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Sports 11/18/10

    What up blogger? Sorry it's been a min. I have been a hell of a last two weeks. I would bore you with it but you don't care and this blog is not about me bitching right? Anyhow last weekend i went to hang out with some freinds and the one guy whose house we were at tv did not work. Yes if I had known that i would not gone over there but when a Saturday passes and I don't get to see college football I relize how much I need tv. Yeah I said need tv. Really I just need to watch sports on tv. I have to come to the concluesion that I am a lonely guy that may be turning into a old mean guy that just wants to get to watch some football on Saturday. I mean look I have a lot of fun in my life but what my passion is, is college football and when I don't have I am mad. Speaking of which there is a game on right now. Holla

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11/18/2010 3:22PM
Sports 11/18/10
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