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STP's BLOG 06/30/14 "KISS / Def Leppard Review"
Last night was the KISS/ Def Leppard show…and holy smokes, that was a show I won’tr forget!

First off…I know this is going to seem silly, and I was biting my tongue in the car as we were driving until the rest of the crew I was with mentioned something…I saw a “Double Rainbow” and it was AWESOME!  Yes, we have all seen the video of that guy…Ok, if you haven’t…here you go:

I now get the excitement…I saw it, I lived it, and let me tell you…it was incredible!

 photo IMG_11861_zps5e1dec52.jpg
OK…now to the show…I apologize if this blog will be even more scatterbrained than my usual ones, as I am working on about 2 hours of sleep (I didn’t get home until midnight).  Def Leppard sounded great…they played the songs I hoped they would play, including “Photograph”, and “Rock Of Ages”…and of course they busted out this bad boy…making all the retired strippers have flashbacks while dancing in the crowd…as I posted on Instagram!

Huge props to frontman, Joe Elliott…for showing love to the Hawks! 
 photo IMG_12881_zps70ea5023.jpg
Speaking of Joe…I have to say, his voice is still sounding great! 
 photo IMG_12061_zps9e75346f.jpg
During Def Lep’s show…I noticed the best shirt of the night…
 photo 0886E79B-CF38-48F0-8B93-81547C62A668_zps3s3hdiei.jpg
OK…now on to KISS!  I was so pumped…they started their set off with my favorite song, “King Of The Night Time World”…and didn’t look back.,  Fire, blood, explosions, confetti…we wanted the best, and we got the best!  Here are some pix I took…
 photo IMG_12161_zpsfd1672cc.jpg
 photo IMG_12831_zpsf1e19e6b.jpg
 photo IMG_12381_zps8c017ab0.jpg
 photo A04FBAC1-11C2-4E14-AA7D-038D096F119A_zpsawdhpkuj.jpg
Here is my favorite pic of the night…
 photo IMG_12821_zps97897279.jpg
I ain’t gonna lie…I geeked out when I saw that KISS was retweeting some of the pix I posted!
 photo IMG_12871_zpsb46e543e.png
Here is a montage of some video I took while there…

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STP's BLOG 06/27/14 "The Hottest Band In The World..."
KISS & Def Leppard are playing at the White River Amphitheater this Sunday, so in order to get ready...Toppy & I decided to "jam" at 5:30 this morning.  Enjoy!

I am so pumped…I have been listening to pretty much just KISS for the last several weeks… there are 2 songs that I keep coming back to, so I hope Paul & the boys bust these out on Sunday….
“King Of The Night Time World”

“Do You Love Me”

Yesterday…as I was walking around, people kept looking at me & looking rather intensely at me and I couldn’t understand why…then it hit me…I think I confused people with the shirt I was wearing. 
 photo kissmas_zps48937913.jpeg

Yes I was wearing a Merry KISS-Mas T-Shirt.  Hell…it was only 4 bucks on KISS’s website…the shipping cost me more than the shirt!
OK…back to reading my Paul Stanley book…
 photo AF6A4858-763F-49FF-A9F5-792178DE6385_zpsl02bjh1e.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/26/14 "Mariners Sock Night!"
Huge thanks to BJ…as he hooked me up with one of the coolest giveaways at a sporting event…SOCKS!  Yes, Socks.  The Mariners did a Mariners Sock Night last night & BJ was kind enough to grab me a pair!

 photo sockmariners_zps6d3f58d4.jpg
Man this week has been very awesome for me thanks to the Mariners.  On Tuesday morning, Mono-Nick brought me something he got at the game the night before.  Monday night, BJ & Nick were sitting in the Diamond Club, and the Diamond Club is awesome…you get free food & drinks in that section so I jokingly (ok not so jokingly) asked Nick to snag me a pretzel…and he did!
 photo base1_zps6b6097b4.jpg
Check out their seats…not a bad way to watch a game!

 photo base2_zpsa45acb99.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/25/14 "BJ's Daughter Sara"
This morning we were talking about how for the first time in a century, the majority of kids says that they want to follow their parent’s footsteps when it comes to work.  We are a walking example of that, as both of BJ’s kids are working here (Joe does behind the scenes web work, and his daughter Sara is an intern).  This led to a text:

Bj shut up and put your sexy sounding daughter on !!

