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STP's BLOG 08/29/14 "Kid Chews Out Mom!"
I got nothing today.  One of those mornings, my brain is fried.
I do have this video to share…it’s a good one!

It’s a video of a little kid finding out his mom is pregnant again…he starts chewing her out for being so IRRESPONSIBLE, because she already had two kids.

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STP's BLOG 08/28/14 "Touchdown For Hawks!"
Mono-Nick has whipped up another one of his "Stoner Songs'.  To get us pumped for the Seahawks, Nick did a parody of that DJ Snake / Lil' Jon song, "Turn Down For What". Go Hawks!

How cool is this…yesterday at the Mariners game… Eddie Vedder was at the game with Jack White and Paul Simon.  Check out this picture that the Mariners posted.  I’m guessing Eddie and Jack swapped jerseys (that I hear they got from that cool store, Ebbets Field Flannels  Vintage)…as Jack is from Detroit. 

Then we got a simple text that instantly made us all feel old. 

“Who’s Paul Simon?”

Were you stuck in traffic yesterday?  I was…and man it sucked!  I left work at 12 noon, and I got home a little before 3 pm!  The main souce of the traffic issues was this…
 photo F0DDBA89-76BC-4845-BF7C-9F3882F05946_zps19g4yybl.jpg
Thankfully those that were involved suffered minor injuries…and apparently it all started when some idiot driver cut off the semi and then it led to the semi hitting cars…slamming into the guard rail and then ended up on its side. 
Ladies & gentleman…here is the greatest use of a Go-Pro camera.  A band from Norway called NeoMania put out a music video earlier this month that's getting a bunch of hits.  But it has NOTHING to do with the actual music. It's because the entire thing is a girl working out, with a GoPro strapped to her head …and it's pointed straight at her CHEST the whole time.

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STP's BLOG 08/27/14 "National Dog Day... A Day late"
Happy belated National Dog Day everyone.  Hopefully you got to have a great day with your pup…took a pic…and hash tagged it #NationalDogDay.    I know I did!

 photo E919A38A-1B74-4E9F-866C-F4129C593E1E_zpsrtfgqsgh.jpg

I’m so pumped, our building is now hosting Food Trucks in the afternoon for lunch, and yesterday I got to experience some great Food Truck eats…courtesy of Falafel Salem.  Holy smokes their food is good.  If you see their Food Truck around town…be sure to stop buy, and if you like your food spicy, be sure to get it spicy…it was damn good!  Follow them on Twitter: @FalafelSalam or check them out here: 
 photo falafel_zps569af90d.jpg
Huge thanks to the TV show Utopia for sending the coolest promo item ever... a survival kit that included one of those flint fire starter thingies.  I had some fun with it, and of course BJ compared me to a cave man for my enthusiasm! 

This is crazy…just yesterday I was talking about how tough the ladies are that play in the Legends Football League (or Lingerie Football League for you old school fans)….today we came across this video…it really does illustrate how intense these gals get on the field.  Yes, they are hot…but they play hard!  Check this out:

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STP's BLOG 08/26/14 "Vicky's Breaking The Rules"
Ahhh … you gotta love the text line here at work.  If you are having a good day, there will always be that one “kind soul” that will make that day even brighter.  When I say that, what I really mean is that there is always that one jack-knob that will crap on your day.  I present to you today’s example:
 photo textoftheday_zps10032838.jpg
So one of the big rules in radio…that we ALL break…is to never…EVER…eat or drink near the equipment.  Well…this morning while we were on the air…Vicky learned a valuable lesson!
 photo 70F45C7A-C2E1-469B-A74D-5B93A0AFD61F_zpsi38vyklj.jpg
 photo E7CD2E4E-4E63-4499-9873-9147D642E3EF_zpsu1jti7bd.jpg
She even got it on her dress…which I said looks like a “Monica Lewinsky” style dress.
 photo 76AB72D8-3140-4EC8-99E1-31B84FD783D5_zpsye0zsxzi.jpg

This morning at around 5:50 AM…a new Buckcherry song popped on our airwaves.  It’s a cover of the Icona Pop’s hit song “I Love It”…and Toppy & I were “lovin’ it”.

