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Sounders VS Man-U 7/20/11

    What up blogger? So this is a big week if you are a fan of the English permeir luege over there in Euorpe. That is because one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world are coming to Seattle and that club is Mancester United. Now as a Arsenal fan it pains me to admitt that they are one of the greatest clubs in the world but you have to look at what they have won and truthfully look at the amount of support they have is unreal. I really think that just based on sales of kits and mercedise they are the biggest club. It sometimes amazes me that almost every cab driver I talk too is a Man-U fan. Now as much as I hate Man-U when i watch the EPL it will be cool to see them in person and see how they play. You might not like the Steelers but if you lived in England you be excited to  see them play. This is one of those cases but even if you are are a Man-U fan I feel like the Sounders are still the most important if you live in Seattle. If the Arsenal ever comes back to the states I will go see them play but if they play the Sounders then I will still be in Sounders colors. Eithier way its should be a fun night and I hope to see you out there. Go Sounders

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07/20/2011 9:31AM
Sounders VS Man-U 7/20/11
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07/20/2011 10:59AM
Hey Ted, Just wondering what your prediction is for tonight's game.
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