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Seattle Rock Day 4/5/12


    Hello Seattle!!!!!!!! So today on the station it was Seattle Rock Day. Now you might be asking yourself when did Seattle Rock Day start and the answer is last year we at KISW started it. Now the basic idea is a day with just Seattle rock bands all day long. I have to tell you growing up in the Washington DC area I was not familiar with rock music and especially the Seattle scene. Now that I have been in Seattle for 7 years I have come to really love some of the bands.


    Now I would like to run down some songs and bands I like from Seattle. First off I knew of Nirvana and Soundgarden and Alice in Chains but I really only knew one of two big hits. Since I have been here Alice was the first band that got me with It ant like that. Once I figured out I like them I wore out a Dirt CD and Facelift. By the way I have seen AIC in concert now 5 times. The next band I went on a kick with was Mother Love Bone and I still wear out that CD. I even have a shirt from that band and saw all the original members minus Andrew Wood last year at the Showbox market. Side note I love the Showbox market. So now its been a couple years and I got to meet the guys from Soundgarden and I realized I did not too much of their music. Local legend Jeff Gilbert gave me a great CD with his favorite Soundgarden songs and that's when I fell in love with that band and Slaves and Bulldozers was the song that got me. So I guess the point of the blog today is that I know really really like a lot of the Seattle Rock scene. I can't leave Jimmy off this post and I have yet to even talk about Mad Season or Mud Honey or well this could go on for a while. Sir Mix A Lot is a Seattle guy and today I even found out the great Kenny Loggins is from Bellingham. God is there no end to musical talent in this state....

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04/05/2012 6:40PM
Seattle Rock Day 4/5/12
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04/06/2012 8:02AM
Blog on Seattle Rock
Interesting column. I didn't realize all those bands were from Seattle either. ESPECIALLY, Kenny Loggins, go figure! Keep up the Great Blogs
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