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STP's BLOG 09/30/14 "Mad Monster Convention!"
I’m pretty pumped today…on the STP-CAST we will be chatting with Roddy Piper!  That’s right, Hot Rod joins us!  You will also hear highlights from the interview tomorrow morning…and you will have a chance at meeting him at the Mad Monster Convention at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue this weekend (10/3-10/5)!
Roddy will be there, as well as Peter Criss from KISS, Marky Ramone, and a bunch of people that horror film enthusiasts will be stoked to meet!  People like CJ Graham, Stephen Geoffreys, Amanda Bearse, and more!

Get info here:
One of the guys that will be there is a guy we work with!  We work with David Katims, and one day I was B.S.’ing with him and I learned that he was in Friday The 13th Part 3…How crazy is that!  He played Chuck…

Toppy and I are ready to do the STP-CAST…both of us are rocking the “colors”!

 photo stpandtoppy_zpsc429423a.jpg
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STP's BLOG 09/29/14 "Hey Mariners: Thanks For A Great Year!
I just want to say – Go Mariners! 

What an awesome weekend…who would have thought that the M’s would have a chance to be in the playoffs on the very last game of the season?  Sadly they didn’t make it, but they took us on an incredible ride… baseball in Seattle is exciting again! 

Thanks to King Felix for ending the season on a high note…he dominated yesterday!  Thanks to Robbie Cano – he quickly shut up all the people that questioned how much the team spent to bring him here…yeah it was spendy, but he clearly brought a winning atmosphere to the team.  If Felix doesn’t win the Cy Young, that’s com plete B.S. – Hell, I feel that Lloyd McClendon deserves manager of the year for what he accomplished this year. 
Most importantly, thanks to Tom Wilhelmsen for bringing the sick dance moves to Safeco!

So on Friday Tom Morello was in town for a show at El Corazon, and Chris Cornell joined his former Audioslave bandmate.  I wasn’t there, but our station’s photographer and blogger, Iron Mike Savoia, was there and he got some awesome video of their set together…

Click HERE to read Iron Mike’s blog about it!  
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STP's BLOG 09/26/14 "Derek Jeter -- RE2PECT"

Have you seen this yet?  I am probably the last guy in America to finally watch this, as everyone has posted this on their social media pages.  I probably see it more than most around here as I have a lot of friends from New York on my's the Gatorade commercial for Derek Jeter.  if you haven't seen it, check it out:

I'm a sucker for a good sports film, and now I guess I am just as much of a sucker for a good sports commercial.  Wow.  Gatorade knocked it out of the park with this ad. 

I grew up loving the Yankees as that was my grandpa's team.  For him and I, that was how we bonded...we watched the Yankees.  We didn't just watch the Bronx Bombers, we complained about the this was during the 80's...the dark years for Yankees fans (the one decade where they were not championship caliber).  This team was bad...always disappointing us, yet...we always watched. 

Even though they were pretty bad most years....the team was full of personality...guys like Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Graig Nettles, Dave Righetti, Chris Chambliss, Goose Gossage, Butch Wynegar...of course sweet Lou Pinella.  I loved that team.  I will forever think of that decade as the final decade before greed took over...the 90's will always be the decade of "Strikes" (and not of the pitching variety)...and I slowly started falling out of love with baseball.  Those were the days of players (especially the star players) staying with one team for their entire career, or most of it.  If they did leave and go to another team it was HUGE news.  Free agency surely changes that.  That loyalty to one team was what made me love that sport...there was a certain level of comfort in knowing that Donny Baseball would be on first base every year.  You never had to worry about a day that you would have to root against your favorite player, because he was on your favorite team until he hung up his cleats.

This is one of the reasons why Derek Jeter rules.  I know, that name is causing many people to roll their eyes and say "Enough with this Derek Jeter crap".  I get it.  With social media and the internet at our disposal we are inundated with Derek Jeter talk.  I don't mind it because he epitomizes what I loved about baseball.  Drafted by the Yankees...played his entire career with the Yankees...and his final game at Yankee stadium couldn't have been more perfect, as he had the game winning hit.

