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Sheen 3/1/11

    What up blogger? So have seen what the hell is going on with Charlie Sheen? Man that guy has lost it. Now some people will say everyone should leave Charlie alone to live his life and if he shows up for work then what is the big deal right? Look I agree with part of that but on the same token I just think Charlie should know what he is saying. Number one if comes back 6 or 8 months from now and wants to laugh and say yeah I was compleatly out of my mind they I will call him a fake for life. If he wants to talk like he has and live the way he says he does then I DON'T want to hear him come back and say nah thats not what I meant. I mean look I love watching the guy right now but on the same token he makes millions and party's like a rock star. Then STOP BITCHING. Side note I think Charlie will be dead within the year. Either way I saw watch it unfold because he is saying that he is differnt then all of us. Fine then I will watch you go down and not feel bad since he does not seem to care about anyone else. Check out his greatest quotes here

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03/01/2011 3:15PM
Sheen 3/1/11
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