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Spokane 4/22/14

    Today I as I write this blog I do not feel great but I feel a lot better than Monday. Last weekend I made the trip to Spokane with STP from the morning show and his hockey team the Tacoma Donkeys. This trip is really a fun and awesome time for all the boys on the team and me. See while I do not play hockey I help inspire the team and keep the energy level up as a coach of sort. When I say I do the little things like fill up water bottles with beer and watch over some of the locker room. I also make sure to do my job as an ambassador for the donkeys in the beer garden. I like to go in there and have a few and chat some people up about the rest of the crew. The thing about this trip is that it is different in the fact no one cares about what you do and no one is just a D. Every year some guy will get too drunk and have to put to bed early. Side note I was that guy last year. The beer garden is also a blast event though we did not spend a ton of time in it this year. I am also happy to announce that I finally went to a Trappers sushi with STP and it was great. Overall a great weekend and a great time to catch up with my old buddy STP. This weekend my Mom is in town and I am taking her on a little weekend trip that will be fun but not Donkey fun

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04/22/2014 2:27PM
Spokane 4/22/14
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