I wish there were more Derek Jeter stories out there.  The fact that I just spent the first 30 minutes at work writing this means that it clearly has an affect on me.'s currently 4 AM as I type this...I never do that, but I needed to get "it" out. 

Thankfully the Mariners have this.  This is why I LOVE Felix Hernandez as much as I do.  If all goes according to plan, "King Felix" will be on the mound at Safeco his entire career.  That loyalty makes me excited about a team, and makes me excited to root for the Mariners.  Yes, I know that the dollar signs can help make a guy loyal, but I do think with Felix that it's not just the money...just watch the press conference he did after he signed his deal...

I know their playoff hopes are slim to none...but there is still hope with only a couple games left in the season...when is the last time we experienced that!

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STP's BLOG 09/25/14 "4 Guys...1 Cup"
Here is the most disturbing picture you will see today!
 photo 50ED014D-8D3C-494A-A2FD-77CCDE43D2A3_zpsyswssjwc.jpg
Why are four grown men sharing one coffee?  Ok…because it’s awesome is a valid reason, but the real reason is explained in this week’s STP-CAST!  Listen on iTUNES, Stitcher, or right HERE!
Speaking of the STP-CAST – it’s that time of the year again.  I swear I am not going to inundate you with constant requests to vote…but some have asked where to go vote for us as Best Podcast in the Best Of Western Washington poll that KING 5 does.  Here is where you go…we would love to come in at #2 for the 3rd straight year!

If you do vote, please leave a comment on the voting page…the odder the better… I love reading some of the comments people have left…some hilarious stuff!

Any show that will put icy hot on their "beans", text dong pix to their women for their reaction, and squirt easy cheese down their throats is OK with me! TD4L -- Dave
There is none better. Their stupidity makes me feel smarter, and they make me laugh all the time.  – Darryl
Some times it's a hilarious train wreck! The rest if the time it's just flippin hilarious! – Billy
I was down and out thinking that I was the only Titanic Douche in the world, but then I heard these guys. Thanks to their Titanic Douchebaggery, I feel more secure with my own Jerkmobilia. Raised in Bellevue, listening from Wellington New Zealand. – Cooper

Anyone who will slap icy hot on their boys for my entertainment has my vote. –Richard
I'm Stp's dog LuLu. I like when he plays my growl on the show. Woof woof. Grrr grrr. – Lulu

One minute they have a deep conversation about music, and then they race each other in who can "pee" longer in the morning. They don't try and act like anything they are not, and not your typical snarky podcast. This is an absolute listen. – Chuck

And now…here is a picture of me dressed as Bert, and I’m hanging with my pup Lulu…
 photo C9DBF63C-410A-4750-BDB6-5E8898B058AE_zpsc2qnubj5.jpg
 photo 018EAF1B-9CAF-4470-9E44-845F2B7B520C_zpsxyag7uzi.jpg
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STP's BLOG 09/24/14 "Fart Metal?"
As a guy that was once in a band…and for those reading this that are in a band…you know how hard it can be to get your bands music out there.  It’s a grind… using social media, posting your videos hoping they will be seen, hanging up flyers, etc… all in the name of getting your art out there for the masses to consume. 
So when I see things like this…it makes me genuinely laugh out loud.  I remember when a video of my old band would end up on You Tube, I would be stoked if we got 100 views… I couldn't ever imagine getting a quarter of a million views …that would be insane!  Well…an unknown musician just did that, yes he has over 250,000 views of a song he made…and I now realize that my band was doing it all wrong!

Yes, Fart Metal.  Let that sit for a second…
Awesome.  One texter summed it up best by saying that this song “blew him away”.  Another texter says, “This metal guy is busting his ass for his Art too”.  Very good point!
I wonder if the creators of home studio recording software (like Garage Band, Pro-Tools) knew what they were paving the way for!  I just don’t think this happens back in the day when the only place you could lay tracks down was in a studio.  I can’t see Fart Metal happening if he had to record it at Bob Lang Studios or at London Bridge Studios. 
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STP's BLOG 09/23/14 "Boom?"
I am about to bum you out!  I don’t know about you, but at 8 years old…I think the most productive thing I did was successfully color inside the lines.  I surely wasn’t a millionaire!  Check this out…an 8 year-old kid named Evan is the star of a kid-friendly YouTube channel called EvanTubeHD . . . where he and his dad post videos of Evan playing with new toys and reviewing them.  That alone would be cool. 

