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Sons Of Anarchy 9/21/11

    What up blogger? I will not mention the weather since it's clearly turning a little bit on us but hey it is fall right? So last night was a good night of TV since it was the return of Tosh.0 and Workaholics and a new Son's. First off I would say that Tosh.0 was not that funny to me but he needs to warm up for awhile. Now one thing I have to say is damn ASU has some hot chicks down there. Now they might be the brightest girls but damn they are hot. Workaholics to me is always funny so it did not dissapoint.

    Now onto the title of this blog which is Son's of Anarchy which I had blogged after the first show this season was not what I was hopeing for but in the last two weeks they have won me back. The show is good and keeps you on your toes as well. I have to say that I do now that I hate Clay. I used to like him but now not so much. Clay to me has lost it and is going to get the club in trouble. I also like the new cop which is odd because on a show like this you expect to like the bad guys which are the bikers but i like that cop and think in the end he will be a freind to the club if they talk it out. Don't have any reason to think other than a gut feeling and when you have a gut like mine you listen to it. Take that as you will. For the record because I am not a good fighter I want to mention I am talking about bikers on the show not real life bikers.

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09/21/2011 2:05PM
Sons Of Anarchy 9/21/11
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