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STP's BLOG 04/30/14 "Manchester Orchestra!"
I swear there is some kind of strange concert radar with the STP-CAST.  We talk a lot of music on the STP-CAST…in a very Beavis & Butthead kind of way, and it seems like whenever we geek out about a band, they are playing within a few days of us talking about them.  It’s never intentional too…I swear!  The older I have gotten, the less I keep up on concerts as I don’t go out on weeknights like I used to when I was a 20-something whipper snapper.  Some recent examples…we nerded out about In This Moment, Halestorm, Mastodon, Alan Parsons Project (yes…the guys that wrote the Chicago Bulls song)…and after we talked them up I find out they are playing either in the very near future, or were just here.

This week’s STP-CAST was a perferct example of that…I was sharing my love for a band calkled Manchester Orchestra.  Yesterday, I decided to tweet the video of theirs that I love, so I figured I would tag them in it, and then I go to their page and I kid you not…they played a show last night!  Whoa…trippy brah!
This is the video of their that I LOVE…I especially love the back story…this video was made by a fan for some kind of school project I think…and he sent it to the band…they loved what he did, and decided to make it their official music video.  How cool is that?

Check out this week’s STP-CAST…it’s a fun one.  Not only do we chat about Manchester Orchestra, we debate if you can lick your shower wall, and we created a new word for Urban Dictionary:  “CLAMFATHERED” – sadly, Urban Dictioonary shot it down within minutes!  Listen to our podcast on Stitcher, iTUNES (search STP-CAST and subscribe please), or listen HERE!

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STP's BLOG 04/29/14 "Cano on the Tonight Show!"
So the Mariners are in NY to play the Yankees today…it’s a big deal as this is Robinson Cano’s return to his former team/city…he left the Yankees to sign with the Mariners in the off season for a monster deal, and many Yankees fans are not happy about that, especially since it’s usually the other way around where a guy will leave the team he is on to join the Bronx Bombers!  In the bit, Yankees fans think they're being asked to boo a cardboard cutout - until Robbie comes out from behind it and surprises them.  Check it out!

I love this bit…and I love how he comes off…the Mariners have had a tough start to the season, but hopefully things are turning around, it seems like they have built the team around a good dude!  Here is Cano being interviewed by Jimmy last night…

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STP's BLOG 04/28/14 "Pajama Bowl!"
We had a fun weekend as the crew got together to help raise money for the Sleep Country Pajama Bowl.  We were at Tech City Bowl, and it was a great time!  Check all of us out rocking our PJ’s…
 photo bowlpjs_zps60e99dc9.jpg
What also makes it fun is that we are bowling alongside some of our radio friends… our buds from the Candy & Potter show were there, as well as Fitz’s show, the gang from The End were there too, and I ran into my bud Bender as well. 
I always love running into GregR from The End…so much so that I not-so-subtly “photo-bombed” his selfie! 
 photo bowlgregr_zps398c003e.jpg
Tony from The Wolf & I shared a beer – we finally tried “Loser” – the Sub Pop inspired beer from Elysian, which is really really good!  So good that I sent a Snap Chat out about it (stp9 on Snapchat if you want to see silly things like this!):

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STP's BLOG 04/25/14 "Warrior: The Ultimate Legend!"
Lulu and I got into a “stare down” yesterday…she wound up winning, but check it out…
 photo lulustare_zpsf509c6c9.jpg
So I have the WWE Network, and I have been very happy with the programming on there…hell, just got hooked on their show, Legends House.  This show has a bunch of the guys I grew up watching all living together…guys like: Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas, Mean Gene Okerlund, Hilbilly Jim, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Pat Patterson, and Jimmy Hart. 