They have figured out a way to make it profitable…thanks to YouTube revenue, merchandizing, and deals with advertisers, they bring in an estimated $1.3 MILLION a year, which goes into investment accounts for Evan and his little sister.

Here is one of his recent reviews for a line of R.C. cars called Air Hogs here.

While he is posting cool reviews on You Tube… I am posting awesome acoustic performances by my new favorite band on You Tube.  I am not making a dime from it, but I hope you check them out.  The band is called The Last Internationale…here are all four songs that they performed on last week’s STP-CAST!




Big news in the Seahawks world!  No, not that AWESOME OT win this past weekend…the Hawks have a new mascot, Boom, and Blitz have a new look…check it out:

Now…I personally dig it… especially if you watch this video, I think Blitz looks really good… CLICK HERE!

Of course when it comes to change, people aren’t always happy… some people are pretty pissed…which I think it’s funny.  The best thing to happen though was the backlash from the teams punter, Jon Ryan…who delivered the funniest tweet I have seen in a long time.  FYI…I censored out the word that rhymes with “Rick”.
 photo jonryan_zpsd216856f.jpg
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STP's BLOG 09/17/14 "The Last Internationale RULES!"
Last night Mono-Nick, Thee Ted Smith, Jolene, and I went to El Corazon to see that band I have been geeking out about for a while:  The Last Internationale. 

 photo thegang_zps1c83eea1.jpg

I already loved this bands new CD, “We Will Reign”, and now after seeing them live…I am even a bigger fan of them.  They were incredible last night!  Their drummer is Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine…to see him wail away at El Corazon in the lounge part of the club was insane…they had his drums mic’ed, but he didn’t need them because he hits THAT hard! 
 photo 290DEDF0-386C-4A03-A7F6-D03E8144DBE3_zps0p7jquf5.jpg
This band is the real deal…their front woman, Delila Paz, is a bonafide rock star – she had all of us in the palm of her hand…
 photo tlipic_zpsa23b2041.jpg
Their guitarist is a rock guitar God in the making… Edgey Pires shreds on the guitar and had all of us rocking out along with the band!
 photo 0809F273-E5C2-424D-AE0A-CC1C521C7030_zpsmk0dihlq.jpg
Huge thanks to the band for letting me introduce them on stage!

 photo TheLastInternationaleSTPstageannounce_zpsf2c3c457.jpg

The Last Internationale swung by the STP-CAST yesterday  to chat and play a few acoustic songs. Here they are playing "Wanted Man".

Check out the full interview on iTUNES, STITCHER (search STP-CAST), or HERE.

 photo TheLastInternationaleSTP_zpsbccc332f.jpg
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STP's BLOG 09/16/14 "Cliff Avril"
Huge thanks to Cliff Avril from the Hawks for coming on the show today!  Cliff is one cool dude…I got to meet him briefly a few months back when we were filming stuff for that TV project called “The Michael Bennett Show”.  If you missed the clip I posted a while back…here is a clip that features Cliff, Michael, John Moffitt, and Jesse Williams…

Cliff was awesome on one of my favorite shgows on ESPN called “Highly Questionable” – he was on soon after the Hawks won the Super Bowl.

Cliff joined us to get the word out about an awesome charity event he is hosting… “Dining To Make A Difference”…here is a flyer for it:
 photo cliff_zpsde7f1cc5.jpg
Yes… Cliff and some of his teammates (guys like Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Kevin Williams, Brandon Mebane, and more) will serve as waiters on Monday, October 13th at Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue for the evening. Proceeds from the night benefit his foundation – Cliff Avril Family Foundation which is dedicated to encouraging healthy living through nutrition and exercise for youth diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

