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Sleep 3/14/13

    I love me some sleep and who doesn't right? The thing about sleep that is always funny to me is that the bed is comfortable when you get in but damn is great when you have to get up. You know what I am talking about, when you wake up and have to go some where then your bed is something you never want to get out of. Why is this and why has nobody figured out how to get this feeling at night? I then think well it is probably mostly a mental thing and it just feels great because I have to get up. Sometimes on the weekend I will wake up and forget that it is a Saturday and just get stoked that it is a weekend. The thing is when you wake up from a good restful sleep you just feel great. I have been having allergies going crazy on me all week so I have not been having great sleep but last night was a winner. I even had a dream involving a hot chick and that's about all I remember but I woke up smiling and rested. Now I guess ideally I would get some great sleep and wake up with a girl but hey for now I will take the restful night and the dream. Don't forget its a huge weekend coming up and the hated Timbers are in town on Saturday to take on our loved Seattle Sounders FC. I will get into this more tomorrow but it's time to remind little brother how we do in Seattle and that this is where the Cascadia Cup belongs

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03/14/2013 3:21PM
Sleep 3/14/13
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