So we did, and boy did that make BJ feel uncomfortable…as many of the Rock-A-Holics find his daughter’s voice to be…well…stimulating!  I of course feel for BJ, and I couldn’t imagine the hell he is going through knowing that…so I of course HAD to share some of the texts we got to make him feel “better” about having her intern!
Sarah is on the air and now I'm driving stick

Sarah's voice is like Viagra

That was the best segment ever, I'm not supposed to have a radio at work so its incognito but that had me laughing out loud that I almost got busted... thanks Sarah/Vicky B... Lakewood Larry...

Weird.....Sarah's voice made my watch go from 6 to midnight

It great to hear bj squirm

This truck Is having steering problems now that Sara's on

It's real awkward I'm excited at work now..

I'm sorry BJ, she does sound hot

I wanna take you dinner Sarah

Does she like being in front of a camera too!!??

 photo 8417443A-A33C-4E5D-BED6-E56742FF7B4F_zps54egm3hu.jpg

Did you see Cuba Gooding Jr. at the NHL awards last night?  Probably not…which is why I have it here for you to see…man he looks tossed.

I think I know why he is looking like that… A. The NHL Awards were in Vegas, and B. The big electronic music festival “Electric Daisy Carnival” was happening in Vegas too…and yesterday morning at 4 am (several hours before the awards show), my buddy texted me from “EDC” with this review:

“EDC is just ridiculous! Bitches were jumping in the pool fully dressed. For some reason Cuba Gooding Jr was dancing in the DJ booth”

Hmmmmm…sounds like Cuba was enjoying Vegas quite a bit!
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STP's BLOG 06/24/14 "Leave Richard Sherman Alone"
It’s not very often that I go on a soap box on my blog, but I feel like this one warrants a trip on the “box”.

Last night I read that Richard Sherman has decided to not speak with local media anymore due to the fact that the Seattle Times posted a story about him buying a new home, and his address was listed.

This pisses me off to no end.  I get that Richard is a public figure, but does he not deserve any privacy?  He does. I don’t blame him one bit for being mad.

For all the local media that are making it a point to say that his home info is available to the public for anyone that wants to find it…shut up.  I know, if you search for it you can find this stuff…but you just made it easy for most people that would be too lazy to do that research.

What’s the big goal behind this?  Cool…we know where our favorite Seahawks player lives.  I wouldn’t care if this was a story about anyone…a rival teams star player, a politician, etc…just because we can find out where someone lives doesn’t mean we should take advantage of that…or exploit it like the Times did.

Also…shame on you “fans” that are going to his house to try and meet him.  That’s his home, ass****’s…that’s where he and his lady live, show the man respect.  Richard does enough in the community with charitable events where you can meet him and get a pic or autograph, don’t be THAT guy that thinks it’s cool to visit him at his home. 
And kids, get off my lawn.  Ok, I’m off the soap box.
 photo 95A12266-ABD6-4CB4-8FEE-4B02BF5A7B5D_zpsngxd1sou.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/23/14 "Taste The Rainbow, Toppy!"
Over the weekend I think Topshelf wins the prize for the best weekend…why you ask?  I present to you the answer:
 photo toppyinthepool_zpsd2b33570.jpg
What was happening?  Nothing…that’s just how Toppy relaxes of course.  I’m kidding…Toppy’s wife celebrated her birthday over the weekend and it was a rainbow and glitter theme! 
I went to Meeker Days in Puyallup…no one got hurt while I was there.
 photo 535287B4-BD1D-4332-AAB0-700B12FF1A00_zpsit31h7yz.jpg
On Friday, a few of the fellas and I went to Rock The Dock in Tacoma after we played hockey.  This place rules…awesome dive bar vibe, great wait staff, and the food was great!  Plus…not a bad view:
 photo 144F7C19-ECBA-4229-AB2E-15465C2EBD4B_zpsdhqahtql.jpg
Plus they have the best sign ever!
 photo B9DD011B-BBF4-440A-B754-44C1F5FF7B27_zpsler84bmp.jpg
The highlight of the weekend was last night…my wife convinced me to put a “mask” on, which made perfect sense as I was in the middle of reading this when she suggested it!
 photo AF6A4858-763F-49FF-A9F5-792178DE6385_zpsl02bjh1e.jpg 
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STP's BLOG 06/20/14 "Super Bowl Rings!"
Have you seen the championship rings yet?  Yesterday the Seahawks all went to the EMP to get their Super Bowl rings, and holy smokes are they amazing!  The Seahawks posted them on their Instagram page…