Get tickets & info here:
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STP's BLOG 09/15/14 "Pain In The Grass ROCKED!"
Holy smokes, Pain In The Grass was AWESOME!  I hope you were one of the many that were there!  Huge thanks to all of the bands, all of our sposors, and of course every Rock-A-Holic for rocking out!  Thasnks to Iron Mike Savoia for these pix!
 photo ROCKAHOLICS_zpsadb28c95.jpg
Thanks to the fellas on the Men’s Room for having BJ & me on the broadcast…I think at this moment I’m sharing a story of a guy I ran into at Pain In The Grass that was convinced I was David Draiman from Disturbed! 
 photo USWITHMENSROOM_zps86e3b713.jpg
He also thought Disturbed was playing that day…my response: “How high are you?”
 photo MEANDbj_zps47ce7c21.jpg
I have been lucky enough to jump on stage many times…but it never…EVER…gets old…what an adrenaline rush!
 photo ONSTAGE_zps3540367b.jpg
Yes…we are the “Wu-Tang Clan” of morning shows…look at all of us on stage!
 photo BJSME_zpsf81cf914.jpg
It’s always fun to see the Rock Girls there!
 photo ROCKGIRLS_zpse9d10630.jpg
The bands were awesome…both Godsmack and Rob Zombie did not disappoint!
 photo GODSMACK_zpscb467474.jpg
 photo ROBZOMBIE2_zpsccebfda9.jpg
However, the highlight for me was Escape The Fate…these guys blew me away with their intensity!
 photo ESCAPETHEFATE1_zps5f4e93f0.jpg
 photo ESCAPETHEFATE_zps90f96784.jpg
The highlight though had to be when Ted Smith & I walked around and met some of King County’s finest…they evenj “deputized” us by giving us sticker badges!!
 photo C710A2F6-5EDC-4302-849E-23F3FD9A8971_zpsbm9ee8lk.jpg
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STP's BLOG 09/12/14 "Blue Friday and Pain In The Grass!"
Happy Blue Friday everyone!!!  Some of us at work were feeling it!  Here I am showing some Hawk love with Hot Kyle, BJ, and our new intern Erica!
 photo kiswbluefriday_zps49866e8e.jpg
Today is also Pain In The Grass Friday!  I hope to see everyone at the White River Amphitheater today…I can’t wait to see all of the bands, especially Rob Zombie and Godsmack!  I have been LOVING the new Godsmack CD…I especially can’t wait to hear this song live!

Yesterday BJ and I were on New Day Northwest for their Hot Topics segment.  It’s always a blast going on their show…the always awesome Margaret Larson wasn’t hosting yesterday, so we got to meet Kim Holcomb…she is one cool lady!  Here’s a cool pic that they took while we were on…
 photo newdaynw_zps9e9c8460.jpg
It’s always a blast to get to be on the Tee Vee…

 photo newdaynw1_zpsab04b2b5.jpg
 photo newdaynw2_zpsc30fb959.jpg
 photo newdaynorthwest3_zps1262b5c1.jpg
If you missed it, here is our appearance:

If the video isn’t showing, click HERE to check it out! 

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STP's Blog 09/11/14 "Playing Music With Balloons?"
A YouTube musician named Andrew Huang has a pretty impressive video out.  I say that it is impressive…while also being completely stupid…but in a very entertaining way!

Remember the song "99 Red Balloons"?  Well, he played the song on ACTUAL red balloons.
He did it by hitting, rubbing, or popping them to make drum sounds.  Then he did the melody by letting air out and making them squeak.  Check it out…

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STP's BLOG 09/10/14 "The Catch"
Been feeling like crap…so this will be a quick blog, but it might be the funniest blog that you will read today…or something.  As I have mentioned before…last weekend I got to play in a Celebrity Flag Football game put on by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam at Century Link Field.  Well…Iron Mike, our photographer, posted the pictures…and I present to you the funniest picture you will see today…or something.
 photo stpthecatch_zps8ec47d82.jpg
Yes…if you ever wondered what it looks like if a blind man plays football, it would probably look like this.
We go more into detail about this pic on the STP-CAST thios week.  Check it out on iTUNES, Stitcher, or HERE!  
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STP's BLOG 09/09/14 "Doh...bad bet!"
Not much for you today, sorry!  I did come across this awesome video…

Some girl in Australia told her dad that if he could make a one-handed basketball shot over his shoulder, without looking, he didn't have to give her any money for the rest of his life.

