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Ryan Castle


Slang Terms for Bewbs

08/08/2012 9:47AM
Slang Terms for Bewbs
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08/08/2012 11:11AM
flesh melons
Flesh melons
08/08/2012 12:52PM
I Call my boobs Tits and Ladies...I can't believe you missed tits lol but you had tatas! ha ha ha great list though.
08/08/2012 12:53PM
The Twins
You forgot "Twin Peaks" man.
08/08/2012 1:12PM
08/08/2012 1:40PM
Jordan from stanwood
08/08/2012 1:48PM
Mammary monsters.. of course that will only work with large breasted women...
08/08/2012 1:49PM
slang term for bewbs
08/08/2012 2:52PM
Twin peaks
Shoulder boulders.
08/08/2012 3:24PM
Craig from Lake Goodwin
Fun Bags
08/08/2012 8:22PM
As far as Tits goes...
it's one of the naughty words you can't say... even though it sounds cute.
08/08/2012 8:53PM
remember the movie hocus pocus
YABOS! Yep hey likes your yabos.
09/06/2012 2:36PM
Bolt ons. (fake ones)
09/17/2012 3:48PM
How about:
Sweater Puppies
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