BJ Daniels from the Hawks posted a great video…it’s nice that he finally found a ring that matches that watch haha!

Here is Russell Wilson opening up the box!  So awesome!!!

Since I am sharing their Instagram pix…I really dug the fellas that were rocking their college championship rings too…
Bruce Irvin:

Jesse “Tha Monstar” Williams…

After all was said & done, apparently Usher performed for the fellas…how awesome is that!  Here is Russell Okung’s post about it:
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STP's BLOG 06/19/14 "The Michael Bennett Show"
I mentioned a couple weeks ago I blogged about how I got to be a part of something cool (read that blog HERE)... as I got to play blackjack with some Seahawks for a new TV show called "The Michael Bennett Show".   Well a couple raw clips from the show have made it online.  Now the audio is still a little raw, as it hasn’t been fully produced…but here is a taste of what we are doing.  In this clip, it’s me with John Moffitt, Michael Bennett, and former Coug (and all-around bad-ass!), Mkristo Bruce:

This clip is very cool…one of the episodes will feature John & Michael with Jesse Williams & Cliff Avril of the Hawks…this is just a small sample of the awesome conversation they had!

I have no idea when these will fully air, but I was talking with John last night and I will be on more episodes for sure, and also expect some really cool Seattle luminaries to make an appearance…as well as some other Hawks.  Once I know more info, we will be sure to blow it up!
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STP's BLOG 06/18/14 "OK GO!"
Let me warn you before you hit play on the video below…

If you are one of the few that enjoy reading my blog on ‘shrooms, you might want to wait to come down before watching this music video…as this is TRIPPY! 

Have you heard of the band OK GO?  I dig these guys a lot, but even if you aren’t a fan of their music, I think you will appreciate their music videos…especially this new one!  OK GO did another elaborate video …this time for a song called "The Writing's on the Wall" and it has a ton of crazy optical illusions.  The crazy part… it's done in one take!

This isn’t the first time they have done a “one-take” video…most of their viodeos are like that, and super creative!
This one is for their song, “Here It Goes Again”…this is the video that got people really talking about the band and their awesome videos…

This is a fun one for their song, “This Too Shall Pass”:

Here is one more for you to enjoy… “White Knuckles”:

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STP's BLOG 06/17/14 "BJ's First Pitch"
Sometimes I will come across something online that is so damn dumb, but due to the fact that it took a tremendous amount of effort…I love it.  Here is a perfect example of this…some guy is a HUGE Britney Spears fan edited himself into every shot of her video for the song "Work Bitch".  Now he clearly had to put a lot of time into this…yet it is still awful!  Check this out…

You are welcome…or I am sorry.  I am not sure how you will feel after watching that!
So over the weekend, BJ got to do something cool…he got to toss out the first pitch at the Everett Aquasox game on Saturday night.  BJ was very nervous that he might “pull a 50 Cent”….what is “pulling a 50 Cent” mean?  It means this…

Now BJ didn’t have an arm as awesome as Fifty, nice work tossing it out! 

Nice work BJ…if Fernando Rodney goes down…I am sure the M’s will be calling! One person the M’s won’t call (maybe…waka waka) is Carly Rae Jepsen…did you ever see her first pitch?

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STP's BLOG 06/16/14 "The Last Ship"

Over the weekend I was in San Diego for something really cool. 

I flew out to interview some of the stars of TNT's new show "The Last Ship".  This show stars Eric Dane (you might remember him from Grey's Anatomy) and Rhona Mitra...and is produced by Michael Bay -- yes, the same Michael Bay that has given us the Transformers movies.  So I think it comes as no surprise that this show is full of action, and awesome explosions! 