So he shot the ball, and it was WAY too far . . . but then hit the top of a fence, bounced back over the backboard, and went in…damn!!

The reaction rules…I don’t blame him for reacting like this…an ultimate parent victory!! At one point…maybe he gets a little too amped, he's laughing like a maniac and flipping her off…she is his daughter after all…still funny, but maybe the bird didn’t need to be shown haha

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STP's BLOG 09/08/14 "Flag Football at Century Link Field"
What an awesome, awesome weekend.  If you listened on Friday, I was invited to play in the Celebrity Flag Football game that Mike McCready put on for Crohn & Colitis Foundation Of America *  Over 100, 000 dollars was raised, and it was an honor to be a part of it along with people like Mike, Duff McKagan, Kenny Mayne of ESPN, former Hawks Craig Terrill and Joe Tafoya, Bill Wixey from Q13, Brad Adam from ROOT Sports, Craig Gass, Jeff Angell from Walking Papers, our very own Ryan Castle, GregR from The End, Ellen from Fitz’s show, Spike from Bob Rivers show, ESPN radio’s Michael Grey, Bob Stelton, and Jessamyn McIntyre, former KISW personality Rockfish, and HUGE thanks to the M.C. of the day, the Gas Man… Mike Gastineau!   Thanks to Iron Mike for some of the pix I am about to share!
 photo FULLSHOT_zps4c0ea1d1.jpg
It was beyond surreal to be able to play on the field that the Seahawks play on…then on top of that, for the entire game I was matched up with Mike McCready…
 photo photo1_zps6c5b1260.jpg
 photo MIKEVSSTEVE_zpsc8533662.jpg
 photo MEVSMIKE_zps78aed8b9.jpg
I ain’t gonna lie…if I could go back in time and tell my teenage self that one day you would not only get to know Mike & Duff, but you will also get to spend an afternoon just shooting the “ESS” and playing flag football together…teenage Steve would roll his eyes and say “yeah right”.
 photo DUFFMIKECASTLEME_zps6a6b3e13.jpg
Castle & I had a blast…I think all of us at one point looked at each other and said… “How cool is this?”
 photo photo2_zps582be9b5.jpg
Huge props to Vicky B for coming down to support us and film the event! Thanks to Gasman for the pic…
 photo photo3_zps1fc977d1.jpg
Here are some of the highlights from Mike McCready's celebrity flag football game Vicky B. put together!  

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STP's BLOG 09/05/14 "Awesome job Hawks!"
What an awesome win last night!  The Hawks look like they picked up where they left off last year...a dominating defense, and an even more explosive offense thanks to Percy Harvin!  Let’s hope that this season ends just like last season…they are definitely off to a great start!  Hell even Lulu was feeling it!

 photo F2C6BEBC-FB1D-4C88-BEE6-59ADD17DE0AE_zpsmjdnlt3r.jpg
I was on twitter in between plays, enjoying what everyone was saying about the Hawks…and easily the best Tweet of the night came from the Seattle Police Department.  Whoever runs their twitter page is one funny dude!

 photo 19F22349-1FC7-4B3E-9085-A99519F4246D_zpspl1yeusv.png

Before the game, our very own Max Long spoke with some fans…here is another installment of “The Max Long Report”.

Speaking of Football…this is very cool…if you aren’t doing anything this Sunday…head on down to Century Link Field to watch guys like Mike McCready, Duff McKagan, Jerry Cantrell,  Craig Gass, Shawn Kemp, our very own Ryan Castle, and more play flag football for a great cause! Craig Called in this morning and asked if I would play as you know it will be an entertaining experience to watch me try to run and catch a football!

As you probably know, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready suffers from Crohn’s Disease, and he does some amazing things to help raise money and awareness for CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Of America)…and this sounds like a blast!  If you are interested in going, donating, or if you want to put together a team to play in a tournament that is happening at the event as well… click on this link for more info:
Soundgarden performed before the game outside of Century Link.  How EFFing cool is that?!?  Here is a bootleg video I came across…did I already ask how cool is that?

