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Sea-Fair 8/2/12

    Blue Angels are here and that of-cores means it is time for Sea-Fair weekend. Sea-Fair blows me away every year with how much fun it is. I have done Sea-Fair a couple different ways and all of them were fun. I have been lucky enough to sit in one of the VIP tents a couple times and watch the races from right there. The log boom is another animal all together. I was out there a few years ago and it was crazy. I still contend that it is the craziest party I have been to or seen in the Seattle area. Last year I did a boat with a group of people and just cruised around all day which was awesome. Watch out for the water balloons though as they are getting fired from every direction. I also last year got a sun burn that lasted for a week on my back but damn it was worth it.


    I have been watching the Olympics this year but I feel like I have watched more random stuff then normal sports. I was watching badminton this morning and wow that is a fast paced outdoor game and a lot different from the one I used to play at the beach. I have watched the soccer but it is just disappointing that the USA did not qualify so it makes me sad. I do like the bikinis of the beach volleyball but in the end give me the field hockey girls and there outfits. If I had to pick a favorite I would say it is the Dutch team. They are real cute and hot. Maybe I should just go to the Netherlands and meet a girl but more than likely I will just sit at home and watch them and Google them. Enjoy the Angels this weekend and get a sun burn. It's time

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08/02/2012 6:16PM
Sea-Fair 8/2/12
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