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Slayer crushes Seattle Last Night

After Slayer destroyed the WaMu Theater in Seattle last night, many of us woke up this morning to no power and a continuing wind storm blasting the region. Thanks Slayer, come destroy then leave town in a continuing stormy mess..ha! Lets face it, it's nothing new after seeing them play Seattle for nearly 30 years now. The first Slayer show I saw was June 29, 1984 right out of high school at the Norway Center. I know I have some pics of that show in a box somewhere but lets compare setlists from last night to back then cause I really felt it was old-school.

6/29/84: Hell Awaits/Evil Has No Boundaries/Haunting the Chapel/Metal Storm/Face the Slayer/The Final Command/Necrophiliac/Crionics/Black Magic/Aggressive Perfector/Captor of Sin/Chemical Warfare/The Antichrist/Encore: Fight Till Death/Witching Hour(Venom cover)/Die by the Sword/Show No Mercy

11/1/13: Hell Awaits/The Antichrist/Necrophiliac/Mandatory Suicide/Captor of Sin/War Ensemble/Postmortem/Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves/At Dawn They Sleep/Die by the Sword/Spirit in Black/Seasons in the Abyss/Strike of the Beast(Exodus cover)/Dead Skin Mask/Raining Blood/Black Magic/Encore: South of Heaven/Angel of Death

There ya go, 6 songs from the first two records were played last night and they even added in an Exodus cover of "Strike of the Beast" in there.

Reason being, obviously, cause Exodus guitarist Gary Holt is now cemented in the band with the passing of original guitarist Jeff Hanneman this past May due to alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. Let's not forget Jeff's recent necrotizing fasciitis infection (the flesh-eating disease) that devastated his well-being in 2011 from a spider bite and pretty much ended his guitar playing too. Last time I saw him play live was at the Big 4 in California. Seeing the hole in his arm wasn't the most pleasant of sights, but it was amazing to see him play one more time. I've taken some pretty cool shots of him over the years. He was missed but remembered during the encore with the Hanneman "Still Reigning" backdrop. Gary Holt has always been one of the most underrated and best guitarist in Metal and technically a plus for Slayer. Also missing for Slayer was original drummer Dave Lombardo, Paul Bostaph (Exodus/Testament) is now a member of the band and don't get me wrong, he was great, but there was something missing at times in key moments that set Lombardo from the pack. It was especially noticed during the quick solo part in "Angel of Death". Oh well there's only one Dave Lombardo. Other than that it was really a great show but weird not seeing Jeff onstage like that last time I saw the band in this venue as pictured below.  

Big props to Slayer for pulling out a setlist that was old-school in my books. I'm sure ESPN's John Clayton who was there too enjoyed that! (See his commercial at blog bottom) If you're a fan of the older stuff I'd get your ass out there and check out this tour! For more of my Slayer photos click here. Opening acts 4arm and Gojira were great. 4arm hails from Australia and killed it! Blending the whole power metal, Slayer, Bay-Area style thrash into one that was killer live! I'll definitely check their new album "Submission for Liberty" out on Rising Records.

Before Slayer hit the stage France's Gojira annihilated everyone with their HEAVIER than HEAVY crunch metal. Imagine the movie soundtrack in Godzilla's head as he destroys cities! Their latest release called "L'Enfant Sauvage" see's the band crush all competitors in this genre! Really great band live! Go to!

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11/02/2013 2:03PM
Slayer crushes Seattle Last Night
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