There was one thing I watched yesterday that completely blew me away, it was a documentary about the last days of the Ultimate Warrior.  It’s called “Warrior:  The Ultimate Legend”, and it’s easily the most honest, raw, and compelling WWE documentary ever made.  It shares the behind the scenes drama that led to Warrior being absent from the WWE Universe for 18 his triumphant return, getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame, being on Raw, and sadly dying the next day.  Watching some of the guys like Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, and Sting (yes, Sting is on it) be so candid about their relationship with the Ultimate Warrior was rather emotional.  If you have any way of seeing this, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared that someone might sneak into your house and start chopping up onions in the kitchen while you watch it! Keeping a dry eye was impossible for me.
Someone posted it on YouTube, it might get pulled down, but here it is for those that want to see it:

As some might know…on Friday mornings we always spotlight some of the fresh new sounds in the Northwest with our Loud & Local Band Of The Week.  This week’s featured band is my bud Ayron Jones.  Ayron Jones & The Way is an awesome band that just put out a great debut record called “Dream” – the CD was produced by Sir Mix A Lot, but these guys are not a rap group…they are a bluesy rock group that plays music from the heart.  Recently on the STP-CAST we had Ayron on…and he performed 2 songs.  This one is my favorite track off their CD…“My Love Remains”:

Here is a song that is not on the record, but I’m betting will be on their next release… it’s called “Lay Your Body Down”:

AJ & The Way are at the Tractor Tavern next Friday, May 2nd.  
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STP's BLOG 04/24/14 "Wilson On TMZ!"
The world is coming to an end y’all.  Why is that?  Well Russell Wilson is getting divorced, and the internets can’t handle it.  People on Facebook and Twitter are collectively losing their “dook” over this.  How could it be?  Not Russell Wilson!  I get that it’s a bummer story, but I have no idea what is going on in his personal life, but at the end of the day…he will be OK.  His wife will be OK.  Thankfully they don’t have children, so their non-children will be OK. 
The crazy part about this is how personal some are taking it.  I love the Seahawks as much as anyone else, but I’m certainly not going to get mad if someone if making a joke about this.  Some people are losing their cool on their friends when they “dare” to joke about this.  I saw one person on Facebook joke about it… saying something like “Russell is getting a divorce, hit me up Russell!”.  Maybe if she added an LOL at the end of it people wouldn’t have been mad, but that post led to a slew of comments saying how awful and wrong it was to joke about this.  Settle down kids. 

TMZ made this a big story as well.  I loved some of the comments that showed up from readers about the divorce news…here are just a couple highlights:
Gotta ditch the wife before the big contract comes in, smart man.

Word is she slept with Golden Tate. He got traded, she got dumped.


This guy won the SB and getting so much more tang thrown his way.

Ok…moving on… here is a funny video I came across.  In every infomercial, they show someone struggling to do something simple…like use plastic wrap or crack an egg without getting pieces of shell in the food. The actors always make it look IMPOSSIBLE.  So someone took a bunch of those clips, and posted a four-and-a-half minute montage online.

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STP's BLOG 04/23/14 "Hockey Rivalries"
Last night I was watching the NHL playoffs and something hilarious happened during the Rangers / Flyers game after Dan Carcillo scored for the Rangers.  You have to love the rivalry between these two franchises…not only with the players, but also with the fans.  Keep in mind that Dan was once a Flyer, so this fans reaction and his reaction in turn was priceless…

Yesterday all of us went to lunch and had an awesome meal at some New Orleans themed restaurant in Fremont called Roux.  Wow…this place was amazing!  I had the Fried Oyseter Po’Boy and the Jumalaya, and it was incredible.  I highly recommend it.  Speaking of getting high…I was on a sugar high from the dessert…it’s called a beignet, it’s like a very powdery donut.  As I ate it, it left a remnant that looked suspicious!
 photo stpsugarhigh_zps079b4ba2.jpg
Check out Roux here: – everyone from the show dug it. 
Yesterday we re-capped our (Thee Ted Smith & I) trip to Spokane with my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys.  During the re-cap we shared a story of the fun we had with a ball that glows upon impact. 

