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Sad Panda 3/19/13

    A few friends of mine have a term for one when one of us is a little down and we call it being sad panda. Today I am said sad panda, see I started getting a cold this weekend and then went out all weekend having fun and now feel like crap. Yesterday was easy to write off because it was still the alcohol from the weekend but now I realize I am just sick. Now it's nothing serious just a little cold that has turned into a sinus thing but you have to remember I am a complete bitch about it. I am a whining sucka when I get sick which I think a lot of guys are. I really just want to eat a little food and go back to bed. Now all I am thinking is I could use some soup and a little TLC. Everyone is different when they get sick and usually I get one of these a year but man I was sick on New Years as well so now I am just whining. Do I go chicken soup or maybe a different flavor of soup. Should I go with some toast or maybe a roll with this soup, should I just eat a nice dinner and forget about the soup. Will someone bring me some soup? Will I be sad panda all week? I hate being sick and I hate the way I feel when sick, signed yours truly sad panda Ted

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03/19/2013 4:23PM
Sad Panda 3/19/13
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