Get more info on the show HERE. The show premieres this Sunday at 9 pm on TNT.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It has a science element to it, a military aspect too…but as I told the cast I interviewed…this is all trumped (in a good way) by the chemistry and character development…in other words the story.  It’s well, written, well acted, and of course when you have Michael Bay involved…the action scenes are SICK!  This is one of those shows that I will watch weekly and be bummed I will have to wait a week for the next episode.  Hell, the first episode left us all hanging to the point where we asked the producers to pop in episode #2…we were ready to binge watch it!

Where we got to watch the show was something very special…we watched it on an aircraft carrier…the USS Midway!  There is so much history with this aircraft carrier, so it was an awesome touch by TNT to have us watch the show that way…check out the big screen they set up, and the backdrop…pretty amazing!
 photo AD3C1FA6-96C6-4477-80E5-0B342166B1F0_zpshpiyw4ze.jpg
Here are some pix I grabbed while on the USS Midway!
 photo B952F14F-E00F-4DDC-AE03-54FCB3E74D8D_zpsks2arfyn.jpg
 photo A9DD9B44-8712-45E8-ABB0-967ED1884199_zpsqbde5bd9.jpg
 photo 5298FBFC-EE96-4C83-A0A3-5105F99F1BF4_zpscplevsjl.jpg
 photo 06441EE1-7539-45D1-A53D-51A47EDB0B99_zpsvjkivjyc.jpg
 photo 25C8A551-D08A-405E-9845-AEBE49B50FE6_zpsm2pxsj1f.jpg

The next day we got to speak to some of those involved with this great show.  As a big Greys Anatomy fan, I was stoked to speak with my favorite character from the show (before they killed him off!!), Eric Dane.  Eric rules…he was a great guy to speak with, and I think you will dig his character (Commander Tom Chandler) on the show.  Click HERE for the full interview!
 photo 8C21C7A3-2D25-4DFD-8D11-104B93B831B2_zpsc8sjhkg8.jpg
 photo 38DC7A06-570A-43E9-916A-A1F97D5E3606_zpsjfyofqlb.jpg
I spoke with Rhona Mitra, as well…she plays Dr. Rachel Scott…she couldn’t have been a cooler person to speak with, plus we bonded over being dog owners, and I tried to convince her to move to Seattle!  Listen to the interview HERE!
 photo 60E8C413-ACCB-4912-B485-46BEC201948D_zpsprnfygyw.jpg
 photo 3B3CAB00-3630-447A-B44C-50B6A41549E5_zps56wktw16.jpg
I also spoke with two of the executive producers of the show… Steven Kane & Hank Steinberg  …their story is amazing as they have been buds since college!  Listen to their interview HERE.
 photo 8B143A70-04BD-4A43-AB3A-07F5CCD6C85C_zpsecgchv9p.jpg
Earlier that morning, my wife and I got to do an awesome experience that TNT offered…a chance to do a Navy Seals boot-camp workout…wow!  This was an unforgettable experience…the opportunity to talk to and workout with 2 Navy Seals was very humbling.  Big thanks to "JC" & “Mc-B” (
JC Ledbetter and Darren McBurnett)
for giving us a glimpse in their world..I will never forget it, and I will always cherish the coin you gave us!  Plus…now I can say that I did sit-ups in the ocean with a log on my chest…as the waves crashed into our faces! 

 photo CD19E2ED-06B7-4BBE-A95B-342AA1EC5927_zps1b74bwew.jpg

 photo BD29E5B7-2464-4766-B197-470812553255_zpswpzspo47.jpg
One of the radio folks that did the boot-camp with us & that I befriended (team West Coast) is a true radio great, Stryker from the World Famous K-Rock in LA…he is one cool fella!
 photo C9076623-A1D6-4A28-A44E-A963DCB1499D_zpspfhnd7mh.jpg


Finally…at the post interviews cocktail party…we all took over an awesome bar in SD called Encore, and they had an “Oxygen Bar” set up…here we are getting “air” with two hilarious and awesome ladies – Medha Ghandi (from Columbus radio show, “The Dave & Jimmy Show”), and her friend Melissa…
 photo 64B84AB7-3EA9-4FA0-9F23-98B5EAD9CCBE_zpsyhiw2p3m.jpg

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STP's BLOG 06/13/14 "Father Daughter vs. Boss Intern"
Moments like this make it hilarious to have BJ’s daughter as an intern.  There are times where it goes from boss/intern to father/daughter…here is a great example of this:


Speaking of BJ’s daughter…yesterday we had her on the air, and everytime she speaks, these are the kind of texts we get from the pervy Rock-A-Holics!
Is Sarah single? Every time I hear her talk about anything she sounds awesome. I would be honored to be able to talk to her for even just 5 minutes.