Listen to the whole podcast HERE! You can also listen on iTUNES or Stitcher -- just do a search for STP-CAST and subscribe!

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STP's BLOG 04/22/14 "Status"
We thought this was a pretty interesting study about status.

 A new survey compared the top status symbols from the '80s to the top status symbols today.  Interestingly enough, only one thing was the same:  Sending your kids to private school. 

Here are the top 10 status symbols today…

1.  A fancy car.
2.  A designer watch.
3.  A swimming pool.
4.  Flying first class.
5.  Owning a second home.
6.  Having a tennis court.
7.  Sending your kids to private school.
8.  Having a vacation home.
9.  A home with electric front gates.
10.  A nanny.
Here are the top 10 status symbols from the '80s...this will crack you up as some are just things we all have now…

1.  A car phone.
2.  A dishwasher.
3.  Sending your kids to private school.
4.  Having two cars.
5.  Going overseas for a vacation.
6.  Having a sunroom.
7.  Owning a horse.
8.  A color TV.
9.  Diamond jewelry.
10.  Having a cordless phone.
Here is yet another example of why The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon rules…this blows me away that he and his crew were able to edit this up as well as they did.  Check it out…Brian Williams edited so that he is singing Snoop Dogg!

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STP's BLOG 04/21/14 "Northwest Hockey Challenge / Spokane!"
Over the weekend I was in Spokane for the annual hockey tournament my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys, go to – the Northwest Classic!  It’s easily the best weekend of the year, 32 teams all show up to Spokane to play hockey, hang out, and have a great time.  It’s questionable if we really accomplished the first goal (play hockey), as we got our donkey asses handed to us, but we definitely succeeded in the other two goals (hang out & have a great time).

Before we left for Spokane on Friday, Thee Ted Smith came over my house to spend the night, as he is our coach for the weekend.  On Thursday night we hit up Trappers in Puyallup, where he got to try their sushi for the first time, and he loved it!
 photo hockey3_zpsfad4f9ac.jpg
Friday morning, we woke up…packed up my Jeep with the essentials, and headed to the rink to meet up with the guys…
 photo hockey2_zpsf98961ac.jpg
When we get there, I see our Party Bus…yes we took it to the next level, we graduated from a limo to a party bus, and holy smokes what a great upgrade!  The party bus was amazing…I’ve never been in one until this weekend. 
 photo hockey4_zps247d362c.jpg
Big props to Kotton, and Levi from Lyon Pride Music for the great experience on the party bus.  If you are ever looking for a party bus, you should hit these guys up…I know they have a lot of bands use it, but now they can add hockey team to their list of clients.  We would use these guys again in a heartbeat…Kotton was like our "Den Brotha", he kept us all together throughout the weekend, and when you have 13 drunk fellas walking all around, that is a HUGE feat! 

If you are looking for a party bus…hit these guys up at or get info HERE.

Before we got on the bus we had to take inventory on our beverages. 
 photo hockey5_zps66a902ff.jpg
Here are a couple pix of us hanging on the bus…

 photo hockey6_zpsd53f1e41.jpg
 photo hockey8_zpsc54bd546.jpg
 photo hockey9_zps65ba3f5e.jpg
The trip to Spokane was a blast…once we got there, we had to play hockey.  Man did we get smoked…our first game we lost 16-3, the next game we fared a little better…losing “only” 12-4 (I think), and in our final game…we almost picked up a “W”, losing 4-3! 
Here is Thee Ted Smith giving us an inspirational speech while wearing a cup…for protection of course:
 photo hockey12_zps09af8b20.jpg

Here are some other fun photos in the locker room…
 photo hockey1_zps4cc72730.jpg
 photo hockey10_zpsb14e9d46.jpg
Eventually we ended up partying in the hotels…so what happens when you order pizza, drink Coors Light, and have  light up glasses and bouncy ball on you?  This…
 photo hockey13_zps8d39867a.jpg
On Sunday we got back on the party bus and made the trek back home…this picture sums it all up best as we were all passed out for most of the ride. 
 photo hockey7_zpsc107a219.jpg
Only one more year to go until we do it again!  
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STP's BLOG 04/17/14 "Feel Good Video"
Here is a video that should warm any cold hearted human being out there.  This made my morning:

There's a kid outside Green Bay named Noah VanVooren, who's 18 and has down syndrome.  You might remember him from October, when his high school football team let him suit up, and he scored a touchdown.

