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Sports like life 3/7/13

    Man I was terrible at basketball last night, I am not really that good at all but last night was a nightmare. The thing is that usually when I can't hit a shot to save my life I just pass more but last night I could not even get passes right. I was throwing it out of bounds and just a turnover machine. Now your asking why do care about your game Ted? The answer is that I am going to make this into a life lesson for all you people out there. See that's thing about sports is when you are having a bad game and things are not going your way you can switch up your game plan. My question is why is it so hard to switch up things in our lives. I feel like I often talk to people who are running the same problems over and over but don't want to change. I mean if your jump shot is off dish the rock homie. If something in your life is going bad maybe work on a another area of life then. This can be with good stuff as well, if your out there taking names and kicking ass maybe drop a dime off to a buddy. Sports can be a lot like life in my opinion and just like in sports you have options but can you have the guts to use them. Every one remembers that Jordan hit a lot of game winners but he also would pass sometimes when it right too, just ask Steve Kerr


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03/07/2013 6:28PM
Sports like life 3/7/13
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