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STP's BLOG 08/25/14 "Back from Hawaii"
We are back from vacation…and what an awesome vacation it was!  I went to Maui and stayed at the Hyatt in Lahaina, or as I called it… “La-Hieney” – yes, I’m full of high-brow humor!  Maui is my favorite place on earth…and while there I learned a valuable lesson…  Do not sit in the sun and play on your iPAD.  I did that and I apparently didn’t apply enough lotion on my skin as later that night I looked at myself in the mirror and I was burnt everywhere except for a part where my arm was holding the iPAD…so I had a pale square spot right on my chest! 
I will spare you the picture of that as it’s too much sexy to handle for the internets, that…and I didn’t take a pic.  Here are a couple pix from Maui…

 photo 79F3D30F-976F-44AD-8A38-28CA84A23E11_zpsguqbqjwc.jpg
 photo 2AA967A4-BCF6-4254-AB5E-6FBA64A3DAD6_zpsdwnnekik.jpg
 photo 35E31AD1-61AF-4311-8077-2B1089C40678_zpsmfwoboyb.jpg
 photo 754685F8-682B-4831-A984-D762D0FB24E2_zpsk5ql9gwp.jpg
 photo 53198CFE-5212-47CF-9628-26E3CBD7EB7B_zpsokjwjifc.jpg
Over the weekend, thousands of people lined the streets as for the first time in seven years; Red Bull hosted the Soap Box Race in Seattle! Our very own Max Long was there to report on it…here is another installment of the Max Long report…

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STP's BLOG 08/14/15 "Off To LA!"
BJ and I are off to LA…going to WWE Summerslam baby!  Be sure to listen all morning tomorrow as we will be broadcasting live from Lucky Strike in Los Angeles…and we will be talking to a bunch of WWE Superstars.  If you don’t recall…I did this last year, and it was a blast!  Here is the video I made of some of the highlights from last year!

Summerslam is this Sunday at 5pm.  It's available on the WWE Network or on Pay Per View.  Get more info at
Speaking of wrestling…here is part 2 of our interview with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns…he joined us in studio on Tuesday to promote Smackdown…which airs tomorrow night!

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STP's BLOG 08/13/14 "WWE Smackdown!"
So yesterday was awesome for this Wrasslin’ fan!  The morning started off with a great interview with one of my favorite WWE Superstars, Roman Reigns. 
 photo 21DC0306-7771-42C8-94FD-C487161A8993_zpszgv1sr8l.jpg
Roman is quickly becoming a huge star in the world of sports entertainment, and in my opinion he is the future of the WWE (along with a couple others)… BELIEVE THAT!  If you missed our interview with Roman, here is part one…

After the interview I recorded the STP-CAST (listen and subscribe on iTUNES or STITCHER), and a listener named Utchay sat in and watched…plus he surprised me with this awesome sign that he made and was planning on showing off at Smackdown! 
 photo CC2FD476-57C7-4E65-8316-80B0D1881843_zps3hmld96n.jpg

After that was done… I met up with my bud “The Jay Mac”, and we grabbed dinner & drinks at Shawn Kemp’s place in Queen Anne called “OSKARS” – awesome spot, and the bartender ruled! 

 photo 84728C94-D1C6-4CCD-B5F9-BCDB7859A616_zpsqavmx0c8.jpg
We then made it into the Key Arena, and we got to sit RING SIDE! 
 photo 385310FC-6A0D-4099-BFE2-7519096F1383_zpsotvlqha4.jpg
I have been lucky to experience sitting ring side in the past, and it never grows old…I still geek out like a 12 year old as I absolutely love the WWE, and they did not disappoint…Smackdown (and Main Event – they taped that too) was awesome…be sure to watch it on Friday night.  Be sure to look for my bald head…hell… Mark Henry saw me and even pointed at me!  Thanks to @ProperJam for the pic!
 photo 4710B1A1-5004-4548-9CD7-4DFC87724257_zpsfpy6ex9e.jpg

The best part…Utchay was sitting 6 rows behind the announcers…so I think we will see the sign on TV!  You rock Utchay!
 photo AEE67C05-DD8E-4A71-832D-1A6C15D675D7_zps3l9ozw8w.jpg