But now he's in the news again, because he just got into Edgewood College in Madison as part of its "Cutting Edge" program.  It's for students with disabilities, and there's an awesome video of him opening the acceptance letter.

I love the part where he pulls the hoodie off and “Hulks It Out”!  I need to incorporate that move into my repertoire when I am excited about something!
Yesterday I wrote a blog all about this great new band called The Guessing Game, and how they were on the STP-CAST (available on iTUNES, Stitcher, and HERE).  Here is another song that they played live…I love this song, it’s called “Dear God”:


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STP's BLOG 04/16/14 "The Guessing Game"
There is a brand new STP-CAST up!  It’s a real good one, as my buds in The Guessing Game joined us to play a couple songs.  Who is The Guessing Game you ask?  Well…it’s a band of great musicians that have played in bands you are probably familiar with…fronted by Jeff Rouse from Duff McKagan’s LOADED.  Also in the band…Kathy Moore (Brad, Satchel) , Gary Westlake (Kristen Ward, Flight To Mars), Keith Ash (Star Anna) , and Shawn Zellar (Redneck Girlfriend). 
 photo guessinggamestp_zps0c71d44c.jpg
Their new CD is out now, titled “Holy Crow”, and I absolutely love it.  If you are a fan of powerful songs with great hooks, you will dig this!  It reminds me of my favorite time music-wise... 90's rock/alt-rock.  Last week on the STP-CAST we were jamming to this great song…

They are playing their CD release show on May 9th at the Sunset tavern in Ballard, I will be there…in fact I will be jumping on drums with them for a song at some point during the set!  Get more info on the band at
Listen to the entire interview on iTUNES, Stitcher (search STP-CAST), or click HERE!
Here they are performing “Selling Heartbreak” on the STP-CAST!

Speaking of the STP-CAST, we got this message from Brett on our STP-CAST Facebook Group:

Holy cow, I just pulled an ab muscle laughing when Toppy switched the channels on  Mono Nick and  Steve! That was amazing!!!!
What is he talking about?  Well we wound up having a conversation wondering if anyone has ever done a podcast on acid, and this happened…

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STP's BLOG 04/15/14 "Airlines In The News"
With airlines in the news recently for what people tweet to them (that 14 year old that tweeted a terrorist treat) or what they tweet their customers (US Airways accidentally Tweeted a very dirty pic to a complainer)…it’s nice to read a less troubling story like this one:

A Southwest flight attendant tried to turn her pre-flight safety announcements into a stand-up routine recently, and one of the passengers got it on video. Two of her biggest laughs were when she said that in order to activate your oxygen mask, you have to insert 75 cents for the first minute.  She also said, "If you're traveling with small children . . . we're sorry."  Check it out:

And now…a cute picture of my pup enjoying the sun yesterday!
 photo lulusunbathing_zpsd0d148f8.jpg
Yesterday something really cool showed up in the mail.  It's a small wireless speaker called the PortaParty.  Check them out at -- you can play your music from your phone (or MP3 player) via Bluetooth.  This is perfect as I can bring this with me when I travel as I like to listen to music in the hotel, plus…I can have this outside when Bar-B-Q’ing, etc.  I have tried similar ones like this before, but they didn’t have any bass, so I was stoked to hear bass in this little speaker…it sounds awesome.  Here is a video of Vicky B. catching me trying it out for the first time.

