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Sports cultures 4/2/13

    So there are many different cultures you can come in counter with and a lot of them are country by country. I have found that a lot of different cultures are also sport by sport. As I left you in my last blog last week I was headed out on a trip with STP from the morning show and his Hockey team The Donkey's on a trip to Spokane. Hockey culture is a lot of fun and I think that people could get into it and I like the no nonsense approach of the guys who play the sport. I grew up a huge baseball person and fully understand that sport and of course Football. The last couple of years I have come to learn and love the supporter culture of soccer and have fully embraced that along the way. Two be honest the hockey guys had more in common with some of my soccer buddies then I expected. The one thing that I have learned through all these different types of activities and adventures is that a lot of these cultures are just about belonging to them. It's got to be some the same way I would think with the MC's out there in the world and those guy's love for motorcycles. It also seems to me that people find that sport or club they are looking for and think that there's is the best. I don't mean that in a bad way, but more in the way of people have so much fun in the way they do things that they want others to join in. It was a great weekend and I am happy I got to see and understand hockey culture a little better. Don Cherry is still my favorite part of Hockey culture by the way

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04/02/2013 3:34PM
Sports cultures 4/2/13
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