Here are some pix I took…
 photo 8FB6CBE4-8C28-44F7-B9E0-A0873E4E3803_zps2essjytm.jpg
 photo EAE78D86-061D-4B3C-A70E-ED205CA09D9F_zpsp8fop8bn.jpg
 photo E5F81375-7FBC-4A62-91E1-3500E0A203F2_zpsdyqwthvy.jpg
 photo ECD6B521-3AF8-4996-A7CF-B6B7901CABAF_zpslp0aopiq.jpg
 photo 3DD4F4CC-2D98-4677-B061-6AB3CE68B698_zpssqgbje1x.jpg
 photo FB600A85-7259-47F8-B172-C48FEC1F6044_zpscslrswkc.jpg
 photo 08C6920D-428A-48D3-A485-A78A2A9A229F_zpsbx6pfb8o.jpg
 photo 60742340-A818-4CA5-9BB0-076CD9006F0A_zpsebpbvf9x.jpg
 photo 6B648538-185B-4ACF-9A0B-EDEB5C955043_zpsgzaezbqu.jpg
 photo 9BB8D21A-7C40-40CF-ABEB-309F10830BFB_zpsqjjnjflg.jpg
 photo 44F31862-083B-441F-B48D-CC714B0A0236_zps67vvcz4i.jpg
 photo D14844CC-E0DA-4331-8896-1A9622C26564_zpsu4dw2tye.jpg
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STP's BLOG 08/12/14 "RIP Robin Williams"
Man…if you were on Twitter or any social media you are well aware of the passing of Robin Williams.  Robin was found dead of an apparent suicide at the age of 63.  I tweeted this about it…as I was at a loss for words, and this one stung more than most celebrity passings.
 photo twewetrobin_zpsc9ccc4da.jpg
I think this might be the biggest celebrity death of our generation.  All of us grew up with his movies…his comedy entertained us through the years, and he had this likeable charm that I think made us all feel like we knew him.  If you ask 10 people, you might get 10 different answers as to what their favorite Robin Movie is… from films like Hook, Good Morning, Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, One Hour Photo, Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, the list goes on and on.
For me…my favorite will always be Popeye!  I was a huge Popeye fan as a kid…I watched the cartoons all the time, and Robin nailed it when they brought it to life!

I also loved a small cameo he made in one of my favorite films… Shakes The Clown…he played Jerry The Mime, and was AWESOME in it.  Speaking of Bobcat Goldthwait … if you haven’t seen him in the dark comedy, World’s Greatest Dad, you should check it out.  It’s a dark but funny film!

My friend Jonna from the Showbox wrote a great post on her Facebook page about Robin…if you have a second, read this…asd it’s a great story.
 photo jonnaletter_zps2111f255.jpg

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STP's BLOG 08/11/14 "Morning Radio Convention"
What an awesome time in Chicago for our morning radio convention! 
 photo 2F9771BE-FE37-40B8-B9DF-19EC36F84551_zpspi2nsmq8.jpg
All of us went to the Windy City to be inspired…and one of us actually did the inspiring!  Who was that?  Hot Kyle of course…he inspired me to never pack a suitcase full of Chicago Based beer to bring home…he did this, and learned a valuable lesson in  packing things as the suitcase was leaking beer when he pulled it off the baggage claim conveyer belt!

OK…in all seriousness, this will be the one time this year I have something nice to say about our leader, BJ.  BJ knocked it out of the park with an opening address for everyone that atrtended.  Many thought BJ’s opening speech was going to be what he is known for at these conventions…him yelling at people in a sugar fueled rage…but that wasn’t the case.  BJ had us all hanging on to every one of his words…and the words “Give Up Never” hit close to home for all of us.  I know “Give Up Never” sounds like some sort of Yoda-speak, but what he was saying is that we need to give up saying we can never succeed, be respected, inspire, etc.  It was very cool…Props to you BJ!

 photo 618DD884-1219-489D-B90C-65ED53B93C83_zpsgkxpzf1z.jpg

We put together a cool video to use to into BJ, starring our bud Duff McKagan…check it out:

Some of the other things I learned or noticed:

You never know when a picture posted on our Instagram will be blown up on a big screen and be used in a presentation about Social Media!  Look at me enjoying, “coke”!
 photo 306403EA-39B9-4E1C-B033-F1ED02785E92_zpsiro625rm.jpg
It’s always a smart idea to photo bomb pictures when your radio friends are taking pictures with people you don’t recognize.  It turns out we ate at a place that is run by a guy from the Iron Chef, and he came out to say hi.  Here I am with Masaharu Morimoto.
 photo 4D16D559-2C07-48BD-9355-3A3CD3ADB639_zpsumhpbq5m.jpg
When bored…I decided to post this drawing I made on my phone before calling it a night…a few people on Twitter assumed that I took mushrooms while there!  I can’t see why…
 photo E8E67213-31A8-4F1E-946E-AEC9AF12BE1F_zpsqfzex743.jpg
Many of us were using the Hashtag #MSBC26 on Twitter while there.  One industry Twitter page, found one of my Tweets to be the most poignant from day one! 

 photo tweetwc_zps761d30c1.jpg

Yup…that’s the White Castle menu…which led to the best exchange between me and the cabbie when he realized that we wanted him to go through the drive-thru.  The cabbie said: “How long will this take?”  My reply… “well, it’s fast food…so I’m assuming…FAST”.
If you want awesome food…we had a great meal at an Italian food place called Mia Francesca!  Here is the whole crew getting our grub on…

 photo E833076D-67D7-48CB-BFC1-18891C6F3CB0_zpscscfuyl0.jpg
BJ’s son, Joe, got his grub on a few times at the Chic Fil A right by our hotel…
 photo 3E9BFFCA-8B69-4833-BA41-87AD8FE370CC_zpsccgokzag.jpg
The Boys Town area rules…lots of great bars and places to eat…it’s where Wrigley Field is, and some places have a great sense of humor about the Cubbies!
 photo 125A1BB4-E5CB-4104-B2CC-711384AA7F12_zpsisejery4.jpg
We were in that area because of Market Days, which is a HUGE Pride festival…it was a great time!
 photo 875726FD-C39F-4BA0-8048-7067C1649843_zpsm1gymsfz.jpg
 photo 0AE6220C-DFB9-4075-896E-8A639D07A5DF_zpsqiyodcmw.jpg