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STP's BLOG 04/14/14 "Biggest Wheel Of Fortune Fail Ever!"
I had a memorable weekend…granted, I didn’t get in trouble for yelling “bomb” at an airport like Aldon Smith of the 49ers (what the hell was he thinking), but mine was memorable for good reasons…

My beer league hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys, won the RHL’s Rainier Cup on Saturday night…it was an awesome night with great buds!

 photo donk5_zpsa56b9992.jpg
 photo donk4_zps0943bdde.jpg
Of course we had to have the obigitory “Ellen Selfie”!
 photo donk1_zpsb660d2c2.jpg
And when you play in a beer league…this is what the aftermath looks like…
 photo donk3_zpsd1b38bd5.jpg
This is one of the greatest “fails” of all time!  A student from Indiana University named Julian was one of the contestants on Friday's "Wheel of Fortune", and he had a chance to win a million dollars after the wheel landed on the million-dollar prize.  All he had to do was solve the puzzle. This should have been easy as all of the letters were flipped over, and the answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles".

Slight problem…he didn’t know how to pronounce “Achilles” – he pronounced it "AY-chill-ess" , so he got nothing!.

Later in the game, he had a chance to win a car  by solving the puzzle "World's Fastest Man"… all but two letters in the word "Man" were exposed.  Yet, he messed that up too.

That’s not all…he still screwed up s’more!  Tthere was a puzzle where it was fairly obvious that the answer was "On-the-Spot Decision”, but he guessed "On-the-Spot DICE SPIN.”  What the hell?!?  Check it out…

This seems so beyond incredible…I almost think this guy was purposely stinking up the joint so that he will forever be immortalized as the dumbest contestant to ever play Wheel Of Fortune!  The crazy part (besides all of the above), was that he was the winner of that night’s episode as he won the most money.
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STP's BLOG 04/11/14 "Nirvana Live!"
Last night was a magical moment for Nirvana fans.  The band was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  Eventually this will be shown on HBO, but to tie us Nirvana fans over I came across some bootleg videos.  Here is the acceptance speech…Dave Grohl is the man, I love how he shows love to all the other drummers of Nirvana…especially Chad Channing!

I do have to say it was lame of the crowd to boo Courtney Love…whatever you think of her…that wasn’t the night to be jerks.  It was a powerful moment to see her and Dave hug…it felt like a real moment.  I am glad they could all be civil and cool on a special night.

Nirvana then performed…just typing that gave me goose bumps, look I am a huge Nirvana fan…all of this is truly incredible to me.   Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear took the stage with four different singers…I thought it was interesting that they were all female artists.

Joan Jett sang "Smells Like Teen Spirit" . . . Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth sang "Aneurysm" . . . Anne Clarke, also known as St. Vincent, did "Lithium" . . . and then Lorde came out for "All Apologies". 
Here is Smells Like Teen Spirit:

Here is All Apologies…

Ok, so in addition to them playing at the Hall of Fame…Nirvana then decided to do a secret show in Brooklyn at a club that fits 200 people.  What?  Yes.  Are you S***ing me?!? Wow.  I know I have written a few one word sentences there…but that’s about all I am able to do right now.  I can’t believe this.  Here is the set list with who sang with them…
Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Joan Jett)
Breed (with Joan Jett)
In Bloom (with Joan Jett)
Territorial Pissings (with Joan Jett)
Drain You (with J. Mascis)
Pennyroyal Tea (with J. Mascis)
School (with J. Mascis)
Lithium (with Annie Clark AKA St. Vincent)
About A Girl (with Annie Clark)
Heart Shaped Box (with Annie Clark)
Serve the Servants (with John McCauley)
Scentless Apprentice (with John McCauley)
Tourette’s (with John McCauley)
Aneurysm (with Kim Gordon)
Negative Creep (with Kim Gordon)
MV (with Kim Gordon)
Here they are performing Heart Shaped Box with St. Vincent…

Here they are doing Smells Like Teen Spirit with Joan Jett…

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