Oh my gosh sounds so smoking hot

Wow Sara sounds so hot. Put her back on

I would like to freeeak with sarah

Sara has a sex hot line voice... epic

Sarah sounds hella sexy! Hubba hubba!!

Happy Fathers Day BJ!

Today's video blog features a visit to one of our favorite places to eat... Voulas Offshore Cafe.  Check them out here:

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STP's BLOG 06/12/14 "1000 Horse Power of POWER!"
This morning we played “Heaven Knows” by The Pretty Reckless and were geeking out over the song and the video…check it out!

Man I have been jamming out big time to Godsmack…have you heard the new song yet?  I have always dug Godsmack, but this one has a little more of a fast tempo/punky vibe then what we usually hear from them, and I am loving it!

I can’t wait to hear this live at Pain In The Grass in September!

Last night the New York Rangers avoided getting swept by the LA Kings in the Stanley Cup finals, as they won 2-1…it was looking scary at the end though.  It almost looked like the Kings were going to come back from a 2-0 deficit and tie the game to take it to OT (like they did in games 1 & 2).  At one point the most insane thing happened…the Kings were putting pressure on the Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, and they got the puck past him….but due to all the chopped up ice (since it was late in the period)…the puck STOPPED right on the goal line!!  Check this out…

And now…yet another awesome pic of Lulu…this time she’s soaking in the sun!
 photo lulusunbathing_zpseec2a073.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/11/14 "Paul Stanley -- Best Frontman!"
On this week’s STP-CAST, we talked about how awesome Paul Stanley of KISS is when it comes to on-stage banter.  He is the best in the biz.  You can listen to the podcast HERE!

The audio we played of him on stage was from this concert…you really need to watch this, Paul delivers the best story before going into “Love Gun”:

Sean Astin says he and Corey Feldman are definitely down if a "Goonies" sequel happens.  I love how we needed to confirm that Corey Feldman is in…of course he is in?  What the hell else is he doing?  Sean says, "I certainly like the idea of doing it.  I don't know if I'd be in it or not.  If they really wanted us to be in it, I'm sure there would be some way to work it out."  He added that he's heard the movie will probably focus on the children of the original gang.

That is the dumbest idea if you ask me.  I don’t care about the children…focus on the original crew.  The people that LOVE the Goonies are people like me…we are now older and I think it would be sweet to have the original gang reunite for a new “adventure”. I have already come up with the plot…consider this a freebie.  Since the guy that played Sloth is dead…have the film focus around the crew reuniting at his funeral.  While eating some Baby Ruth’s they uncover another treasure that One Eyed Willie left behind in Oregon.  Hilarity ensues. 

I can’t imagine that it would be hard to make this happen…besides Astin and Josh Brolin, I don’t think the rest of the crew is very busy.  Here is a crazy tidbit of info…the kid that played Chunk is now an attorney! 

This led to a fun topic about movies that we want to see a sequel made, some of the texts were awesome and I agree with a lot of them!
Dazed and confused in college

Hands-down, fast Times at Ridgemont high! I don't care how old Phoebe Cates is, I bet her boobs are still smoking hot!

Of course like the rest of my generation Ghostbusters 3 would have been awesome rest in peace Harold Ramis...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off to the tune of The Hangover. That'd be awesome!

I would love to see a sequel to titanic that would be awesome

Beer fest, at the end of the movie it advertised weed fest

So if you are like me and you get caught up in the black hole that is You Tube, you will understand where I am coming from.  Some how I ended up on this…why I sat and watched the whole thing…I don’t know!