On Friday, our lunch entertainment was Steve Byrne, Roy Wood Jr, Ahmed Ahmed, Owen Benjamin…they are the stars of TBS’s Sullivan & Son, which is a super funny show!  The guys will be at The Parlor Live at the end of this month…go see them if you can as they are hilarious.  Owen Benjamin is one funny dude!
 photo 2C263B18-2725-4701-9D47-1F1AD20539EA_zpsdv5xawmf.jpg

Congrats to Alaska Airlines for being awesome...they now have chargers on the seats in front of you!  
 photo C6E667ED-B641-4B2E-8751-B721FD2FF7A7_zpsc1rjpope.jpg
It was agreat weekend, but I was glad to get home and relax and watch TV with Lulu!

 photo EAE977F2-1BFF-4A0C-9EFB-32172A426856_zpss8atgpmn.jpg
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STP's BLOG 08/05/14 "UFC Press Event Turns Into A UFC Fight!"
I know there will be some UFC / MMA purists that were disgusted by what happened at the press event yesterday with Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel “DC” Cormier…but I LOVED it.  Call it my obsession for wrestling, and the art of building up a match (yes I know wrestling and UFC are different)…but what happened yesterday has made me very excited for this bout!

Look I know that there is supposed to be respect in the world of martial arts…but these guys clearly hate each other, and this gets me pumped to watch them go at it on September 27th

The two of them apologized for their actions, and I bet they will get a stern talking to from UFC officials, but I would have to think behind closed doors the UFC its counting the money these two just made them.  Every hard core UFC fan will get this PPV regardless, but if you don’t think that marginal UFC fans aren’t going to make arrangements to see this…you are crazy!

Now if we can get them to cut some WWE style promo’s and maybe one of the guy paints his face like the Ultimate Warrior, we would have the best of both worlds!
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STP's BLOG 08/04/14 "No Theaters For Me"
Over the weekend I guess Guardians of the Galaxy just dominated at the box office, and all the reviews have been very positive… Rotten Tomatoes gave it 93% (users gave it 96%)…so BJ wondered what “Stevie Tomatoes” (my own movie review imaginary site) would give it.  I told him it would have to wait until it comes out On Demand.  This surprised BJ…but the more we talked, the more he realized that it’s been ages since I actually went to a movie.

I used to LOVE the movie going experience…mainly because I REALLY love getting theater popcorn.  It’s the best…you can’t replicate that unhealthy buttery treat that is movie theater popcorn.  My issue is that the older I get, the more of a curmudgeon I become.  I hate the people that go to movies.  The people that check their phone and I have to be distracted by the light.  The people that sit near me and won’t shut up.  The people that bring their kids with them, and are oblivious to the fact that their hyper kid has been kicking my chair since the opening credits. 

I know this makes me sound like a miserable human being…but when I started doing the math…it was nearly 40 bucks to go see a film (2 tickets, concessions)…why waste that much money to be uncomfortable? 

No on the other hand…I love going to concerts…yes, some of the same things that happen at a theater could apply to the concert going experience, but my expectations at a show are different…part of the concert going experience is the people watching.  I especially love when people are really “into” the show…it’s fun to watch people jam out…like this woman.

I think this woman rules… what’s that saying? “Zero Eff’s Given” – she is the epitome of that saying, and I respect her for that!
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STP's BLOG 08/01/14 "A Tribute To Bob!"
Bob Rivers is retiring next Friday, and is well known for his “Twisted Tunes” – well, our very own Mono-Nick decided to pay tribute to Bob with a parody song of his own…here is Mono-Nick’s rendition of “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction…he calls this “Bob Says”.

I love that Bob actually tweeted this song out to his fans…
 photo bobtweet_zps0bc99330.jpg
Speaking of Tweeting…yesterday I watched Sharknado 2…and I was stoked to see wrestler Kurt Angle in it…so much so that I sent out this tweet…
 photo sharktweet_zps83564c2b.jpg
Here is my review of Sharknado 2:  It was EFFing AWESOME!  The opening plane scene was incredible.  The took the ridiculousness to a whole new level!  Syfy will re-air the movie this Saturday and Sunday.  A third movie is already in the works . . . but there aren't any details on it yet.
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