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Son's of Anarchy

    What up blogger? I hope at some point today you get outside and enjoy some sun as it is a great day out there and unfortunately maybe the last really good one for a while. I do love the fall weather though be it sunny and awesome or cloudy and chilly. I know this has been a awful week for college football fans with tragedy in Penn St. but lets get back to football on Saturday. A great game is being played Saturday night when Stanford takes on Oregon.


     Now onto the name on this blog which is once again Son's of Anarchy. That show is so good and thank god not real. Some of the things in that show are great for TV but clearly not in real life. Anyhow how much to want to personally kill Clay yourself. As if I did not already hate him for just being a scumbag and doing people wrong now he is lying to everyone including his wife and the club it self. Now he is killing members and in the last episode he went ahead and beat the crap out of his wife when she called him out for having a hit put out on his daughter in law. The great thing about that show and truthfully FX is that they make you like the bad guys, but Clay is the worst of the worst. I also just cant imagine what Jax is going to do when he finds out that Clay killed his Dad and told lies about him and beats on his mom. Crazy stuff but a great TV show.


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11/10/2011 1:37PM
Son's of Anarchy
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