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Sports show 5/11/11

    What up blogger? Man did I have a busy weekend last weekend. It was so busy that I am just now blogger about it. So I had a buddy getting married in New Jersey but in my last post I said it was on the shore and in the end it was not. It was in the nice part of New Jersey that most people don't even know excist. Yeah the place had ski slopes and everything. So the point is I got in around 3:30pm on a Friday and was back on the plane by 1pm on Sunday. Some people I know make this trip all the time for bisness but for this guy it was a lot of traveling just for a weekend and too much beer drinking with the boys.

    So Norm Macdoland has a new show called the sports show. I find it funny and sometimes not funny. Norm has his funny momments and then some of it I just don't like. I am also starting to get the odd feeling that I have blogged about this before. Anyhow he is always my same problem with Norm is that when-ever I want to turn him off he says one good joke that gets my going and gets a legit belly laugh. So in closeing I guess I like his show and next Tuesday TOSH is back.

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05/11/2011 9:30AM
Sports show 5/11/11
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