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STP's BLOG 06/10/14 "Horsing Around!"
You just never know what’s going to happen each morning…which is one of my absolute favorite parts of the job…except for when Toppy puts me on the spot and wants me to make animal sounds.  Man…I did it once pretending to be a bear and ever since…anytime an animal comes up in our conversation Toppy goes down that road.  Today was no exception as we were talking about the horse owner that went on a rant after his horse lost a shot at the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes.  So without further adieu…here is my horse impression, which BJ thinks this is what my “happy” face probably looks like:

I’d say "you're welcome" for that fine video…but it’s probably more like, “I’m sorry”.
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STP's BLOG 06/09/14 "Blackjack with the Seahawks"
Over the weekend I had an incredible experience happen.  Thursday night I got a call from my buddy Angel, who works with Michael Bennett from the Seahawks. Apparently Michael and John Moffitt are doing a video project and he wanted to know if I would be a part of it.  Hell yeah I would, and on Friday night I met up with them at the Spitfire. 

I am not too sure of all the details, but once we know when it will be out we will have Michael & John on to let you know…but what I do know is that it’s a really cool idea and I can’t wait to watch episodes of it.  For the video I was a part of, Michael & John are playing Blackjack with some buds and shooting the “ess”.  They filmed 2 episodes…one with Jesse Williams and Cliff Avril from the Hawks…and that was one of the coolest conversations I was lucky enough to “eavesdrop” on…as you will get a great perspective of life in the NFL from guys that are in the NFL!  Plus, Jesse Williams is one real cool dude.  I’m sure Cliff is too, I just didn’t have an opportunity to chat with him, but during the taping I thought Cliff came off as a real down to earth interesting fella!
 photo 0CAFDEB9-61E2-4F28-8CBA-4C82F573835A_zps4whuwrtm.jpg
 photo 970F1431-96F0-4B6E-B868-5DFE75F5D09D_zpsbqwvsk5v.jpg
In the episode I was on, it was me along with Michael, John, and Mkristo Bruce.  Mkristo is a former Coug…also played in the NFL for the Dolphins, Raiders, and Jaguars…and is an all around awesome guy.  He is the sales manager at Brotherton Cadillac ( so be sure to say to him if you get a car over there!  Here we are…

 photo 9D89FE35-B619-455A-8BFC-3BBEF9EFE876_zpsx53sodlo.jpg
I posted this pic on Twitter, and Moffitt responded…check out our exchange…
 photo moffitttweets_zpsddc13f7e.jpg
I wasn’t lying about sitting on his lap.  That’s how we roll… #Bromance.
On Saturday my wife, our pup Lulu, and I hit up one of the cooler places to post up at in nice weather – Dash Point in Federal Way!
 photo 789E9D6C-67A2-4E32-821C-6C57E81EB66A_zps9fqpx9zo.jpg
 photo 94912C8F-A9A3-4AF2-A028-0E1F0C05C5B6_zpsjyaran6l.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/06/14 "Workers No. 9 Party"
Big thanks to everyone that came out for our Workers No. 9 “Drop The Hammer” party at the Hard Rock Café. 

 photo F180F361-D975-4A4E-A0F0-1CBAEC01740C_zps4gbgfng9.jpg
The Hard Rock rules…they have an awesome upstairs outdoor roof bar, and while you are there you get a great view of all the craziness that happens in downtown Seattle…like a guy giving another guy a hair cut and a shave right outside!
 photo B5B1327F-9D33-4B85-9371-1EA209DE9C95_zpsvu66onfq.jpg
Thanks to Stevie for this pic of BJ & I having fun on stage!
 photo 67D78E24-8B98-4C72-A5ED-603020D7F278_zps3rgnuyqx.jpg
Not sure what we are doing in this pic…I think I challenged Ted to touch his toes.  Ok…I’m kidding…Ted was just picking up his Workers No. 9 drink!
 photo 26FDA8BF-81D8-412F-BDB5-2A37718EEE83_zps3gfzibcn.jpg
Speaking of Ted & I…huge thanks to Godsmack for giving our interview love on their Facebook and their Twitter!

 photo godsmacklove_zps538517ca.jpg

If you haven’t listened to the interview that Ted & I did with Sully…check it out, it’s a fun one!
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