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Seattle Skyline Returns With Rainier Beer R

Tonight history was made in Seattle with the 13 year absence of the iconic "R" on top of the old Rainier Brewery off I-5 in Seattle. For nearly 5 decades the iconic red "R" lit the Seattle skyline, but when Tully's Coffee bought the old brewery building they brought down the "R" and put their own green "T" in its place. For us older Seattleites it was like a daily punch in the stomach every time ya drove down I-5 and saw the lighted "T". Well after 13 years on September 18, 2013, Tully's (under new owners) decided to replace the green "T" with a replica of the red "R" sign. The green "T" sign was removed on September 30, 2013, and the new red "R" sign was installed tonight by Western Neon! Read the history (since 1878 - 11 years before Washington became a state) of this historic beer company HERE. If it wasn't for Rainier we probably wouldn't have half of the beer companies we have here including KISW's Men's Room beer by the Elysian Brewing. If you are old enough to remember the classic Rainier Beer commercials of the 70s/80s you know how ingrained it is in our blood. The greatest commercial of them know:

View all the classic commercials on YouTube at the Rainier Beer channel:
Remember the Rainier Beer Grazers?

Here's some photos from the Restore The "R" Neighborhood Crawl Tuesday and tonights Installation Party! To view a complete album of photos from both days CLICK HERE

....and of course after we shot all the photos we had to party some Rainier beer too!!! See King 5's video coverage HERE of the event.

"Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia

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10/25/2013 2:05AM
Seattle Skyline Returns With Rainier Beer R
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10/25/2013 5:25AM
It feels like home again
After living here 50 years with the Rainier R back, it just feels more like home again.
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