out on the field and you can’t let a guy like that go…between him and Cliff Avril, our pass rushing is the best in the league, I would’ve hated to see what would have happened without him.  Not to mention I would hate to see him do the “Ravishing” Rick Rude dance with another team…

Plus…and more importantly…he has the best Twitter handle in all of sports:


Have you seen the new segment that the NFL network is doing with Michael and his brother  martellus?  It’s a fun watch…check it out!

A new YouTube video called "The Ice Cream Van" is making the rounds….have you seen it…I feel bad laughing as the kid cries, but I am sure he is OK, and it’s pretty damn funny….

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