This is what they played yesterday:
1. Been Away Too Long
2. My Wave
3. Spoonman
4. Outshined
5. Rusty Cage

While looking for video of yesterday’s set…I came across this…Chris Cornell talking about the Hawks …this was ran on Super Bowl Sunday last season!

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STP's BLOG 09/04/14 "Go Hawks!"
The NFL Season is finally here!  It all begins tonight as our Hawks take on the Packers.   There is an energy in this city that I haven’t seen since…well…last season.  Let the quest to “Re-Pete” begin.  I love turning on the NFL Network, ESPN, etc and seeing the Hawks being talked about non-stop.  This team, this organization, this city deserves all the respect it’s getting.
I only hope that the Mariners continue to play exciting ball…I have enough room in my heart to obsess over both teams!  Go Hawks!
 photo mebjlulu_zps469ca5d6.jpg
 photo hawksbluefriday_zpsd8af72a6.jpg
All this Hawk talk is making me go down memory lane…I was just looking through some pix I have..
 photo 3C6D4B5B-F95C-4500-B450-B04A1C30EE1D_zpsytobdqso.jpg  photo F3A4FC62-D85B-47E8-B7D6-E60E9FB3EBF4_zpslio8mkjs.jpg  photo C50B1ACF-27C3-4FF0-AD49-E054B0DBECC7_zpsms3xlvwg.jpg
 photo 7D3A1F2D-B860-4F68-BEED-996A47D95639_zpsaomod5sq.jpg  photo hawks1_zpsc4e96512.jpg  photo 92DE5CEF-2A04-4BF8-9CA1-8753AFA200C8-60821-0000171DE32C7F6C_zps85b73b8b.jpg
 photo 1C44AF0C-B553-4541-AE05-E6322B80353C-60821-0000171DC69FFC3B_zps06686b6a.jpg  photo EB6B6918-CD9A-40CF-898D-6C60195FDCE1-692-00000106F0F6A482_zpsb86b9f56.jpg  photo D91856A0-BF43-4B9F-A5FA-6CF494E20688-34057-00001614CE4BD9C2_zps5ec6df54.jpg
i think it’s only appropriate that we all get pumped by listening to Mono-Nicks rally song for the Hawks… “Turn Down For Hawks”!  

Mono-Nick just created a new Stoner Song … -- this one is inspired by that "Happy" song by Pharrell, and it's about our very own Topshelf.
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STP's BLOG 09/03/14 "Hawks & Rawk!"
Tomorrow the NFL season kicks off…and it starts HERE!  Thursday night football…Hawks vs the Packers at Century Link Field.  There is a ton of festivities happening before your Super Bowl Champs take the field, so be sure to get to SoDo early!  Make sure you swing by Elysian Fields as the Mens Room are celebrating their 2000th show by broadcasting live there!  Get more details HERE!

There will be a big free concert tomorrow with Soundgarden and Pharrell…if you are like me and plan on watching the game from home…good news!  King 5 plans on broadcasting the concert! 
Speaking of the Hawks…have you seen Marshawn Lynch’s Skittles commercial?  It’s awesome…check it out!

That's not the only awesome Marshawn commercial...this is a good one too, nice work XBOX!

I’m in a great mood…yesterday I learned that my all time favorite band, Faith No More, plans on recording a new record (it’s been about 18 years since they put out a new CD…wow time flies) and touring.  Trust me, I will be at the Seattle show…and Thrill (Faith No More is his fave band too) and I have already mapped out plans to see them in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (if they hit all 3 cities). 
To get you pumped…ok, to get me pumped…here is one of their best songs…and a trippy video to boot (the horse part is crazy):

Speaking of music…I discovered a new band that I am going crazy about.  They are called The Last Internationale.  They feature Brad Wilk on drums…Brad was the drummer for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, one of the most under-rated drummers in rock music.  He hooked up with this band from NY and his power shines through on their debut CD.  Awesome riffs, strong vocals and powerful lyrics, plus pounding drums equals The Last international.  Their debut CD just came out, it’s called We Will reign.  Here are a couple stand out tracks…

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Indian Blood"

Here is an acoustic version of "Wanted Man", I love this version!

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