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If you’re like me, you had no idea who Kendall Jenner was… and when I found out, I realized that my brain was doing me the favor of not wasting space. Thanks to a bit of very unimportant news, that’s all changed and now I know that Kendall Jenner is the 16- year- old step- sister of the Kardashian sisters. We’re sure that, like everyone else in her family, she’s “worked” hard for each and everything she has… and THAT’S why on her 16th birthday this past Saturday she got a $90,000 Range Rover… just what every terrible driver with no responsibilities needs. Congrats! On the other hand, this past Saturday was ALSO the Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Virginia. A woman by the name (and rank) of Corporal Kelsey de Santis decided to aim for the stars, literally, by asking Justin Timberlake to be her date. It was a ridiculous request, but that’s why everyone was shocked when Justin showed up. Then there’s Bothell’s own Michael Henrichson, who has been asking Billy Idol to play his birthday for a few years now… and as you’d expect, never heard back… until THIS year, when Billy posted a video directly to Michael saying he couldn’t do it. Not quite the answer he was hoping for but he got a personal response nevertheless. Brings us to t0day’s question: WHAT HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED AND DO YOU THINK YOU’LL EVER GET IT?
She wants a gaming console… doesn’t sound like the most lofty goal, but she insist that it won’t happen- don’t know why
A home on the Oregon coast… doesn’t think he’ll get it because he spends too much money in strip clubs
Would like to introduce major bands on stage… “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Metallica!!!!”, you know, that kind of thing
Says he would like a girlfriend who “is not a nagging bitch”… good luck
Wants to just own a house…nothing fancy, just wants a garage… believes it’ll happen
Would like to see pot legalized… so many benefits to legalizing weed but we’re stuck in a cycle of opinion, not a cycle of facts, so don’t count on it. Besides, the price has stayed about the same for decades, the quality has gotten better and it’s easier to get than cigarettes… why involve the Feds who will undoubtedly f**k up all three of those things?
Has always wanted a 1966 Shelby Cobra… has absolutely no faith that it’ll happen. THAT’s the spirit!
Wants to fly in an F-18 fighter jet… he’s ridden in an F-16 jet, but wants to upgrade to the F- 18
Has the dream of one day solving a Rubik’s Cube… the thing has been out for 30 years or so and he’s never done it. Don’t feel bad (or feel worse, maybe) neither have I. In all those years, all I’ve done is solve one side and it wasn’t even the side I was working on
Wants a recording studio in his home… me too, man! 
He always wanted to join the military, so he did… and then he was sent home because of bad vision… he didn’t see it coming. YYYEEEEAAAAAA!!!
Would like to run with the bulls in Pomplona, Spain
Wants to be an extra in a movie… specifically he would like to be riding a horse (???)
Wants to run the Boston Marathon and can actually run 26.2 miles… all at one time
So I go to the game yesterday and the Ravens sh*t the bed in a big way. Guess it happens and I’m sure the team will come up with some punk- ass excuse (I’m not big on excuses) for their blunder, but all in all, the fans were generally decent. Took my lumps, but as a real fan, who cares? So today, we opened the phones to ‘Hawks fans to give us grief and wouldn’t you know it, the most vocal guy was a Steelers fan! Go figure. Anyway, aside from watching my team play like, well, the Seahawks (I kid… kind of) everyone at the stadium was pretty cool and it wasn’t a bad day. Why? Normally, I’d drop into a state of depression, BUT, aside from being a day that the Ravens decided to not play… yesterday was my daughter’s FIRST birthday! Unreal how it touches you… and if you ever tell her I said that, I’ll kill you.
Until tomorrow, not again and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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11/14/2011 5:46PM
Show #1388 11-14-11
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