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Soccer 3/4/11

    What up blogger? So today is going to be a tough one and maybe a short one. I earilier today may have or have not had gotten into a beer. So anyhow todays blog is about life. When is the last time you had a good day? Well that is a loaded question since everyone has a differnt veiw of what is a good day. Now I think some people make themselfs misarible because they think a good day has to perfect and has to have a bunch of crazy stuff going on. I think a good day can happrn all the time. I mean sometimes maybe you pass a hard test at shcool. maybe your boss gives you a nice compliment. Who knows what makes a good day but you have them and keep haveing them often. Now that i am at the end of this I relize that maybe a good day just means a day that involes beer. I have a TON of good days. Oh yeah Timbers suck, F**K Portland

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03/04/2011 3:16PM
Soccer 3/4/11
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