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Sea-fair 8/5/10

    What up blogger? So this weekend is Sea-fair and I am fired up about that. The first year I lived here I did not know what Sea-fair was all about and I had just gotten home from a trip to the beach on the east coast and heard the Blue angels buzzing around and it was awesome. Now a year later we were working on KISW and I went to a party on Mercer island and watched the Angels and that was a lot better and so great. So the year after that I don't know what i did but I know I was not at Sea-fair. Anyhow the last couple of years I have done it right. I spent one Sea-fair on a yatch tied up on the log boom and that was just crazy. It was such a intense party you can't even belive. Well I am sure you can since you have done it before I bet. I saw more skin that year then ever in my life. Now last year I got to watch from a VIP tent that was un-real and the boats race right in front of us. The point is that by this point in my life I get it and relize how much fun and how important Sea-fair is to Seattle

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08/05/2010 2:21PM
Sea-fair 8/5/10
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