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Son's of Anarchy

    What up blogger? So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great and thank you so much for asking. I had my Mom in town and we did a lot of the tourist stuff but it was fun and I drank beers all week and ate great food that was home cooked. I am clearly now feeling the results of all that fun time right now though as I pretty sure I could not eat for weeks and be fine. Damn I love me some food.


    So the point of this blog tonight is TV as it says in the title. A night of TV is on tonight that will be so good that you can't miss it. I did not start on Son's of Anarchy till the second season. Hell I did not even start watching it until the end of that season but I quickly grew into a fan and have since re watched the stuff I missed. Tonight is the first part of the season finale which has some great story lines in it. Number one last week we saw Clay get shot by Opie. Now another funny thing is that they are calling tonight part one of the season finale which really just means the season finale is next week right. Side note that's a good theory I got from our promotions director Brian Thorpe here at KISW. Thank BT. So a lot of question remain. Will Clay die? Will Juice bring down the whole club? Will Bobby find a way to tell the club they have been given up? Will Jax girl be killed? Will I have a beer during the show? See a lot of questions

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11/29/2011 6:21PM
Son's of Anarchy
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