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Sports 5/22/13

    I like sports and watch them often, I what you could call a sports junkie. I like to talk about sports and when it comes to things like the NCAA I am against a lot of the crap they pull but I love watching college football. Sports also is a very bonding thing with my family and I. My dad and brother still tailgate Maryland games in the fall with our cousins and my uncle. Hell my buddy Bernie still shows up sometimes and I have not even lived there in eight years. When I started watching soccer one of the best things about watching soccer is it a language you can talk with everyone from anywhere in the world. Sports are also great to me because you learn about people and what they are like in a competitive environment. You know them from work but I bet you would have a different impression of the person if you played a sport with them. Sports also teach discipline in kids and how to work for things they want and the feeling of accomplishments when they preform well. Do sports have down sides? Yes of cores they do but I think for me in my life the good has out weight the bad. I also have done a ton of different sports in my life. Growing up I was all about baseball, high school I played football for a couple years and also enjoyed shooting hoops. I trained in boxing for a period and a little BJJ, hell I even played indoor soccer for a couple years. There are tons of sports from golf to kickball as well, so with summer around the corner get out there and get playing 

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05/22/2013 2:29PM
Sports 5/22/13
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